Subway Horror


Carly was a single mom like any other. When her job as a waitress in a cheap restaurant where sleazy guys kept trying to feel her ass ended she went home to take care of her ten year old twin girls. To make things worse their health wasn’t the best probably because of a bad nutrition and with asthma and other conditions health care was another serious problem. Money was never enough and sometimes Carly thought she couldn’t take any more.
The girl’s father had left a long time ago. A high school passion that ended minutes after the pregnancy test.   Carly was twenty-eight now and only signs of her once great beauty remained.   She had long black hair, brown eyes and was short and very thin with about 110 pounds. Her full lips gave a wonderful smile that wasn’t used for years. She had no reason to be happy.
Her boss’s name was Herb. Herb was a fat middle-aged guy with a bad temper. He seemed to hate the world and take it out on his employees.
The day had started as always. Carly left the girls at her neighbours’ house and paid the full month. The woman wasn’t the greatest nanny around but she was close and cheap.

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     When Carly got to work Herb called her to his office. She was wearing the restaurant’s uniform that was red and a little too short for her taste. Her nametag was above her left breast. Herb sat behind his desk and looked at her with a cruel expression.
“Is there something wrong?”
“Yes Carly. There is. I’m going to have to let you go. ”
Carly couldn’t believe what was happening.
“Look I need this job. I got two daughters…”
“You think I give a shit?”
“Just don’t fire me. Please!”
Herb looked at her amused.
“So should I fire someone else? I need to cut costs. Someone has to go. ”
“Not me. ”
“Why shouldn’t I pick you? You’re always late, you’re not friendly to the costumers and you sure as hell are not friendly to me.

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Carly knew where this was going.
“I’ll be friendly. I swear. ”
“What do you mean friendly?”
She knew what she had to do.
“I’ll suck your cock. ”
“Is that all?”
Herb was really enjoying this.
“Anytime you want it. ”
“Will you swallow?”
“Yes. ”
“You know I’m a married man. ”
She didn’t answer.
“Come here. ”
Carly walked to him.
“Kneel. ”
She obeyed and looked at him. She was pale and her hands were shaking.

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“Now give me a kiss. ”
Herb grabbed her by the hair and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth. He had an awful breath and Carly almost became nauseous with his tongue playing with hers and going around exploring her mouth.
“Well bitch start sucking and prepare to give the best head of your life. God knows you have the lips for it. Lets see if you know how to use them”.
He got up and Carly unzipped his pants. Soon he was naked from the waist down pants on his feet. He sat down again and took out a cigar.
Herb had a thick cock but not too long and a huge pair of balls. His shirt left some of his huge stomach free. He had huge legs that he opened wide. The cock was already hard and ready for fun. She picked it up and closed her eyes.
“I want you to call me daddy you hear me you bitch?”
“Yes daddy.

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She used her tongue to lick around the head of his cock. She licked it for a while and then went down and licked his shaft all the way to the balls. Carly had always been a wonderful cocksucker. Boys went mad with her lips and always begged her for it. She had gained quite an experience in her time. Now it was a long time since she had been with any man
“Start sucking whore. Enough with the licking. ”
She put half his cock in her mouth and used the tongue to lick the shaft as it went in. With one hand she held his balls squeezing them gently while with the other she jerked his cock as she sucked it slowly.
“Oh I see you’ve done this before. Maybe you should get a job sucking cock what do you think?”
Carly kept sucking trying to block out his voice.
“Listen bitch I want you to suck harder. I like it rough. ”
Saying this Herb grabbed her hair and pushed his whole cock into her mouth. She gagged not expecting such violence and he laughed having succeeded in his objective.

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Herb kept pounding her mouth with brutal strength as Carly struggled for air. She had spit coming out of her mouth and kept making gagging sounds as his cock reached deep into her throat.
“God your lips are wonderful. Keep them firm around the cock baby. ”
Carly had never been fucked in the mouth this way. At times it seemed she was about to puke but she always managed not to. Herb filled her mouth completely and her lips were hurting as her mouth had to be wide open to receive such a thick piece of flesh so deeply inside. She thought he might actually rip her mouth apart with such powerful thrusts into her. Finally he took his dick out and pulled her head up to see her face.
“You like to be fucked like this you little slut?”
“Yes daddy. ”
She could hardly speak.
“Get my balls in your mouth whore. ”
Carly grabbed those huge balls and started licking them all around. Then she got one in her mouth and played with it with her tongue.
“That’s a good girl.

