Tempted Fate


Here it was Saturday at last; Lynn’s husband told her last week that she needed a night out and away from being a wife and a mom. He let her know that he would stay home with the kids and order a pizza and watch TV with them while she went out did what her heart desired. She had put a lot of thought about what and where she would go that night. Lynn had called her friend Nichole and informed her that they would be going out dancing at the new club just outside of town “Tempted Fate. ” Nichole said “I need to be home 11:30 so why don’t we meet there at 7:30. ” Here it was time to shower and get ready for the night out and away.
            Lynn started the shower nice and hot just as how she had always liked it. As she started to undress, she caught herself looking into the full length mirror and admiring her shapely body. After 4 kids she still had a thin waist and at 4’11” she was not very heavy. Her 34C breasts were still firm but not like they used to be, what could she expect after breastfeeding for all those years. They had just a natural touch of sag to them with her silver dollar size nipples being quite prominent taking up a good portion of her breasts. As she started pulling her panties down she thought about college and how she used to shave her pussy bald back then, and had been so long since she had felt the smoothness of a soft bald pussy. With that she reached for her razor and cream and sat down facing mirror and began to apply the cream to her bush. Lynn carefully worked her on her mound clearing it of all the hair first, then she made her way down to her lips, pulling her lips apart she noticed that she was getting quite wet from all of this. She finished up and could feel that she was nearing orgasm and started to rub her thumb over her clit until she thought she was there and stuck 2 fingers up her little wet cunt and felt the orgasm hit in that moment and her pussy walls closed down on her fingers and flooded her had with her sweet juices. It had been so long since her last one that she had forgotten how good it was.

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            Lynn finished her shower and headed back to her room to get dressed for the night of dancing she had originally planned for. She reached for her jeans that she had laid out before the shower, but something was boiling inside her from the shower and she knew that she needed to just go for it. She threw her jeans back into the dresser and grabbed her old college mini skirt, it was tighter than she remembered but managed to squeeze into it. She then found her only sexy bra, once again from college it was a half cup bra and showed her nipples over the top. When she was finished selecting the tightest top she could find, she saw that her cleavage was more now than it had ever been. She started to check her tight little ass out in the mirror when she saw that her panties lines were very visible and that just wouldn’t do. With that she reached down and pulled off her panties and when the cool air of the room hit her bare cunt she knew that she was going bareback right then and loved it.
            Lynn looked at the clock and realized that she would be late if she didn’t leave right now. She would just have to put her makeup on in the car on the way to the club. As she came out of the room and went to let her husband know where and when she would be home, and that she had the cell phone incase something happened with the kids. Gene saw his wife for the first time than night and thought, damn it’s been so long what have I done, she looked great. It hadn’t been since college where he met her when she lasted dressed like this. She kissed him and started to head out the door when she dropped her keys and bent over to pick them up forgetting that she didn’t have any panties on and went on her way, Gene of coarse didn’t miss a thing and noticed that she wasn’t wearing any either. He knew that it would only make tonight that much easier to pull off.
            Lynn met Nichole at the club just after 7:45, she apologized for being late, Nichole just looked at her said “Don’t worry about it, to look that good it must have taken you all day to get ready.

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  ” Lynn just looked at her and smiled and said “wait theirs more” with that she lifted her skirt up a little to reveal that she had no panties on. Nichole just got a devilish grin on her face and told her that she was a devil. Lynn started thinking why can’t my husband tell me things like that, she knew she would never cheat on him but it would be nice he told how she looked once in awhile. She shrugged it off and promised herself that she would not think that tonight, this was her night to have fun and he wouldn’t ruin it for her.
            As the 2 woman entered the club Lynn received plenty of stares, she told herself that she deserved them, damn it she look’s hot tonight. Lynn said “let’s go over to the bar and get this night started. ” The bartender came up and asked “what would it be for them?” Lynn responded with “I’ll have 2 double shots of tequila and what ever Nichole will have. ” Nichole just grinned and said “I’ll have the same” the girls looked at each other and giggled. They both new this would be a night to remember if they could. They both took there shots and walked over to an empty table and sat down, Lynn looked at Nichole and said “cheers” and with that they both downed the first shot, then the second. It took Lynn about 18 minutes before she was ready to head out the dance floor and get wild.
            They walked out on the dance floor, they were playing songs that she really didn’t know but they had a good beat and they could dance to them. Lynn was dancing with Nichole at first but then she was surrounded by about 4 guys and she started to get real wild with them all, rubbing her body all over them. As she was dancing she remembered that she was bear underneath and decided to give them all a little show and danced nice and seductively showing the guys that she wasn’t wearing any panties when she would bend over and start to rub her ass over there stiffening cocks. By now she was getting real wet and her lips were turning bright red with all of the excitement happening around them.

