Topic: SHOCKING SURPRISE My husband,the dirty pig and his randy could hate him for what he'd just done. But at the same time I hate to admit he has me completely weighed up when it comes to sex. That's what really pissed me off,he knew I'd enjoy what he'd just done to me and I did.
 Me? I'm an amply fleshed woman and wife,a bit of a tyre around my midriff and my sex parts,tits and pussy look well used if you know what I mean. Ass on the large side,while my tits droop slightly with more than my share of nipple and pussy lips. Most importantly I love sex,anytime and lots of different ways. Lets say,I'm not sluttish but more a case of imaginative.
 Enough about me. This is how,what I'd just experienced happened. I'll conclude with my husbands lame excuse for why he did it, 'The dirty bastard'
 So I'm led out on my chair playing with my pussy while expecting my husband in from work at any time soon. A little afternoon game I had of seeing how near I could get to my orgasm just as he would walk through the door and be available to finish me off with a nice fucking. All as usual I think as I hear him enter the rear door. I had been near and at the point where I always closed my eyes with every sense concentrating on the rapid sensations I was now experiencing between my legs.
 Vaguely,I thought he's a bit slow in coming through the inner door,but getting ever closer to my orgasm I saw this as going to be a perfect timing so to speak. Then with my legs wide open and my belly naked,as my dress was well up my body and knickers discarded earlier. My finger was frantically taking my clitoris into a violent cumming.

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   Through my orgasmic obscurity,I heard my husbands voice, "What do you think of that for an orgasm? she's timed it perfectly" At first I took it,he was just playing silly buggers making out he was talking to someone. But I sensed in a second,while my pussy oozed with my love juice that someone really was with him. All at one time, I slapped my thighs shut opened my eyes and rapidly forced my dress down over my naked embarrassment.
 'Don't hide it,we were enjoying that,weren't we Les' - Les was one of his mates - Totally vexed,I hissed, 'You stupid bastard,why didn't you holler you weren't alone you fucking idiot' 'Don't get like that Liz' we really enjoyed it,didn't we Les' my response was,'I don't give a fig what you enjoyed you dirty pair of bastards,you should have said,now piss off from me,go on,fuck off!'
 By this time Gary my husband has come down between and in front of my legs and siddled his gut across my closed legs with his mouth close to my ear. As I attempted to push him away,I heard him saying 'I thought you would go for it after the other day' - me 'What the other day?' 'You know what you done' I found myself perplexed,I'd done nothing as I recalled the other day and said so. 'You know the flash you gave Les at laurel's My mind was now trying to recall what the fuck he was on about,as I still tried to push him away. 'You know,when you were giving Les the come on,remember'
 As it dawned on me what my dumb husband was on about,I suddenly realised that he'd been undoing the front buttons of my dress nearly up to my navel and that he'd also wiggled his thighs between my knees so that my dress had fell away to the sides of my slightly open legs and my pussy was showing enough that Les was ogling it. Now again trying to hide myself,again all at one I could see Les's trousers tented,obviously from what he'd been able to see so far and I must admit I was wondering what the tenting cock looked like and how big it was.
But I was talking on another plain to my personalized idiot husband now. 'Stupid,that wasn't a flash for Les,I toppled over getting through the gap in the chairs and because I was horny before we went out I'd put on those crotchless knickers for you to play with me on our way home,how was I to know I'd show all I've got to Les or anybody else for that mattter' His mouth closed to my ear again, 'Come on liz' lets go for it,now we've got this far' 'This far is no far,you've showed Les my pussy and keep letting him see more you gett,if I'd been so inclined before,I most certainly wouldn't let you two do me now' - Big mistake that,these two were obviously as horny as hell and to digress slightly. Les had tapped me up on several occasions,unbeknown to my husband of course with my reply always being. To near to home!
 So here I was with my husband offering me to his friend,in fact trying to persuade me to let him have a fuck. Moreover as far as I could see,while he watched us doing it. I admit,I had had moments of temptation over the years,but always most private. Well except once when my husband caught me against the wall getting well and truly fucked.

