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Driving past my neighbor John's house, I saw the usual neighborhood gang gathered outside the gargage for drinks. Somehow this ritual got started months ago and was now an ongoing routine.
I pulled into my own driveway grabbing the mail on the way and headed into the house. I quickly scanned through the mail and fixed myself a drink before heading down to John's to join the party.
John and his wife Beth were there along with BJ, Willie, Karen and her boyfriend Jeff. Everyone had known each other for years except for Willie. He was a big black guy who had moved into the neighborhood about nine months ago who had quickly became one of the gang with his easy going personality.
As I joined them I discovered their conversation was about an upcoming cruise. John and his wife Beth were going on a three week cruise with Karen and Jeff to the Bahama's. When I asked Karen abouth her daughter Danielle, she said "she didn't want to go and was staying home".
Now Danielle is something else. She's a little over 18 with long blond hair and a dynamite tanned body. On a scale of 1-10, she was definately a 18 Usually she could be found laying around the pool in her skimpy string bikinis that barely covered her snatch or grapefruit sized breast. I had always thought she was a stuck up prick teaser and couldn't believe Karen allowed her to be virtually naked all of the time. Willie thought the same thing. Afterall, we had discussed her numerous times at Karen's pool parties and what it would be like to fuck her brains out.

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It had been several hours since I had joined the party and I was starting to get a slight buzz.  Everyone else appeared more buzzed than I was especially Willie and John. John was trying to get me to agree to take care of his dog Max while they were on the cruise. Now Max was a large boxer and was a pretty good dog except for the fact that he was always trying to hump someones leg.
Karen's daughter suddenedly joined the party and as usual she was wearing one of her skimpy string bikinis. In the early twilight she appeared totally naked and started my cock twitching. I glanced at Willie and saw him staring at Danielle too, with an evil look in his eyes and knew what he was thinking.
I had several more drinks while continuing to sneak glances at Danielle when our eyes met. She had a "in your dreams" look with a sly smile on her face as she suddenedly squatted down next to the cooler. With her legs spread open, my cock really began twitching and I felt precum ozzing from its tip. John continued to pester me about watching Max and I finally agreed as I quickly finished my drink and left.
As soon as I got inside the house I released my rock hard cock and feverishly began jacking off as I pictured Danielle squatting beside the cooler. It was long before I shot a massive load all over the place. I cleaned myself off and stumbled to bed exhausted.
During the next several weeks the gatherings continued at John's.

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   Danielle continued to show up from time to time in her string bikinis or other skimpy and seductive outfit. One night Willie clearly stated "one of these days I'm going to fuck that little tease".   A short time latter, Karen and Jeff were near talking when we heard Karen telling Jeff to make sure he "got the lock on the sliding glass door fixed" before they left. As Karen went to get another drink, Jeff was muttering "I'll fix the damn thing when we get back". Willie looked at me with a smile and went to fix a drink.
The day of the cruise finally arrived and John, Beth, Karen and Bill were on their way. Two nights later Willie called me up and invited me over for a drink. When I got there Willie was pretty shit faced and kept talking about Danielle being a prick teaser who needed a good fucking.
What he said next completely stunned and shocked me. He suggested we rape her!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing when he suddenedly blurted out "Hell, we'll even let Max fuck her, that damn dog always trying to hump something, let's let him have some real pussy".
The thought of fucking Danielle, even if it was rape got my dick twitching. Thinking about Max fucking her was even more exciting and my cock was soon rock hard tenting my shorts.
Then the thought of getting caught and going to prison hit me and I began to dismiss the idea completely. However. Willie began to lay out his plan and my perverted mind was soon drawn to his idea like a magnet.

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His plan was simple. . . . . . we would blackmail her into silence. We would take pictures of Willie and Max fucking her. If getting fucked by a black wasn't enough then pictures of her fucking a dog should do the trick. We would threaten to put copies throughout the neighborhood and around her work. The more I thought about Willie's plan the more I like it. Besides the excitement and thill was to strong to ignore.
The next night I went to Willie's and we fined tune our plan. I discovered he had already confirmed the lock on the sliding glass door was still broken and I silently thanked Jeff for being lazy. He showed me some nylon stocking, a stun gun with adjustable voltage, a big ass knife, exam gloves, some cloth straps and a vibrator.

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   I had brought my new digital camera and some extra memory cards.
We watched as the lights at Karen's house finally went out and Willie said "lets give it an hour" as my cock started twitching in anticipation. My palms were sweaty and my throat was dry when Willie said "lets go".  
We crept into the darkness and I unlocked John's door retrieving Max. We then quickly went thru the gate to the pool  next door at Karen's.  As I left Max outside, Willie silently slid the patio door open and we entered.  We were already familiar with the interior layout having been here at Karen's many parties and we made our way to Danielle's bedroom.
The door was partially open and you could clearly see Danielle's sleeping body clad in a bra and thong. The moonlight outside the bedroom window clearly revealed the strings as they disappeared between her ass cheeks and I felt my cock begining to harden.
Willie quickly pounced on our sleeping prey giving her a quick shock from the stun gun. Startled, Danielle started to scream when Willie backhanded her hard putting the knife against her face. Danielle had a terrified look on her face as Willie told her "scream bitch and your face will look like a Mississippi road map". She was now whimpering as Willie told me to tie her up. I quicly took the cloth straps and tie her arms as legs to the corners of the bed.
Willie was trailing the knife tip along Danielle's sobbing face when he suddenedly cut her bra and thong strings.

