Topic: THE BEST BARGAIN EVER PART2   Two days went by and Sharon had family things to do every night and my sperm was building up to the point where I was past the “I need it stage”, and into the “if I don’t get it I will explode”. Sharon promised that Thursday afternoon she would have a surprise for me, her mom was going out and her sister was going to the movies with her friends so she had the afternoon free for another rendezvous.
  On Thursday after school I went to the drugstore and bought a box of condoms and some KY jelly for what I hoped would help in this so called surprise. As I approached my building, I saw Sharon waving bye to her mom from the front porch as she left for her night out. Sharon just smiled and we walked into the entry where she then grabbed my ass and said “one down one too go stud, see you at the bench in 30 minutes” with that she then walked up the stairs shaking her ass while turning to see if I was enjoying the show.
 I went into my apartment and told my parents that I would be going out for a bit with my friends and would be home early. I changed into some old jeans and a t-shirt, then put my sex kit of condoms, tissues and KY jelly into my pockets and headed for the basement to wait for my surprise to show up.
   I must have been there 18 minutes when I heard voices coming down the stairs, but neither of them were Sharon’s. As I sat on the bench hoping it wasn’t Sharon’s brother and friend, I heard the next door over open and close. It was Jen and Josh the sexaholics, I went to the peep hole to see them hugging and stripping down. Jen immediately went down on josh and this time she was right in front of me within four feet of the hole. “My own personal peep show to get me started” I thought to myself, but I hope Sharon doesn’t see me or she might get the wrong idea. I was too into the show to worry, as I watched Jen pull out his penis and start in on him. Noticing Josh was a little shy in the size department, maybe I could use that to my advantage if I could somehow show Jen that mine was hers if she wanted bigger.
 Then I heard someone else coming and I went back to the bench and waited. Soon Sharon walked in and she had on tight jeans and a t-shirt with no bra.

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   I could tell this by the way her brown pointy nipples poked through the fabric. She walked over to me and asked “if I liked what I saw”, I replied “yes and would like to see more please”.
  Sharon moved closer to me and took her shirt off then pushed her chest right into my face, if this was the surprise I wanted a surprise once a day forever. With her now sitting on my lap facing me I began to suck her tits for all that I could and fondle the other with my fingers. She must have wanted just that because she quickly began to moan and rock her hips back and forth on my crotch until I also felt myself almost cum in my pants. She pulled away and started to take her jeans off when I realized she had no underwear on and her pussy was soaking wet. The juices were dripping down her thigh and the air was full of that sweet familiar smell that I wanted so bad.
 I reached for her waist to pull her close and lick her clean, when she said “no first you need to get totally naked while I find the bed”. I stared at her in disbelief as she rummaged around in the boxes piled up in the far corner. I thought for sure “I was getting laid tonight”!, then she let out a “ahah” and pulled a folding bed out from under some junk and wheeled it over to the corner away from Jen’s room. I watched as this hot girl walked around the room totally naked thinking “if her tits were a little smaller and she would lose the coke bottle glasses I would have the woman of my dreams”. (I know really vain not my style, but I was young and wanted the hot girls).
  I stripped naked and pulled out my kit and took it over to the bed with me. Sharon looked at me and asked what was in my hands, I held them out to show her and she laughed. Grabbing the KY jelly and tossing it in a box “you won’t need that I can lube myself just fine thank you” she laughed.

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   I was shocked at what she had just said, “What am I in for and did I make the mistake of letting this get too far” I thought. Sitting down on the bed I admired her perfect ass and tiny body with a just a little hair above her pink lips, I definitely liked the view and wanted to just grab her and throw her down on the bed and have mad sex until we both passed out from exhaustion.
  Sharon had other plans though and pulled out what looked like a ring with a leash on it and introduced me to what she said was “her toy for boys”. A cock ring with a vibrator attached, she got it from Jen who bought it for Josh. Unfortunately Josh didn’t think it was anything great so Jen was going to throw it out when Sharon asked her if she could have it, why I can only guess.
She told me to lie back and enjoy the first part of my surprise; then placed the ring over my dick and started to massage my dick with both hands. I got real hard quick as she turned the toy on low and put my cock in her mouth as deep as it would go. “She is getting better at this” I thought, as she put the whole dick in her mouth until I felt the back of her throat.
  The feeling of a vibrator and her mouth at the same time was awesome; but I needed her pussy in my mouth to top this off. I gesturing for her to get into a 69 position, she smiled and said “I like your thinking” then turned and positioned herself directly over me. I went right to work licking and tugging until I felt her moving with my rhythm. I was the first to blow my load of course and she tugged and sucked every drop out of me as I shot several loads into her mouth. I lay on the bed trying to catch my breath as I lost control from all waves of electricity shooting through me at once.
  When I caught my breath, I immediately went back to work on her wet delicious hole once again. She sat up and started rocking back and forth on my face while jerking me off, and then she reached down and rubbed her hand across my balls and right back to my asshole.

