Sex and the Office


I woke up in the morning and got ready for work, just as usual. I slipped my tight blouse on over my 32G breasts, my pencil skirt and some black high heels. Ready for the day. I arrived into work a bit late, hoping my boss wouldn’t notice my absence – even though I’m his personal secretary.
Mr Tom Wood’s was a rather sexist man, and sometimes rather mean too. But all that is worth it just to see him smile in the day when you bring him back a positive file report. His smile could light up a whole room… but when he comes over to talk to me everyday about his daily plans – its not his smile I’m gawping at. Its his incredible bulge down below! I swear, just from seeing it from the outside, it looks at least 18 inches. But everyday I have to restrain myself from grabbing it… doing what I wanted to it…
But that scenario has been going on for over 4 years now. Day in and day out I wear skimpy skirts and tight tank tops, but nothing ever seemed to attract the man. So I gave up lusting over that incredible sack a while ago and try to focus on my career. In fact – its been so reliving getting over the lust that I almost find him unattractive now.
Anyway. Today, he called me into his office with his Law Manager -a unfortunately ugly man -saying that we had amajor issue to sort out. My mind searched for possibilities. Was the company going under?
I stepped into the office and sat down.

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   I could see the perverted Law Manager, Mr James Adams, scanning my upper thigh as I sat into the chair. Quickly, I pulled my skirt down, scowling.
I heard Tom ( Mr Wood’s) shut the door behind me, and for some reason locking it, before coming around the desk and sitting opposite me.
“Now, Claire. We called you in here for a very important reason. ” Tom said. “What’s going on? Surly I’m the wrong person to save the company if its going bankrupt or-“ I said. James (Mr Adams) and Tom laughed.
“Bankrupt?! No no! Nothing of that sort!” James laughed. He stood up and perched on the side of my chair, starting to stroke my hair. Whispering in my ear, “You don’t need to worry about the company, sweetie. ”
I looked over at Tom. I obviously looked worried, seeing as he grinned at me too and came to sit on the other side of me, slowly removing his tie.
When Tom stood behind me and gently kissed my neck, I was extremely confused, but also clearly enjoying the situation. It was sending shivers down my back.

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   But the shivers and the joy stopped when Tom suddenly shoved his tie in my mouth, very violently, and tying it round the back of my head. I made my best attempt to scream, but all that came out was a weak cry that couldn’t even be heard by Tom and James. James took his tie and a loose bit of string to tie up my hands and ankles. I was completely defenceless. James began to rip of my top, as Tom tore away at my skirt. I struggled all I could. But they stood above me and threatened to hurt me seriously throughout this if I didn’t stop. I didn’t care though. It was all going to hurt anyway. Noticing I was still struggling James grabbed hold of my bare breast – for I was now almost completely naked apart from my knickers. Firstly he caressed the nipple, then suddenly twisted it – sending excruciating pain up and down my body. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. Then Tom pulled at my knickers, the string at the back pressed into my ass until it couldn’t go any further without breaking the skin, finally the material snapped. I felt relief sweep through my body.
Then this situation got much worse.

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   James stood up and force his own ‘monster’ in to my mouth. I reluctantly took it but started to get into the flow of it. I think being tied up really made me feel horny and hot. Then after taking James in the mouth until my mouth was dry, I felt a tug on my hair, being pulled to stand up. But once I’d got my balanced on my feet someone pushed me face down onto the desk. My legs got parted and my vagina pulled wider apart.
Suddenly something was thrushed up my hot and tight vagina, making me cry out with pain. But no one could hear me. Tears began to stream down my face and out the corner of my eye I saw James sat down slowly but ferociously stroking his dick up and down. Tom must be putting, whatever the hell he was putting up my sweet pussy. All of a sudden my vagina exploded with pain, as something massive got shoved up viciously. Making me cry really hard. Then Tom took his dick and shoved it up my virgin anus, probably making me bleed and I almost passed out with pain. While Tom was fucking me in both holes he most have noticed I was feeling weary with the pain and grabbed my hair and tugged while whipping my back with a ruler. Making me jolt.

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   I felt hot cum shooting quickly up my anus, Tom making sure he took his dick out and spraying it on my back also. For a further 25 minutes they carried on with these excruciating painful acts of violence. Thrusting different shaped objects up my fanny and anus hole, and whenever I lacked in performance I got my head smacked on the desk, my hair pulled or whipped with something of some sort. When it was finally over I was told to never speak about the events that had happened. Otherwisewould be fired and would be raped by Tom and James daily. But im sure they were planning that anyway….



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