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Herb rubbed her face all over them. Then he slapped her face with his cock again and again laughing. She had some spit running down her chin and her cheeks were filled with saliva.
“Now I want you to swallow all your milk and thank your daddy. ”
“Yes daddy. ”
“You want your morning milk? Say please whore. ”
“Please give me my milk daddy. ”
He grabbed her hair again and shoved his cock into her mouth. He pushed her down hard.
“What a deep throat you have. Fuck!”
He pushed her head up and down while his cock kept fucking her mouth. She gagged and spit struggling not to throw up all over the floor. It was getting harder and harder. Her throat was hurting so bad and so was her neck. Finally he pushed his whole cock into her and held her head down while semen filled her mouth.

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   She started to swallow as she could but the cum didn’t seem to stop. She let some escape from her mouth to the floor but most of it went straight down her throat. Herb pushed his cock in and out two or three more times as hard as before and finally took it out and left her free. Carly could hardly breath. She was dizzy and feeling sick. Cum was sliding down from her chin to the neck. She had tears rolling down her face.
“Well what are you waiting for? Clean my cock with your tongue. ”
She did what he ordered. She swallowed every bit of sperm that had stayed around his cock’s head or fallen to the balls. He was smoking while watching.
“You missed a spot. ”
“Yes daddy. ”
When she was over she started to get up but he pushed her down again.
“There’s some on the floor.

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   Lick it. ”
Feeling humiliated beyond her worse dreams Kylie picked a small bit of cum with her finger.
“No bitch. I want you to go down there and lick it off the floor. ”
Carly was now crying heavily but she had to do this for her daughters. She lowered her head to the floor and licked the cum.
Herb pulled his pants up and stood up laughing.
“That’s where you belong honey. Down on the floor for me to step on. ”
He pushed his shoe against her mouth and got some of it inside.
“Lick them. ”
She licked his shoe wishing that it would all be over soon.
“Good. Now get the fuck out of here. ”
Carly got up and wiped her tears and all the cum with her hand.

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     Her knees were red. She ran to the bathroom hoping no one would see her and cleaned up. She started looking for another job that same day but it was hard and weeks went by without any luck and with Herb having his daily fun.
One Sunday night she had to do a double shift and went home late at night. In the subway she travelled alone. It was raining and cold.   It was 2 am when four black men walked in. They were all big and strong and in their 20’s. Their clothes indicated they were probably part of some gang with their guetto style.  They sat and started talking loud and laughing. Carly got up to leave at the next stop but suddenly she saw one of the guys was right behind her.
“Hey beautiful. Where are you going?”
She said nothing just looked outside hoping the sub would stop soon.
“Hey guys we got a real hot lady here. ”
The other men went over to him and surrounded her looking menacing.

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“Let’s see what she’s carrying. ”
The boss took her purse and went through her things. He put the money in his pocket and laughed when he saw the photos of the twins.
“Nice girls. Maybe we should pay them a visit. ”
“Shut up you bastard. ”
The men slapped her hard in the face and she fall over to one of the other guys.
“Wow watch it lady. ”
Carly was wearing a long winter coat with jeans and a white sweater. They started feeling her body rubbing her nipples and pussy through the clothes while one of them held her. She tried to fight but it was useless.
“You should be careful when you talk to me. Now listen carefully. The boys and me want us a party. We want to fuck a white girl tonight and you seem just right for it”


“Exactly. That’s just what I want. Now I got your address right here and your keys. So if you give us any shit I’ll pay a visit to your two beautiful girls and then we’ll have a really great fucking   party. Is that what you want?
“No. Please don’t hurt them”
The subway stopped and all of them got out. The station was completely empty at that hour. The held her tight and took her to the men’s bathroom. She didn’t make a sound. The thought of those men hurting her daughters frightened her so much she was willing to do anything they wanted.
The bathroom was filthy. There was some water on the floor lots of garbage and the light was weak to say the least. The boss of the gang pushed her against one of the sinks. He pulled her pants and white panties down and pulled his cock out. His eyes were full of lust as she could see by his reflection in the dirty mirror.

