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Kevin was an 18-year-old horny teenager; his hormones were always on the go. Everything in a skirt and that had tits was on the menu including his English teacher Miss Johnson, who he had the biggest crush.

She was a student teacher so fresh out of teacher training, and had the hottest body in school. Kevin got an erection every time she walked in into the classroom. It was all that Kevin could do to hide is massive hard on every time.

Elle Johnson always wore a skirt and a blouse that was unbuttoned enough to see the material of her Lacy bra. Kevin was sick of masturbating over the thought of her in the boys toilets every day at school; he was failing English because his mind wonders on to the topic of Miss Johnson's body.

Elle Johnson was 25 years old and fresh to teaching she had left her last job because she hated the way everyone looked at her. She had informed on her boss, this caused the company to fold as he was stealing money from the pension fund and putting it in off shore bank account. Miss Johnson informed the government about his defrauding and he locked up in prison over it, but the business folded soon after that. She had been forced to quit but her skills lent them self’s to teaching, so she got her teaching degree.

Elle enjoyed English at high school herself and decided she would teach that as she held a degree in English lit. The kids made her life a living hell be she expected that as a new teacher, but she soon settled in and grown to know the good kids and the trouble makers in every class, but the only ones that stuck in her head were the ones who did not understand English lit and its place in the world.

One of those kids was Kevin Moore he was bright, but struggled with almost every piece of work that she was give him. Miss Johnson told him if he did not pass her class that he would not graduate this year, and he could be held back a year until he passed. This pissed Kevin off, as he would love to give Miss Johnson a good fucking for just holding him back.

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   His parents were sick to death because his grades were not good enough to get him into university. They kept on going to the school most weeks to try to solve the problem, even bring Kevin extra credit work home with them.

Kevin was never going to pass her class, she may have be the hottest teacher but she could be a first rate bitch. Kevin needed to see Miss Johnson after school ended for the day, but he also had football practice, which he could not get out of, as he was a linebacker in the team this year.

Kevin went to practice and played for over an hour on the field, but he was still thinking about Miss Johnson's hot body, even when he showered with the rest of the team he all he could think about was fucking her sexy hot body. It gave him a massive hard on in the shower and really struggled to hide it from the other boys.

As Kevin left practice, he noticed that Miss Johnson's car was still in the car park and he wondered if he could grab a quick word with her. Her office was in her classroom just behind the chalkboard, the door to her office stayed locked even if she was in her office. Kevin knocked on the door to her class room but did not get any answer so he open the door and was surprised to hear coming from her office the sounds of a woman moaning in pleasure.

The moaning grow louder every minute as he stood in her empty class room, then all of a sudden he heard what sounded like the deputy heads name been called out by the woman's voice “Oh Mr Rodgers, give me it all now!”.

Then silence as the office door started to open, Kevin hide behind a desk hopefully no one would see him there. Kevin saw Mr Rodger leave and then Miss Johnson appeared at the door way, he hair was all over the place and her make-up was coming off her face, she had lost most of her lipstick and there was cum in her hair, at the front.

Kevin fished in his pocket and pulled out his phone, opened it and took photos of Miss Johnson in this state and wondered if he could use them later against her, she left the classroom still in state of undress, her skirt was unzipped at the waist band and her blouse was fully open and her tits where on show. Kevin managed to get it all on his phone as she left, her state of undress had given Kevin a raging hard on which needed to be released quickly. He opens his pants, whipped his cock out, ejaculated all over her desk, and then disappeared outside.

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Kevin noticed that Miss Johnson drove off in Mr. Rodgers car and left her car behind in the school car, Mr. Rodgers was a ladies’ man.

Elle Johnson was a natural blond her hair had brown highlights, she also had a figure that most women her age would kill for, her waist was slender and sexy hips, she was actually 5'10'' but she always wore heels, which made her 6’2’’, and she had the sexiest legs her calf muscles were perfect.

Elle loved having sex in the school building, it was wrong and the thrill of it and the chance if getting caught, made it more exciting then have sex in some else's bed. She knew about Mr. Rodgers reputation when it came to women, but on some level, Elle did not care about it.

A new school day Kevin wonders if he could catch Miss Johnson and have a word with her about his grades this time. He knocked on the door to the classroom and waited.

“Come in. ” Elle shouted. Kevin opened the door and almost immediate had a hard on in his pants, he swung his bag in front on himself to hide it from her.

“Miss Johnson, I need to pass your class this year. I just don't get English lit its crap and boring Miss. ” Kevin said.

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“Well if you think that then you’re not getting a passing grade from me, until you change your attitude Kevin. ” Elle said crossing her legs in front of him.

“See me after the end of the day and we will look at your grades again. ” Elle said re closing her long legs. Kevin noticed that she was wearing a red pair of shoes, high heels again.

“Thanks Miss,” Kevin said as he left her classroom, his hard on was killing him, he needed some release some, so he head to the toilet.

Kevin rushed into a cubicle and dropped his pants, his cock standing proud then he got out his phone and opened the photos of Miss Johnson and jacked off until he shot load over the toilet door. Kevin could not wait for the end of the day to talk to her, but when Kevin got to Miss Johnson classroom, she was not there and her office door was open. That was unusual because she always kept it locked.

