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The drive was long and the temptations were great. The girl she moved in her sleep that turning over with her back to you the skirt moved up high enough on one side that the black thong was revealed. She did not even seem to notice as she wrapped her hands adorably tucked beneath her chin. You caught yourself staring for several momments before the sound of gravel under the tires startled your gaze back to the road and you returned all four wheels safely onto it. With a sigh of relief you were thankful it was early in the morning and nobody else was around for miles. You reached down with one free hand, sliding it over her thigh with the intentions of pulling her skirt down blindly though she chose that momment to move again. Rolling onto her back as your hand slipped the skirt further up and your fingers were given the touch of death--you felt the warmth of her crotch calling to you. Beckoning to dip beneath the thong and taste the forbidden fruit. You are just a man after all, and she was asleep to never even know. A moral delima if ever there was one and you caught yourself staring again at the hairless mound of her beautiful shaved snatch that made your mouth water and your better half do a leap in your pants. Snatching your hand away you blush, despite the fact that nobody saw your shame save you, you continue to drive. Pulling up in front of your house as you quickly park inside the garage for once so no one sees you as you come around and lift the young woman up. Carrying her upstairs as fast as you can without bruising yourself. You never realized how hard it could be to walk with a hard-on up stairs, carrying a pretty girl before this night and made a vow to not do it again without first getting some sort of comensation. That was the man in you talking again. Laying her down upon your bed you pulled the sheets back and stared, should you leave her in those filthy clothes or remove them?You chose the former, though any man in his right mind would of screamed at the chance to run his fingers over her beautiful, volumptuous frame.

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   Pulling up a chair instead and sitting beside the bed you fidget, with your hands in your lap you shake your knee repeatively. Unable to remain still as the young woman rolled over onto her stomach and moaned as she sank into the soft cushions of the bed. Your imagination ran wild with such innocent sounds procured from the young woman's voice, the sweet sounds of her pleasure taken from the wiles of your passion. The way that you found you could not help yourself and rose to sit upon the bed's edge instead your hand touched her calf. Resting there as your heart pounded in your throat and roamed slowly up her inner thigh. She curled one leg up, scaring you off for a momment before you realized she was just shifting again. She was not very still in her sleep as her unique antics were becoming known to you. You slid closer and this time leaning over her as you let your hand wander up beneath her skirt you grasped a hold of her thigh. Squeezing it a bit before moving up to her hips your hardening member pressed against your pants and wanted out. Screaming with the tension of the thick muscle in the restriction of your drawers you found yourself with one free hand rubbing to sooth the savage beast. "Fuck me hard" that was all you wanted to hear her say, though only faint coos and gentle murmers of her uncaring sleep came to play. With one hand you fumbled with the button of your pants and gave a little release to the pressure building. Though pushing the skirt up further you found your fingertips toying with her thong. Playing with the silken edges forboding the view of your forbidden flower. Plucking the petal you leaned over, pulling down either side as you took one deep sniff of her glorious scent ladden with the faint bit of liquor that clounded her mind.

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  Pulling the thong slowly down her thighs you nearly froze with what you saw. The nearly hairless mound of a neatly cut snatch belonging to the most beautiful maiden you had seen for years. Perhaps you were the drunk one, intoxicated with the sight of her pussy that in its own tongue seemed to sing, "Come to me. . . ". Completely removing the small article you rose, unable to take it any longer you unzipped your pants and let them fall to your heels. Kicking the shoes off in an afterthought and struggling to get them off past your ankles as in the rush you had forgotten about something so simple as shoes. Failing on behalf of grace though making up for it in earnest effort you landed on one knee after a thunderous attempt at hopping and froze, praying for the first time since she fell asleep she would not wake up. You knew, deep down, what you were doing was wrong but so long as she was not conscious of it, it was not so bad?Leaning over her once again you look up to her face, watching to see for even the slightest stirrings of life in her sleeping face. Your heart resounding its thunderous wings against its cage it burned its rythem in your head. It was all you could hear, louder than even your ragged breathing or her soft coos. As your finger slid slowly past the soft fuzz of her fur to where the heat grew warmer and the moisture collected. Parting the tender lips of her glorious snatch a burning sauna met your fingers. Sheering away bone with your touch dipping into the wet confines of her sex.

