Teacher gets Halloween treat


Topic: Teacher gets Halloween treat Everyday the two of them harassed the other kids in school. High school in the mid west was like the Wild Wild West. If a teacher didn’t catch you, you were able to do anything you wanted. It was better if you played football. Well the Tomas and John played football; they were bigger and stronger then most everyone in the school.  When you are on the team you are rule the turf, anything for a win the coach would say.
The boys would beat up the younger kids and even fight the older ones. Tommy once fought a senior and broke his jaw. In the heat of the moment he was unstoppable.  This made every student and most teachers fearful of Tommy and John. There were rumors of the two of them catching a freshmen girl in the stairwell and making her suck their cocks. It was a rumor though so who knows what the truth is. The girl’s parents moved away and she never returned to school.
Halloween was fast approaching and the school was getting ready for the big day. Decorations were going up and kids were talking about the candy hauls from years past. While in the lunch room Tommy and John were listening.

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   “This year will be better then last year. ” John said with a devil grin. His smile that could fool a child in a second to think they were safe. “Are we going to egg houses this year? Maybe break a couple of windows?” Tommy said starting to show his teeth also. “No, NO. ” John said, “I have an idea. I have been thinking about Mrs. Porterman. ” Tommy looked surprised, other then the fighting and the occasional harassment they had never done anything that could land themselves in jail. “Yeah the sexy ass forty year old that teaches science?” John looked up to the brightness of the florescent bulbs that lined the cafeteria. “That’s the one. ” He said, “I want her. ”
Tommy looked shocked. “What do you mean you want her? How?” John without missing a beat looked down, dead at Tommy and said, “I want to taste her ass. I found out that her son attends classes here.

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   I have thought about it and I think that we can follow him home after school tonight and see where she lives. We can then get our costumes and head back. She will not know it’s us and open the door like normal. When she does we can over take her and fuck the shit out of her. She will never see it. ” Tommy’s brain was turning. He thought about it for a minute. John took this as a sign of weakness. “Don’t puss out on me tonight!” He said with a low growl thru his teeth. “I want this. ” Tommy let out a laugh that snapped everyone’s head in the lunchroom toward them. “I just had an idea, I would never bone out on you. I was thinking to not get caught; we should video it and hold it against her. This way if she sees us we can get out scot-free. ” John started to openly laugh too.

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Three o’clock came fast. John and Tommy were really excited about this move into the dark would of sex. They had been forcing girls for sex for sometime but never an older woman and never a teacher. This was a big jump for them. After school, like clock work Mrs. Porterman’s son Israel headed to the bus and headed for home. John and Tommy followed in Tommy’s car.
Mrs. Porterman lived in a small suburb about twenty-five miles from school. The house was rather large and it was well manicured.
After going home and getting their costumes, John and Tommy returned to Mrs. Porterman’s house. It was now dark out and the getting close to nine o’clock where most of the trick-or-treaters would be heading indoors. The two boys waited in their car, hidden from view. “John what are you getting for you fifteenth birthday this year?” Tommy said trying to past the time.

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   “Not sure, probably just something that I will throw away. My parents are asses anyway. ” John said while trailing off, “What do you think, is it safe to enter?”
“The streets are pretty clear let’s go for it. ” Tommy said, “Do you have the camera?” John held up the camera as he exited the car and put on his mask. John was wearing his favorite Clinton and Tommy was wearing a doctor’s mask and gear.
With all the confidence in the world, the two of them walked to the front door and rang the bell. When Mrs. Porterman answered the door she was shocked, not at who was at the door, but their age.  “Wow! You guys are really big to be trick-or-treating.   I am almost out of candy but let me see what I have in the house. ” She was wearing a Caribbean Pirate costume. The black vest was low-cut scoop neck showing her full breasts. The costume had a gold collar, and scalloped lace hem. A white lace top that was see-through with bell sleeves with gold and black trim; and sassy black booty shorts with garters really pushed the boys over the edge. The thigh-high jet-black boots were just a bonus.

