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Tonight she has dressed rather sophisticated for the cocktail party. She wears a nice beige suit with a skirt that comes to just above the knee, sheer taupe pantyhose, a lilac teddy, and matching nylon panties. The ensemble is completed with a smart shoulder bag and steel grey court shoes. She looks very attractive for her age and I have been looking at her all night with the intention of ‘having’ her, dressed just as she is. Lucky for me Kerry has had a few gin and tonics at the party and even though we left early she is quite tipsy and receptive to my request for a ‘dress-up and play’ session. I decided to counter my wife’s sophisticated look with a gaudy, slutty, look that includes ‘hooker’ style make-up. I dress in a black corset, under which I have donned my girdle to flatten my 45-year old man’s belly. I wear 18 denier tan pantyhose as a foundation garment, as although I run an electric trimmer over my legs regularly, they are not fully shaven except for the tops of my thighs, ass, and around my cock and balls. I attached sheer nylon stockings to the garters on my corset and pulled red nylon panties over them. I painted my nails a bright red and shook them vigorously so they would dry in a hurry. I wear my favourite patent leather black ‘come fuck me’ high heels. I complete the look with full make-up including slutty red lipstick and blue eye shadow, and my brunette bob wig with the red highlights. I look and feel like a real tart, just what I wanted. “Martin, go and see what that noise is in the laundry” shouts Kerry through the ensuite door from where she is sitting on the bed. “You know I’m ‘Michele’ when I’m dressed” I say. “Well just go and let the fucking dog in will you, before breaks the fucking door down” she scolds.

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   I can tell by her language that she has had more than enough to drink. This excites me because she becomes a ‘rough diamond’ when drunk. She swears a lot and is more demanding when me make love. My small penis gives a little twinge of anticipation in my panties as I totter through the bedroom on my high heels on the way to check out the banging coming from the laundry. I notice Kerry has removed her jacket and is sitting on the bed, I want to hurry back because I really want to fuck her as she is, I don’t want her to undress. “I’m letting the fucking dog in, then I’m coming back to fuck you darling, so be prepared” I say as I pass her. She reaches out and pats my ass, “promises, promises” she laughs and takes another gulp of her drink. I walk faster as my arousal grows. “Fucking dog always wants to come in at the worst times” I mutter under my breath. “Don’t know why we have the fucking animal” I curse and open the door to the laundry. The small laundry has a door opposite to the one I just opened. It leads outside to a small courtyard where we have our washing line (It’s probably just as well the courtyard can’t be seen from street given some of the items of clothing that often hang on that line). As I step into the laundry I stop suddenly as I realise something is wrong. The outside door is standing wide open and I can make out two large figures standing in the gloom. “Get that cunt bitch, shut her the fuck up, and lets get this fucking door closed before neighbours hear anything” a rough voice says.

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   A squat powerful man looms out of the dark, puts hand over mouth and starts to drag me back inside the corridor that leads to the bedrooms. I hear the laundry door slam shut as I’m dragged on my heels into the main bedroom. I’m so stunned I haven’t said a word. Kerry is so shocked she drops her glass and just stares as I am thrown on to the bed beside her. “That’s right you two fucking bitches, you just shut the fuck up if you don’t want to get seriously belted” says the second of the two assailants as he enters. “Joey, get these two old cows tied up while I look around. And the next time you tell me that there is no one home in the house we are about to turn over, there better fucking not be or I’ll tie you up, you dumb fuck!” the larger and obviously the leader of the two snarls. Joey slapped me back on the bed; he gives me a funny look but he is too busy at the moment to worry any further about me, he can see I’m in shock. “Ok you old bitch, get your fancy arse over on that chair” he growls at Kerry and half drags her into the chair near the vanity. “Park you arse and sit still or you get this” he says waving a fist in her face. She collapses in the chair and her opens a drawer in the vanity and takes out some scarves to tie her up with. He firmly ties her ankles to the legs and her wrists to the arms of the chair. Tied like this her legs are spread and I notice him look up her skirt at her exposed nylon encased thighs and silky panty crotch. He reaches into another draw and extracts a pair of pantyhose that he ties around her mouth as a gag. I am now slightly recovered from the shock of this home invasion and make to get off the bed.

