The Accident


I didn't need this shit, I had better things to do with my time. After telling her "Yeah, yeah I'm alright lady, cool down. Just get your insurance info and I'll call a cop. ", I walked back to my car to get my camera and my cell phone. As I got back out of the car and turned around she startled me because she was really close behind me. She grabbed my right hand (where I was holding my phone) with both of hers and said:"You can't call the cops. Please don't call the cops!""What's the matter with you, of course I'm gonna call the cops, drunk bitch!" I answered. "Look," she said:"I'm on probation for DUI, I'm not even supposed to be driving right now. If the cops see me I'll lose my license and I'll go to jail. I'll lose my job and they'll take away my visitation rights to see my kids. The bastard won't even let me see my fucking kids!" she screamed, and then started sobbing again. Christ, what a sob story. In the light of the nearby streetlamp I could see her mascara already running down her cheeks. She looked like she had two black eyes. Too much make-up, but you could tell she was cute. She stood about four feet away from me, with her slender arms crossed, her painted fingernails clutching her blouse sleeves, eyes looking up at me with desperation.

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   She was about 5'6". Petite, save for her wider, child bearing hips. I guessed her age at about 38, but she still looked good in her pumps and slacks, and with her shoulder legnth black hair she looked like the perfect receptionist. "What do you want me to do, lady, it's not even my car. I gotta file a report or I'll be responsible for the damages!" I felt sorry for her but there wasn't much I could do. She stood and watched silently as I raised my camera and started taking some snapshots. Front of her late 80's Volvo (totally undamaged), back of my econo-box (broken tail light, scraped bumper and damaged trunk lip), both cars and thier location, etc. "Are you going to just stand there or are you going to give me your insurance info? You ARE insured, right?" I asked. "Yeah, but. . . . um,. . .

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  look, I'm serious, you can't call the cops, you can't report this or I'm in deep shit. Can't we make some sort of arrangement or something?" She took a few steps towards me, again standing close enough for me to smell the alcohol on her breath. She delicately posed one hand on my arm and one on my chest. Looking up, she continued: "I'm sure there's something you want that I have that could persuade you not to report this. I don't live far from here. A few blocks. Maybe we could talk about it at my place?. . . Please?"I don't know what it was, but I suddenly felt powerful. Very powerful indeed. The barely hidden desperation in her eyes told me I held her life in my hands, and my groin started to stir. "O. K. , we'll talk about it, but for my own protection, I still need all your info.

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   Show me your licence, registration, and insurance card, then we'll head to your place. " After she got her papers, I photographed her plates then we drove to her apartment. The AccidentBy: PickledPart II of IVShe was right, it was a four-minute drive. This wasn't a great part of town, and her apartment complex was representative of the area. After parking our cars, we walked wordlessly to her building, and she preceded me up a flight of stairs. All I could do was watch her ass as ahe climbed the stairs in front of me, her high heels making her hips sway suggestively. There goes my crotch again, calling attention to itself. We went a few yards down the dimly lit hall and stopped at her door. I watched as she fumbled and then dropped her keys. She was now extremely nervous, and her hands were shaking badly. She opened the door and turned on the light. I wasn't expecting much by the look of the place, but when I stepped inside, I was pleasantly satisfied the place wasn't a total shit hole. It was sparsely furnished, and she kept it neat, and clean. No funny smells and bloodstains on the carpet, as I had imagined. I closed the door behind me, then I just stood there, with a smirk on my face.

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   I had my arms crossed and I was just staring at her, all sorts of crazy ideas going through my head. All my sickest adolescent fantasies were coming back to me, now, full speed ahead. What would I do first? By now my dick was hard, and I didn't bother to hide the bulge in my pants. She just stood there, a few feet away, staring back at me, glancing at my crotch, clutching her purse as if she thought I had the slightest interest in it's contents. "Do you want something to drink?" she asked. I shook my head "No. " "Do you mind if I pour myself one?" she said, making her way into her tiny kitchen. "I don't have a lot of time," I said, "If you're pulling my leg, I have all I need to go to the pol. . . ""Just one drink, I swear, then I'll do whatever you want!" she quickly replied, filling her glass and then emptying it rather swiftly. I watched her from the entry of the kitchen. She turned to face me and after a moment asked: "Well?""First, go fix your make-up, it looks like shit. And hurry up!" I walked over to her couch and took a seat. This was going to be fun.

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   "When you come out of there, I want you naked, except for those high heels!" I said, just loud enough for her to hear. A couple of minutes later she came out to the bedoom door, only halfway in the light, but totally naked. Covering herself with her hands, she was actually damn good looking. Younger than I originally suspected. Her boobs might have been a large b, and she had a mostly flat stomach. The only thing big on her were her hips, and that made her waist look even thinner than it was. Fine with me. Damn nice legs too! She asked timidly if the lights really needed to stay on. "Yes!" I barked, "As a matter of fact, turn that other one on!" She walked over to the floor lamp in the corner, turning her back to me and I got my first real look at that great ass. Damn. People get implants for an ass like that! "Something's wrong. " I said. She just stood there staring at me, like a deer in the headlights. I got up and walked to where she was standing, turned her around by the shoulders and slapped her ass cheek, hard enought to leave an angry red spot the shape of my hand. "OW!" she yelped, both her hands now rubbing her ass, revealing her proud and perky nipples, and a dark haired bush.

