The Boss In Control


My boss called me into the office, setting my heart off into that pitapat motion that denotes a soon to follow tingle in my legs and other parts. I went in and he closed the door behind me. . . Then he grabs me by my shoulders and roughly pushes me against the door. "This is what you want, isn't it, Krysta?" His hands move from my shoulders to cup my face and my breast. "You know, I've always thought you were quite desirable. I was hoping to be able to get away from you when I left Morehead, but you followed me, torturing me with you very presence and the knowledge of knowing I could never have you. " his hands rustle the fabric of my shirt. . and my breathing starts coming in waves of heat and confusion. I want this, I do, but I also know that discovery in this position would cost us both of our jobs. Ours was a forbidden desire. But just the very forbiddingness of it makes me sweat and shiver. I want this, I truly do. Slowly, oh so slowly, he leans in towards me, pushing his body up next to mine and pinning me hopelessly against the dirty door.

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   I feel him so very close to me, and I can feel his hardness stretching his work pants and straining to get to me, in me. He brings his face up close to my neck and I can feel the stubble from his shave brush my cheek. He runs his finger along the lines of my neck and face and leans down to touch his forehead to mine. "I'm going to have you. No use fighting it. Even if it costs us both our jobs, I'm going to finish this. " He moves away from me and I shiver involuntarily. Was this encounter worth losing everything I had? "Yes. . . ," I breathed. It was worth it. After months and months of innuendo and concealed glances, and a rather embarrassing incident where one of my favorite skirts got ripped, the mounting tensions would break and we'd give into the fleshly desires of man and woman. Did I love him? No. Did I want him? YES.

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   He began taking off his shirt and I saw there the chest hair that I'd only glimpsed before in Morehead. The gold chain that I'd seen there before after he'd unloaded a tire truck lay nestled against his skin like I wanted to be. Placing it and his tie together on the sole chair, he began to clear off the desk for me to sit. I tried to fumble my way out of my shirt, but he lightly slapped my hands away. "That's for me. Sit. " He indicated the clear spot that he'd made and I did as commanded, moving wordlessly. I had no more control over my body or my own desires. He locked the door, and came to stand in front of me. My pentacle necklace hung pendulous in the air, and my hair cascaded down my shoulders as he undid his belt and placed that on his pile of clothing. How lucky of me that I'd worn one of my shorter skirts to work today. Moving towards me, his hands found my legs and pushed them apart, so that he could settle himself there. My hands came alive, and in one deft motion, unzipped his fly. . .

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   revealing what I'd always wanted to see and more than one time had glimpsed the outline of as we worked alongside each other in the old store. I wrapped my hand around it's soft yet unyielding bulk and he groaned slightly. . . a groan that only encouraged me. Deftly, his hands found their way under my shirt at long last and cupped my breast through the bra that I wore, fingers tracing light circles around my nipples as they contracted and hardened beneath his skilled touch. I threw my head back with the shock of it all, and he brought his lips to my exposed throat. All words of protest flew out of my mind as he worked to shape me to his carnal desires. My hand grew frenzied on his throbbing shaft. His hands like spiders all over me. I wasn't even trying to mask my moans any more. Discovery flew from my brain as my body responded to all the things he was doing to it. I was clay in the hands of a master potter, I couldn't help but grab at his back and leave a long series of scratches there. He laid me back on the desk and pulled my hand from him. My eyes closed, wanting yet not wanting to know what was going to happen next.

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   I heard the small crackle of his knees bending and then I felt his hot breath on my clit, followed quickly by the feeling of his well-versed tongue working my most private area. My hand found the close-cropped hair on top of his head and pulled him in deeper. As he drove me so close to the edge of my orgasm, he stopped, and stood back up. I dared not open my eyes. . . Then I felt him enter me. . and I came hard and fast right then. He drove into me at a frantic pace, my orgasm drawing him in deeply and entirely. I could feel him stretching me to a proportion I'd never been before. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the one worth waiting for. . . the forbidden passion made me come again, and then I felt him shudder and fill me with the hot seed that was his and now mine.

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   He collapsed shuddering on my exposed chest. His sweat felt cool against my hot skin. His breathing came fast and hard, then gradually slowed to a pace that seemed safe again. When he had the energy, he pushed himself up and off of me. Together, we put our clothing back on, and I tied his tie for him. He looked at me longingly. . . I looked at him with satisfied desire. Neither of us spoke. We knew that what we'd just done had endangered our jobs and our livelyhoods, but neither of us cared at that moment. All we knew was that passion and desire had been somewhat sated. Not fully sated. . .

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   oh, no, that could never be done. But for now the tension was cut down to a minimum and we could look at each other without guilt and fear in our eyes. . . . "Krysta? Are you listening to me?" Hot Boss's eyes bore into mine, and he laid a hand on my shoulder. "I said I wanted to help you get a raise. . . "And with those words I was jolted back into reality. . . Oh what a dream. . .

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