Kevin put his head around the door and saw Miss Johnson going up and down on Mr. Rodgers cock and she was in a world of her own. Kevin knew this was perfect; he could use this against her and blackmail her into giving him the grades he needs and maybe more.

Kevin got out his phone and started to video it. This was hot, she had the most amazing pair of tits, and they went up and down even more than she did. The video on his phone cut off after five minutes, he viewed it, wow it was better than his dad's porn movies he had seen.

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Kevin was going to have some fun with Miss Johnson later but he wanted to get home and watch it over again and copy it.

Kevin sat at computer and watching the video of Miss Johnson having sex with the deputy head in her office. The video looked great as Kevin used his iPhone to record the video and the quality was so good, he could not get enough of her. Kevin saved the video on his computer in a safe file, and password protected it from the rest of his family as his dad used the computer while he was at school.

Kevin went to bed with the image of Miss Johnson’s tits going over and over in his head, it kept him hard most of the night and he even dreamt about fucking her himself. Kevin rushed around grabbing his school stuff and picking up some cold toast on the way out of the house. The school bus was waiting by the sidewalk as Kevin came out of his house; he got on and patted his pants pocket where his phone was.

School was slow today first sciences, then social studies, and finally recess for lunch. Kevin needed to be quick because he was at the wrong end of the school and needed to cross the school to get to Miss Johnson’s classroom before she left for her dinner break.

The chaos of all the hallways as the every classroom emptied at the same time, you had to be clever and move very quickly through the maul of all the other students. Kevin to cross the main school building in minutes dodging everyone and dragging his bag behind him as he went at some speed to get to Miss Johnson’s classroom.

He got there as she was about to leave her room and go for lunch, “Miss I need a word it will not long. ” Kevin said as he entered her room.

“What is it Kevin I am not in the mood for your excuse for not turning up yesterday!” Elle said as she put on her jacket.

“Miss I did come to here yesterday and I waited but when I hear moaning coming from your office and I saw something, well I should show you!” Kevin said as he opened the video app on his iPhone.

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The video showed Miss Johnson riding the deputy’s cock like a rodeo star on her desk. Elle was stunned into silence by this video. She walked backwards into her chair and slumped down in to it. She could not believe this boy had that video and how it put her into a comprising position. It reminded her of her last job, were she caught her boss defrauding the pension fund for his own ends.

“What do you want Kevin, a passing grade for it!” Elle said defiant in Kevin’s presents

“Yes Miss. I want a passing grade for the rest of the year too. ” Kevin said.

“Can you delete the video now Kevin!” Elle said, feeling violated by him “Of course Miss, I got another copy at home, to enjoy Miss Johnson. ” Kevin said with a glint in his eye.

“Kevin, you got what you wanted from me please stop this before you go any further with it. ” Elle said pleading to his better nature, but Kevin had other ideas.

“Don’t worry Miss Johnson, I will not tell anyone about what you have been doing with Mr. Rodgers, but if you tell anyone I will put this video on the schools website. ” Kevin said as he put his hand on her silk covered leg.

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   He rubbed her thigh just above the hem of her skirt.

Elle realized this boy was blackmailing her and he had real ammunition in the form of a video. For the first time in her life she panicked, want does he want of me. She knew she would have to tell the head master about this, but would she believe her. The situation was way of control, Elle opened her mouth but nothing came out.

“So Miss, have you decided to play ball. I can end you life here. ” Kevin said very coldly

“Yes Kevin I will give you anything you want as long as you don’t post that video on the school’s website. ” Elle said as Kevin’s grip on her thigh become a lot more firm. Kevin knew this was turning him on and he was getting an erection. He unzipped his pants and released his cock to Elle’s surprise.

“I want to suck off until I come, do you understand me Miss Johnson. ” Kevin said as he peeled his foreskin back to revel the head of his cock. Elle felt his other hand mover up her leg and inside towards her damp panties. Elle pulled back but Kevin held her firm.

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“Please not this, it’s wrong Kevin you’re a student and I am one of your teachers. ” Elle was still pleading even if she had damp panties that were just her body’s natural response, and the fact was he did not turn her on.

“Oh come on Miss you’re wet, I know you what this suck me off now. ” Kevin said as he held his cock at the entrance of her mouth. Elle turned her head away as Kevin came, closer to her, his cock hit her cheek and almost went into her eye. Kevin’s fingers rubbed her cunt lips through the fabric of her panties. She caught herself liking it and let out a sigh of relief, Kevin heard this and redoubled his effort and she started to respond to his fingers. Kevin took hold of her jaw, forced her mouth open, and slipped his cock into her mouth.

“Don’t use your teeth or I will post it Miss. ” Kevin said as he pushed his cock into her mouth. Elle had never sucked a cock before the feeling of it made her feel sick. How could anyone do this and like it. Elle’s tongue tried to push his cock out but Kevin kept enough pressure on the back of her head.

Kevin soon blow his load in her mouth, the taste of his sperm was foul. He pulled out and was still hard but he stepped back, as Elle choked and spat it out all over legs.