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   Her boobs had just the slightest droop to them, but her nipples were still aiming seemingly right at my face. She took a defensive step back and opened her mouth to speak. Before she could say anything, I said "Didn't I tell you to come out here in heels!?" She looked down and then made her way quickly into the bedroom. "Asshole!" she muttered, still rubbing her ass. I returned to my seat on the couch. When she came back out, the change the heels made was stunning, her legs were drop dead gorgeous. Her very light complexion seemed to beg for a little sunlight, but the skin on her was milky smooth all over, save for her now red ass. I indicated by pointing where I wanted her to stand so I could just stare and take it all in. She was still trying to cover herself. "Hands by your sides!" I said. She obeyed, fidgeting nervously, arms straight down to her hips, hands clenched into little fists. Remembering the camera in my shirt pocket, I pulled it out and switched it on. As the flash automatically popped out, her eyes became as big as saucers. "No way!" She exclaimed angrily, waving her hands side to side and shaking her head. "I ain't posin' for no pictures, no fuckin' way!""O.

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  K. " I replied. "I'll just send this unfinished roll straight to the Sherrif's Office. " No reply. She just stood there now, lips pursed and jaw clenched, arms crossed and knees together, staring at the wall to her side. All this huffing and puffing was actually kind of cute. "Alright," she said finally. "Let's just get it overwith. " I told her to turn left, then right. She did everything I said, like a good girl. And that was fine by me. I had her face away from me, standing with her high-heeled feet about a foot apart, bending forward with her hands on her knees, keeping her legs straight, all the while snapping away. From where I was sitting, her ass almost completely hid her upper torso, and I could see she kept more than her apartment clean and tidy. She was truly bald from back to front, with bush appearing only forward of her clit. Click,.

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  . . click,. . . click. . . I leaned forward and touched her calf, startling her. She stood up and stepped forward. "Get back here. " I said. "And don't move 'til I say so. " She returned to within my reach and re-assumed the position. I'm a leg and ass man, and I was really enjoying the show.

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   I already wanted to blow my load, but I was determined to make this last. I put my camera away and started stroking her all over. Starting from her ankles, rising slowly to her thighs, up and down, I relished the softness of her skin. I palmed both of her ass cheeks, squeezing firmly. With my thumbs I spread her slightly protruding labia open and she again inched forward, quickly taking in a single audible breath. She turned to look at me, all wide eyed, looking like she wanted to run. My angry glare was enough to get her back to where I wanted her. I started inserting the tip of my middle finger between her pussy lips, just an inch or so, and moved it in a circular motion, like I was dialing an old phone. As my finger moistened it slipped in farther and easier, and it was soon fully enclosed in a firm gripping muscle. By this time she was breathing hard, panting like she had just run a marathon. I couldn't tell if it was from pleasure or fear. I surmised it was from fear of admitting her pleasure, both to herself and to me. I started simultaneously rubbing her g-spot with my middle finger and her now swollen clit with my thumb. A few minutes had gone by and soon her whole body was shaking, and I could tell she was struggling to remain standing. When she seemed on the verge of collapse, I removed my hand.

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  Now she turned around defiantly, the look in her eyes somwhere between fear and anger. Well, I had a cure for that. I leaned back and undid my zipper and my dick flew out like it was on a spring. "On your knees!" I said and she obeyed. She knew exactly what I wanted, as she wrapped her hand around my shaft, and put her lips just over the head. Quickly she pumped up and down with her hands, with my dick just barely inside her mouth. "You call this a blowjob? What kind of shit is this? Anybody ever teach you how to give head? Open your mouth wide, wider! Now take it all the way in. Open wider, I can feel your teeth! Yeah, that's it. Now go slowly up and down. Go ALL THE WAY DOWN, BITCH! I want to see your lips wrapped around the base of my cock! Yeah, like that. Keep your tongue flat, sliding along the bottom side of my dick, and I don't EVER want to feel your teeth!"I continued giving her instructions, and she did everything I told her. I had my hands in her hair, setting the perfect speed. I was pumping my hips, and I could hear her lightly gagging. She tried a couple of times to pull back, but I didn't let her stop. "Just how badly do you want to stay out of jail, huh?" I reminded her.


  "You ever want to see your kids again?" At that she stopped resisting and continued that sweet sucking action. It was so good I couldn't believe it. Then I thought to myself: "I've got to get this on film. " I pulled out the camera again and took a couple of shots. One from my view, and one from the side. Thank god for autofocus. By grabbing a fisful of hair and pulling back, I made sure she looked into the camera both times, capturing ber big blue eyes, with my dick about three quarters into her mouth and her tongue sticking out. Say "Aaaauuugh. " Click. "Now, pretend you like it, suck it like your life depends on it, yeah, like that. "About 20 minutes of pure heaven had passed and I decided to test her limits. I was almost ready to come and I got her sucking faster and deeper, pushing even harder with my hips and both hands on her head, fingers in her hair. I could feel the back of her throat now, constricting in the most wonderous way around my head. Of course she was having a hard time breathing, even through her nose, but I was at the point where I didnt care. I felt the first tingly twitch of orgasm and I shot the first squirt straight down her throat, not even giving her the option not to swallow.

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   She started coughing and gagging violently, but I held on, pulling her down by her hair and shooting the rest of my load as far and deep as I could. I couldn't remember an orgasm ever lasting as long or feeling as good as this one did. Finally, I released my hold on her head. She got up, dry heaving and coughing at the same time, and stumbled into the kitchen. I heard the sink running and the clinking of a glass. A minute later she came back in, looking angry and tired. "Alright, we're even now. You got what you wanted so get out of here. " "All right," I said. "Say hi to the guys in county lock-up for me!" "What do you mean?" she retorted hoarsely. "We had a deal!" "That's right," I said, "and it aint over 'till I say it is. "To be continued. . . .

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