Sold into Sex Slavery


He walked into the Palace dragging behind him the beautiful 18 year old girl he had just managed to trick into his sex slavery business. He told her she was going to work in the Palace as a maid and would have a better life then what she had in her home land of Russia growing up in the rough ghettos. She was slim with long wavy red hair which fell beautifully over her pale shoulders. Her green eyes sparkled even threw the fear she was experiencing. They walked into the Kings Study room and Boris presented his newest find. “Your Majesty today I have a fine fine special to suit your needs. ” “ I heard you where looking for a nice young virgin maiden for your sons 21st birthday present, his own personal sex slave a fabulous idea your Excellency I must say. ”
“Shut up you babbling fool and show me your goods” King Yuri shouted. Boris pulled the young girl by her hand and pushed her in front of the King. She was trembling, wearing only an old dress way too big for her and hanging off one shoulder. “She is rare find and virgin My Lord” “Strip her I want to see her body!” the King ordered to his guards. The guards pulled roughly at her dress and tugged it off her. She stood only in her thin blue cotton panties and small white bra. She tried to cover her body but was only slapped across the face by Boris for her efforts. The guards undid her bra and removed it letting her 32C breasts bounce free, her pink nipples standing erect in the cold. They then slide her panties down her smooth shapely legs, revealing her bushy mound.

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  ” This will not do” the King growled. “How am I expected to check her young pussy with all that hair?” “Guards go shave her and bring her to my chambers to inspect. ” “Boris wait here!”
The guards took her to the bathroom a few rooms down and continued to shave her bush completely smooth. Once back in the Kings Chambers the King ordered her to sit on his desk in front of him so he could check her hymen was still intact. He spread her smooth pussy lips and ran his finger up and down her entire slit. She let out a whimper and tears began to fall slowly down her face. He pushed his fat finger into her hole very slowly and found the resistance he was looking for. He removed his finger and put it to his mouth tasting the young girl. “Hmmm very tasty young cunt and oh so tight you shall do nicely. ” 
The King returned to Boris to discuss the price he was to pay for this young girl. $30,000 Boris says she is unspoiled and a rarity considering she is redhead. The King looked at Boris and threw $25,000 on the table “take it or leave it!” “Fine Your Majesty thank you thank you. ” “Now be gone with you. ” “Guards I want her washed and have her hair and all beauty treatments done find her something sexy to wear and have her ready for my sons birthday dinner tonight!”
She walked down the stairs carefully listening to the loud noise of 4 drunken men singing and talking gruffly. As she entered the room they where all quiet.

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   “Aha here she is Son this is your birthday present from me to you” King Yuri said pointing at Natasha. She looked stunning in a skin tight white dress, with little silver jewels all over it coming just above her knee. Her hair was done up tied off her face but with just a few strands encircling her. Her long nails manicured and her cleavage almost bursting through the dress. Her pedicured toes were in a pair of silver stiletto heels. Her luscious lips pouted with the red lipstick on them. Mikael the king’s son was in awe she was perfect!
Mikael got up and took her petite hand leading her down the stairs to stand in front of the table with the other men watching her every move. He then smacked her firm well rounded ass hard she let out a scream mostly out of surprise. He got a good hand full and squeezed, “you out did yourself father” Mikael slid the straps of the white dress off Natasha’s shoulders the dress fell to the ground and there she stood, completely naked in front of 4 strange men. Her pink nipples suddenly becoming erect the light glistening of her smooth skin. Mikael could feel a familiar tingle in his crotch as his cock began to grow.   The other men’s crotches also suddenly began to bulge. “Well I’m off son enjoy your present” the king said.
Mikael took Natasha and pushed her onto the table she was frightened now and realized what was going to happen to her. He spread her legs and looked down at her amazing smooth pink cunt.

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   Vladimir and Olec each grabbed a breast and began to fondle and roughly pull at her nipples. Mikael ran his fingers down her hot slit and pressed on her little asshole. He then moved his fingers up to her clit and began working it hard. What are you doing Mikael? Vlad asked. “I want to get this slut wet” Mikael responded gruffly.
Olec got up and poured his beer over Natasha’s hot snatch “There she is wet now fuck the whore” they all laughed but Mikael had other ideas he started to lick the beer off her pussy, Natasha was squirming and whimpering now.  “Hmmm beer flavored virgin cunt what could be better then this. ”  He started working on Natasha’s clit sucking it between his teeth and nibbling on it gently. Licking downwards to her small unused slit. His tongue darted in and out. Licking up her entire cunt he again engulfed her clit whilst he brought his fingers to her slit and slowly pushed one in but not far he didn’t want to break her hymen like that.   Natasha had a strange feeling building up in her lower abdomen she didn’t know what it was or why she was suddenly getting so hot and flushed but all of a sudden the feeling exploded throughout her whole body leaving her quivering and breathing very heavily. Her love tunnel suddenly very well lubricated as her pussy juice came dripping out. They all laughed at her, Olec saying “see what a slut she loves it. ”
“Get her on her knees lets teach her how to suck cock.