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   Joey pushes me back on the bed easily, he is half my age and his strength is obvious in his tanned muscled arms. “Sit back there you dumb cunt” he laughs; and I realise that he has figured out I am a man dressed as a woman. I don’t know whether I am more ashamed of myself for being unable to protect my wife or being caught dressed as a woman. He yells out, “hey Frank, this other sad old slag is a fucking man dressed up as a sorry looking slut of woman”. I hear Frank clattering around in the other rooms. “I’ll be there in a minute he calls, just keep the cunts quiet while I get the silver and any other shit worth taking” he calls back. He sneers at me “you fucking panty boy homo gutless prick, you should see yourself you silly old fat tranny” and laughs. “At least you wife ain’t as ugly as you, you fag hag. ” I just sit there stunned on the bed as he pulls open my wife’s skirt and slides his hand up her thigh. Now I know this is going go to go from bad to worse as Frank comes back in the room. “Looks like your having fun” he chuckles at Joey as watches him slide his hands over my wife’s thighs and up to her panty crotch. “Now you fucking sorry looking tranny hag, if you behave yourself and tell me where your cash is, I might just be able to stop Joey from raping you wife” he glares at me. “So be fucking quick and don’t stuff me about!” “In her bag there, she has a purse, and my wallet is on the dresser beside the bed” I squeal as I watch the squat, powerful thief molest my wife. Feelings of helplessness again overcome me; I am disgusted with myself for just sitting here watching Kerry squirm under the hands of this thug. Frank empties my wallet and Kerry’s purse of cash and credit cards.

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   “I’ve changed my mind” he laughs, “think I’ll let Joey rape the old lady while just sit here on the bed and enjoy the entertainment”. He jumps on the bed beside me and pulls a knife from his belt, waving it under my nose he says “just behave sissy or you both get some of this; show his Joey”. Joey pulls an identical knife and proceeds to cut the front buttons from my wife’s dress. She squirms in the chair but can do nothing to stop him. Her dress falls open to reveal her lilac teddy and matching panties. Joey can’t keep his hands off her; he drops the knife pulls down the top of her teddy and commences to stroke her pussy through her panties and sheer hose. Kerry tries to pull away and realises that fighting against the bonds is useless. I see a resigned look come over her face as she submits to this pervert’s touch. Joey is laughing now as he gets very excited; he opens his trousers and displays a pudgy, thick, red cock. It glistens with pre-come. He commences to rub his phallus all over my wife’s tits as she again begins to struggle feebly. “Now I’m going to remove that gag, but if you make one fucking peek, Frank over there is going to cut off your fag husband’s cock, ok”. Frank pulls me too him and places his knife against my cock through the fabric of my nylon panties, amazingly my cock actually begins to twinge and become semi-erect; I can’t believe it! Joey pulls the pantyhose gag from around my wife’s head and pulls on the ‘scrunchie’ holding her hair up and lets it fall around her face. He straddles her and commences to force his cock into her mouth. She squirms to try and prevent him but he is too strong.

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   Frank laughs, “looks like your wife ain’t much of a cocksucker girly. ” “Hey look at this Joey, this pervert is getting off on his wife being head fucked,” he says as he pulls down the front of my panties to revel my semi-hard cock pushing against my pantyhose. “This tranny must have a “nylon fetish just like us mate because he’s got pantyhose on under his panties and stockings on over them. ” He roughly grabs my now erect cock through the sheer nylon and gives it a shake. “Well now this bitch and her bitch husband know we both got the hots for nylons let’s make the most of it” says Joey and opens the gusset of the pantyhose he was using as a gag and pulls the hose over my wife’s head. “Now listen here bitch, I’m going to cut you free and we are going over to that couch in the corner and have some fun. ” “Looks like Frank is getting cosy with your fag hag husband so lets just let us have our fun and we’ll be gone without bloodshed. ” “What does your girly husband like to called anyway?” “Miiiichele” Kerry whispers, muffled by the nylon covering her face. “You leave him alone!” “Him” laughs Frank; “well SHE seems to be enjoying this little party”. Frank now has hold of my penis and pushes his face into mine, although I make a feeble attempt to struggle, his tongue forces its way into my mouth and commences exploring my tongue. I can’t believe that I am responding, but my cock actually gets harder and as Frank pushes his body against mine and I feel his hard cock through his jeans, I actually sigh. I have never been so scared, but at the same time aroused. Here in our own bedroom my wife and I are being brutally raped and I’m actually getting off on it. I disgust myself, but at the same time marvel at my responses. Kerry however is still struggling and I can see Joey loves it.

