Sadie's new life: Part 2, Finally Fucked


She slept hard and long, her body and mind needing time to recover and process the events of that day. About eleven PM the next day she finally began to stir. Before her she found a breakfast that I had lovingly prepared and left for her as well as a note I had left for her. She opened the note, desperate for any information about her surroundings and new life. In the note, she simply found the following message.
Good morning pet,
I hope that you slept well and take this opportunity to eat and regain your strength. I assure you that you will need all of it today. I will be down once you finish your breakfast and eagerly look forward to acquainting you with your new life.
 She put down the note slowly, with tears in her eyes and surveyed the meal before her. She regarded the food with trepidation, but eventually gave in to her hunger and greedily devoured it. It was not until she finished that she took real stock of her surroundings… and her terror increased with each moment. The first thing that struck her was the isolation and hopelessness of escape. There was only one door into and out of this dungeon and it was sturdy and very tightly locked.
Suddenly the bolts on the door started to sound off and a beam of light shone into the dark dungeon. Out of fear, Sadie cowered into the corner, not sure what to expect or what nightmare would pass through those doors. She was almost surprised when a deceptively ordinary man walked in, not knowing the devil that was hid behind those cold blue eyes.

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   Taking the whip in his hand he brought it down with a deafening “crack” on the wall, growling,
“Get over here now, slut”
Knowing better already than to disobey a direct order, Sadie started to rise to walk over only to hear another tremendous crack of the whip against the wall.
“You will crawl on your knees to me!” I growled at her.
Looking at me terrified, Sadie started to crawl towards me… her knees hurting on the hard ground not being used to such treatment. She finally arrived right before me and knew to stay on her knees.
“Slut, when I enter this room, you will be waiting for me on your knees with your hand behind your head. Understand?”
“Yes, Master” She was barely able to utter these words. Still scared and confused, but remembering better than disobey.
“Very good slave… as you know you have a long day ahead of you today, but we will have so much fun together. ” I said with a wicked smile. She looked confused up at me, but was only met with a slap across the face. Shocked, she was barely able to stutter out,
“Yes, Master”
“Good girl,” I responded. “Get your ass on the table and spread yourself. ”
She slowly moved towards the table, lying down on the cold metal, spreading her legs as ordered. I approached her with malice in my eyes and begun to tie her. Bending her legs, I tied them in a bent position so that she could scarcely close her legs if she tried.

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   Pulling her up by the hair, I then tied her arms tightly behind her back, making her tits present themselves so beautifully. Stepping back I look at the beautiful, helpless body before me; running a hand across it, teasing her body. Sadie had never been particularly shy about her body, but the feeling of being helplessly tied up and exposed made her feel very self conscious. She tried to squirm briefly and was only met with a slap on her tit which ended that experiment very quickly.
“Now, slut, I am going to ask you nicely. Tell me how much you want your Master to fuck you. ”
Sadie had to have known that this was coming, the raping of her young hole, but the actual moment took her by complete surprise. She begged,
“Please… no… not like this. ”
She didn’t know it yet, but this was exactly the answer I was expecting. I grinned with evil in my eyes and whispered in her ear,
“Very well slave, we will have to find some other way to entertain ourselves. ”
Grabbing a nearby flogger (I had made sure to have plenty handy), I draped it over her exposed body, making goose bumps appear across her skin and making her body shudder under its touch.
“Now… what should I do to keep myself amused?”
Giving her no chance to respond I brought the leather down hard on her stomach. She screamed out under the pain and her body shook. Scarcely letting her body register the pain completely I brought the whip down again on nearly the same spot. Making her writhe in pain.

