Taking Care of the Babysitter


Taking Care of the Babysitter

Let me start with some background. My name is Rick. When this story happened I had just turned 18 I had a 18 yr old step-brother Aaron and 4 yr old half-sister Chelsea. My step-mom was a paranoid type ever since my father died and decided that Aaron and I could not be responsible enough to take care of Chelsea, or ourselves, while she was at work. (Which was always. ) So she entrusted our after-school care to a 22 yr old college student in the area named Sarah. Now Aaron and I were in great shape for our ages, we worked out all the time as a competitions thing so we had trim frames covered in muscles. At this point I even had my 6-pack. He was a little shorter than my already 6’3” and had blonde hair to my brown. We had instant crushes on delicious Sarah, she had long legs that showed off well in shorts and skirts and a tight butt that could make any guy drool. On the other side her DD breast were always artfully showcased in cleavage baring tops ranging from subtle to flashy. All covered with her creamy milk skin that was greatly contrasted with long dark hair, she quickly replaced every wet-dream I had.
Luckily her classes coincided nicely with our school day. So every weekday at 3 Sarah would be waiting to pick Aaron and me up from school then we’d swing by the daycare to grab Chelsea and go to her apartment until 11pm when mom would pick us up after work. Chelsea would always be in bed by 8 so us three would watch movies or play video games until that time. It wasn’t really bad at all.

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   We’d arrive and set up the table to do our homework, which was never that bad since Sarah did her homework with us too after getting Chelsea settled in with toys or a book or Dora the Explorer. So we would all help each other out, which was sometimes fun when struggling to understand the work Sarah had on her end. At4 she let us take a quick 30 min break while she began making dinner, then if we still had work we’d pile back up to the table. Now, sometimes it was really hard to concentrate because my thoughts would drift to the hot little body sitting so near and what I wouldn’t do to have her in her room rather than doing homework. I knew Aaron had the same thoughts and even caught him jacking off to a pic he took of her bending over to work the T. V. All in all is wasn’t a bad way to spend the days.
Now the time I want to talk about was a Friday where Chelsea was going to spend the weekend with our grandparents. So Aaron and I were begging mom to just come home. Not that we didn’t like Staying with Sarah but she had politely asked if we would try so she could go out. My step-mom wouldn’t hear of it, “I can’t trust you to be responsible and not kill each other. ” She said. And maybe she was right, we liked to wrestle which could get out of control as we tried to prove our strength. So Sarah picked us up after school. I was in a pissy mood.

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   Why the hell did we need a sitter, she was only 6 years older than me, why was she the boss of me. This mood only darkened when I saw her outside her car flirting with someone’s older brother. She was wearing a wavy blue skirt that came above her knees and a white tank that was tight and see-through enough to show off the v-scoop bra under it that was the same color as her skirt. The instant jerk in my pants had me stalking to the passenger door and slamming it shut behind me. Sarah looked startled at me and quickly said goodbye to the guy. When she slid into the seat she eyed me wearily, “You ok?” She asked. I muttered a fine and glanced back at my brother when she put the car into drive. He was staring at Sarah. When we got to her place I quietly went to the table and began taking out books for the project due Monday , Sarah still seemed startled by my attitude but pulled up her chair at the head of the table as usual. “I’m sorry. ” Sarah finally said as the silence dragged on. Aaron glanced up at me and I sighed. It wasn’t her fault I was in such a bad mood. I smiled at her, “It’s ok, not you. I’m sorry too.

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   I was hoping to get you a Friday off. ” She grinned in a way that made my jeans tighten, “What better way to spend my Friday with two of the cutest boys in town?”We laughed and went on with our work as usual. Around 4 she got up and stretched. We both looked on as her shirt rode up enough to give a mouthwatering view of creamy flesh. In my pants, my cock, now hard enough to strain my pants, gave a throbbing ache. She went into the kitchen and began opening cabinets. After awhile she glanced over to see we hadn’t moved, “Everything ok guys?” I looked back down at my work, “Yeah, just want to get this done. ” “Me too,” said Aaron, “having trouble with this problem. Sarah immediately put down the pan she was holding and came over to Aaron’s work. She bent over the paper and began reading. I smiled as I saw Aaron shifting uncomfortably. She pointed out the right math procedure and went back to the kitchen. I whipped out my phone and sent Aaron a text, “Having a little trouble are we?” Aaron glanced around before pulling out his phone; Sarah had a strict policy against phones while doing homework. He reddened slightly as he read my text and sent one back. “Shaddup.

