The best lessons are learned in school.


"Hey, hey. . . Jessie. . . " Jason said trying to get Jessie's attetion in the hall at school.
Jessie turned around with a smile that soon faded as soon as she saw the smile on Jason's face. "I told you already Jason. . . I went out with you once that's all I want. "
"Oh come on, Jess. We used protection. I'm sorry I got you knocked up. .

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  . but remember I told you I would help take care of it because it's also mine or you can put it up for adoption. But this time if we do fuck you won't have to use protection or worry about getting pregnant. " Jason laughed a little. Well if you couldreally call it a laugh at all.
"Jason! What do you think I am! A SLUT!" Jessie said in a whispering yell.
"No, no, no! That's not what I meant. " he leaned in towards her "I did like taking your virginity though. " he whispered in her ear.
Jessie gasped and sarted to walk off and Jason ran after he and tried to stop her. She just pulled away from him. "Meet me in Room 225 at 5:30. The school will be empty by then and they leave the back door of the school open. " with that said Jessie ran off to her next class without looking back.  He stared at her long wavy dark blonde hair all the way down her back and her he nice round ass.

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   She was pretty. 5'7, long thin georgous leggs, 42 D tits, nice abs. She looks really nice today expecially with her short skirt not covering her thong at all and her skin tight shirt showing her belly button and her belly button ring.
Jason showed up 18 minutes lates with a bookbag full of sex toys. Not intended to be used on Jessie though. But he had second thoughts when he found out that she didn't show up on time. Jason was going to wait around all night if he had to. he ended up waiting for 3 1/2 hours before Jessie ended up walking into the classroom.
"Hey. . . Jason. " She walked over to the teacher's desk and sat on top and crossed her leggs so he couldn't see anything. "So what do you want to talk about?"
He walked up to her "You're a sassy bitch!" and he slapped her.
"Shut the fuck up!" She tried to get down off of the desk but then Jason grabbed her wrist and said "lay on your stomach!"
"What the fuck is wrong is with you?!" Jessie yelled.

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"I said lay down on your stomach. " Jason whispered in her ear as her pulled a small knife out of pocket and put it up to her throat. "Now will you lay on your stomach?" Jason said grinning.
Jessie slowly layed on her stomach. Jason reach down and flipped up her skirt and pulled her pantied around he ankles. He touch he nice round ass. Jason walked over and picked up his bag and pulled out all of this toys. He grabbed a 4 inch round dildo and a paddle. He slowly walked over to Jessie and slapped her ass.
"You fucking bastard!" and she tried to turn over on her back. He put the knife back up to her throat. She stayed on her stomach.
Jason put a finger up Jessie's ass and she started screaming and crying. "Good. " He lined up the dildo to her asshole and he took the paddle and started hitting the dildo.

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   Like hitting a nail with a hammer. Jessie was trying not to move but she was screaming and begging him to stop.
    All he did was laugh. When the dildo was all the way in he pulled out very quickly and he started fucking her with the dildo. FAST AND HARD until she started bleeding.
    "For screaming so loud you'll be punished. " He took out the dildo and started paddleing her little ass until it turned bright red. He picked her up and he leaned her over the desk and shoved her dick up her still tight pussy. He fucked her pussy until she wasn't so tight. She was trying to scratch his arms and leggs to get him to let her go. He pulled out of her pulled and just just his dick right up her pussy without any warning and pounded her until she got slightly less tight. He pulled out and put her back on the desk. He went down on he and started bitting her clit and she purposly pissed on him. He got up slappd her twice and bit her clit so hard until you could see his teeth marks in her clit. Then he slammed her fists into her and contuined until she losened up so his fists barely fit.

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       He slapped her one last time and grabbed his things and left.