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That was the mistake that set off the plan. Mrs. Porterman turned her back that within an instant John rushed her. His hands quickly entrapped her. Her small waist was no match for he’s power. Tommy quickly entered the house, closed the door and locked it, and then turned out the porch light. It was time to begin.
John removed the camera from his pocket and tossed it to Tommy, then turned back to his prize. Tommy started to film as the events unfolded.
John looked over Mrs. Porterman’s outfit. She was really hot. Her breasts were full but not sloppy. The breasts filled the vest and pushed outward as she took deep breaths. Her boots were stopping her from running; she knew when she put them on that she would not be able to move very well in them, but tennis shoes would ruined the outfit.

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“What do you want?” She said with anger in her voice, “Get out of my house!” She screamed. “Oh baby, don’t be like that. Playing hard to get is so twenties, you are much more mature then that. ” John taunted her. “Get out of my house you fuckin’ bastard!” She fired back. Mrs. Porterman was a feisty blonde that never took shit from anyone. John stopped in his tracks. She was shocked! Did she really scare him? Just like that John removed his mask. She almost pissed herself. “Why don’t we wait until Israel gets home? Then we can talk to him. ” John said with that evil smile. “What are you going to do to him?” Mrs. Porterman said with tears starting to well up in her eyes. “Well we are horny and we are going to fuck something tonight.

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   You or your son! The choice is yours. ” John said while laughing.
She had no choice. Mrs. Porterman had to do as they wished. The threat of violence was way to real for her not too. She was openly crying now. John had his prize now and showed it by grabbing her arm and dragging her into the living room. Tommy followed closely behind.
As they entered the living room it was wide open with a coffee table and a leather L-shaped couch in the center of the room. The television was against the wall with wall-to-wall carpet. It was very a contemporary looking. The lighting was dim and set to just the right setting for the occasion.
“You are going to do what we say, when we say it. ” John said looking around the room.

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   Something caught his eye but he kept his cool. “Come over here. ” He pointed to the ground in front of him. “Stand before me. ” Mrs. Porterman was now shaking, but she obeyed his command. John leaned into her ear and whispered to her, “What is your name?” “My name?” She repeated without looking at him. Her hands were in front of her trying to hide behind them. John just stared at her. She whispered back to him, “ My name is Joan. ” John reached out and grabbed her arm with all the strength his fourteen-year-old body could muster. The force that John held her arm shocked Joan. “What is your name?” He shouted as he pushed her to her knees. Her arm was now above her head and really hurting. He stared at her with hate in his eyes and said, “Tell me!”  “Please!” she screamed, “You’re breaking my arm!”
Joan thought about it for what seemed like eternity and blurted out the first thing she could think of, “Slave! I am your slave.

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   Please stop, my arm is going to break. ” Joan make-up was running down her face mixed with tears. This showed John that she was ready. He released her. “Tommy did you get that?” John never took his eyes off his newly enslaved woman. “Your fucking right I got that! This will make for a great video to mail to the other teachers. ” Tommy said while laughing.
Joan hung her head low and knew that she was fuckin’ screwed. These two boys beat her and now she had no choice if she wanted to spare her son, keep her job and reputation as a teacher in the community. “Slave. ” John said with a cold and cutting voice. “Rub my cock. ”
Joan never looked up; she reached up and started to touch the material of John’s pants. She hit the mark and found the piece of meat that hung between his legs. It was starting to grow with every stroke.

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   Tommy was zooming in on his pants and watching his cock grow. “Slave. ” Tommy called out, “There is a reason he is called king dong!” John started to laugh and Joan started to sob again. Tommy laughed again at the sight that was really turning him on too.
“Slave. ” John said, “Take out my cock and put it in your mouth. ” Joan had not had a cock in about six years. Her husband ran out on her and Israel and left her alone. Joan never dated; she just focused on her work and son. No one at that school knew this. She hid it well from her students and co-workers. Joan was scared but her body was starting to get excited. She was only ever with her husband and he was not that great of a lover. Joan unzipped John’s fly and pulled open the fly of his boxer briefs. John’s cock was stuck in his boxer briefs so Joan reached in and grabbed a hold of it.


