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My name is Ryan and this happened when I was 18 Me and my brother were close and he had just started sharing his porn collection with me. I was in 6th grade in the same school he had went to, he was now 18 and had just gotten his license and a car, it wasn't to bad of a car. Anyway one of the longtime teachers had quit and I had a new teacher, she was a nockout. She was in her fourties but still hotter than hell, She had blond hair, big tits, and a perfect figure. She wasn't nice though, she was strickt and cold. Still I would think about her when I would masturbate. One day she told our class that we were going on a field trip and that we all needed to bring five dollars for it and get a slip signed. My brother and me talked about it that night, and he had gone on the same trip back when he was in sixth grade but didn't have to bring five dollars. We decided we thought something was up. He had a camera and told me to plant it in the classroom. The next day I planted the camera before we left on the trip, then on our way out of the room she had us hand her the five dollars. She went to her desk after the last kid gave her the money, and I saw her put it in her desk. Then when we got back from the field trip I went back to the room, and watched as she took the money out of the droor and put it in her pocket. I hid and made sure she didn't see me as she walked passed, then I went into the room and got my camera. I went out and met my brother who had been picking me up ever since he got his car, and I told him what happened. We decided to follow her, so we drove around by the teachers parking lot and waited for her to get in her car and go.

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   Then we followed her back to her house. We talked for a second and decided we were going to blackmail her. We walked up to her front door and rang the bell. She answered and asked me why I was there, we told her we knew she had taken the money and to let us in. She oppened the door and said you can't prove it, we told her we had her on video. She asked what we want, and we told her to strip, she looked at us in a look of disgust and said no. We then yelled now. She gave us another look of disgust and started to remove her shirt revealing her big supple breasts contained by her bra, she then unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, kicked off her shoes, and slowly slipped off her pants. She then uneasily undid her bra and revealed her big perfect tits, then the best part she reached down and slid offer her panties, and finally she took off her socks. We then told her to take us to her bed room, when we got there we had her lie down on the bed. We each grabbed one of her tits and played with them, then we gently explored the rest of her body with our hands. Then my brother looked and me and said you can have her first, consider it a early birthday gift. I then stripped down, afterward I stood their a second unsure of where to begin, then my brother stepped in and grabbed Ms. Jones and told her to get on her knees, she knelt down in front of me and opened her mouth, I then slid my cock in, I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock back and forth in her mouth. Feeling her soft warm mouth carress my young throbbing cock was amazing and before long I shot a huge load of cum deep in her throat, She swallowed it with out me needing to order her to, but then I ordered her to lick my cock clean, and she slid her tounge around my cock slurping up the rest of my cum.

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   My brother had stripped durring this, and as soon as she was done licking my cock clean he had her suck his, He then shot another big load deep in her throat which she swallowed and then licked his cock clean. He then pushed her down on the bed and told me I could have sex with her first. I crawled on top of her licking her tits quick, then I slowly slid my cock into her feeling myself slip deep into her warm smooth pussy. I thrust in and out again and again, she began to let out slight muffled moans and groans and started to instinctivly grasp me with her legs as she no longer able to control herself let out a load moan as she orgasmed, I then orgasmed and shot a load deep into her beatiful pussy.
    My brother was still regaining his energy so we both stopped and felt her up again. We both ended up playing with her ass, and we both now we hard again, so he said I should do her up the ass while he screws her pussy. She looked at us with shock. I then sat down and slid her ass over my cock, then I slid into her sweet round ass, she let out a little squeel. Her ass felt amazing felt amazing as it pressed around my cock. Then my brother kneeled above her and me and slid into her pussy we then both began to thrust into her moving her body back and forth between us she couldn't help herself she moan and squeeled and grabbed the bed as hard as she could. She had a shaking orgasm, and then me and my brother both shot our loads deep inside her. We then layed there a minute with our cocks in her and her sandwitched. We then got off of her and stood in front of her a minute, she then said are you done, we looked at her and decided to go one more round. I went first again going back inbetween her ass and pussy until I shot a huge load all over her stomach and tits, then my brother took his cock and shoved it down her throat back and forth until he came all over her face neck and chest. She then looked at us covered in cum as we got dressed, then we took the tapes and threw them on her bed.

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       We left grabbing the bra and panties she had stripped off and pocketing them on our way out. The next day at school she looked at me with a look of hate and quit after a week. I never saw her again, but I still have her panties though, and they smell great.



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