Running alone at night


It all started on a cold rainy night. I had been cooped up inside all day and it was starting to get to me. I needed to get out and get some fresh air. So I decided to go running. I went into my closet and changed into my cute little running clothes, put my hair into cute little pig tails and went into the living room where I started to stretch. Being an athlete I know that before any strenuous activity, especially in the cold you need to warm up your muscles. As soon as I finished stretching i put my ear phones in turned on my mp3 player, slid my phone into my pocket and walked out the door. I wasn't really paying any attention to where I was going. I guess I was caught up in the music, the cold wet rain making my nipples hard and how great the fresh air felt. In not paying attention I ended up getting lost. So I stopped to see if there was any thing that I recognized. While stopped a car passed me. I didn't really pay to much attention to where it went. I think I figured out where I am, I thought. So I kept running, where I ended up running past the persons house who just drove past me. While I was getting closer I noticed that he was kind of cute, we made eye contact several times and as I ran passed I think he said something, but next thing I know there is a firm hand on my arm.

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   He yanked my ear phones from my ears and put a finger up to my mouth as I started to scream. "If you know what's good for yourself you won't scream, you won't fight me, and you will do as I say. Do you understand me?" he said. All I can do is nod my head yes. My mind i racing trying to figure out how to get away from this guy who is a foot taller then me and well over 100lbs bigger then me. It doesn't take much to over power someone as small as me. I only stand 5'2'' and 115lbs. "I can't hear you bitch. do you understand me?" He asked. "yes" I respond"yes what? You will call me sir or master, your choice. But don't cross me, and don't back talk me or you will deeply regret it. " I manage to squeak out "yes sir. "He starts to half pull me, and half drag me into his house. My arm is starting to burn from how hard he is grabbing onto me. As he opened up the door he threw me to the ground.

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  "don't move you stupid whore. "He walked back into the back somewhere and came back with some rope. "I don't want to have to use this on you, but if you are a bad girl I won't hesitate.   Now get to your knees and crawl over here. " I pause for a second. I shouldn't have done that because he stepped over to me slapped my face and pulled my hair, forcing me to do what he said. He makes me crawl over to a wall where he pulls me up by my hair and slams me into the wall. I don't know what to think right now, my only thought is getting out of there alive. He reached around and grabbed my still perky tits. He grabbed them so hard that I cried out in pain. "you better not make a peep. This is your one warning. "Then he pushed my face up against the wall with one hand and with the other hand he moved his large, cold, rough hands up my shirt and grabbed one of my tits. He started pinching it and twisting it in between his fingers like he was trying to tune in a weak radio station. He let go of my face and did the same with my other tit.

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   I bit my lip so hard because I didn't want to frustrate him anymore. But damn did it hurt. Finally he lets go of one of them and slides his free hand down in between my pants and boy shorts. He starts to rub me. I'm already wet. I feel like my body betrayed me, I haven't had sex in six months and the thought of having sex excites me, but the thought of it being this way scares me.  He starts to rub a little bit faster and I start to squirm. "don't fight it you dumb little bitch, you know you want it" he remarksHE starts to bring his hand up and I think that he's going to stop, but he doesn't. Instead he slides them down my boy shorts. He slowly slid one finger into my wet cunt. "aww what a good girl you are all wet for me. I knew you wanted me. I could see it in your eyes. "I can tell he is getting impatient. Part of me really wants him to just fuck my wet cunt.

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   But at the same time I don't know this person and I don't want him to hurt me. He tells me to take off my clothes, but I must have been going to slow because he rips them off of me so violently. He throws them to the ground where he then told me to get on my knees. He undid his pants and he was rock hard. I could tell if he put that cock into my cunt it was going to hurt. But he just grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down his cock. By pulling my hair he could control how fast, and how deep it went. He made me gag on it. I could tell he enjoyed it because he was making me suck on it the way he liked it. As soon as his cock was throbbing he forced me down on my hands and knees and told me to crawl behind him. So I did so. He led me into his bedroom, where he picked me up and bent me over the bed. He started to spread my legs and said "I know you are all wet, I wonder how sweet you are. " With that he plunged his tongue deep into my pussy. Licking it up and down.

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   He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them a part and tried to slide and finger into my ass. "ahh an anal virgin I see, well not after tonight. " "please anything but that. " I begged. Uh oh I thought, I knew I crossed the line. He jumped up rummaged in his drawer for something and he pulled out a ball gag and put it into my mouth. After that he got back onto his knees, and he started to tease me. He slid two fingers into my dripping wet cunt, and slowly moved them in and out, once they were thoroughly drenched he slid one into my ass and started sliding it in and out while licking my aching cunt. He then slide another finger into my ass and kept doing so until he had four fingers stretching out my ass. Just then the front door opened. "Just in time" he says. "my room mate just got home, and boy oh boy will he be surprised when he sees you on my bed. "  "I'm in here dude and you should check out this stupid cum slut I have. " He yells to his room mate. "damn look at you.