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  ” Vlad said. Olec grabbed her by the arm and pushed her onto the floor in front of them. “You go first Olec” Mikael said.
“With pleasure” Olec responded. He unzipped his trousers and out sprang a hard 7” cock. Natasha began to cry upon seeing it. She had never even seen an erect penis before now what where they going to do to her with it? Mikael held her head yelling “open your mouth bitch and don’t even think of biting down we can do this nicely or we do it where you will get hurt. ” Olec stepped forward and slapped Natasha on the cheek with his hard cock before forcing it into her mouth hard. “Suck it slut” Olec shouted. Natasha didn’t know what to do she was chocking and was frightened and confused. She began to suck gently tears welling in her eyes. “Harder and move your head up and down the shaft. ” Olec said. Vlad took her hand and put it on Olec’s dick and said “move your hand up and down along his shaft. ” She did this and noticed Olec starting to grunt and move his pelvis into her mouth back and forth.

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   Vlad and Mikael started cheering Olec on. “Cum all over that whores face!” “Make her your cum slut!” And then it happened he felt his balls tense and he pulled out Natasha’s mouth and sprayed his hot jizz all over her face. Load after load he emptied his balls on her lips, chin and cheeks. “Ahhh that was awesome you will become a good cock sucker yet. ” “Now lick me clean slut” he said while pushing his shrinking cock to her mouth again. Natasha turned her head away only to be met with a slap from Mikael. Clean his cock cumslut! Mikael roared. Natasha slowly took Olec’s cock and began to lick all the remainder cum off it, it tasted so bitter and salty she almost gagged but for fear didn’t. “Thanks Mikael but I have to be off now or else my wife will have these balls in a plate” Olec said while grabbing his balls and putting his package back into his pants. “Have fun breaking her in” was his parting words as he disappeared up the stairs leading out.
Vlad and Mikael looked at each other and nodded knowing what was coming next. Vlad threw a tissue at Natasha and told her to clean up before they go started with her. Natasha took the tissue and began wiping her face and tears her eyes red and burning from crying. Vlad grabbed her and pulled her up and pushed her over the table on her stomach with her sexy ass sticking out her long slim legs where then tied to the table legs. Mikael grabbed a thick big candle and put it out he started hitting it into his hand saying now u gonna get it little girl.

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   Vlad spread her ass cheeks and spat into her hole then rubbed it with his finger making sure he got lubrication all over he pushed his finger in and Natasha let out a scream from the pain of having her virgin asshole assaulted. They both laughed Mikael saying “wait till you feel this in there” hitting her ass cheek with the candle. Natasha began to cry hysterically begging for them to leave her alone. “Please please don’t do that please it will hurt me so badly please stop” she wailed. But no mercy as Mikael took the candle and thrust it straight up her anus. She let out a loud heartfelt cry but it feel on deaf ears and Mikael pushed the candle in and out her ass pumping her as Vlad started rubbing her clit with his fingers. This went on for just a few moments when Mikael said to Vlad “I think she is ready” “Yes let’s fuck the bitch good now” Vlad replied. They both sniggered.
They undid her ties around her legs and pulled her up. Vlad took off his clothes and sat on the edge of the table rubbing his 8” cock up and down getting it ready for action. Mikael also stripped off his clothes exposing his 10” hard monster. Natasha was done her energy spent but she still had some fight in her as she turned to run while Mikael stepped out his pants, he grabbed her arm and pulled her right back, falling to the ground she let out another loud scream which only enticed Mikael and Vlad on more. Mikael pulled her up and threw her to Vlad who turned her around and placed his cock at her now aching torn asshole. He pulled her down slowly feeling the resistance she struggled but that earned her another slap from Mikael. Vlad said fuck it and pulled her down roughly onto his erection tearing through her ass again.

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   She let another loud scream and the tears began to stream down her face again. Vlad began to pump his hard cock into her ass slowly he didn’t want to rush this. Mikael now took up his position in front of them both and started rubbing his monster cock at the entrance of Natasha’s snatch. Over her clit and just at the slit he rubbed it getting it wet from her juices. He then placed his giant cock head at her entrance and said “Are you ready for this my whore?” Natasha looked into Mikael’s eyes he could see her fear but it only drove his hunger for her more. He thrust one long hard shot and pushed his entire meat stick all the way up into her tiny virgin cunt. Natasha let out a loud howl and her tears ran down her cheek over her breasts she felt his cock pierce and tear her hymen blood began to trickle out her pussy down her leg. The pain was excruciating but as Mikael held his cock at full length inside her it began to subside as her vagina began to accept this intruder. Mikael laughed and said “A virgin no more my little sex slave. ” Mikael and Vlad began to pump at Natasha from each end both going very vigorously. Natasha began to feel that same tingle in her abdomen she felt earlier. It was even stronger then before and as the feeling ran all over her body she could hardly breathe her body shook uncontrollably and then it exploded the huge orgasm crashed over her and her ass and pussy muscles tightened. Vlad started to grunt as his own orgasm built up. His cock began to spew spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her ass, his balls throbbing as they hit her. Mikael was now also losing control and he felt his balls tighten and then release his seed deep into Natasha’s cunt.

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   He let out a very satisfied moan as Natasha’s pussy muscles were still contracting around his cock milking his balls dry. They were completely finished their energy spent in the long events of the evening. Mikael pulled out and told Natasha to go to her room she was finished her work for the evening. She scrambled to get her clothes and ran off up the stairs to her room. Half way up Mikael shouted “this was just the beginning my little slut you are mine now and we will have many other nights like this one to look forward to” Mikael and Vlad chuckled knowing they had broken the girl in well and that they had years of more fun ahead of them.