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This is just a story. Let me know what you think. My wife and I had not been talking for a while and sex was definitly off the cards. We were watching a film downstairs in that awkward silence where your waiting for the other person to break the silence. The film showed a naked lady and it immediately give me a rush of life to my cock that hadn't seen a ladys cunt for weeks. My wife was on a sex ban for me. I went upstairs and thought with a smile of the porn magazines and a night ahead of wanking. Couple of hours later I heard her coming to bed. I was so close to exploding my load but I thought of something I had been planning for weeks and managed to stop. Tonight was the night for action. I opened the drawer on my bedside table and saw the handcuffs, ropes, whips and a variety of sex and bondage toys. I relutantly forced my bulging cock into some trousers and waited my wifes entrance to the bedroom. She knocked and came in wearing a see through silk nightie. I trembled but then rage shot through me, I am her husband, how dare she withhold what is mine from me. I forced a playful smile onto my lips and called her over. She tiptoed over and said, "no sex, remember.

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   Just leave me alone". I grabbed her hand and pulled her over and said "darling you have no choice". She looked confused, I slapped her face hard and grabbed the handcuffs and pinned her to the bed, I handcuffed her to the bed by her arms. She screamed, we live in a farm area and nobody would hear other than a few sheep and cows. She cried screamed letting out huge sobs now struggling for ir. I sat down beside her and stroked her leg. She recoiled and spat at my face. I punched her stomach and grabbed her legs, with the rope I tied her legs to the bed. She was begging and pleading to just be left alone and she would be good and not tell anyone. I laughed and looked in my drawer I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her nightie off her. She was now naked and her nipples were stiffening in the cool night air. I got even harder if that was possible. I grabbed her boob and touched the flesh that was forbidden for so long and played with it with one hand and wanking with the other. I felt my load shooting up and with a yell and a squeal from her I came over her boobs and stomach. She was scared now and trying to move away from me.

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   I rubbed my spunk over her stomach enjoying her body shaking and trembling under my touch. I felt her cunt and she was wet, waiting for the ultimate act. Her body enjoyed it, I became hard again. I walked to the top of the bed and pinched her nose till her mouth opened and in a o shape and within a second I forced my cock in. She spluttered and coughed. The feelings of pleasure shot into my balls and back. I thrust forward and was moaning over her retches and gags. She had tears streaming down her face and was struggling to breathe. I pulled back and sthen thrust forward. I am a good 8 inches and I was determined she would take the most. I started to feel the urge to come and she knew it, she looked at me pleading without words that I pull out and come over her, anything but in her mouth. I thrust so far forward and came into her mouth. I pulled my cock out and let the remaining come go over her hair and face. She was retching and coughing. "Swallow it" I yelled, she took a big gulp and swallowed and gagged.

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  Her cunt was wet and was pouring out juices waiting to be penatrated. I got a vibrator and went over her clit and listened to her stifled moans laughing as I watched her try to get rid of what she was feeling. Her body stiffened then she bucked as an orgasm hit her. She screamed my name and her cunt poured out juice onto the bed. She was ready. I got a pair of scissors and cut off all her pubic hair hurrying and watched my wife lying there, she was in complete submission, she was mine. I laid next to her and in one movement was over her and with one thrust forced my cock into her. She screamed in pain and pleasure. I had never made her take 8 inches before, she was scared but now I was all there and she was tight. Lubricant was her juice and my come. Her body fit me like a glove and squeezed on my cock. I pushed forwards and backwards and increased my moaning so I didn't have to listen to her sobs. My body tensed and I pushed as far in as I could and came into her. I laid still inside her till my erection went and then came out. Come fell out of her and she was breathing very quickly and looked at me with fear in her eyes.

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  "There, you had your fun. Let me go. I won't say a word" she pleaded. "We ain't even started yet" I replied. I walked over and locked the door and put the key in my wallet. I shut and locked all the windows and drew the curtains. I undid the handcuffs and rope and flipped her over. She turned her head to look at me hoping I wasn't thinking of what she feared. I got my finger and placed it in her ass, She was so dry and tight. She was pleading me to stop and crying and making huge sobs. I smacked her ass with my hand nd laughed as she winced. I walked to the drawer and get a 18 inch dildo. I made sure she saw it and the tears came thick then. I got a bottle of lubricant and put a bit on. I used one hand and prised her open and forced all 18 inches in.

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   She screamed and howled like a wounded dog. The screaming continued for a while. I wanked over her again and got come on her. "I'm going downstairs, I will be back later. Stay in that position, Don't even try to take it out. I have bigger which will hurt a lot more. " I snarled. I got a whimper in reply. I walked away plotting tomorrows fun and games. Before I left I looked at my wife, covered in come, tears, her come and blood. Yes tomorrow will be good. To Be Continued. . . .

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