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  ” I almost jumped as I heard a whisper in my ear, “You having trouble too?” Sarah had come up behind me without making a sound. I tried hard not to look guilty at being found with my phone and then I caught the scent of her hair and almost moaned out loud. Glancing to the left I saw those perfect orbs straining against the cotton shirt she had on. Curious, and still feeling a little reckless from my anger that day, I leaned back slightly in my chair, knowing if she looked she could see my now raging erection. “I’m good. ” I said stretching and tilting my head back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her gaze drop and her eyes widen. She looked away quickly and muttered something about the stove.
This reaction had me puzzled. She’d never seemed shy or flustered about anything before. What kind of thought did she have that made her seem ashamed? My mind was whirring. What if I could have that pretty mouth sucking on my cock, her ass bouncing in front of my face as she rode me reverse. These thoughts had me hotter than I thought possible. I shot off another text, “You know, we could take her, right now… She couldn’t fight us both off…” My brother’s eyes widened when he read this, but before he could respond Sarah came back in with two plates of Spaghetti. We moved our books as she sat them down and went back in for her own.

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   But not before I could see her nipples showing clearly through the material covering them. So she did get turned on! My resolve became as stiff as the member in my pants, I was going to have her tonight. My brother must have noticed the changed because he kicked me under the table and hissed, “What is wrong with you!?” I didn’t answer, and Sarah came back with her plate. We ate in silence.
I kept going over plans in my head as we all finished our work. Aaron continued to glance at me in speculation. He was finished first and went to the living room to pick out the movie we’d watch when we were all finished. Shortly after Sarah got up and joined him in a round of bowling on the Wii. I wasn’t even looking at my project at this point, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her tits jiggling and bouncing as she threw the virtual ball. I was determined to be squeezing and sucking on them soon. I put my books away, project forgotten and walked over to them. They were halfway through so I sat on the loveseat directly behind her and watched her ass sway back and forth. All pretense abandoned I silently undid my pants and slipped my hard rod out. I began stroking it thinking of sliding my hand under that skirt. It grew as I watched until it stood erect, a pole waiting to penetrate.

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   Now my height and strength weren’t the only thing larger than normal 18 year olds, my cock was easily the largest in any locker room I was in, even most older men couldn’t compete with me. Standing straight it was over 9inches and thicker than Sarah’s wrist. About this time Aaron glanced back at me and did a double take. His eyes were wide and he looked at Sarah in the middle of a roll. I knew if he saw I was serious he wouldn’t hesitate to join, after all he’s 14, of course he’d want to bury his cock in Sarah’s tight little pussy.
Aaron fumbled his next few shots and constantly moved to keep the bulge in his pants out of Sarah’s view. As the last ball was rolled I stood up, my prick swaying far in front of me. Aaron excused himself and headed for the restroom, I walked quickly up behind Sarah before she could turn around and wrapped me arms around her. She giggled, thinking I was going to wrestle with her, but cut off quickly as my hands started to maul at her breasts. She gasped and tried to turn around but I held her in place. My breath was panting a bit in her ear and she began struggling to free herself from my groping. “Rick this isn’t funny!” She forced out. “No, but it’ll be so much fun, “I breathed in her ear and pressed a hand to her lower stomach pushing her ass back on my massive cock. She stiffened as she felt it and began panting as she finally came to realize what was going to happen. She glanced over at the hallway where we hadn’t realized Aaron had come out and was watching us.

