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After everything had happen Raven was in her room thinking everything over. . . . Robin walked up to the door, then knocked on it. . . . Who is it? It is me Robin can I come in to talk to Raven. . . . Come in Robin. . . Raven why didn't u tell me that u were a hermaphrodite.

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  . Because I was afraid that everyone would hate me because of it. . . . . I don't hate u Raven I think your even more beautiful than before. . . . Raven starts to blush. . . I was holding something back out there Robin. .

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  . . What was that Raven?What I was holding back was that I like to be in control of the sex. . Raven u let Beast Boy fuck u in the ass and pussy. . . . I was being nice to him Robin I won't let him fuck me again. . . Ok it was your idea to fuck Starfire though. . . .

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  Yes it was but I only fucked her because she started kissing me and I found out she was a virgin though. . . Yea but u gave me a blow job and I didn't ask. . . . I know u didn't ask Robin, I did that because I wanted to. . . But if u noticed I didn't let u touch me or fuck me. . Yes I did and that is why I came to talk to u. . . 

  . . You want to know why I didn't let u touch me or fuck me? Yes I do Raven, u know I been trying to get together with u. . . . That is because I didn't want u to be apart of that sex orgy. . . . Why is that Raven? Because when it come to having sex with u, your going to be my bitch Robin. . . What is that sub post to mean Raven? Well what I mean is instead of me giving u a blowjob your going to be giving me a blowjob, beside u fucking me in my pussy and ass. .

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  . I'm going to be fucking u in your ass. . . . Now wait one minute what makes u think I'm going to give u a blowjob or even let u fuck me in ass? Do u want to get together to with me or not Robin. . . Yes I do Raven but I wasn't planning on giving u a blowjob or letting u fuck me in ass. . . . Robin I told u that I like to be in control of the sex that means I either get what I want or it doesn't happen and I mean it Robin. . .

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So I either give in to what u want or don't, and if I don't we won't get together is that what u r saying Raven. . . Now u understand what I am talking about Robin. . . If u want to get together with me, You will give me what I want or u get nothing which means I go without because I don't want anything to do with Starfire, Beast Boy, or Cyborg. . . Why not Raven? Because I don't like Beast Boy, I only let him fuck me that one time only, Starfire is a nice person but once she lost her virginity in her pussy and ass their no fun in fucking her anymore. . . . Cyborg is a nice guy but if I want to fuck a machine I will but a dildo on your motorcycle seat and go fuck myself. .

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  . . So u either do what I want or lose out. . . Raven your not making it easy. . . . . You either be my bitch or go without. . . Fine U can be in control of the sex. .

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  . . You don't get it do you Robin. . . What do r u talking about?You said u like to be in control of the sex, so why did u say I don't get it? Because if we start seeing one other your not just going to be my bitch during sex your going to be the gf in the relationship. . What do u mean I'm going to be the gf in the relationship? Ok so you want to know what I mean when I said your going to the gf. . . Ok I will tell u, your going to be the gf because in every relationship I seen the guy was the one in control. . . I don't just want to in control of the sex, I want control over the whole relationship. .

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  . . I seen your cock and it's not big anuff to make me even think about being your gf. . . . You know my dick is big anuff to make you my bitch, so either do it willing or I will have to be forceful. . . So u want me to be your gf willing or your going to make me your gf. . Yes that is what I am saying so either be my gf willing or I will bend u over and fuck your ass. . . So what is it going to be Robin? All Raven see's is Robin dropping his pants and underwear while he bends over the bed.

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  . . So you decided to do it willing. . . . I don't want u to ram your dick into my ass so I decided to go ahead and be your gf. . . . I don't remember ever saying I was going to be easy with u. . . What if u ram that dick into my ass everyone going to hear me scream from pain. .


  . . Yea I bet Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg know your in her talking to me as well. . . Yes they do so please be gently Raven. .
I'm not going to be gently with u at all. . . But everyone will hear me screaming. . That's the whole point of me ramming my dick into your ass. . .

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  So they know our leader is getting fucked up his ass and that he is becoming my bitch. . . . What u want everyone to know that your fucking me. . . Yes because once I'm done fucking u in the ass and we walk out their going to know that your my girlfriend. . . Right before Robin could say anything Raven slammed her dick into Robin ass all the way in, all anyone heard was Robin screaming in pain. . . Starfire came to Raven's door . .