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   Elle hated him for that but she was worried about what would come next. She coughed it all out, Kevin stood and there and was videoing it.

Kevin put away his still hard cock but this time he was satisfied with that. Elle gave him a dirty look and Kevin just turned around and left her choking. Kevin went to the lunch hall and sat down; he wondered how far he could take it, now he was blackmailing Miss Johnson.

Elle felt violated by him but she knew he would be back, as they people like him never stop until they get what they want. Elle had not noticed that her hand was under her skirt and she was now fingering herself. It felt like her cunt was on fire she hooked her panties to one side and stoked her clit. The feeling was amazing he caused, Elle slid a finger in her cunt and let out a small cry as it entered. The bell sounded for the end of recess and Elle woke from her dream like state.

Kevin enjoyed the rest of day, knowing what he had done was the first part of his plan to get a passing grade and to get her to see everything from his point of view. Elle went the rest of the day wearing her wet panties until she left the building. There he was again Kevin but this time he was leaning against her car.

“Hey Miss I enjoyed lunchtime and I know you did too. ”Kevin said taunting her.

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   “What is your name as I can’t keep calling you Miss Johnson?”

“It’s Elle! Now get off my car! And go home Kevin. ” Elle said as she put her bags down and got out her car keys. She sat down and her panties were still wet as she wriggled in the seat they made it almost impossible for her the drive without feeling wet. Elle hitched her skirt up around her butt, felt for the band of her panties, and started to pull them down her legs. She noticed how wet she actually was, but she put in down the natural responses’ again. She got to her feet, and heard a loud band against the car window, and it was Kevin yet again.

“Elle I see your all wet, let’s have them, your panties. ” Kevin gestured for Elle to hand over her damp panties, but she did not want to give him any more ammunition, as he did not need them to use against her.

“No Kevin! You’re not getting them!” Elle said from her car seat.

“OK if that’s what you want, I go home and post your video then. ” Kevin knowing she would hand them over in a second because of that video. She saw him start to walk away from her car; she quickly put the car into gear and caught up to him. He continued to walk ignoring her as she pulled up and match his walking speed Elle drove slowly.

“Please Kevin can we work something out that doesn’t include you blackmailing me. ” Elle pleased as she drove, Kevin was not interested in her pleading, and he stopped.

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“Give me a lift home and I will have your wet panties now! Elle. ” Kevin said as he lent into Elle’s car.

“OK! Here have them, but it nasty and not right. ” Elle said as Kevin got into her car. He closed the car door and Elle drove off, Kevin put his hand on her leg as the car entered traffic. Elle found it really off putting as he stroked her leg as she drove. His hand moved under the hem of her skirt and knowing that Elle was not wearing any panties.

Kevin liked the feeling of Elle’s stockings on her leg, edged upwards towards her mound; Kevin’s fingers glided alone the inside of her legs. Elle hated Kevin’s fingers as he reached between her legs, she knew she was wet, but was not helped because he had caused it by doing this to her. Elle had to concentrate on driving as Kevin’s fingers lightly touched her.

Thankfully, that traffic was light as Elle drove Kevin home, he was now teasing her even if her body was betraying her, but her will power was a lot stronger. As Elle pulled up out front of Kevin’s house, he had not noticed as he had started to probe her wetness with the tips of his fingers.

“We are here! You can stop that now!” Elle said as she grabbed his wrist from between her legs. The look on Kevin’s face actually scared Elle for the first time; Kevin smiled as he sucked on his fingertips.

“See you tomorrow after the end of school Elle, and we can pick up, were we left off.


  ” Kevin said as he grabbed his bag from the car. He leant the gear stick over and gave her a small kiss on her cheek. Elle sat there and tried to figure out how this had happen to her, she straitened her skirt, then without thinking, she drove off causing her car to wheel spin as she pulled off.

Elle got home and sat down to her nightly ritual of marking the day’s work, but her mind went over what had happened in her car to her. As she went over the details she never noticed how wet she was actually getting. She tried her best to ignore it; she ran herself a hot bath and lit many candles to help her forget that little weasel.

Kevin was happy with himself, as he smelt her damp panties, she smelt of flowers and a deep note of musk. He wondered what perfume Elle Johnson wore, it really set off her natural smell so well; the taste of her was still in his mouth he had to get more of her. This caused Kevin to get just another erection but this one pure joy as he used Elle’s panties to catch in cum in, this only added to the pleasure and the smell. He sat there wondering what she would look like covered in his cum all over her face. Kevin was at peace with himself as he went to bed tomorrow would be a great day.

Elle soaked herself in the bath even topping up the water, to keep it nice and hot. She even fell asleep in the bath which was so relaxing, after spending a few hours just soaking away the day, she dried herself off and head to bed as she knew that tomorrow was going to be a lot more difficult come the end of the day. Maybe she could call in sick or even leave early to avoid him doing any more to her, but he still had that video of her and the deputy head together in a very compromising situation.

Sleep only came to Elle because of the ordeal of the day had taken a lot from her emotionally, but in her mind, she would never break in front of Kevin, even if her body had betrayed her to him…

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