Sadie's new life: Part 1, The Hunt and the Introduction


I had been following Sadie for a couple weeks now. She first drew my attention while sitting on a park bench with her friends and from that moment her fate was sealed. There are those who claim that a girl can “want it” by the way they dress and if that is the case she was practically begging me to fuck her then and there. But I was patient. She would be mine soon enough, her life as she knew it would cease to exist and she would simply be a vessel for my pleasure and a receptacle for my cock. Her red lips practically begged to be parted and devoured. Their ruby color only enhanced by the stunning paleness of her skin, accentuating them like blood on the snow. Also brought into startling clarity by that beautiful skin was her jet black hair, cascading down her back like a waterfall of darkness, I could already imagine grabbing it by the fistfuls and pulling until tears rolled down her cheeks. Following her long and slender body with my eyes, I was soon captivated by her ample breasts begging to escape from the black corset that kept them in tight bondage. The corset ended just above her belly button showing a flat, tight stomach which served as a perfect prelude to her well curved hips. Her skirt was tantalizingly low cut and did not make up for its cut in length. One got the idea that it was simply there to satisfy the most basic of decency codes and push the limits of man’s self-control to the edge of sanity. I was tempted to believe that it was a simple optical illusion cased by the skirt, but as I would late find out, her legs seemed to run on forever. Strong and well formed, but still delicate. Completing her tantalizing ensemble was a pair of high-heeled boots which could not have been comfortable to wear and were simply designed to destroy a man’s will to abstain. The decision to take her as mine was forgone from the moment I saw her.

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So from that moment on, the plan was enacted. Fortunately for me, I was already a natural recluse and took great pride in my humble cabin deep in the woods of Oregon.   While it was purchased for its seclusion to keep unwanted noise out, it served my purpose admirably to make sure that no one could hear the noises… or screams for that matter… coming from inside. I had a basic dungeon set up in this woodland oasis, but it became quite clear that it would hardly suffice. The wood and supplies which previously occupied the basement were moved out and the creation of my pet’s future home began. A St. Andrews Cross was brought in and eye bolts and restraints were attached to walls. I placed priority orders to improve my modest collection of whips and restraints, while building a horse and table with removable slats to my future slave’s specifications, which had been burned into my memory by now. My crowning jewel, however, was a cage which would house my beloved until she could be trusted and earned the right to sleep in the house.
But back to my hunt of my most beautiful prey. I found that she was a student at a nearby university.   This was unfortunate as they would surely notice her absence and look for hr, but I had no plans of leaving any trace for them to follow. The hunt began by observing her schedule and tendencies. I worked hard, finding her habits that would become weaknesses, and designing the trap which would ultimately lead her into a world of thus far unknown pain and pleasure. Finally, I decided on the methods and means to her capture and put the plan into motion.

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   Like a man possessed, I assured that all potential problems were handled and ever contingency accounted for. It was time to begin.
She took an evening class which met every Wednesday from seven to ten o’ clock. It was a class on violence in society, fittingly enough. After this class, she would walk for a distance with her friends, who also could have made fine slaves… and who will certainly not be forgotten should she earn the right to a companion, before she broke off for her own apartment. It was here where she would finally become mine. She crossed one street which bordered a local school, entirely deserted in the evening, and provided excellent access for a van. I waited patiently in the dark, smoking a cigarette and talking to an imaginary friend on a cell phone. Because of the collegiate nature of the town, an individual loitering for a smoke was hardly unusual. I don’t even like to smoke, but I felt it served the atmosphere well. Finally like a vision of my damnation, she appeared. She was wearing a thin spaghetti-strapped top and a pair of sweats riding far too low on her hips for conventional decency. She passed by me without a second glance, her iPod head phones removing any chance of her hearing my footsteps behind her, and waited like a good girl to cross the street. Once she stopped, I took a strong arm around her throat and enveloped her in what fighters refer to as a “rear-naked choke. ” She barely had time to register what was happening to her before the blood was cut off from her brain and she went limp in my arms.