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  . Raven is everything alright? Yes why do u ask Starfire? Because we just heard Robin screaming in pain. . . Oh that's because I just slammed my dick into his ass. . . . WHAT YOUR FUCKING ROBIN IN THE ASS? Yes I am Starfire. . . Ok enjoy being her girlfriend Robin. . . See Robin once they know that I'm fucking your ass, they know who the boyfriend and who the girlfriend is.

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  . . This isn't fair Raven, when do I get to fuck u? When I want u to fuck me is when u will fuck me, now shut up and take it like a bitch. . . But u fucking my ass hurt like hell. . . Well shut up and let me fuck your ass, just lay there and take it sooner or later the pain will go away so be quiet about it. . . Dam your ass is tight Robin. . . Your the first person to fuck me in my ass. 

  . I'm going to be the only one to fuck u in the ass and mouth. . . Raven slams her dick into Robin ass, after a while he start to enjoy the fucking Raven is giving him. . . Raven was fucking Robin harder when a knock the door. . . Who is it? It is me Cyborg. What do u want Cyborg. . . How long are u going to be Raven? Don't know Cyborg, Robin ass is tight I might just fuck it again after I cum.

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      . . But you been fucking him for 18 minute now. . . I will be done when I get done. . why don't go fuck Starfire while I'm busy with my girlfriend. . . Fine Raven hope you are enjoying your boyfriend fucking u Robin. . . . GET LOST CYBORG.

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      . . . See Raven they r treating me like a girl instead of like a guy. . . . In our relationship what are u Robin? I'm the girlfriend because your the in change and not me. . . That's right so I can careless about how they treat my bitch understand? Yes I understand Raven. . Good. . .

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      Oh god your ass is tight Robin. . . Raven your fucking me harder and harder when r u going to be gently and go nice and slow. . . . I'm not planning on being gently bitch the whole point of me fucking harder and faster is to show u that I'm always in charge. . . . What do u mean Raven? What I mean is the only thing your going to be in charge of is the team, everything else I'm in charge of. . . So u know what I mean as for what u eat I decide and when u fuck me or when I want to fuck u I decide that as well bitch.

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      . . the only thing u need to worry about is how we r going to fight the bad guys understand that? Yes I understand Raven. . . . Good. . . . Robin feels Raven slamming her cock in and out of his ass, he start moaning loudly. . . . Oh you like it don't u bitch? Yes I do, I love it Raven.

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      . . Then say it Bitch. . . . I'm your girlfriend. . . . . . See doesn't feel better when u admit to being the girl in the relationship. . .

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      . Right before Robin could say anything Raven started filling his ass with cum. . . . . Raven pulls out of his ass, now get dress we're done for now bitch. . . . But I'm still horny though so can I please fuck u? No way your fucking me right now, I got what I want and what I want your ass. . . So u meant it when u said that u decide when I fuck u or when u fuck me. .


      . Yes I did mean it, so get dressed and hurry up. . . Before u ask why the reason I want u to get dressed is because I want to show off my girlfriend. . . As Raven and Robin walked into room with the others Raven was smiling. . . . Raven how was it fucking Robin in the ass. . . oh it was wonderful slamming my cock in and out of his ass, I loved it when I filled his ass with my cum.

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      . . . Starfire why did u ask anyways. . . . Because we know Robin was enjoying it at first. . . . Yea Raven, you were making him your bitch even if he didn't want to be. . . .

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       So are you going to be the new leader. . . . . No Cyborg I'm not the new leader Robin is still in charge of the team, He just not going to decide what to eat or when I fuck him or when he fucks me. . . . See he got hard from me fucking his ass as Raven pulled down his shorts and underwear. . . . Raven u didn't let him fuck u. .

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      . . If I let him fuck me then I wouldn't have been able to show off my girlfriend. . . . Your Girlfriend now that is funny Raven. . . . . I'm not joking Beast Boy, Robin is my girlfriend. . . Aren't u? Yes I am Raven I'm your girlfriend. 

      . . . Now do u believe me Beast Boy? Yes. . . So is Robin going to be dressing as a girl from now on? No way It's more fun humiliation him in front of everyone. . . . Raven can I pull up my pants now? No u can't now go get me something to drink. . . . Raven your not being nice why won't u let him pull up his pants? Beast Boy why do u want him to pull up his pants? I don't like staring at someone else's cock.

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      . . . Whatever Beast Boy. . . . .
    let me know if u like it and if u do I will CONTINUED



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