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   But he took it well,Ha! Ha! as had I so to speak.
 'Just let us have a little play with it then,you must be gone off the boil by now' This focused my mind back to where I'd been awhile before. Yes,I had gone back from my orgasm,but my pussy was inclined to still want satisfying and was twitching between my legs to let me know how it felt about my current situation. Les had stood back a bit and I think in apprehension rather than embarrassment, chipped,'perhaps it would be better if I left as their seems to be a mistake has been made by us all' My husband closed on my ear, 'Go on,let him feel you,he's feeling real bad about this and I know you like him as well' Now it was my turn to hesitate, 'Well I can see how the mistake was made,perhaps just a little feel,but I wouldn't be able to do more than that with you watching us' Fuck,what had I just said,it came out wrong,I'd in a way said,I'd let Les fuck me if we were on our own. What I really meant as,I was less horny now,was. He can have a bit of a feel,but not a fuck or anything more than a feel.
 My pussy had something to do with this because I was again wondering what sort of size cock he had. My husband was now opening my thighs more and as he beckoned to Les to move in to feel me,I closed my eyes tight and waited for the inevitable fingers to touch. It never crossed my mind that I was about to get two blokes working my quim up at the same time. But that's what happened. They quickly had me wriggling like a serpent until I knew as they pulled my thighs wide open I was going to get more than I said I'd let them. I knew straight away it was Les licking me as his beard tickled my thighs. - My husband has no beard. Part way through the mouth changed and on glancing with partly closed eyes I knew what was intended. Les was stood with his trousers falling to the floor and holding his hardon ready to fuck me.

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 The end glistened with precum. Don't put it in me with Gar' in here watching us. Then my orgasm went mad in my body,I finished up on the floor with my husband holding my legs wide open. The firework display in my head in orgasmic anticipation of what I was going to have follow,made me almost speechless,I managed, 'fuck off out and let me get on with it' I knew he hadn't as Les hit my quim with his dick,because I could feel him still holding me wide open. In almost a sadistic hiss I heard, 'Go on Les' hammer it up her,shoot it up her,she'll love that' It was as though I wasn't there,he seemed to be talking in an abstract manner.
 I wouldn't say it frightened me,but I'd never heard my husband that worked up and I must admit the intensity he transmitted carried over to me. I was fucking Les' squelch for squelch as out bodies rammed at each other and I admit I was now in one long ongoing orgasm. His thrusting was little different from Gary,but his balls were solid and pounding at my ass cheeks like a big rubber stopper. Then Ka-boom, he hosed squirt after squirt up my insides and I felt my cunt gripping every last thrust he pushed into me.
 We collapsed into each other as we savoured the moment and for me all was forgiven. I knew now that right from the first time Les propositioned me it was inevitably in our fate that he would fuck me. With eyes still shut I felt Les get off and out of me,then felt my husband take his place. The thrusting started again and before very long my pussy started to react all over again. I now cared not that as Gary nibbled my nipples,Les was a spectator of my re-awakened lust and was intensely watching every thrust and ripple of Gary and me fucking. As my body again rose to the occasion,I knew my dress was but a ribbon around my midrift and my shoulders had long ago shorn the top of the dress.

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   In other words my body was there for the taking.
 Garry shot another load of sperm into me and hung in me while I felt Les playing now with my tits. I expected now to get another helping from Les,but as I dreamily lay waiting I heard the men talk of a coffee for us and realised I too was parched. 'Two sugars in mine' as I drifted into a slumber,body totally exposed. Drifting through this slumber I heard them sipping at their coffee and wanted desperately to wake and drink. I must have again drifted back to sleep,dreaming of a drink which I now was enjoying. I felt my mouth opening and enjoying the liquid,my throat no longer parched,in the dream a laughy voice was saying, 'she loves cream in her coffee,don't you Liz' I knew I'd aswered an affirmative and licked my lips with my now wet tongue. - later I knew one of the fuckers had shot their cream (jism) into my mouth.
 God I needed that drink! Sleeping still,my dream re-appeared,That Les's beard,it was driving me mad again as I dreamed the dream of sex. Fuck he certainly knew how to lick pussy. I moved to every tongue movement. Hang on,don't stop,keep licking Les. No,you don't need to hold my legs,I'll let you do it till I come and I'll let you fuck me again. I started to come out of this stupor as my mind raced to capture how much chest hair Les had. My eyes opened,in an instant I was struggling with Gary and Les,yes they were holding me down and the hairy chest was not Les but Russ,our dog.