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   He has dragged her over to couch and stripped off the remains of her dress, her teddy and her panties. She is dressed only in her pantyhose and of course the other pair of hose that Joey has pulled over her head. Kerry looks pathetic and vulnerable as she is being sadistically stripped; and here is her weak girl-husband responding and kissing a rapist who has him on the bed. Frank now straddles my body as he lies on top of me. He reaches down and pushes down his pants and I feel his hard throbbing cock against my nyloned thigh. He starts to push against me, dry humping my leg as he continues to thrust his tongue in my mouth and squeeze my girl-cock. I cant help but respond and push against him, not struggling, but in timing with his humping, increasing his pleasure. He pushes off me and I quickly glance across at Kerry. Joey is forcing her head against his groin. She is trying to push him away but he is obviously excited by the feel of his stubby hard cock against her pantyhose encased face. “Stop struggling bitch” he gasps, “This cock is going back in your mouth, and you are going to suck it; just like Michele is going to suck Frank’s. ” I am immediately stunned. I am not gay and have never sucked a cock in my life. I then turn and see Frank’s throbbing cock in front of my face. He is leering down at me, “that’s right honey,” you’ve got my cock to worry about, don’t you worry about what Joey is up to over there.

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  ” With that he grabs the back of my head, and pushes it towards his throbbing penis. He pushes his cock against my lipstick lips; “suck it bitch, suck it or I’ll belt you. ” Reluctantly I open my mouth and his knob slides in over my lips and teeth. It is solid but spongy and tastes slightly salty. My tongue has no choice but to slide over it as I gasp for breath. It is initially uncomfortable, but as Frank slowly forces the member further into my mouth I start to enjoy the feeling of it. Frank eases the pressure on my head and I relax my jaw and start to suck him into me. I start a gentle backwards and forwards motion taking more of him into my mouth with each bob of my head. My tongue commences sliding over the meaty head of the penis as I’m sucking it. It’s as if I was a born cocksucker. Joey now pushes his cock under the pantyhose covering Kerry’s face and rubs his cock against her cheek. He is sighing with pleasure as my wife continues to struggle. He pushes his cock into her mouth and taking her head in both his hands, starts to fuck her face. She has no choice but to capitulate. I notice that I am sucking Frank’s cock in time with the thrusts of Joey’s penis raping my wife’s mouth.

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   I can see around the hard cock in my mouth that Joey is increasing his rhythm “I’m not coming your mouth bitch” he snarls “your getting the fucking you deserve!” He pulls his cock out of her pantyhose covered face and roughly pushes her onto the couch and pulls her arse in air. He commences to rub his gnarled cock against her nylon-covered arse. Frank starts to chuckle “looks like that stuck-up bitch is about to get hers Michele” he sniggers sarcastically, “so I guess It’s time you got the same; It’s only fair that husband and wife should get equal attention. ” Frank pulls his cock from my mouth, rolls me over, and pulls my arse in the air so I am the identical position as my wife. “Please don’t” I beg, “I’m a virgin there, I’m not gay!” “Well Michele, you ain’t a virgin much longer, look over at your cunt wife because you’re getting the same treatment. ”I look over and am horrified to see that Joey has pulled her pantyhose down just enough to put his cock against my wife’s pussy and he is bent over her pushing it in. Kerry begins to scream. “Shut up cunt or I use the knife” Joey grunts as he pushes his hard penis deep into my wife. Frank has hold of my penis, which he has freed, from the front of my hose and panties; he is squeezing it. I must be a sick pervert; even though I am horrified at the spectacle of a stranger raping my wife, my cock gets harder. Then a knife appears in front of my eyes, “You know what this is good for,” Frank laughs, “this”. And with a flick, the knife is at my arse, cutting through the gusset of my pantyhose. He pulls my panties to one side and then to my terror, I feel the head of his hard cock against the entrance to my arse. “Hey watch me pop this cherry!” Frank calls across the room to Joey. With that he thrusts, I feel my back passage ripped apart as he enters me.

