Rude Awakening


"You are a girl. . . a GIRL!" cried Benny as he threw his glove upon the sofa.
"sorry. . . " sobbed Joe, half crying, half whimpering, closing the door behind him.
"What's all that ruckus?" said their mother, her hands covered in latex gloves, holding a filthy frying pan and a bar of soap, her dress covered in a flower apron.
"Josephina here. . . " said Benny sarcastically. "He cost us the game! He throws like a damn girl!" he said, his angry face inches away from Joe's.
"Benny! Don't you realize your brother is way too young? It's not his fault if you take him to your games. " said their mother, leaving the pan and taking her youngest away from his brother.

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"When I was his age I was great at baseball. . . " spat Benny ". . . he's a whimp. A girl. . . a faggot. . . "
Theresa Rourke covered her mouth in shock and uttered in a very angry tone "Benjamin Phillip Rourke! How can you say such a word? You're grounded! GROUNDED!" she roared. She stood up, higher than she ever had, even though her son was far taller than she was.


   "You're going to your room right now and you're not allowed to leave until I say so!"
"I'm nineteen, you can't send me to my room. " he said, crossing his arms defiantly.
"Yes I can young man, as long as you live under my roof, you'll live under my laws! NOW MOVE IT!" she said, pointing at the staircase.
Benny stared at his mother, a smug grin on his face. But then she moved one step forward, opening her hand and raising it.   Covering his face he made a run for the stairs "Fine I'll go. . . but you should punish pussy boy there too. . . he cost us the game!" he said, in spite of his mother's outrage.
"That bloody no good. . .

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   I can't wait until summer's over and he leaves for college again. . . " muttered Theresa to herself.
"Mom. . . what's a faggot?" asked the boy. He had never heard that word before and did not understand why his mother had reacted that way.
His mother looked at him, her eyes almost covered in tears.   She crouched before him, gently removing the long brown hair from his face, getting a good look at his boyish features.   "You don't have to worry about that sweety. It's just a nasty word that only a nasty boy like your brother can say. Don't mind it. " she said.

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"But . . . he called me that before you know. . . and his friends too, especially just now. . . he was really mad at me for being such a lousy pitcher. . . " the kid said, doing his best to contain his tears.
"Like I said, it's not your fault. You're merely a twelve year old boy.

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   Your brother and his friends are far older than you, far bigger. He should never have taken you to play in the first place. " she said reasurringly. "Now come, join mein the kitchen. I still haven't cleaned the spoon and I reckon there's a bit of cookie dough in it still. "
A big smile reached across Joe's face and he followed his mom.
"Foul loathsome pussy boy. . . " said Benny, quite mad, hitting his pillow. "Stupid cunt. Cost us the game. . . " he said under his breath, quite mad at his young sibling.

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   He stared at his watch. 6 PM, almost time for dinner. Dinner he would miss because of his stupid, girl-like brother. He threw himself on his bed angrily. He laid there for a second or two, thinking about it. He heard the front door, father was home. Would his father side with him? He had always said that Joe wasn't as masculine as he should have been. He was always saying theboy needed a haircut, that it wasn't right for a man to have long hair. But mother had always defended him, mother had always nurtured little Joe, always pampered him. Benny turned and hit the pillow again, angry and jealous at his brother. He laid for a couple more minutes, sinking his mind in his dark thoughts. Absent-mindledly he got up from the bed, turned on his radio and walked towards his closet. He opened it and then searched for the false floorboard, removing it and getting what he wanted. He carefully took the whisky bottle in his hands, almost hiding it from view. He closed the false floorboard, the closet, and then moved to the door, securing it with the lock.

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   Relaxed now that he was safe he jumped on his bed and begun to drink, allowing his mind to think back how much he hated his pussy brother.
Hours passed. Joe climbed to his bed, his body scarcely covered by a long shirt that used to belong to Benny. Tired as he was (and full of his mom's delicious cookies), he quickly fell asleep, his window open and the moonlight bathing his room. Calmness took over suburbia. Suddenly the calm was broken as Joe's bedroom door opened slowly. Benny grinned as he saw his brother's sleeping form. He carefully closed the door. Drunk as he was it wasn't easy, but Benny had mastered the art of drunk sneaking during his time at college, where he would sneak into the girl's dormitories to fuck them silly. He locked the door and chuckled in anticipation. He stared at his girl of a brother and his grin faded, to be replaced by a mad look. Being a really hot night, Ben's 6 foot body was covered only by his underwear. He removed it instantly, his drunken mind anticipating what he was about to do. His big 9inch cock slapped against his flat stomach as he did, and he prowled towards the bed. He carefully lifted his old shirt from his brother's ass, revealing the smooth, hairless behind of a twelve year old boy.

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  "Just like a girl. . . " he muttered. "Stupid cunt. . . " he said, spatting on it. Without further ado, he got on top of his little brother, crushing him with his football-playing body weight.
The sudden weight upon him awakened Joe, but before he could even gasp a strong powerful hand gripped his mouth and he could not utter a single sound. "You fucking faggott. . . I'm gonna teach you a lesson. .