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   Wasting no time I carried her to the waiting van, laid her down on the floor, and proceeded to shackle her wrists, ankles, and neck to the floor.
The plan went off beautifully, almost blessed by above… or below for that matter. The start of her long journey had begun on the floor of that inconspicuous van. I turned on the air conditioning to chill myself and quell the growing heat in my loins, remembering that there would be plenty of time to revel in fruits of my labor once we had arrived at our future home, but there was still much ground to cover and speed was my ally at the moment. The drive was roughly three hours, 2 hours through civilization and then a final hour through the woods. She awoke once and seems to survey her surroundings briefly, but, seemingly overwhelmed by her situation, retreated back to unconsciousness like a good girl. The drive was peaceful, only the sound of the road and jazz on the stereo.
I would have loved to see her face when she finally awakened. Finding herself bound to the cross that I had so lovingly prepared for her; unable to move in the least and feeling the cut of the rope in her tender flesh. Her tits were bound so that they were presented so beautifully for the torture they would soon receive. I took care to blindfold her carefully, making sure that she had no prayer of seeing her surroundings, not being able to give up the pleasure of introducing her to her new home. Finally, I forced a ball gag into her mouth which completed her tight bondage and ensured that she would save her voice so I could adequately drink in her screams when we were finally introduced. Watching her through a one way mirror I saw her slowly regain consciousness and let the severity of her situation dawn slowly upon her. As was to be expected, she struggles against her bonds for a while, which only served to make the rope cut into her flesh. After an hour she finally accepted her situation and simply cried softly.

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   It was a lovely sight to see the tears stain her blindfold and roll down her cheeks. I made sure the room was cold so her nipples were quite erect and her skin was riddled with goose bumps.
After savoring the sight for about an hour, I decided it was time to begin. I walked loudly down the stairs and slammed the door hard so she knew that I was there. Her head jumped to life and she struggled to call out through her gag. I walked up to her helpless body and started kissing her neck, breathing hard on her. Taking her chin gently in my hand I introduced myself with a low growl.
“Welcome to your new home, my slave. You will know me and refer to me simply as Master from this point forth. I have taken you away from everyone who loves and knows you and brought you here to serve and please me. It will be a painful experience, more painful than anything you have ever felt, but you will learn to take pleasure from that pain and live to satisfy my every whim and desire. From this point on, you are not a person, but a toy. Flesh for my amusement. I will rape your holes and ravage your body. I will hurt you badly and will love your screams.

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   Do you have any questions pet? No? Good, then lets begin. ”
Reaching behind her head I took out the ball gag, leaving her choking on her drool momentarily. Suddenly she screamed out,
“Let me go you fucking prick, my friends will beat the crap ou-…”
Expecting this response I had a flogger ready and waiting in my hand which she could not see as she was still blindfolded. Interrupting her tirade I brought it down hard and painfully on her tits, making her mind go momentarily white with pain and her whole body tense in agony. A deep red welt surfaced on her pale skin, showing her pain so beautifully.
“Care to try again, slave?” I asked her through an evil smile.
“What the fuck is wrong wi-. . ” Another brutal whip to the tits.
“This must be very painful…” I said while thinking to myself that this could not be going better. This time she did not even say anything, just stood there sobbing.
“An interesting decision pet, but again, not the correct answer” I chided while dropping the whip on her tender flesh again, this time moving down to her stomach.
“Please stop,” she begged, “Please, I’ll do anything!”
“Mmmm… you are getting closer, but you forgot how to address me properly” Another brutal whipping.
“Please… Master… please no more!” She sobbed.
“That’s better, my slave.

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   Tell me who you belong to?”
“You Master… I belong to you… Just don’t whip me again. ” As if right on cue, no sooner had she begged for me to not whip her, the leather strands fell mercilessly on her exposed pussy, Making her scream in agony.
“That sounded a little too much like an order, slave. I don’t respond well to orders. ” I said, growling deeply. By now her mind was shattered by the pain and hopelessness of her situation. She was sobbing now and her body trembling. Despite all this, her body betrayed her as I knew it would. Her cunt was starting to drip uncontrollably and her nipples still stood at attention to be tortured at will.
“Please Master, I’ll do anything. Just don’t hurt me again” She finally said the words I had been waiting for. I stopped my assault on her body and ran a finger across her tear-stained cheek.
“I know you will, slave, I know you will. If you behave and are a good pet you will find your time here much more pleasant. You may even find that this was the only life you were ever meant to live.

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Taking her down from the cross, I held her shaking body in my arms and gently petted her head, whispering softly to her that it would be alright. Desperate for any semblance of comfort she clung tight to my body, her breathing slowly becoming more regular and her tears starting to fade. She soon fell asleep in my arms, her mind and body exhausted from the day she had just endured, and I carried her into her cage and laid her on the small, but soft bed I had provided for her. Kissing her on the forehead I left her there to recover. Immensely pleased with how our introduction had gone and desperately waiting for her next session.
Hopefully will be writing more soon.
Please e-mail me with comments and suggestions.



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