Sometimes I Just Go With The Flow


I always like to drive late at night and sort of show off to truckers and hope to find a nice lady trucker once in a while. I used to do this more when I was in my early 20s and almost always found some kind of fun. I was driving one night about 18 or so and had on a wrap around dress that overlaped in the front cupping my tits like a bra and then it tied at the waist. A good breeze could blow it open to expose my thong (or nothing) and I never made an efort to keep it from coming open. I had a few wine colers and so had to go pee really bad. The rest area came up and it had a few trucks and cars there so I pulled in. I always used to pull on the truckers side and park in case anyone was in need and I always parked as far from the rest rooms as possible to make sure they all could see me.

Well, anyway, I was walking and a couple of guys got out of their trucks and walked towards the rest rooms too. I also saw a realy god looking woman get out of the cab of one and she walked to the rest rooms too. She was about 6 feet tall, slim hips and waist and like a 44DDD top with it trying to streach the material of her shirt till it tore. I decided to act innocent to see what would happen and I went in, sat down and really had to piss. It must have lasted a couple minuetes cause I hard the woman come on and she did not go to a toilet but was washing her face and hands at the sinks. I just waited to see what would happen and she was now standing in front of the stall that I was in, her feet facing towards me and the door. I was actually nerous for some reason. "So, are you going to come on out here or do I have to come in and get you?" she said and I answered, "I beg your pardon?" and felt a flush of warmth come over me, making me wet. "You heard me, come on out before I come in.

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  " and she slapped the door. I pulled my dress tighter over my braless tits and came out. "Oh yeah, you are good, you will do really good. " she said. "Do for what?" I said. She stood there and then opened pulled her shirt off and her bra. "You can suck these nipples for me hun. " and I moved back. She did not say anything else but stepped foward and grabbed my head and pushed it to her tits making it difficult to breathe. "Suck them. " she said and so I began sucking her nipples, one then the other. She was moaning loud and then she undid her pants and said to pull them off. I did as she said and she had a nicely trimmed pussy and then she shoved my face to her pussy and put one foot on the sink and spread it out for me. "Eat it now. " she commanded and so I did as she said.

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   Soon she had a really soaking orgasm, not a squirt but like someone turned on the water hose low. It just flowed out of her pussy.

She stood up and kissed me and I acted like I did not want to do it back but I did. I was just limp and she stopped and slapped my face. "Cooperate girl, you are going to before the night is over. I now kissed her back but still acted like I did not like it. She backed off and told me "Take off the clothes. " and she had a folding knife that came out, "Take it of or I will cut it off. " she said and moved towards me. I undid the dress and my tits came out and she sighed and said, "Oh I am going to enjoy this. " and then she said take off the thong. I did as she said and stood there naked trying to cover myself. "Put the hands down. " she said and I did. "What are you doing to me?" I begged.

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   "Well, there are a lot of horney truckers out there and we are all gonna relieve ourselves tonight and you are the one that is going to be relieving us. First my girlfriend and I then all the men that wanna have you. That answer your questions?" she said and now I managed to cry quietly. "Oh, poor baby with the body that is so fucking hot, you will find out what to do with it tonight. " she said and pulled an arm behind me till it hurt and gave me the dress and thong to cary in my other hand and she pushed me out the door. There were maybe 18 or so guys out there all cheering and calling out. "Soon as we finish with heryou boys can have her. " she said and they followed to the benches near the truck the woman drove. I was told to get in and go back into the sleeper. THere was a woman there that even if I could chose I would not want to be with her. "See what I brought you baby?" the one said and the woman, naked and looking very dirty grabbed my hair and just shoved it between her legs, "Eat it bitch. " is all she said and laid back, legs spread and I began licking her till she had an orgasm. I made sure not to do it good. The first looked at me, "Well, can't turn you all in one night, guess you really like the guys. " she said and on the CB said, "Come and get it boys.

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  " She pushed me out and I almost fell and then threw my clothes after me. THere were at least a dozen guys there and I was surrounded at once. One said, "We got a place all ready for you little lady" and they all moved me to he wooded area near there.

We got there and nice blanket was spread out and some beer and stuff. "Care to drink one of two to relax?" one saidand gave me a beer. I should have known not to take one already opened but I did and drank it down then a second one. I looked and there were men around the blanket. some with cameras and some naked and some just with their cocks out. I began to feel dizzy and said, What was on the beer?" and I remember a man saying, "Just something to make you comfotable and cooperative. " and I was on the blanket. I remember being pushed back and someone beginning to eat me and he came up, "Hey this lady is already soaking wet, guess she would not have resisted after all" and he began eating me. I remember a couple orgasms and then nothing. I was given a disc with the night's events on it so that is what I m writing from, what the camera recorded. Several men just go on me and fucked me and got off leaving their loads in me then one got at my face and gave me his cock telling me to suck it and so I did. I was now enjoying it at least the camera looks like I am and I began reaching out for more when one was gone.

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   I laid on my back and spread out and told the men to feed the pussy and that she is really hungry and so now they began trying to fuck me enough to give me an orgasm. My inner slut came out and now I was demanding to be fucked and I do not know where all the men came from but one after another hey got in me and unloadeed and then another.

I turned over and ofered them my ass and said, "Well guys, there is more than one hole to fill and I put my ass in the air and they began fucking it. I reached to grab cocks that were in front of me and sucked them as my ass was fucked and swallowed the cum and shot some on my face and they just kept doing my ass. I was sucking a cock when something scratched my side I remember and I felt something mount me and a doberman was on top of my ass looking for some place to ram me. The guy that had it gave the dog my ass and he filled it then he knoted with me and I let out a loud moan and said, "Oh yeh, now we are geting fucked. " and they all watched as the dog fucked my ass and I kept sucking cocks. The men just kept coming and filling me even after the dog did me. I still cannot count how many did me our how many did me more than once but I was gusihing cum when I sat up and the sun was rising. THere were still several men around me fucking me and one finaly said should break it up since the day was coming on. 5 or 6 of them helped me dress which was useless cause of the cum all over me and coming out of me. It was all over my face and body and I now could see it. They dressed me but left my chest uncovered and put me in my car with the seat back and I laid there for a long time. I woke to someone knocking on the window and looked up to see a person that worked at the rest area looking in. I rolled the window down and asked what he wanted.

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   "Are you okay lady, you look a mess. " he said and looked in the mirror and really did. I was okay to drive home so I sat up, never did put my tits in, said thanks and drove off. I got in, took ff the dress and went to bed. My g/f asked what happened to me and I just told her, "I have had the best fucking of my life but I don't remember a damn thing. " she laughed and sid, "Well, there is a DVDin the car that says, "Orgy at the Rest Area" maybe we will watch it later. "I said okay and fell back to sleep. We did watch it a couple days later and I do not know how I got fucked by so many guys and there were two dogs, I only remembered the one. Well, if you ever see me at a rest area partially naked say hello.