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   Willie pulled his shorts off and the biggest black cock I've ever seen sprung free. Danielle's eyes widened in fear as Willie asked her if "she was a virgin". She didn't respond and Willie backhanded her again causing her to shake her head no.
Willie then said "well now bitch your going to get a real cock" as he placed his massive cock head against her lips. "Suck my cock bitch" as Willie roughly forced it past her lips. Danielle was struggling with his massive size when he reached for the vibrator and jammed it into her shaved pussy. Danielle was now trying to resist and Willie placed the knife tip against her cheek.
Danielle slowly attempted to suck Willie's massive cock as I began shooting pictures. Her mouth was stretched to its limit as Willie slowly rocked back and forth feeding her more and more of his cock. After what seemed like hours, the vibrator was begining to have it's effect. Danielle was now trying to thrust her hips up to meet the constant buzzing in her pussy. The look of terror on her face was now replaced by one of lust as her body began to respond to the assult on her pussy.
Willie told me to untie her interrupting my picture taking. Once untied, Willie pulled the vibrator from Danielle's now drenched pussy and quickly buried his massive 11 inch black cock to the hilt. As he began to wildly fuck Danielle she became a wild women.

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   Her hips were frantically thrusting up to meet Willie's lightning strokes as she began screaming "fuck me you black bastard, fuck meeee harder" I was snapping picture after picture when Danielle threw her legs around Willie's back, locking her ankles as she tried to force more of his black cock inside her.
As I continued my picture taking, I noticed a cassette deck on the dresser. Finding a blank tape, I began to record Danielle's lustful screams as I thought it would go great with the pictures. Danielle was now wildly clawing at Willie's back as she began screaming "I'm cumming, god I'm cummmming" as her body trembled with a massive orgasam. Willie's staying power was amazing as he coutinued pounding Danielle's inflammed pussy nonstop. Soon she was again screaming "I'm cumming you black bastard, I'm cummmming, god fuck meee" as another orgasam tore through her body.
With Willie still wildly fucking Danielle, I went to get Max and put him in the bathroom outside the bedroom. I returned to the bedroom just in time to hear Willie yell "here it cums bitch as he blasted load after load of cum deep in her pussy. Danielle was yelling "fuck meee" as another orgasam ripped through her abused body. Willie pulled his now limp cock from Danielle's stretched pussy as his cum poured out forming a large puddle on the bed.
I made my way to the bed and placed my rock hard cock against Danielle's lips as she eagerly began sucking it with gusto. From watching the wilding fucking earlier I knew I wouldn't last long and quickly blasted my own massive load down her throat.
    Willie now had the vibrator buried in Danielle's inflammed pussy again as he offered her his half erect cum covered black cock. As Danielle greedily began sucking Willie's cock, I went to get Max.
    Returning I saw Danielle wildly sucking Willie's cock as she had became more accustomed to his size as he worked the vibrator in and out of her swollen pussy.

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       Willie was on his back with Danille leaning over as she tried to deep throat him.    
    Max had smelled the heavy smell of sex in the air and was dancing around as his cock began to emerge from its fur covered sheath.  I continued to snap pictures as best I could while trying to hold Max back when he suddenly broke free and jumped on the bed.
    He quickly mounted Danielle's back and was wildly stabbing air when his dog cock hit it's mark and he buried himself inside Danielle.  Max's ass was a blur as he slammed in and out of her swollen pussy and she soon responded to his wild thrust. I was amazed at Max's speed as I knelt next to the bed for a better angle. The pictures I was now taking clearly showed the entire scene with Danielle now a willing participant.
    Willie was now forcing more of his cock down Danielle's throat as he cum, yelling "swallow it bitch, swallow" causing her to gag. With his massive cock firmly embedded in her mouth, cum squirted from her nostrials as she tried to breath. I had beautiful closeup pictures of Willie's black cock buried in Danielle's mouth with a glazed lustful look in her eyes. There was no way she could deny who was in the pictures.
    Willie pulled his limp cock from Danielle's mouth as cum ran from the corners of her mouth and she gasped for air. I snapped several more great shots and turned my attention to Max.
    Max's wild assult was continuing at a wild pace and Danielle now had her ass up thrusting back to meet his assult. His knot was now visible as he struggled to force it past her abused pussy lips.

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       Danielle had basically collapsed on the bed with her ass in the air yet still meeting Max's wild thrusting.
    His grapefruit size knot was repeartedly being slammed against her swollen pussy lips when he was finally able to get it half way in. Danielle's body trembled as she screamed "I'm cummmming again".  And Max gave one more hard thust, finally burying the entire knot inside her pussy. That caused Danielle to scream again as another massive orgasam ripped through her body.
    Max started howling as he blasted his dog cum deep in Danielle's pussy while she moaned incoherently. With Max's knot still firmly embedded in her pussy, I went into the den to borrows Karen's computer. I hooked up the camera and printed about 20 good close up shot and returned to the bedroom.
    Danielle was completely exhausted and was sleeping as Willie and I dressed and gathered our "tools".  I placed the pictures by the phone with the note I printed warning her what would happen if she called the cops or anyone else.
    We took Max and left her lying there in a cum covered bed when Willie said smiling "that prick teasing bitch has just became our sex toy". and we headed back to his house.
    Three days later I was at Willie's house when we saw Danielle pull in her drive. Willie got the cassett tape I had recorded and called Danielle while I listened in on the extension. Danielle answered and Willie said " Danille this is Willie, I got something for you to listen to" and he began playing the tape.

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    There was silence as the tape played Danielle's lustful screams. When we heard her screams of "fuck me you black bastard", Danielle started crying. Willie told her to "shut the fuck up" and to "remember what would happen with the pictures"  that she was now his "fuck toy". She was still softly crying when Willie said "have your ass here in an hour bitch, I want some more of that tight young pussy" and he hung up.
    A little while later there was a knock on the door and there stood Danielle. Willie told her to come in as we both unzipped our pants and pulled out our cocks. Danielle closed the door and walked in  softly crying. . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . .  





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