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   After about an hour of dancing them all decided it was time for more drinks and to chat. They all ordered and found a table out of the way of the main crowd. As they were getting tossed, Lynn was getting braver and braver. She reached down and began to rub her swollen lips and clit for the guys watching around the table, she new she was getting there full attention while watching the cocks jump and twitch under there pants. She rubbed her clit until near orgasm when she decided to stop and wait for her husband when she got home. The guys were all disappointed but gave it when she told them no. They all went out onto the dance floor again to finish up the night dancing.
            Nichole looked at her watch and said “its getting late and I need to get home are you ready take off Lynn?” Lynn was as ready as ever, she was wet and horny as she had ever been. She was looking forward to fucking her husband when she got home, she was going to rock his world and hopefully get her sex life back into full swing. Lynn told her friend goodnight and headed to the bathroom while Nichole left, she had to relieve her full bladder and now. Lynn relieved herself and headed out the door, when she reached her car she saw something in the corner of her eye, but she was too slow to stop him from grabbing her wrist and forcing her in the car, plus she had, had too many drinks to resist. He was bigger than her and just shoved her over and climbed in. She started to scream when he reached over and smacked her hard across the mouth, she shut up right there. He was wearing a mask and could not tell what he looked like, she was hopping that he just wanted her car and would kick her out down the road, but something was happening, she was getting wet. Lynn could feel the moisture starting to leak from her pussy, God she needs to fuck something and fuck it soon.

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   He drove around for a little while not saying a word and neither did she. When they pulled up to a hotel, he opened the door and grabbed her hard by the hair, she tried to resist but he was just to strong.
            He opened the door to the room which he had gotten earlier that night, just as a normal passerby on the thru-way. He threw Lynn onto the bed by her hair and grabbed a blindfold which he had gotten ready earlier and out over her eyes. Then she felt some soft rope going around her wrists and getting tight, she started to whimper at the tightness of it all and then came the gag. She could no longer scream, why hadn’t she screamed when she had the chance, she knew why, she had gotten herself so close at the club that she needed release and didn’t care where it came from. He rolled her over onto her stomach and reached for his leather whip and hit across her ass and left a long thin welt on both cheeks. She tried to scream from the pain stinging her ass but nothing came out cause of the gag. He repeated the process over until her ass was covered in welt, but Lynn was finding that she getting wetter and wetter with each smack of the whip, there was a large wet spot on the bed creeping up her stomach and thought wow, I’ve never been this wet before.
    When she felt him roll her over and spreading her legs, she tried to keep them closed not wanting her rapist to know that she was enjoying what he was doing to her body. He overpowered her attempts to keep them closed and knew he could she her juices flowing out of her pussy. She was getting ready to finally have a cock ripping into her pussy when smack, the whip came down hard across her soft bald lips, she jumped back at the pain but could help but feel the tingle was the best thing she had felt ever, even better than on her ass just prior to this.
                As she was coming down from the tingle from the spanking her pussy just received, her pussy was ripped apart by the mans cock. God she needed it and needed it now, she felt the head of his cock pass the opening of her cunt and reach in all the way till his ball slapped across her sore ass. Just as he fit his entire veined shaft all was the way in, he stopped and let her adjust to him being deep inside of her.

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       After what felt like an eternity to her, she felt him start to piston in and out of her. She could feel the rim of his cock head scrape against her walls as he pumped in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She knew she was nearing orgasm as he was going faster and faster in her pussy, but right then she felt something, she had to pee from all of the drinking and wouldn’t be able to hold it in. There was nothing for her to do but let it go and let it go she did, but to her surprise he kept on pumping and then as she was almost done he pushed as deep as he could go when she felt his hot cum fill her wet pussy when she went into the hardest orgasm she had ever had. With her body still shaking from the orgasm she had just had he rolled her over and untied her hands and she heard the door close to the room they were in.
                She slowly removed her blindfold and the gag that he had put on her. She didn’t know what to do; her clothes were still on although her skirt was pushed up on her waist. She noticed that there was no phone in the room, how was she going to get home when she saw her keys on the nightstand. She leapt for them and ran out the door hoping her car was still there, there it was, she jumped in and raced home knowing she was late, hoping her husband was asleep and would be able to shower and get rid of the scent of the rape she had just received. She pulled into the driveway when she saw a car leaving from the other side of the road, but paid no attention to it. Her eyes were now focused on the glowing lights of the TV in her living room, He was still awake what would she say what would she do. She bit down on her lip and walked in, her husband said “welcome home. Did you enjoy your evening with Nichole?” She just looked at him and smiled and said she loved it, and that she was going to take a shower and get ready for bed. He looked up at her and said wait and gave her a big hug and kissed her with a passion that she had never seen come from him, he reached down and grabbed her ass and picked her up and carried her into their bedroom and laid her down on the bed and she noticed that he was hard as a rock. She couldn’t believe what was happening, she was hoping that he wouldn’t feel the cum buried deep in her pussy, but she was ready for more cock.


       He went to reach for her skirt when she remembered that she had welts all over her and stopped him and instead sat up and pulled his pants down and reached for his cock with her mouth. She took his head into her mouth and tasted the saltiness of his cock like he had just been fucking someone else, she put that out of her mind thinking that she had just done the same and took him deep into her mouth when he grunted and moaned, for she was an excellent cock sucker and he knew that. That’s why there was no compliant when she didn’t let him right at her pussy, as she was licking his cock from base to tip, she looked up and saw him smile when he started to say something, H he just looked her into her eye’s and said “You know I still have the motel room for one more night, why don’t I get the babysitter again tonight and we connect together again?”
                She looked at him with complete surprise and just sucked him even harder knowing she wasn’t raped but her husband had put there relationship back to the way it was before they had children.



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