Tara: Part Three


Things were no longer going badly for Tara. The boys who had raped her had all been convicted with the help of Mr. Clark and she was visiting her new Master on a weekly basis, telling her parents she had extra track practices Tuesday night.
One Tuesday however Mr. Clark, whose first name was Ethan was about to change the rules their game was played by. Tara met him in the parking lot of the highschool as she always did and, as she climbed into his car she was presented with a wrapped box.
“What is this Sir?” She asked timidly. She enjoyed her time with her new Master but she certainly feared his wrath.
“Tonight I've got some new toys for us to play with pet, and I thought I'd give you a pretty new outfit to wear. You'll love it. Go ahead and open it. ” Ethan replied calmly as he pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward his country home. He was divorced and his children lived with his ex-wife who, he told Tara was far too prudish for him anyhow.
When Tara opened the box she had been given she found a collection of bondage items. Two velvet wrist-cuffs with 4 rings around the outside. Knee-high vinyl boots with rings at the knee and ankle, fishnet stockings and a harness-style top made of leather.

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   Its straps also had rings in various places and it had a collar attached to it. Her breasts would be exposed when she wore it as the leather straps formed triangles across the chest. She began to get wet just thinking about putting it on for him. There was a garter belt as well for the stockings but of course, no panties. “Thank you Master. ” She breathed, trying not to show her arousal.
“You are very welcome pet. ” He replied with a smile, clearly he heard the lust in her young voice and was amused. Shortly they pulled into Ethan Clark's garage and he told her to go change and meet him in his dungeon as he had a phone call to make to his daughter before they could begin. This was not unusual so Tara sprang from the car and went into the bathroom where she got dressed in her new outfit as fast as she could. She was dripping wet by the time she was done and wanted despratly to cum but knew her Master would know if she pleasured herself without his consent.
When Tara entered the dungeon in the basement her Master was not yet there and she was bursting with lust for him. She hoped desperately that he would allow her to cum soon, and she wished to pleasure him as well as a thank-you. When Ethan entered the basement Tara was kneeling near the centre of the room, expressing her wish to please. But he had other plans.

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   “On your feet slave. ” He commanded, and Tara quickly obliged.
Ethan secured her wrists to a chain which was newly installed from the ceiling, and placed a spreader bar between her ankles which was about 2 feet. He raised the chain which held her at the wrists until she was barely supporting her own weight. “Tonight I have something very special for you, but first I think I need to remind you that you are MY pet and you will pleasure yourself only when I say so. ” He picked up a cat-o-nine-tails and walked up to her.
“Master please! I have not disobeyed your wishes I swear it, I wish to please you I . . . I am only very exicted by your gift, but I have not cum!” Tara pleaded, she needed so badly to cum. Watching her Master walk about in front of her, his magnificent cock in full view was enough to push her to the edge of her self control.
“I know you have not pleasured yourself today pet, but you have been doing so on the days we are not together. Do not think I am unaware of what you do alone at night. Now, I will only beat you lightly because I know also that you were thinking of me, and then I will allow you your release. ” Tara submitted to this, she didn't know how he knew what she had been doing, but it was most certainly true and she would gladly be punished if it meant she could cum soon.

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   Ethan Clark began to whip his slave. He became more and more aroused with every blow he landed, Tara was magnificent and he knew he was lucky to have such a beautiful slave. He adored the way her flesh jumped as he struck it, and how she squirmed when her cunt was whipped. How she moaned as he whipped her nipples, begging for release.
When he was done with the whip he got a smooth dildo from his closet and inserted it into Tara's soaked pussy, commanding her not to cum as he did so. He toyed with her, the dildo was too small and too smooth to give her enough friction to cum but he thrust it inside her over and over causing her to moan with pleasure and frustration. “Would you like to cum for me slave?” he asked darkly.
“Ooh YES, yes Master please! Let me cum for you! Please, I will pleasure you in any way you like, let me CUM! Ahhhhh…” Tara desperately thrust her hips with the motion of the dildo trying to get enough of it to climax, but it was impossible. “Please Master I need it!”
“I know you do, and you will, but not yet. ” Ethan then removed the small dildo and set it aside as he left the room. Tara was practically in tears as she watched him disappear up the stairs. He body shook from the built-up pleasure. She NEEDED to cum, she was so consumed by the need that she heard none of what was going on upstairs and scarcely realized that when her Master returned he was not alone. But the man who had come into the dungeon with her Master quickly pulled out a nice large, textured dildo and, coming up to Tara from the rear so he could not be seen in the shadowy room, rammed the 8inch thing into her cunt causing her to scream in pleasure. Her Master stood in front of her and said; “This man will bring you to climax pet, and then I will introduce you.

