Tany's Walk Home (Revised)


Tanya’s Walk Home
Tanya walked home. She had missed her bus. There was no one at home to come get her. She had few friends and was a loner. Now she trudged home. It was about 5 miles to her house. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon on a warm September day. She hurried past several blocks of row houses and then turned the corner of a small liquor store. As she passed the back of the store, three young men in there early twenties, came up to her. They followed her as she began to walk faster.
Hey babe what’s the hurry?
Tanya said nothing and continued to walk.
Hey, I asked you a question!
Leave me alone.
Look, we just want to talk.
Tanya clutched her books to her chest and tried to run.
A big mistake. They caught up to her and wrestled her to the ground.

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One of the youths sat on her chest while one held her hands down.
Tanya screamed, only to receive a hard slap across her face. Blood trickled down her split lip.
Look Bitch, if you don’t stop fighting we just might make you regret it.
Tanya ceased her struggles and lay there trembling. What do you want.
“Why” was the last word she said as the third man covered her mouth with duct tape. He then did her wrists and ankles. Tanya was helpless. Her eyes showed fear. Tanya would never be the same after this afternoon. This 18 year old was taken as to fill an order. They wanted a true blond virgin. It was Tanya’s luck to fill all their needs.
Someone check her pussy.

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   See if she a true blond. Stick a finger in her pussy and see if she’s a virgin.
Rip. Her skirt was gone. Rip. Her panties were gone. Well she is a true blond. A finger shot up her pussy. Yep she’s a virgin. Hymens still there.
What kind tits she have.
Rip and her blouse was gone. Next her bra was cut away. Her grapefruit sized tits fell into view.
Man what a set of tits for a 18 year old.

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Tanya closed her eyes as they fondled her. Wow. They must be at least a 36D. Just what the boss ordered.
No one had seen her naked since she was little not even her Mom, let alone touch her in her privates. Now she lay naked, bound and tied in front of three complete strangers. They had fondled her breasts then they stuck a finger in her pussy. She took solace in the fact that they had not raped her.
They climbed off of her and stood around her. After a few pictures were snapped, she was lifted up and placed in a standing position. A collar was put around her neck and leash hooked to it.
Tanya began to shake uncontrollably. She knew that she was in real trouble. Somebody wanted a blond virgin. It was her luck to be that blond.

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   A van pulled up next to her, the side door opened and she was dumped inside.
Careful guys the driver said. Boss doesn’t want any bruise marks.
Twenty minutes later, the van stopped and she was carried into a warehouse. Tanya was scared, cold, and shivering. These men had taken her for a purpose. It couldn’t be money. Besides they wanted a white blond virgin. That could only mean one thing. She was going to be raped.
Still nude and bound, she lay on the bed crying and shivering at the thought of being raped. She had gone out with several seniors who tried to get into her pants but she refused them. Now all the boys called her a prude. Her thoughts were shattered as the door opened and 4 men entered the room. The new man walked over to Tanya and looked at her.

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   You guys did good this time. Untie her and then put her in the chair. As soon as her hands were freed, Tanya started to strike out at he captors. The new man chuckled, as her called her a feisty bitch. It took all three kidnappers to subdue her and tie her to the chair. Then they made the mistake of freeing Tanya’s mouth. She let out a blood curdling scream and was rewarded with a hard slap in the face by the new man. Blood trickled down her split lip again.
Shut up bitch. You are mine. I own you now and you will speak only when asked to speak.
Tanya wasn’t listening, as she shouted out “Let me go you filthy bastards. ”
Another hard slap and her head snapped back against the chair, then fell forward. Her defiant demeanor was slowly changing to fear as she slowly realized her situation was for real. Her fear and pain made for a better rape and this is what he wanted.

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   It was more enjoyable to rape these girls when they were afraid. It also looked more realistic on film.
Now bitch, you are going to suck my cock.
Tanya, shook her head no, but kept silent, not wanting another slap. One of her dates tried to get her to do it and she puked all over his pants.
He grabbed her head and said yes you will. Manny bring me the clamps.
Tanya had only a second to imagine what clamps he wanted. The man took two clamps and attached them to her nipples. He tightened them until Tanya began to scream in pain. She was gasping in pain when he shoved his cock in her mouth and began fucking it. She never saw his cock. But it felt huge. It was all she could do to get the head inside. Suck it bitch.

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   Suck my cock. Tanya tried but it was too big. She gasped for breath. The man was mad. He grabbed the back of her head and rammed it forward. Ever so slowly his cock went in her mouth. Then he withdrew and started to pump it in and out. With one last push his cock slid all the way in and her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Her eyes turned up as she was deprived of air. Just before she was to pass out he withdrew. Gasping for air, Tanya could only sit there. He pushed only the head inside her mouth then fisted his cock with his hand. Bitch I am about to cum and you will swallow it all. If you drop any of it I will tighten the clamps some more. The first squirt almost filled her mouth.