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   I squeal with pain as his throbbing hard prick fills me and I feel the worst pain I have ever felt. “Shut up bitch” Frank pants and commences thrusting in and out of me. Again he and Joey get in rhythm, as Joey thrusts into my wife, Frank thrusts into me. I quickly realise that trying to squeeze Frank’s cock out of my arse is only hurting me more and giving him more pleasure. He is panting and I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I can imagine Kerry feeling Joey’s breath on her neck as he fuck’s her in the same wild beat as both rapists fuck us in unison. As I force myself to relax the muscles in my arse, a strange thing happens, as Frank’s hard pulsating cock-head rubs against my prostate, I feel the first warm tingle of pleasure. I start to get into the same motion as Frank, pushing back on him as he thrusts, pulling back away when he pulls back on his backstroke. “Hey Joey, this bitch has finally got the idea” he pants. “The same with the cunt wife” Joey pants back. I look across and see my wife is in rhythm with her rapist, she’s panting too, and amazingly, even though she has the pantyhose covering her head, I can see she has a look of concentration oh her face. Not a look of shame or pain, but the same look she gets when I am fucking her and she is working to her own orgasm. The fucking bitch is starting to enjoy it!Joey pulls his cock out of her and I actually hear her moan of disappointment. But Joey isn’t out of her for long; he flips her on her back, pushes the gusset of her sheer pantyhose aside and slides into her. I can’t fucking believe it; Kerry raises her legs and wraps them around Joey’s back and begins to fuck him in abandon.


   My slut wife is enjoying being raped! The bitch is fucking and moaning like a whore, bucking up and down in time with her rapist’s hard cock as it pounds in and out of her. I should have guessed what would happen next. Frank pulls his cock out of my stretched arse with an audible ‘plop’. He flips me over on my back, puts my high heeled, nylon encased legs over his shoulder so my arse sits up high off the bed, and forces his thick turgid penis back into my arse. And it feels wonderful! I join my wife in the ecstasy of rape, and begin to fuck Frank in earnest. I raise my arse to meet his thrusts, and push the muscles of my love tunnel together when his engorged head rubs on my prostate. There is no more talk, just the panting of two couples working towards orgasm. I feel Frank speed up his thrusting and his cock growing even thicker as he approaches his climax. I glace across and see Joey fucking my wife with quick deep thrusts and see her lunge against him in a concert of rape. They are both close to coming too. The sight of my wife being raped, and her obvious pleasure is too much and sends me over the top, at Frank’s next lunge deep into me, I come. An earth shattering orgasm that starts deep in my arse, then travels to my cock, and forces my balls to produce the sea of sperm that erupts out of cock and soaks my panties and nylons. Frank grunts at the same time and I feel a flood of come fill my arse, increasing the ultimate pleasure of my orgasm. Joey shrieks across the room as he achieves his own climax, and I see my wife pull herself against him, shuddering as she comes. She has her pantyhose covered head buried in his neck and is sobbing as she grips him with her shiny, sheer nylon legs.


  The two rapists, Frank and Joey, almost in unison push away from us. Joey wipes his come-covered cock on my wife’s thigh as Frank does the same to me. We have identical trails of semen glistening on our nylons. The rapist-robbers silently dress as I lay on the bed panting and Kerry lies on the couch doing the same. My wife and I cannot look at each other; we both feel disgust at our animal reactions in enjoying our own rapes and the rape of each other. Frank follows Joey to the door, pauses, turns around, and says; “Thanks for the loot and thanks for the fuck – pleasure doing business with you girls!” and follows his partner out the door and into the night. .



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