The Apartment - Laundry Room


The apartment complex that I live in is very sound proof. If it weren’t for the few times that I’ve seen my neighbours in the hallway, I would never have thought that there was anyone else but myself living here. Glad to say that one night, I found out just who my neighbours are.
A couple of months ago, an older man and a much younger woman moved into one of the apartments down the hallway. It was a one-bedroom unit, so it was obvious it wasn’t a kindly father taking in his daughter. He looks to be in his early 50’s, but has a well toned body, salt and pepper hair and something that could only be described as rugged good looks. I pass him in the early mornings when I go out for my jog. He is coming in from a long run and I have to peel my eyes off of him.
He offers me the same looks. In my early 20’s, I’ve got long brown hair, green eyes and a great figure. My tits are large, not overpowering that it’s all men look at. I’ve got a nice round ass that’s firm from working out, but believe in having curves to bring the men to their knees.
Sneaking a peek at the mailboxes, I learn that his name is Jack and I start to say hi to him in the mornings, greeting him by his name. Seems he picked up on my trick and started to use my name as well. His girlfriend, though, I have yet to learn her name. Anytime I pass her in the hallway, I get dirty looks from her.

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   I just smile and keep walking by. Maybe Jack’s used my name more than once.   But last week, I learned just how you should get to know your neighbours before you start to get too friendly.
I was in the basement of the building, secluded away from one of the two units there, back behind the storage rooms. I hate doing laundry because it’s a bitch to work up the nerve to go into the back rooms late at night and living on the top floor. So last Thursday I grabbed my laundry and a good book to settle in to the laundry room. I was the only one using the facilities, which suited me just fine. The book I was reading was pretty hot and the embarrassment of being turned on and discovered by some of the older people in the building would have been the end of me.
I sat up on the spare washing machine while my first load went in. I was pretty engrossed in my book, the sex being so hot that I had to risk just a brush of my fingers against my nipples. I was wearing a small t-shirt and jeans, nothing underneath. Hey, it was laundry day.   I pinched the right nipple, feeling it poke against the t-shirt fabric and a twitching in my jeans as my pussy moved slowly against the rough denim fabric. I was trying to be discrete as I rubbed my hand over to my other tit to give the nipple there the same attention when I heard the sound of a throat clearing. I looked up to see Jack holding his laundry bag, looking at me.

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My face was so red. I jumped down from the washing machine, taking my book with me and headed out of the room, hearing Jack chuckling behind me. I didn’t think that I could face him again. I stayed locked in my apartment until I knew that the wash would be done and it would be time to start up the second load.
I checked the hallway and then ran down the stairs and back into the laundry room. Thankfully there was no sign of Jack. I changed the wash and started up the other load, thinking it was safe for a bit since he’d put his first load in after me. I leaned up against the second washing machine where his clothes were and busied myself looking at the wall, the floor…anything to keep my mind off of the embarrassment. When my first load of clothes were done, I started to pile them into the laundry basket, taking them over to the table to fold. I was busy sorting out my thongs from my socks when I heard footsteps.
“Well, looks like you’re going to finish your laundry after all,” Jack said when he stepped into the room. I looked down and blushed, fumbling now with my clothes. “Oh, don’t worry about it, everyone gets a little turned on. It’s just natural. ” I can feel his breath on my neck with those words and I turn around to see him standing behind me.

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“I’m sorry,” I say, trying to move aside. He moves with me.
“Don’t be sorry. But we can’t have you doing that for just anyone. ” His voice is deeper, rougher and he steps to close in that small gap that was between us. He’s much taller than I am and I can feel his stiff cock rubbing against my hip. “Now, unless you want me to go to the office and tell them what you’ve been doing in here, I suggest you play along with me. ”
I’d probably get in trouble if he insinuated I was doing more than just an innocent rub. How could I explain to my family why I was kicked out of the building and needed a place to stay? I nodded, his presence and threat hanging over me, but also just feeling a need to be near this guy. He liked younger women and I very much wanted to see what he had to offer. This just wasn't the way I had ever thought it would happen.
Jack reached behind me into my basket, taking out one of my red thongs as he stepped back. “Take off your pants…now,” he commanded. It was late at night and no one else seemed to be around. I could do this, almost safely.

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   Then again, I also thought I was okay reading my book down there. But that look in Jack’s eyes gave me no time to argue. I unbuttoned my jeans, slipping them down my hips. I pushed them off of my feet, now naked from the waist down.
“Little slut. Seems like you wanted to be found like this. ” Jack reached down and rubbed a finger along my shaved mound, pinching the skin. I winced and stepped back. He took my thong and wrapped the crotch of it over his fingers. “Spread them. Now. ”
I looked up at him, fear in my eyes. The situation was tense and not how I had ever imagined being when I lay at night masturbating to thoughts of him. What scared me, though, was that he was going to find out about the wet pool of pussy juice that was pooling in my slit. “Do it,” he ordered again and I quickly opened them up feeling the drops of juice bead and slide slowly down my lips.

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Jack’s covered fingers moved in between my legs rubbing over my clit and lips, the material quickly soaking through. “Looks like you wanted this even more,” he said, rubbing faster and pushing his fingers deeper into me. I moaned feeling his hand move roughly into me, playing over my swollen clit. It throbbed against his touch and made my knees quiver.
“Please don’t stop,” I moaned, so close to cumming. But he wasn’t in a mood to care about what I wanted. He pulled his hand out of me, the material soaked covered in my pussy. He waved the thong in front of me and I could smell my desire for him. Jack took the thong and put it to his lips, his tongue coming out and licking at the material. He sucked at my pussy juices his tongue rubbing against it.
Seeing that made me even hornier, wanting, no…needing, to be fucked by Jack. My hands moved up to cup my tits through my t-shirt, pulling and twisting on my nipples while he lapped up all of my juices. Jack made a grunting sound, the look on his face showing that he enjoyed the taste of my pussy. His eyes were dark and leering at me, but his mouth was fixated on tasting me.

When he was done the material was still soaked, though this time with his own saliva.

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   He thrust them out to me and I took them. “Put them on you little slut. I’m not going to give you any more than that just yet. But for now, that’s the closest you’re going to get with my mouth on your slutty cunt. ”
I quickly pulled them on, pulling them tight up between my ass crack and my cunt so that the material spread my puffy pussy lips. The elastic and material was threaded in my pussy, rubbing up against my cunt. I got a thrill just thinking that his mouth had been there, lapping at my pussy juices. And now his wet tongue was deep inside of me, the wetness of it spread along my pussy.
“Next time I find you, you’re going to show me just how much of a cunt you really are. ” Jack grabbed his things and walked out of the room, my eyes focused on his retreating back. I had to wonder just what went on behind the closed doors of his apartment with that girl half his age, my age. And I really wanted to know.
I leaned up against the washing machine as it began its spin cycle, spreading my legs and hoisting myself up so that the corner of it shook against my pussy until I came, screaming with pleasure. This time, I didn’t care who would find me. Maybe there were more neighbours like Jack that I needed to meet.

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