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   You may cum whenever you are ready. ”
Tara was so happy to hear this she didn't care who the man was. She begged for him to fuck he harder with the toy, and he complied giving her all he had. Ramming it in and out and in and out again and again, letting her pussy juices run down his fingers and drip onto the floor beneath her. “OH! OH YES! IM CUMMING! OH THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU MASTER AHHHHHHHH!” Tara screamed as her orgasm tore through her, her mind became a blur and she came a second time as the strange man continued to thrust the toy deep within her.
“That's enough. ” Ethan snapped and the stranger stopped. “Slave, I told you to cum once, that was twice. I will introduce you to this man now, but he will then beat you as he sees fit for your defiance. ” Tara's Master gestured for his friend to come around to face his slave and as Tara saw his face her body went cold. She felt truly filthy for the first time since her rape and wished she could take back the last 18 minutes, dispite the great pleasure she had felt. Ethan's friend was her Step-father.
“What do you say Slave?” her Master asked.
“Th-thankyou . .

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   . ” Tara muttered, vomiting the words up.
“Why didn't you tell Daddy you were such a filthy whore dear?” Tara's step-father Keith asked her venomously. “You should have offered yourself to your Daddy so he could pleasure you too. ” Keith had lusted after his step-daughter since the day he met his wife's child. Tara's mom was a sexy thing too, but hell, she sure wasn't 18 anymore. He'd stroked himself thinking about Tara so often, he'd watched her masturbate late at night through her window, and so recently, at the bar his good buddy Ethan had let him in on his daughter's nasty secret. The two of them had double-teamed girls before, but they'd never been able to have a woman this way, with total control, and never one so young. Ethan had an affair with a graduate of his highschool once that Keith had fucked, but she was nothing like Tara, and after hearing her - no - MAKING her cum like that he was hard as a fucking rock.
“Please! Keith don't do this! I - I . . . ” Tara trailed off not knowing what to say to get out of this.
“I've wanted you for so long honey, and you will love every minute - just like with the dildo you slut. ”
“Slave, you will obey your Master's guest as you would obey Me.

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  ” Ethan said firmly. He knew Keith's desires and that Tara would endure a great deal at her step-fathers hand - or cock. He would love every moment of her suffering.
Keith picked up a flogger from one of Ethan's collections and walked around behind Tara who was sobbing. He didn't ask her to count his strokes, nor did he remind her why she was being beaten, he just slammed the thick leather over her ass with an impressive SMACK! And kept going, he beat every inch of her, being most cruel to her ass and tits which were glowing red by the time he was done. Tara was limp in her bindings and Keith had a boner the like never before. He undid the spreader bar between her ankles, and let her wrists down from the ceiling before draping her over a hobby-horse and pushing his large member into her now much dryer cunt. She had taken no pleasure from this beating, as she might have from her Master's but Keith was insane with lust. He fucked her violently from behind, pulling her hair and sqeezing her ass and tits causing Tara to gasp in pain each time he did. He didn't even notice that she wasn't enjoying it until after he came all over her ass and back.
“Beg me to fuck your ass whore!” He growled, slapping her raw cheeks, Tara didn't move, all she could feel was pain. “BEG ME OR I'LL BEAT YOU TO DEATH YOU FILTHY SLUT!” Keith went to the cupboard, grabbed a real whip and struck her once with it, splitting her back open and causing her to scream in agony. This worried Ethan, and he quiety told his friend that he wished to keep her in one piece. Keith shrugged him off and continued to yell at his step-daughter. “SAY IT OR IT'LL BE WORSE THE SECOND TIME!!!”
“Please no! I .

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   . . ” Tara fought to find her voice, to stop her head from swimming in pain. “I want to you fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass. ” She gasped
“NOT FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH!” Keith snarled and brought his hand back to hit her again. He could easily kill her with this type of whip. Already blood was pouring from the first lash and would probably scar.
“PLEASE! PLEASE KEITH FUCK ME! FUCK ME IN THE ASS!” She pleaded with him, frantic not to get hit again.
“That's better whore - but what did you call daddy?” He spanked her for this rather than whip her, both Ethan and Tara were grateful. The Master would truly hate to lose his slave.
“Daddy! Please Daddy I need you. I need you to fuck my ass!” Tara moaned, she felt like blacking out, but was scared that if she did she would never wake up.
“That's a good little bitch, you keep telling me that. ” Keith mounted her, using his own cum as lube he pushed the head of his cock into her.