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  . " the rough voice in his ear was easily recognizable. The stale stench of liquor filled his senses, but still he knew his brother was on top of him. It took Joe a second to realize his brother had a stick or something between them. "Oh god. . .   he's gonna beat me up. . . " he thought, believing his brother had brought a baseball bat. How very wrong he was.
"You've had this coming for a long time pussy boy. . .

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  " said Benny, removing his brother's underpants with one quick motion, while tightly holding his mouth. ". . . ever since I saw you making floral arrangenments with mom. . . you're such a faggott. . . I'm gonna give you just what you want. . . " "no. .


  . please no. . . " tried to speak Joe, but it was no use. He heard his brother spat on something, and seconds later a cold, wet finger started to rub his anus. The finger didn't linger for long, and soon he felt a huge, hot head approaching. "You're gonna love this bro. . . I'm gonna tear you in half for making me loose. . . " Benny's drunken state had made him loose all rationalization. Without waiting, he began to force his big hot cock up his brother's ass.

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   He could feel it tearing, his young brother's quivering body below him. But he didn't stop. Tears fell from Joe's eyes as he tried to scream, a silent scream that was unheard by his assailant. And Benny smiled, forcing his way up. For Benny it was a couple of seconds to get all in, for Joe it felt like a eternity of pain. "Fucking tight. . . " said Benny. He eased off a bit, moving his hips forward, trying to open the young, tight hole by moving in circles. Benny smiled as he felt liquid around his cock, he knew Joe was bleeding. This seemed to turn himon even more. Slowly he begun his attack. He took his cock out, and then he got back in, and then out, and then in, increasing his pace. "Gonna.


  . . fuck. . . you. . . bitch. . . " he whispered in his brother's ears. Joe cried heavily, pain shooting up all over his body. Each thrust felt even worse, each thrust tearing his flesh apart. "You're enjoying this, aren't you bitch.

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  . . of course you are. . . all faggots love big cocks. " said Benny, his voice ragged and a bit louder than before. Joe didn't know how long he remained there, just laying on his bed, getting his ass ripped by his much older brother.
    He cried until there were no more tears, his mouth hurting from his brother's tight grip. He felt Benny quickening his pace, making shorter withdrawals and then Benny realeased a moan of pleasure on his ear, his stale alcohol-filled breath filling Joe's senses once more, and he felt Benny's cock explode inside of him. Benny remained there, enjoying his orgams, filling his baby brother with his cum. After a while he moved closer to his brother's ears "Bitch, you're gonna do everything I say, or I'm gonna beat the crap out of you so badly you're gonna bein a hospital bed until I get back to school. You hear me?"Joe nodded slightly, his tears fresh on his face. "Good bitch. .

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      . now I'm gonna release your mouth, you're not gonna even think about screaming or saying anything. . . " Benny said, Joe nodded again. After a second of thinking, Benny removed his hand and lifted himself from his brother, his hard cock leaving the little boy's ass. "Fuck. . . I really messed you up. . . " he said, looking at the blood/cum covered ass. "And I really messed me up. .

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      . " he added, watching his cock with the same liquids. He turned his brother around, making him lie with his face up and sat on his brother's chest. "See this?" he said, patting his brother's lips with his massive hard cock. "This is what I fucked you with. . . as you can see it's all filthy with your blood and my cum. . . I want you to open you mouth wide now bitch. . . "Joe hesitated, but he was too afraid and too much in pain to truly think so he did as ordered. Benny grinned, his drunken eyes staring at the moonlight lit scene.

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       He plunged his cock deep into his brother's mouth, making him clean it off.   Since it was hard, it didn't take long, even for a mind as drunk as Benny's to realize what to do. He grabbed his brother's head and began to fuck his mouth. Joe flapped his arms, trying to stop the sudden, savage attack on his mouth but Benny could not be stopped "You bite me and you're dead cunt. . . " said the eldest brother, moving his hips back an forth, sinking his nine inch cock in the wet cavern. Joe's eyes opened again in tears as his brother forced his cock up his mouth. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't think, all he could do was lie there. Benny fucked his baby brother's mouth for a short while and then erupted in pleasure as shot after shot of cum left his cock and splattered the small throat. Grinning he took it out of his brother's mouth, sending a last stream of cum right in his face. Grinning ever more broadly he hit the face with the heavy cock a couple of times "Well done cunt. . . well done bitch.

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      . . " he smiled. Slowly he got down from his brother's chest. He grabbed Joe's hair and looked at his handywork. Blood/cum covered lips and cheeks greeted him. "Listen up bitch. You will never talk about this . . . and starting today you're mine to do as I please. Cunts in this fucking town are not half as good as the cunts in college, so, for the remainder of my so-called Summer Holidays, you're gonna be my bitch. Hear?" He slapped his brother, and Joe slowly nodded. "And don't even dream about telling mom. .

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      . " Benny ended his threat as he released his brother's hair. "Now get some sleep, tomorrow's gonna be a beauuuuutiful day. . . " He said grinning and he laughed as he left his brother's room. Joe sank in his pillow, crying, bleeding, hurting. He knew the worst time of his life was just starting, and he knew he was powerless to stop it. . .
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