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   You leaned further over her, as caressing her pink folds your lips sought a taste of hers and brushed lightly over her mouth. Your lips hovering above her own you pause for the briefest momment before you kiss her quick. Though your lips melt against her own you follow it by slowly inserting your index finger into her hottest depths. A a thin poker to stroke the fires of desire your lips are met with a slow consciousness as the girl's eyes flutter. It was one thing to tease and caress though now you have crossed the line into not even an unconscious drunk could lie still for. The foreign body within her she murmers incomprehendable words and you pull away. Sliding you finger out as you lick over the sweet savoring taste of wonderous nectar, lapping at the jewels of her sex with a hungry tongue she starts to stir. Squirming beneath you as she reaches around, searching for something without yet sure what it was.
    You could already see your chance slipping out the window as she stirred once more. You slid your knees between her thighs as your hands caressed over her hips and drove beneath her shirt. Pulling it up as you exposed more and more of her milky white flesh it was not until you reached her bossom that you were satisfied. The large tits that had grabbed your attention in the first place made your member tremble with earnest desire as you knew your mind would be filled with ideas of rubbing your cock between them for many months to come. For now though you were satisfied to grab and squeeze them, to caress and attend her feminine form in ways you had only dreamed of touching a woman again with. She writhed beneath you, groaning as she found a single word, "Who. .

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      . "Not no, not stop, not help but Who. A Word that meant none of the above though it might of been her next word had she the conscious thought to formulate a linear pattern of thought. She hadn't the time however as you trampled her efforts of speech with your mouth. To kiss her liquor-stained lips with your own in the greedy passion taking you over. You slid one hand away from her breast as you grasped your steaming member and rubbed it along the moistened lips of her body's betrayl. Instincts intensified by liquor made her hormones think she wanted what her logic failed to speak otherwise to. You forced your hardened phallus past the rejections of her lips and deep within the heat of her moistened folds. She was no virgin, girls rarely were these days, but she was good nonetheless. You left her lips alone a momment for the grunt of your carnal pleasures taking form. Throwing your hips into it as your arms grasped her ankles and lifted her legs for the better angle. To take her in deep your thighs clenched and threw themselves into a methodical rythem predating your father's fathers. She whimpered, squirming beneath you as she finally found better words, "No. . .

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      . stop. . . . " the words you hated to hear. You had been raised properly, you knew the wrong from the right, though your logic had failed where the man in you took over and he was too far into the act to be denied. "It's not rape, you want to fuck me. . it's not rape. . you want it. . . " you chant over and over, trying to convince her or perhaps even yourself.

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      She's too out of it to know, too out of it perhaps to even care as your body is thrown into a rack of shivers and you find that perhaps taking her in such a manner turned you on far more than you would care to admit to your perverse mind. Throwing your head back as with another grunt you picked up the pace, hearing the sloshing sound of your dick thrusting into the moist heat of her oven. Tightening the glove around you as you threw her legs over your shoulder and bent them back towards her torso as you leaned over her. Looking down at her side-turned face as your eyes started to haze a bit. You could feel it a momment before it happened, for once too quickly to be controlled as your member flexed inside of her and your whole body felt on fire. You gave her one last thrust to remember her by as you emptied the months, perhaps years of yearnings into each spurt of your jism. Your eyes closing tightly, your face contorting as you polished your sin complete and relished the feel of a hot blonde beneath you. You stayed that way for a minutes past as the deminishing size would force you to slip out you took your time in cleaning the young girl off. She must never know of course, that you fucked her that night you brought her home. For in the morning when she would ask, you tell her of what a good sumaritan you were while never wiping that smug grin off your face. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~This is my first attempt to submit anything so constructive criticism is very much appriciated. .


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