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   My hand slid up her shirt to grab her right tit as she took him in. He was completely naked. His ridged cock was almost as big as mine with a deep purple head visibly throbbing at the sight of our hot babysitter.
“Don’t worry honey. We’re gonna make you feel so good when we pound our cocks in you. ” I slid my hand out from under her shirt and around to the back, lifting up her skirt. She began wiggling again which made me impossibly hotter. Aaron walked over and placed his hands on her chest, lightly running his thumb over her rock hard nipples. I laughed out loud when I rubbed my hand over her cunt through her panties. “Holy shit she’s soaked!” I exclaimed. Aaron smiled at her and in one swift motion ripped her shirt right up the middle. She gasped and went slack, but I held her up easily with my left arm, my right hand pulling her underwear to the side and easily slipping a finger in her dripping pussy. Her cunt muscles worked on my finger almost trying to trap it in. I moaned now, “She is so fucking tight. ” I told my brother.


   Aaron had pulled her massive tits out of the cups and was fervently massaging one while the other he lapped and sucked like a man dying of thirst. Sarah was leaning back in my arms and panting hard at the attention. I caught Aaron’s eyes and nodded toward the couch; he stopped his attack on her tits and quickly moved over to sit on it. I turned Sarah so she could see him and his big cock sticking straight in the air. “I know you want to taste that, so don’t be shy baby, I’m gonna taste you too. ” She shook her head weakly and walked when I pushed her forward. She fell to her knees at a little pressure on her shoulder and placed her hands on either side of Aaron’s hard on. I watched as her wide eyes drank in his massive erection and her mouth was slightly open in awe. Aaron smiled at her and brought his hand up behind her head, with just a little pressure she leaned forward and began greedily licking and sucking on the tip. “Oh Fuck!” Aaron moaned, “Show me how much you can fit baby. ” He said to Sarah and began pushing down on her head with his hand fisted in her hair.
I dropped down behind her still listening to the slurping sounds and my brothers moaning and lifted up her skirt. Pulling her panties down to her knees I finally saw her gleaming pink pussy. Running my fingers up the slit I looked as her clit was revealed and eagerly ran my tongue over that sensitive pearl. She jerked as I flicked my tongue over it and I heard my brother gasping at whatever she did with that sweet little mouth.

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  I slid a finger inside her tight hole and was amazed at how those pussy muscles grasped at my finger. I knew I wouldn’t last long once my throbbing dick was in there so I kept licking, her sweet nectar coating my tongue. I pressed my finger all the way in and drew it out slowly only to push it back in, her hips began rocking to my thrusting finger and I grinned. I licked back up the slit and used my other hand to spread out her ass cheeks. Just at that moment I heard my brother gasping, “Swallow it Sarah, swallow all of it, suck me dry!” And he moaned as he poured hot jizz down her throat. My dick throbbed, aching to release all that cum inside that sweet little cunt. But instead I continued to peer down at her luscious ass revealing that tiny little hole. I licked up to it and swirled my tongue all around it before adding another finger in and pumping them in harder. She gasped out load as the tip of my tongue began to push into her tight rectum and pushed franticly back onto my face. As I began to wiggle my fingers deep in her cunt a loud moan escaped her and her cunt muscles tightened on my fingers, sucking on them while she came all over my hand, her juices running down my palm. While she was still convulsing under me I pulled my face away and positions my cock at that gushing entrance. Grabbing her hips I thrust it up balls deep in one swift motion. She screamed and tried to pull away but I held her hips in place, “Oh my god you are so fucking tight!” I growled as I pulled out of her and pushed hard back in. I felt her continue to orgasm as I rammed into her over and over again and soon I felt my balls tightening ready to release the gallon of cum I’d been waiting to give her for months. She screamed again as I slammed myself in as far as I could go and emptied into her already dripping pussy.

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   Spurt after spurt of hot semen poured deep into her until it was coming out from around my softening cock. I finally looked up and saw Aaron still holding onto her hair, his cock beginning to stiffen again from watching me fuck her from behind. I pulled my cock out and a pool of our juices began to slide out dripping down her legs and onto the floor. I reached under her and pulled her into a sitting position, standing up in front of her I pulled her face to my cock, “Clean me up baby. ” She had some shed tears on her cheeks but did not hesitate to do what I asked. I let me head fall back while she lapped up our combined juices from my already stiffening cock. Glancing at the clock I saw it was only 6:34. “We’re gonna have so much more fun tonight Aaron, I hope you’re up for it. ” Sarah’s eyes widened a bit at me but she never stopped sucking on my cock.

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