She Didn't Want It


"GO ALEC!!" He took off and I covered her mouth. She was flopping around trying to hit us. Brad pinned her arms down and I sat on her legs. We drove for 30 minutes into some deep woodsy area. Eugene's Mom and dad were trying to rent this little cabin out. We grabbed her by her hair and dragged her into the cabin. She was yelling and swinging at us, trying to make us let her go. I finally swung and hit her in the back of the head. She was knocked out cold. I didn't mean to hit her that hard, I really didn't. But she was hysterical. Alec laid her on the kitchen table. He turned on the light above her, that was the only light working. We started to undress her, her body was as beautiful as we had thought. Her breasts were a full B'. The nipple was as small as a pencil eraser, her aerola was only as big as a quarter.

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   Her belly button was pierced and she had a half shaved pussy. I was going to go last, I had the biggest penis out of us. Alec wanted to go first, even though he was pretty big. She came to and looked around, "NO!! NO!! PLEASE!!" I smiled, she couldn't see my face though. Alec spread her legs and Eugene and Brad held them down. He pulled her butt down a little and jammed himself in. She screamed. "Oh damn Lisa. " He was pounding her, in and out. Faster, deeper. I was getting hard, I didn't think I could wait. She was crying now, but we didn't care. After all the trauma she had caused us, who gave a fuck. He banged in and out of her. She turned her head tears streaming down her face.

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   She finally quit fighting. When Alec got off and pulled out, Brad chickened out. "I can't do it. I can't. . . I don't want to loose my virginity, by raping a girl. . . " I pushed him out of the way, "Hold her arms you pussy. " I got in-between her legs and just started pounding. She was groaning, I knew she wasn't a virgin. She just didn't want this. I started going harder and faster than I had ever done before. The table was being lifted off of the floor.

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       She grabbed the sides of the table. I bent over her, just beating her pussy to death. Lisa's face changed, her eyes started to glaze over and I think she started to like it. I was going as deep as I could, my 9 inch penis was thrusting as far as it could. I started to come and I pulled it out and did it on her face. I pushed it back in, I wouldn't stop until she begged for it. But instead of cries to stop, she said, "Harder. . . Harder. . . " I was astonished, no way man. I started going harder, beating at it. I was feeling my dick throbbing at her swollen pussy.

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       She cried out, "OH GOD!!" and she came too. I couldn't stop now, I loved it. She was so tight and delicious. When I finally had to stop because I was exhausted, I helped her sit up. . . "Derek?" I looked down at my pants, as I zipped them up. "Oh my gosh. " Lisa started to get dressed. We dropped her off at home, the weird thing is. . . Lisa never told anyone about our experience. The more crazy thing is, we had sex again a few weeks later, and now we've been dating for 6 months. (Tell me what you think.

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       I have more. ).