Tamed neighbour


This story took place several years ago . I was 18yrs old and in my last year of school before I had to go off and do my national service which is compulsory out here.
Opposite my house lived my neighbor she was a married women with 2 lovely daughters who I am happy to say took after their mother . She was 42 yrs old brunet about 5. 7ft in height despite her age and having had 2 children she was in very good condition obviously looked after herself . But her greatest asset was those Mellon sized breasts despite their size they were quit firm . She was a definite prick teaser ,whenever  I would see her she was always wearing something  to show off her body and those amazing breasts.
Being a horny 18yr I was always trying to get a look at her . I even started to try and chat here up a little whenever I got the chance . I think she realized that my attention towards her was purely to see if she would be interested in some fun with me . But being the prick tease she is she just played me along ,deliberately bending over whenever she could or leaning towards me giving me a great view of those breasts . I think what really pissed me of finally so much that I decided to teach her a lesson and have my fun was the fact of 2 things one that every month her husband would go away for up to a week for work . Whenever he did so she would send her daughters to their grandparents or have them stay with friends and go for a “girls” night out being the crafty bastard I am I followed her . She was meeting a different man each time and going to small motels and definitely having a good time . The other thing that finally pushed me over the edge was  that I told her I knew what she was doing and pics of her meeting these men . All she did was laugh and tell me if I was a real man I wouldn’t threaten her but take what I wanted .

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That was it I decided to take her at her word . I went shopping for my plan to take what I wanted . I visited a sex shop I knew ,and bought a dog collar and leash a mouth gag ,a whip and some hand and ankle bondage items .
I waited till her husband went away again for a business trip. I knew she would be going out for her usual fun. So I sat in wait outside the hotel she went to . She came out early hours in the morning it was a secluded hotel so there was no one around as she walked to her car I came up behind her and using something I had picked up from a friend whose dad is a doctor I knocked her out . I then carried her to my car which was parked very close I drove to a ware house which I knew was abandon but were I had set up shop for my fun and games that were to follow.
The ware house was quit secluded so there was no chance of being found or heard . The ware house had an office which still had power and a/c so I had set up in there . I carried my lovely neighbor in and strapped her flat in her back tying her hands above and slightly to the side of her head this made her all ready amazing breasts even more enticing . Her legs were spread as far as I could and strapped  them to the tables legs . I had stripped her down to nothing but her thong and high heels .
She was starting to come to so I placed my mask on no point in letting her know who I was. It was time to have my fun.

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I walked round to the side of her head I grabbed a handful of her hear and jerked her head up sharp this brought I sharp cry from her I leaned forward and told her this can either go 2 ways one you do as say and try and enjoy it because one way or another it is going to happen or I can end it know and flashed  a big hunting knife . She managed to say that she would do anything I wanted as long as I didn’t hurt her tears had started to run down her cheeks’ bent down and licked those tears of her face and gave her one long kiss .
I went to front of the table and bent down to her feet and started to lick, kiss and bite her all over her body but didn’t go anywhere near her pussy that was for later I made my way up to her flat tummy which was better than I thought for a mother of 2. I finally reached those breasts of hers now the fun really began. I went for the right breast I sucked on her nipple Like I was a baby at feeding time, I then started to bit and lick it rhythmically this seemed to have a desired effect on her as she started to moan gently I worked my way all over her right breast covering ever centimeter of it I then made my way to her left breast and repeated the treatment . Her moans were getting stronger she was definitely getting turned on by my treatment of her amazing breasts,. But my cock was seriously starting to strain in my trousers so it was time to relieve it I climbed on top of her and unzipped my pants letting my manhood out . I am a good 6. 5inchs long but extremely thick a good 4. 5 inches at the base and 4 at the tip . As my cock came free her eyes widened ,I grabbed a good handful of her hair and pulled her mouth towards my hard cock she opened her mouth trying to get as much as she could  down her throat but she was definitely having difficulty I didn’t care I just proceeded  to face fuck her . This resulted in her gagging and bring tears to her eyes .
It was felt good in her mouth but I wanted to give those beasts some attention again so I slid back a bit and told to spit all over my cock and between  her breasts I then squeezed them round my cock and started to tit fuck her as my cock came out the top she would lick or suck on it a little and started to pinch her nipples as I squeezed her breasts round my cock I just kept fucking those breast with each thrust getting stronger . It was time to change positions I stripped naked and went and sat on her again this time facing down wards so my ass was in her face I told her to start locked my asshole as I continued to fuck her tits she didn’t want to so I gave her a hard smack on her tits she yelped I did it again this made her change her mind she started to lick my asshole as I fucked her tits this way. I could start to feel my cum in my balls grow I was getting close to Cuming I turned round and stuck my cock back into her mouth fucking it again it wasn’t long till I let my first load lose in her mouth I just kept on pumping until I was finished she tried to spit it out I grabbed her mouth and held it closed making her swallow it all.