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“Please… no more Master. ” She begged pitifully.
“Well, what else should I do with you then?” As she contemplated the answer I brought the whip down on her again, her tits now bright red from the abuse. She finally realized the game and was shocked by the decision she was being forced to make. I was either going to whip her raw or make her beg to be fucked.
“Anything you want Master, just don’t whip me anymore!” She was screaming now. I kept bringing the whip down on those pretty tits, making them vibrantly red and increasing the pain with each passing strike.
“I’m not convinced you want it to stop, slut, beg for what I know you want. ”
“Please fuck me Master. Please fuck your slave!”
I smiled happily, she was beginning to learn how to behave properly, but her torment was not over yet. This was to be a learning experience for her.
“I don’t believe you slut! Beg for your Master to rape that tight hole of yours!” Whether she was simply trying to escape the whip or the little whore was beginning to get really turned on, her voice suddenly took on a new, almost bestial quality to it.
“PLLLLLEEEASE MASTER! Fuck your little cum slut with your cock. Rape your little slut’s tight hole! FUCK ME!!!”
She still had quite a bit of training left, but the first major step had been taken: She now associated pain with pleasure. Smiling I moved in between her bound legs and positioned my cock at the entrance.

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   Unfortunately for her, I was a large man in many ways. Standing 6’ 3” and at an athletic 240 lbs, my cock did not disappoint either. It is an important point to make as I lined myself up against this tiny slut in front of me. While she was no longer a virgin, her experiences had been with inadequate college boys who knew nothing of how to fuck a woman nor possessing adequate tools to do so. I slid my cock up and down her sweet lips before pressing the head against her tight hole.
“Oh my God… it’s too big!” She screamed out as I started to push in.
“W can always go back to the whip, slave. ” I reminded her.
“No Master, please no… please fuck me!”
Needing no more inspiration I buried my cock in her tight pussy, making her scram in pain and pleasure simultaneously. Not fucking her lovingly or tenderly, not even mercifully, I forced my cock deep into her cunt. Raping that tight hole and making her body shake with pleasure.
“Does that feel good slut? Do you like when your Master rapes that little cunt of yours?”
“Oh God yes Master! Hurt me so bad! Make me yours!”
I kept ramming my hard cock into her tight hole, her body betraying how much it was enjoying the abuse that was being inflicted upon it. I grabbed her shoulders and forced her entire body down on my dick, burying it so deep inside of her… filling her to her limit… stretching that pussy further than she ever dreamed possible.
“Oh Master!! It hurts so much… Don’t stop!”
Her body and mind reeling from pain and pleasure she started breathing hard. Her pussy muscles telling me that she was approaching the edge, starting to clench down on my cock.

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“Oh Master… I am gonna cum!” She screamed in a hoarse voice. Her body starting to shake.
“Beg to cum slut, beg your Master to let you cum!”
“Master!! Pllleeeaaassse let your little slut cum. Please let me cum with your hard cock in me!!”
I doubted whether she would even be able to stop if I told her to, we would work on that later, but I was building up myself and wanted to cum with her.
“Cum for me slut, cum as your Master buries his seed deep in your pussy, making you mine alone. Taking you as my little cum whore. ”
She started to say something, but then her body took over and the words died on her lips. Her body started to shake violently, her back arched high off the table and her hands nearly drawing blood as she clenched her fingernails into her balled fists. As her body shook and strained against its bonds, the muscles in hr cunt clenching on my cock, I reached the edge. With a tremendous roar I buried myself deep inside her and started cumming hard into that pussy; filling her with my warm seed, letting her muscles milk very last drop from me.
“Oh God Yes Master! Cum in meee!!”
As she screamed this, another orgasm hit her like a bag of rocks. She started sobbing uncontrollably, screaming at the top of her lungs as her body lost all control. I finally started to come down from my won orgasm and smiled at the shaking, sobbing slave before me. Reaching forward and kissing her softly on her lips I left her tied on the table, trembling and filled with my cum, her body and mind begging for her Master to you for sharing my fantasies. Please leave a comment as to wether I should continue with this story, start another story (if you like my writing), or go stand in the corner and leave the writing to the professionals.

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