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   He pushed his cock inside her from behind and started fucking her with a brutal amount of power. She held the sink tight trying to get her mind to go to another place.
“Open your eyes cunt. ”
He grabbed her hair and made her watch him sink his teeth into her neck. That mirror showed her the disgusting spectacle behind her.
    The other guys all had their cocks out and she knew she was going to have to serve them all. The stereotype was true as all of them had huge dicks what made her even more afraid. The one inside her seemed to want to rip her apart but this was only the beginning. What state would she be in when three other gigantic cocks ravished her?
    His dick was so deep inside her abdomen seemed like ready to explode. Carly was trying not to scream but it wasn’t easy. He was biting her neck so hard blood started to drip from the wound. He licked the blood and smiled with pleasure. Her pussy was now completely wet. That embarrassed her but there was nothing she could do. Suddenly he stopped and ordered the other guys to take her clothes off.

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       In a matter of seconds she was completely naked with her shaved pussy wet right in front of them and blood all over her neck.
    “Get in position cunt. ”
    She again grabbed the sink and saw through the mirror what was happening behind her. They started smacking her ass and fingering her pussy. She had hands on her breasts squeezing her nipples and pulling them out. One guy started fingering her ass while the other had two fingers up her pussy. She had no idea how many hands were over her or inside her.
    “Spread your legs bitch. ”
    She did as ordered and they opened her pussy wide. They pulled her lips aside for a guy to push three fingers inside and start fucking her. They pinched her clit making her scream of pain. Her ass was red with so much spanking. Carly just stood there as they played with her body. She was exposed. The boss bit her nipples so hard it looked like we was going to cut them off.

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       Then he slapped her small breasts a few times. One guy burned her ass and tits with a cigarette and laughed as he heard her screams. They were biting all over her body and numerous wounds bled to the floor.
    When they were happy they started fucking her from behind taking turns. She wished someone would turn up but it was far to late and no one was going to. She knew it in the back of her mind. By now Carly had started to scream as they fucked her harder and harder. Those four cocks fucked her for about an hour before they decided to move on. During that time against her will two strong orgasms had shaken her body even more much to the delight of the men. She hated her pussy for responding in such a way to those savages. No man had yet had an orgasm.
    “You think this was hard? Think again. ”
    The boss pushed her to the floor and shoved his cock in her mouth. They surrounded her and again abused her without mercy. Her lips were fucked just as brutal as with Herb except this time there was four men not one.

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       The first guy to cum did it inside her mouth. She swallowed all his sperm feeling sick with the taste. His balls smacked her chin again and again as he fucked her a few more times before taking the cock out. The other two sprayed her face. Those huge loads of cum hit her in the mouth, nose, eyes and even ears. Some of it went to her hair. They used their cocks to smear it all over her. Only the boss was left. He dragged her by the hair through the dirty floor as she screamed for help yet again. He pushed her inside one of the toilets and made her kneel with her face right in front of the vase. There was some urine on the floor and the vase had toilet paper and some excrement inside. He pushed her head almost in as he shoved his cock into her dry ass. She gave her loudest scream yet. He pushed and pushed until he finally had his entire monstrous dick inside.
    “What a tight ass you have.

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    Carly couldn’t take the awful smell that surrounded her. She closed her eyes not to see her reflection in the dirty water in the vase. Yet it didn’t matter. The pain just made her crazy. He pounded her ass without any pity. Some blood was coming out of her rectum but that only made him even more excited. He took his cock out and turned her around.
    “Suck it whore. ”
    She threw up as soon as she saw his cock with some of her own excrement around it. Vomit fell all over her.
    “Fucking bitch. You’re going to pay. ”
    He jerked his cock twice and shot four jets of hot steamy cum into her face. Some of it went right into her mouth. The rest mixed with the cum from the other guys and some vomit.

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    “You’re thirsty? Drink!”
    He pushed her face inside the vase. She tried to get up but he was too strong. Her face went deep into the water. Some of it she drank as she struggled to breath. When he was happy he took her out. Her hair was wet and some toilet paper had wrapped itself around her head.
    “Its almost over honey. Now since we’re in a bathroom we’re not going away without using it right? Open your mouth. ”
    He took a knife out of nowhere and made a huge cut on her right breast.
    “OPEN. ”
    She did what he said. All of them urinated into her face and mouth. Again the boss was last. He put his cock inside her mouth and made her swallow all his urine. She drank it all.

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       The acid bitter fluid filled her mouth and rolled down her throat into her stomach.
    “You’re a good human toilet. Maybe I wont go see your babies now. Maybe. ”
    He spat on her face and shoved some toilet paper in her mouth. Then all of them left leaving her lying on the toilet floor with urine and sperm all around her.
    The police never found the men.  .



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