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Tanya felt the first squirt. It almost filled her mouth. . She cringed as she swallowed load after load of sperm. He withdrew and smiled. She thought it was over. Wrong. The other three men stepped up and did the same. Thankfully they were smaller in size. To her horror, after each man finished the clamps were tightened. Her nipples were turning purple and throbbed. She passed out from the pain.
Tanya awoke only to find herself tied face up on the table. Arms were above her head and her legs were tied to her arms. In this position her pussy was pulled open and was about a foot off the table.

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   Okay bitch now I am going to lick and suck your pussy. It’s best you cum or you will have a dry cunt when we finally fuck you.
He bent over and sucked her pussy. She cringed as she felt his tongue on her pussy. Her eyes closed as the thought of perfect stranger taking her most precious possession. Her virginity. Despite her will, the body was beginning to enjoy this. She knew it was wrong but could not stop herself.
The man licked and nibbled her clit. He had seen many young girls like Tanya try to deny themselves the pleasure he was offering. They all failed. Tanya would be no different. Silently Tanya suffered the humiliation of her body betraying her wishes. She moaned. She moaned some more as her body began to tremble.

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   She had never experienced anything like what her body was doing now. She screamed, stop. I can’t take it anymore. She expected a slap but instead her body began to convulse and shake as her first true orgasm racked her body. She shook and convulsed for a long 5 minutes as the four men took turns licking, sucking, and nibbling her clit. Again she passed out.
Tanya was placed in the bed and left there. When she awoke it was dark. She was still alive and had not been raped.
She crawled under the covers and tried to go back to sleep.
Then her ordeal began again. She was dragged from the bed and put in the chair but not secured. The door was left open and she weighed the options. Try to run, or sit and take the next round of abuse. Then she heard the boss speak.


   “I bet you want to run and see if you can make it. Go ahead. If you make it outside the door, you can leave. If you fail you may never leave this place. ”
Tanya surveyed the situation and made her choice. She darted off to the open door. The men were slow to move after her and she thought she had it made until she ran into the screen across the door. It would not yield. She had been set up. Screaming and yelling she was dragged back to the bed and thrown on it. The boss climbed on her and forced her legs apart. Without any foreplay, he forced his large cock into her virgin pussy. She screamed again at the pain. Her arms and legs tried to fend her attacker off of her. He was too big.

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   As her strength ebbed so did her resistance. His second thrust took her maiden head. She had no strength to resist as she was being raped. His last truss made her wince even more. He had broken through her cervix. Okay bitch now you get a load of semen in your womb. When did you have your last period. Answer me bitch.
Two weeks, I think.
Well good, then you will get pregnant with my black baby.
No. please don’t come in me. She could feel his cock pulse as her womb filled with his black sperm seeking her eggs. She closed her eyes and whispered on no, not a black baby. I will be disgraced and disowned.

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   My dad hates your people.
My, my. That’s good to know. When they kick you out, you can join my little group of white whores for all my black clients. Now it’s time to loose your last cherry.
She knew he meant her ass. Please no. You are too big.
No not me I am going to keep you pussy plugged with my cock. Max will do your ass. He then rolled over making sure his cock was still buried to the hilt while she was on top.
In this positon, she could breath better. Knowing what was coming next, she tensed up at the touch of Max’s hand.
Relax and it won’t hurt as much. She tried but it was no use.

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   As a finger entered her ass, she tightened her ass muscles. She got a tight ass. His finger worked its way around inside her. It was a weird feeling. He then he rubbed it with ointment. Again the pain was there, even more than before. She realized the man had put his cock in her ass and thus taken her anal cherry. The sharp pain did lesson a bit but it still hurt as he grunted and came in her rectum.
Het Boss, she was a good one. What now.
Was there any thing else they could do to her.
Is the tape ready?
Almost boss.
When it is give it to her and take her home.
Tanya. You survived.

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   The tape is a reminder that this all really happened. We know where you live. If we suspect you have told somebody, we will come after your mother and rape her too.
A cloth slipped around her head and covered her mouth and nose. She slumped out cold on the bed.
Tanya awoke with a start. She was not dead but where was she. It dark but somehow it seemed familiar to her. She climbed out of bed until she came to a lamp. When it came on she gave a sigh of relief. She was back in her own room.
Did it really happen. It must of because her pussy, ass and mouth were sore.
Thank goodness they let me go. She spied the tape and remembered the man’s last words.

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   “A reminder of your ordeal. The label read. “Tanya‘s Walk Home“ She picked it up and saw the subtitle. “tanyasrape. com”
No. Oh god No. , she screamed