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 The dirty bastards had judged him licking my pussy to orgasm and just before I came they were now at this very moment intent on getting Russ's prick inside me. Wrestle as I might,I could feel a hot hard point of my dogs dick poking between my lips. Swearing venemently,I struggled to free myself. 'You dirty bastards don't you dare' But I was weakening and knew it. The dog was very excited and I suppose this was because he'd spent I don't know how long licking my cunt.
 In a flash they turned me over and held me as they tried to coax Russ onto my back. He in an attempt scraged a claw against my bum cheek,then took an amazingly strong grip on my oversize hips. This surprised me because in these moments I'd thought,they won't get him up me this way because I'm to wide for him to grip me. He had and as his paws gripped hard into my knelt thighs,I felt the heat of his cock probing at my quims lips,then it found my hole and I had to open my legs to stop him trampalining on my lower kneeling calves.
 Still holding me I could feel one of the dirty bastards feeling around my cunts hole,presumably to see if Russ had got me. 'He's up her,I can feel it,its gone up your cunt Liz' Without thinking, I answer, 'I know dimwit and its as hot as hell,fuck he's so fucking hot' I jerked as his very hard pointed end stabbed at my cervix. 'Bastards,he's to long for me its pressing into my cervix. Let go of me so I can adjust him to stop him hurting me' 'You'll just get him out of you' That was my husbands opinion.
Les said, 'She wont now,he's just got her with his knot' And he had,as they loosened their grip and I adjusted my position,it both happened. His cock sunk up my cervix at the same time as I felt the lump that had been banging against my clit had softened and entered me and was just now swelling to twice what it felt like outside.

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   I knew Les was still attending my pussy's lips with his hand and said. 'Fuck Gar' feel the swelling inside her now. Don't try to pull off him now Liz' or he'll turn your cunt inside out like a sock'
 I had no intention of getting Russ off now or ever again,fuck that knot was huge but the fucking I was getting from Russ was sending me mad,the parts he was reaching were throbbing like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. I neither cared what they were saying or that they were watching,this dog fucking I was getting was the fuck of a lifetime. In fact,they'd both be very lucky to ever get a look in when it came to fucking me ever again. I knew Russ was all I wanted from here on in. Men? They were just boys compared to what my dog was showing me he had on offer.
 Then it got even better,the hot dog jism spurted into my womb like moulten lava,sizzling up me and finding every cavity of my pussy. As I vocally asked Russ for more,my original suitors were wanking themselves stupid with glazed eyes watching every action of my pussy on this doggy cock. Sperm splattered over my back as they emptied their balls over me. I did find this very stimulating and half forgave them for what they had done with me. At least they had the sense then with cocks deflating to grab at Russ whose cock wasn't deflating,to stop him turning and perhaps twisting my cunt with the tightness of his knot.
 As Russ finished with me and my multi dog orgasms subsided,Gary and Les grinned from ear to ear. 'Go on admit it,you enjoyed every minute of it didn't you' I did but there was no way I was going to admit that to them. I put on my best pissy head and slapped their now dangling cocks so hard you could see the finger marks across the tops.

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   'OOH! Still pissy are you'? Go on both of you,fuck off and leave me alone and never ever try to get another fuck from me I shammed' Really,I just wanted them gone so I could play somemore with Russ.
 That lame excuse was: Well I thought you wanted a two up and as you flashed as I thought then,to Les' It seemed a good idea to arrive together. Then,as Russ had sneaked in unoticed and was in here licking you when we came in with the coffee it seemed a hell of a turn on to let him fuck you' It was! That's exactly what I'm doing now as well.



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