   Her hand could not get around his member. King dong was right she thought. How in the hell was this thing going to fit in her very tight mouth? Tommy watched all the action that was unfolding and getting great angles with his camera. Joan struggled for a couple seconds and then got it to pop free. John’s cock was huge maybe about 18 inches. It had veins running around it and circumcised. The tip was the size of a small apple and about the same color too. Joan was visibly shaking at it size. She was not impressed. Her husband’s cock was only about seven inches hard and he never lasted that long. Not even in high school.
“What are you waiting for slave, suck my cock. ” John said. “I am not sure how to. ” Joan said in shame.

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   “I have never seen a cock this big. I cannot get it in my mouth. ” Joan looked down away from her capture. “Do your job or I will make your son learn. ” John was cold and knew she just needed to be pushed a little.
Joan opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the tip in her mouth. She placed a hand at the base of his cock to keep it stable. Joan began to slowly work her cock into her mouth, first the tip and then slowly getting another inch in. She was drooling and choking on the monster with every breath she took. After a couple of tries, she opened her mouth a little more and took another inch in. It was too much. She gagged hard and almost vomited on John’s cock. Instinctually she pushed on John’s thighs and tried to get his cock out of her mouth. John got pissed at his slave and grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her throat. When she gagged again he could feel her throat massage his cock.

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   John could hold out no longer, get grabbed handfuls of that long blonde hair and shot load after load into his slaves beautiful mouth. Joan gagged and gagged on the hot long loads of cum that shot down her throat.
Joan’s gagging almost sent Tommy over the edge as well. He had not even touched his cock, but seeing his science teacher sucking his friend’s cock was great. This was his private porno. John was spent for the moment, he would recover but it was going to be about an hour. “Tommy, let me have the camera and start working with the slave. ” John said with his cock shrinking by the second. Tommy was eager to cum too. “I want to fuck her!” Tommy blurted out. “No the slave pussy is mine for now. ” John claimed. Joan was thankful that she was not going to get fucked. This was already embarrassing, but John’s cock is way to big for her pussy and she was afraid.
Tommy walked over and sat on the couch and pointed to his cock.

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   John filmed the whole thing with his cock hanging out. Joan started to get up but her knees were sore from being in this position. She went to get up again and John spoke up, “NO. Crawl to him. Slaves don’t walk unless they told to. ” Joan did as she was told. She crawled over on her hands and knees to where Tommy was sitting. Tommy already had his cock out and a hand on the base. It was not even close to John’s size. His cock was about seven inches long and nicely round. When Joan got to it she was relieved to see that it was not a monster too.
She quickly went to work on it. The soon she could make him cum the faster they would leave. She did not want her son to return from his party to see her like this. Joan took Tommy’s tool in her mouth and started sucking and stroking it.

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   She was still shaky from the last blowjob and her jaw hurt. Joan soldiered on with her job. She sucked hard on Tommy’s cock and moved her hand to meet her lips. She sucked and sucked and stroked to her lips. She was sucking as hard as she could. Tommy knew his body and knew that he was going to cum soon. This slave was giving the best blowjob he ever had. She was sucking so hard that Tommy could not hold back any longer. He looked at John with the camera and John knew what was going to happen.  John zoomed in on Tommy’s cock, “Slave. ” John said, “Swallow all the cum Tommy gives you. ” Joan with a mouthful of cock just moan, “ok master. ” That was all Tommy needed to cum. He shot load after load of hot cum into Joan’s mouth. Joan did exactly what she was told.

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   She swallowed every drop of cum that Tommy shot off.
John held the camera in one hand and walked over to Joan. “You are now my slave. You will do what I want when I want it, anytime of day including school or I will post the video to a sex site and then e-mail everyone a link to it. Joan with cum residue in her dry mouth just stared at the floor and nodded her head.
John knew that school was going to be different from now on.
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