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   She toyed with it for a while then rubbed her hand back and forth across my ass and up to my cock where she would give it a quick tug and then back to my hole, it was so great I started to go faster licking and sucking her. Then I felt the vibrator get more intense and I thought I was going to come again, Sharon turned and said “ do you trust me”, I thought about it for a minute and said only if it doesn’t include pain. “Then sit back and I will give you the best surprise you ever had” she announced, I didn’t know what to think so I just continued enjoying her juices.
 I saw her reach down and grab my condom then she placed it on my dick, and then put it in her mouth until she got me good and wet. I was now ready for the big surprise finally, at least I thought so. Being the naive boy I was I gestured her to lie down and I would mount her for the big finally. She gave me this look of “I don’t think so” and pushed me down on the bed and jokingly replied “this is my show and I’m doing the riding here stud, your job is to lie there and enjoy it”. Who could argue with that, I just wanted to feel my dick in her and have great sex no matter who was leading.
 To my surprise she dismounted, and sat down beside me while telling a story about me and my best friend and what happened about a year earlier. I didn’t know how she knew or who told her, but I did know I was now her slave. If anyone found out that I had intercourse on a camping trip with my best friend I would be run out of town by the rest of the group I hung out with. Homosexuality wasn’t something you waved in everyone’s face back then.
 She then told me that “the real surprise would be that Jen’s younger brother is going to join in our little get together in a few minutes and I was to teach him to have sex with another male, and if I said no she would shut me off from all sex and tell my story to everyone who would listen”. I paused for a few just staring at her lustful grin, and then in popped this great idea into my deviate mind. If she needs it as much as I do, she will agree to a bargain deal.

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 I then explained “I will do this, but you have to do what I want in return”. She looked at me and laughed “I knew you were going to be a tough lay” and asked “what is this going to cost me”? Of course I asked “If I have sex with you and Jen’s brother together, then you have to do it with me and Jen together”!  She looked at me in astonishment and replied “That’s if I can get her to do this with us and what gives you the idea that she would even want to with Josh around”?
 I walked over to my peep hole and looked in to see Josh standing in front of Jen getting the best blowjob I have ever seen, I gestured for Sharon to look through and she said “alright what am I suppose to see that’s so special” I put my dick in front of her and said “compare the two”. She smiled and said “I guess I could try to talk to Jen about it”.
  We went back to bed and Sharon laughingly said “how did you find my view window” she told me she would spend hours in front of it watching them. That was how she knew how to do a lot of positions and how to give great blowjobs.
  I sat and asked her what she was expecting to happen when Jen’s younger brother Dan came down? She went silent for a few then said “what I tell you, you can never repeat to anyone”. She then told me of how Dan was her first sex partner and how she tricked him into sex with her, then would give him blowjobs every once in a while to keep him quiet. Dan admitted to her once that he would like to try sex with another guy sometime to see how it was.
  She saw a movie that her brother had hid in his closet with two guys doing one girl and it made her so hot that she had to make that happen to her at all costs. Thinking of what Dan said and knowing what I did gave her the idea to set us up together and get what she wanted too.
 I laughed and told her “all guys would die to have sex with multiple girls at once, so why shouldn’t she want more than one guy at once”. I started to get hard just talking about it and as I reached for her pussy she laid back and spread her legs wide, then told me to “have my fill before Dan got there”. I didn’t miss a beat and went right for her wetness, the taste was so sweet and as I licked she softly moaned and pushed my head down into her softness. I must have gotten so caught up in my glory that I didn’t here Dan come in. Sharon started to buck real hard and her breathing got shallow, then she let out a squeal and little squirts of juice into my mouth.

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   I was so hard that it felt like my balls were on fire.
 Dan got undressed and walked up to Sharon and put his dick right in her mouth. I could see she took all of him deep in her mouth while grabbing between his legs and rubbing his balls. Dan immediately began to moan and run his fingers through her hair as he fucked her mouth faster and faster. This started to drive me wild and so I decided it was time to have my fun with her too. I got her up on all fours with Dan in front, then  Got behind her and slowly pushed my dick into her, I could feel this tight warmth swallow my cock all the way in just like her mouth. Sharon twitched a little as I hit bottom and as I started to slowly pull out of her, she reached for my balls and pulled me back in. I took this as “let’s get this going now” and starting fucking her for all I could, faster and deeper with each thrust until Dan blew his load all over her face. Sharon started licking him clean, and then started thrusting backwards into me harder and harder until I shot into her with such force that she quickly started convulsing. She let out short silent moan of relief and our bodies just started convulsing in unison as we fell together onto the bed uncontrollably.



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