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  " his room mate says. "I want you to suck on John's (his room mate)cock until he's nice and hard. Don't let it leave your mouth, and you better please the both of us or we will punish you, do you understand me?"  all I can do is nod my head, but he takes the ball gag out and orders me to take off all of John's clothes. John lays down right in front of me and grabs my hair forcing my mouth down on his limp dick.  John started to get hard almost immediately. As much as I didn't want to get into it the thought of two guys at once sounded kind of fun. After all if had been one of my fantasies. John seeing his friend Mike go to town on my pussy said that he wanted to give it a try, so they swap places. Mike forces me to gag on his cock. He is searching for the back of my throat with it. He grabs my hair and forces me up and down up and down. I'm so lost in the moment of sucking on this hard cock that I don't realize that John has stood up and is now reaching around and rubbing my tight went cunt with one hand. He reaches up and grabs a fistful of hair and slams my mouth down over Mikes quivering cock. "that's that way you do it, you stupid bitch, you take all of it, not just part of it. " John said.

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   I start to moan, partly out of pleasure, and partly out of anticipation. I could tell that at any moment both of them could cum. They could both shoot their loads into my cunt, or in my mouth whichever they wanted. But I still hadn't had either of their cocks in my tight cunt. I wanted it, no, I NEEDED it. I was so hot and wet. I didn't know what to make of it. With John still behind me, he stops rubbing my cunt and pushes my legs together, and spreads my ass cheeks. I start to lift my head off of Mikes dick, and just as I'm about to say no he does it. John slammed his thick member into my tight ass. He starts fucking me hard. It feels good once he added a little lube to it. I know he enjoyed it. Mean while Mike told me to lick his sack like a dog. So I obeyed.

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   "I think she likes this, her cunt is dripping wet. I think you might need to ram your cock into her pussy as I fuck her ass. " John said to Mike. He was right. I did like it. My legs were starting to quiver slightly and I could feel the juice ebbing in my pussy. The blood began to swell into the lips of my clit making every stroke and thrust of Mikes finger send small shots of frustration and pleasure throughout my whole body. He stood square behind me and pulled out his throbbing dick. He stopped fucking me and traded spots with Mike. He told me that I need to suck his cock like and obedient little bitch. Before I started I could see Mike behind me slowly stroking his cock. I anticipated a hard slam into my ass, but was surprised when he only slid the head across the moist area of my pussy. My blood was pounding now into my twat. The constant friction causing an involuntary reaction. My unconscious need takes over and forces me to sway, ever so slightly at first, trying to meet the onward motion of his cock.

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   While distracted by Mike behind me I wasn't paying attention to be an obedient girl for John. But I was forced back to attention when he grabbed my chin and smiled at me. "If nly all the good girls knew how bad they could be this would never be any fun for me. " He said. And with that Mike plows into my waiting pussy. I screamed in elation and pain "Fuck!!" followed by hard, deep moaning in time with the rhythmic motion of his cock meeting my hips. I grabbed the shaft of Johns cock with one hand and steadied myself from the onslaught from behind, by grabbing his leg with the other. Without any direction, almost as if I was possessed by some other force I slowly slobber all over the purple tip, stroking his rod and licking the rim of his cock. The rumbling moans I'm making with my mouth are muffled by his swollen head, but are amplified into him and ran through his dick, making our moans come in time with each other. I grabbed his cock with both hands now, as if I was afraid I'd be blown away by the wave of impending energy. My moans have become screams and I violently impaled my face onto his cock with every other downward stroke, gagging, and spitting, and growling!! Mike is hard at work behind me, maintaining his pace as he urged me on. I know he could feel my pulsing approach of an explosive climax. The unforgiving pace is hurdling me closer and closer, and I take Johns cock out of my mouth and scream "oh my god, yes, fuck me harder, oh god I'm going to cum. " With that Mike stopped, lifted my legs up and threw me up on to the bed. He told me to get on to of John so I did so with Mike gliding my sweet wet pussy down onto Johns hard cock.

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   He tells me to ride him nice and hard while I suck on his cock. I thought to myself they must both want to cum at the same time. With an unexpected thrust from his hips, his cock slides deep inside me and makes me fall over onto his chest. Before I could sit back up John rammed his hard cock into my ass. So this is what double penetration feels like. God it felt good. I didn't want it to stop, I wanted this pleasure to go on forever. After going at it this way for a bit I went back to sucking on Johns cock. But they rolled me off the bed so I was bent over it again. John thrusted up as he pulled my head down. He slid is cock deep into my throat and after doing that a few times he exploded his hot sweet cum into my awaiting mouth. He grabbed the back of my head again and forced it back down as I tried to escape the rush of his juice. Within a seconds of his release my pussy started to spasm from Mike working his magic in my tight wet cunt. It slammed me like a freight train and my knees buckled but I was kept in place by his tightly clenched hands on my hips as he rushed to achieve his climax. Each thrust was like a flash of light covering my body in an electrifying shock.


   Wave upon wave until I lost Consciousness. I don't know how much later it was, but I awoke in a warm bed. I didn't know where I was at first. I was still weak from the intense orgasm. I realized I was in my own bed. Strange I thought. But how. I looked on the floor and my night stand and my clothes and MP3 player were all there. I started to question if was real, or was it just the most awe inspiring dream ever? There was no way that was a dream. I moved to lay on my side and I feel tight and sore in my legs. I ran my hand under the blanket and felt a sudden tenderness on the front of my hips, and my hair was matted and knotty from being wet. I didn't know what to think, but I felt so relaxed and invigorated from inside like you get from amazing sex. I decided it could not be real it could never happen in real life, but when i turned on my light and looked at the night stand I saw a note that read "you are welcome, and the next time you go for a run. . .

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  call me!" If you would like you can contact me at Devilish_angel_4u@rocketmail. com and in the subject line put Running.