Stripped, Spread and Sodomized



by Marq Satyr

Ann Stewart, a beautiful light brown haired woman found herself stripped naked, belted to a blocking sled in the indoor practice field of a south Texas University. Her body was spread wide open, her arms lashed behind her with leather belts and her back pressed by the steel rods that formed the padded back section of the sled. Her knees were spread as wide as they could be and lashed to the side bars forcing her pussy lips slightly open. The reddish pink opening haloed by her carefully trimmed cunt hair. Her beautiful c cup breasts were thrust upward and her belly was pulled so tight by the stress of her position that her rib cage jutted forth against her smooth soft skin. She could utter almost no sound and could breathe only through her nose as her mouth was gagged with her own bikini panties pressed in by a tennis ball and held tight by a dirty jock strap tied around her head. Her gray green eyes were wide with fear as she stared at the man and his players who had seized her off the street and brought her there. Assistant football coach Rich Schuck stool smiling at his prize. Six stud football players ringed him admiring her luscious petite hard body with its firm well separated tits, slightly open pussy and well shaped ass. She knew why the coach had it in for her. She had ratted on him for trying to see up her dress in the library the week before. He had been asked to leave the library and warned not to come back. Now he stood before her malevolently staring not up her dress but at her stark naked body. She feared deeply what was going to happen to her as the coach exacted his revenge.

Coach Schuck took her left breast and squeezed it cruelly with his right hand and grabbed her between the legs with his left hand inserting two fingers into her tight 24 year old pussy. He pushed his fingers up into her wide spread cunt and fingered her brutally.

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   She wanted to scream, but the gag pushed the scream back down her throat as he slid his fingers in and out of her pussy. She began to feel her juices moistening her tight cunt and fought the aroused excitement she began to feel. In one sense she felt totally helpless and afraid, but in another sense there was something arousing about the fact that she was about to be brutally raped by seven men, three of them black men. She laid her head back and watched the ceiling as the coach fingered her to life in her vagina. She could not control her passion and she knew her pelvis was beginning to grind against his hand as he stroked her clit and fingered her deep. Soon he had his whole hand entering her open hole and it felt like the doctor who had examined her several times. She gave in to the force of her own desires and soon she felt him forcing his arm into her tight passage and felt his fingers probing deep into her vagina. He was laughing and talking the whole time, saying dirty things. The six players gathered around him were stroking their hard cocks as they watched the beautiful woman being hand raped as she lay on the blocking sled bound, helpless and spread.

"She's ready men. Fuck her good and hard. She won't ever have the chance to squeal on me again. Yeah, I was trying to see up her dress and get a peek at her panties pulled tight into that sweet crotch of hers, but it wasn't doing her any harm. Now we can do some real damage. One at a time now; rip her up with your big cocks.

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The first one to fuck Ann's ripe young cunt was a big black lineman. He was 6'5' tall had massive shoulders and a 9 inch dick. He pulled his practice shorts down and pushed his cock into her tight, wet pussy an inch at a time. She was so tight that he grabbed her tits and used them to leverage himself into her.

"Damn, she's tight coach. I wanna fuck her to death. I've had some white girls before, but none this pretty," he said.

Ann's scream as he pushed his hard long shaft into her to his balls was choked down by the gag. He began to ram his pole deeper into her with such force that the sled was pushed backward. He was tearing her breasts off with his big hands as he pound into her love passage. She was not a virgin, but she had never received a fucking like this. He was spitting her open with his big shaft. In spite of the initial pain she also was being pleasured and felt herself responding to the deep thrusts even as they pounded into her cervix and threatened to impale her womb. She came in a rush spraying her juices out against his cock even before he came spurting his copious cum deep in her tight vagina.

"Man, she's shooting her juices," the black player shouted and pulled his big shaft out of her love hole.

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The players watched as she shot the liquid out of her cunt for several seconds.

"She must like black cock," said one of the players.

The second player, a white man with a cock almost as long but even larger around than the black player took her next. He had forced his thick meat into her forcefully by holding the side of the sled to give himself lever edge.
He shifted his hands to the inside of her knees and pressed her even wider as he fucked her with a vengeance.

"That's it, Floyd, fuck the bitch hard," the coach ordered.
When Floyd finished pounding her tight hole, a the third player took his place. This black player was smaller in size but had the longest cock of all. He went into her in one long hard thrust and she felt her cervix being forced open by the tip of his long hard rod. Once again her screams were muted, and once again she was fully aroused and lost control of her senses as the black player fucked her wildly. She thrashed about, her breasts pointed upward, her nipples fully erect with pleasure, her insides convulsing with the shock of the brutal rape. She could not help herself. She was being fucked within an inch of her life by the long hard black shaft. It impaled her again and again before it shot its load into her with the force of a shotgun.

Each of the other players took their turns pounding her lovely white body and cumming in her.

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   They left her totally drained of energy as her body was wracked with her spasms of desire. But they were not through with her yet.
They removed her bonds and placed her over the same bars belly down. They belted her wrists to the bars and spread her legs once again lashing them to the bars. Now herbrown puckered butt hole was displayed between her two slim but well shaped ass cheeks. She instinctively knew what was coming. They were going to take her anally. She had never been fucked there before.

"This is what I've been waiting for, men. I want the first shot at her ass hole. I'm going to ream it good and deep, " she heard the coach say.

He first probed her sphincter with his middle finger. It hurt. She cried out as he pushed his finger roughly into her untapped hole.

He stood behind her and pushed his cock head into her anus, slow at first.

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   She felt her sphincter pop as he entered her with his 7 inch cock. It was fairly large in girth and had a slight crook to it. He lodged his shaft in her puckered brown hole and pushed hard forcing the shaft deeper into her. She screamed into the gag as he slowly pushed his hard rod into her. Then he slapped her ass cheeks as he rammed the full length of his cock shaft into her virgin anus. He began to ream her with a purpose. He wanted to hurt her bad. He grunted as he pistoned his cock in and out of her dry hole again and again. The friction and pressure was killing her, but he showed no mercy. He finally came in her and lay sweating over her back and began to squeeze her lovely tits again as he waited for his cock to harden once more. He fucked her a second time in the ass before he withdrew. Each of the other players took their turns fucking her in her puckered hole. One or two of them complained that they couldn't get the full length of their cocks into her back entrance. The others laughed as she was fucked again and again. They fucked her until she passed out.

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She awoke a few hours later. She was in some sort of van. Her naked body was bound cruelly to the side of the van. She was being taken somewhere she did not want to be. She whimpered through her gag as her body, aching bruised and ravished was bounced against the steel floor of the van. .