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Time for her pussy.
I knelt down in front of her pussy I ripped her thong of there it was ,it was clean shaven and it was fat too it was a fat pussy with puffy lips’ licked a finger and inserted it she was wet damn I thought she is actually enjoying this she was not as loose as I thought she was actually quite nice I licked another finger and in it went I proceeded to finger fuck her and also started to play with her clit this was definitely making her wetter and her moans were getting stronger time to see how many fingers she could take I inserted another 3 she was getting harder to finger I tried 4 but to tight damn I thought her husband must have a average dick I am going to enjoy breaking her pussy to my cock size stood up and positioned my cock at her pussy she started to try and get free no she said that monster want fit it’s to big well I said I will make it fit I spat on my cock grabbed it with one hand and plead her pussy lips with the other I pushed in damn she as tighter then I had hoped for she was definitely in a little pain this only made me want to push more so I did till I was just under 1/3 in she was in pain tears were running down her checks she was begging me to take it out so I did till the tip then I pushed back in a little further I kept doing this for a while till I had had enough I pulled out till mu tip and then I one big thrust I was in all the way to the balls she let out a huge cry and was in definite discomfort and pain I just proceeded to fuck her with each thrust getting hard and stronger she just screamed and cried fucked her so hard I was almost lifting the table she was on of the floor .
    I was getting close to Cumming again I just carried on till I was ready to cum and then just pumped her pussy full of my cum .
    Time for the grand prize her ass I undid her straps and flipped her over I then trapped her in again her legs spread wide and strapped to the table legs her hands to the front of her and this time I put nipple clamps attached to the table but they were attached stretching her nipples and causing her pain the only way to stop it was to lean flat on the table every time she moved a little specially arching her back the clamps would stretch her nipples . I knelt behind her and started to lick her asshole she knew what this meant but she was still in pain from her pussy getting ripped up that all she did was lay there and cry . I stuck  a finger in she was tight damn she was a anal virgin’s was going to really enjoy this . I positioned my cock at her asshole and applied lots of lube I knew this was going to be a tight fit so pushed in slowly damn she was really tight I pushed till I was on a ¼ in she was screaming again in real pain I pulled out waited then went again getting in a little more she was definitely not happy I carried on till I was half in and started to fuck her ass half way in she was getting easier but I wanted to be all in so like her pussy I pulled out to the tip and the just slammed all in she screamed in pain the thrust made her arch this made the clamps on her tits give her even more pain I had torn her asshole there was a little blood I didn’t care I just started to plough that ass it was mine and I was going to enjoy it I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back making her arch her back and of course pull on those nipple clamps. with my free hand I started to give her ass checks the spanking of her life . I could not keep this up forever it was time to cu, again so I unloaded my cum in her ass one last time .
    I had taken what I wanted from her like she said I should. But this wasn’t the end I had brought a few friends to try her out to 18 to be exact but that is for another time.
    Please let me know what you think of this I would like to improve
    jimmycyprus@yahoo. co. uk



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