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   He wasn't as large as Ethan, but he wasn't small either. He slid his whole 9 inches in and then spanked his step-daughter. “What do you say?”
“Th-thankyou daddy! Please, fuck me hard! I need your cock!” Tara replied, hoping that was the right answer. It was, and Keith began pumping in and out rythmacly, occasionally slapping her ass to encourage more begging. “YES!” Tara would breathe “Yes! Daddy! OH FUCK ME YEAH . . . FUCK MY ASS, I'M YOUR WHORE OOH!” Keith picked up the pace, Tara's face was screwed up in pain, there was so little lube and her ass was on fire from his beating. Ethan was truly amazed at her performance, he would have to reward her once Keith left. “FUCK ME HARDER DADDY. ” Tara moaned as Keith was starting to tire. “I NEED IT, DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP DADDY GIVE ME YOUR COCK!” Tara's words became clearer as her step-father finished up. He gripped her hips tightly and, as his body stiffened shot his load deep into her bowels, groaning deeply as he did so. When he pulled out his legs were wobbly. He waved to Ethan and walked up the stairs carefully.

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   Ethan and Tara both knew he had probably told his wife he wouldn't be long and would be going home to her.
“M-master?” Tara cried when she heard the front door of the house open and close upstairs.
“Yes pet?” Ethan felt quite concerned for her and scooped her up in his arms.
“Why did you let him? Ahhh…god I'm in so much pain Sir. ”
“You did well pet, don't worry about him just now. Lets have a bath. ” Ethan carried her bloody back upstairs to his bathroom which held a large claw-foot bathtub. He filled it with warm water and found himself quite unsettled by how much he cared for his young slave. He was somewhat worried about sending her home to his friend. Keith had been so much rougher with her than expected.
Together, Tara and Ethan washed her off and cleaned the long bloody gash on her back. Ethan brought his pet some hot chocolate from the kitchen and let her soak while he thought about what to do.
When Tara was all dried off and feeling better her Master laid her down on his bed gently and carefully spread her legs. He looked at her ravaged pussy and ass for major damage and could see none. He had never, in all these weeks eaten her out.

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   It had been too much of him submitting to her he had decided, but now, he lightly licked her inner thighs, moving slowly closer and closer to her soft sex. He lapped gently at her lips and finally her clit, eventually getting more forceful and causing her back to arch.
“Oh Master! This feels SO good ahhhhhhhhhhh. . . ” Tara breathed in a huge breath and moaned in extacy. The only time she'd had a tongue in her cunt was during her first rape and she hardly noticed it. Ethan was so much better at it and soon she was covered in a warm sweat, panting and moaning loudly. “OOOH! More! OH MASTER GIVE ME MORE AAHHH! YES!” She came in his mouth, her juices soaking the bed sheets beneath her.
”Would you like me to make love to you pet?” Ethan asked her gently, still unsure about what had come over him. His cock was throbbing, he had never felt so good just from licking a girls twat. He slowly inserted two fingers to her delicate pussy and moved them around slowly, rubbing her g-spot until she gasped and squirted all over his face.
Yes, Master I would love you to. ” Tara's head was so cloudy from passion that it hadn't quite hit her that he hadn't said 'fuck' And as Ethan slid himself slowly into her and did indeed lovingly push himself in and out of her moist hole she found herself in a wave of orgasms unlike those she had had before. They broke over her like waves over and over again and she moaned loudly with everyone.


   Soon they were constant and she could barely breathe. He body was rigid and her eyes rolled wildly unable to focus on anything.
Ethan was feeling much the same, he was having a hard time from cumming, sweat poured down his forehead stinging his eyes, his slave had never felt this wonderful, and her constant orgasms squeezed his cock so hard he could barely move it inside her. Finally, he let himself go and felt the largest and most powerful orgasm he'd ever have tear through him, he pumped load after load of his cum inside his beautiful pet and when he was done he collapsed beside her, pulled her close and passed out within moments. To be continued depending on reviews.



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