Revenge Of The Perverts: Bitch Hell


Ever since his family had moved into the city a new friendship had started almost instantly between Jimmy and his next-door neighbour Will. It had been two years since Jimmy’s Dad had accepted the job in the new firm, which had led to the move. At first Jimmy had feared the change in his life but now he was more than happy. His mom had died when he was just a baby and his dad was always on some new project at the office. The fact was Jimmy needed a home and now he could say he had it or at least something that resembled it. The Fallon’s were always more than happy to let him stay over when his dad worked all night or had to go on some unscheduled trip something that happened often. Will’s family was almost his family now and Jimmy loved the experience of having support and caring.
You could say Jimmy and Will were closer than brothers. Mrs. Fallon treated him as her own son and Mr. Fallon always made him feel at home with them. Only Will’s older sister Suzie lacked any sympathy for him. She was almost 18 and the most popular girl at school. She had always made him feel unwelcome and her disdain towards him was obvious.
Still Jimmy had always felt a strong attraction for her. He dreamed of dominating her and breaking her spirit.

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   To make her his property. He had these feelings for girls in general but more accentuated for Suzie. Will knew of this since they kept no secrets from each other. They both shared their most intimate thoughts. They had long jerk off sessions where they spoke about their sexual fantasies and perversions while masturbating in the dark. This had nothing to do with homosexuality. They never touched each other or even saw clearly their actions. It was just part of their bond. At fifteen now they had their sexual tastes well defined. They were both somewhat abnormal in what turned them on. They didn’t analyse these feelings. They just had them. They liked to inflict pain, to degrade to explore limits at least in their mind. By now after getting so attached to the Fallon’s Jimmy had started to have desire for someone else other than Suzie. Mrs.

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   Fallon had come into his dark thoughts as well. Will never showed any problems in seeing his family entangled in Jimmy’s perversions. He never participated in it but still he listened with obvious interest.
Mrs. Fallon of course had no idea of this. Jimmy had begun recently to flirt a little trying to get closer but she interpreted all of this as quite innocent and actually played along. Erica Fallon was a 42-year-old that retained much of her once amazing beauty. She had short blond hair, deep green eyes and full lips. Somewhat cliché but still she had been a cheerleader. Her body was in terrific shape for her age. Jimmy loved watching her generous breasts bounce as she walked. She always had some tight dress on or a nice big cleavage for him to explore with his eyes. The fact that she was sexy doesn’t mean she was slutty. No, she had class. You could see she was above most women.

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     Her daughter Suzie was the same. You could fuck 100 girls but nothing compared to getting those girls opening their treasures to you.    At school Suzie was every guys hand job dream. Jimmy thought even gay guys jerked off to her. She had the most perfect round ass. Her tits were small but perky. Her nipples seemed to be permanently erect. She used short skirts that made everyone crazy. Even teachers stared at her long round legs. She had long blond hair and a mouth that seemed a taste of heaven on earth. Jimmy was not a bad looking guy. He was tall and fit. He had black hair and eyes and a kind of playful look that made him attractive but he knew Suzie was not even on his league. Some girls had shown interest in him and in Will that had a muscular body from playing football and a beautiful face that attracted the feminine eye but they were still to have their first sexual experience.
Even though every guy would love to fuck Suzie the truth was every guy also hated her guts.

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   She was a cock teaser and a perfect bitch. She treated everybody like shit mostly guys who tried to come on to her. She only had eyes for Brad Silver the football team’s captain - Mr. Perfect. Jimmy loathed them both.
One day at lunch Brad decided to have some fun with one of the nerds. He made him trip and fall when he walked to a table holding his meal. The floor was a mess and Brad kept pushing the kid down while everybody laughed. Jimmy decided it was enough. He pushed him away and helped the kid up. He was crying.
“What the hell are you doing dork?”
“That kid did nothing to you. Why are you such a fucking idiot?”
“What did you say?”
“You heard me. ”
“I’m going to kick your ass. ”
“Leave him Brad he’s not worth it.

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It was Suzie. She was looking at him with fire in her eyes. Everybody was quiet now.
“He’s a loser. He doesn’t even have a family so he’s always around our house like a stray dog. Not even his dad likes him. ”
“Shut up. ”
“Your such a sad loser Jimmy. You make me sick. Get your own life and leave my family alone. ”
“One day you’ll get what you deserve Suzy. ”
“That’s where you’re wrong. People like me always win. You can never hurt me Jimmy. You’re worthless”
It was at that moment that Jimmy decided he would teach her a lesson she would never forget.

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   He didn’t know how or when but he knew she would be in her worst nightmare soon.
Harry Winston was having the party of the year. Everyone was invited. Winston’s parents were out of town for the weekend and everyone knows what that means. Jimmy and Will arrived at the party when it was already well under way. There were drinks for everyone, loud music and everything you can expect from a high school party. They walked around danced a little but all of that seemed terribly boring to them. Jimmy’s dad was out of town again and he was still trying to think of a way to get back at Suzie. He just wasn’t in a mood for a party and Will always shared his mood. It was clear by now that Jimmy had the control in their relationship and Will merely followed him. Suzie was also there of course. She was sitting on the couch while Brad was on the other side of the room talking to a girl and laughing. She got up and almost tripped as she walked towards him. Jimmy realized she was drunk. She slapped Brad and said something Jimmy didn’t hear.

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   Brad grabbed her and ordered two guys of the team to take her outside. Jimmy followed them leaving Will in the house. He watched them take her to Brad’s car and put her in the passenger’s seat.
“Hey Jimmy!”
It was Will.
“You’re not going to believe this. ”
“Brad just gave me his car keys. He wants me to take Suzie home. She’s been a total bitch all night and is so drunk it’s embarrassing. ”
“Why doesn’t he take her?”
“He’s trying to score with some chick. He tried to appeal to my male code of honour. He must be really desperate. Should I say yes or what?”
Jimmy felt as if he had won the lottery.
“Well let’s go then. ”
Five minutes later they were driving home with Suzie blacked out. Will was driving and Jimmy was in the back seat.

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“Fuck if the police stops us we’re in trouble. ”
“Who needs a licence anyway. Just don’t speed and we’ll be alright”
Jimmy was right. No police appeared but he wasn’t worried about it anyway. His mind was working fast. When they arrived he took his chance.
“Park in front of my house. ”
“Listen you know Suzie’s a bitch. She needs to pay for what she’s done to us. ”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean lets take her to my house. Dad’s away. Your parents are asleep. They never stay up waiting for us. We’re free to do what ever we want. ”
“Jimmy I…”
“Do this for me! Please Will.

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   Do it for me. ”
Will parked the car. The neighbourhood was quiet. It was 1 A. M. They carried Suzie still sleeping to the house.
“Let’s take her to my room. ”
They placed her on Jimmy’s bed and stood in silence for a second.
“Now she’s going to pay. ”
Jimmy left and returned a few seconds later. He was carrying a small digital camcorder.
“You’re going to tape her?”
“No. You’re going to tape her. I’m going to fuck her brains out. ”
He handed Will the camera.

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“Is it taping already?”
“Yeah. Just point it to her. ”
Will obeyed. Suzie was wearing a short red silk dress. Jimmy took her shoes off and pulled her up to his pillow. She was laying peacefully now. Jimmy took his clothes off. He already had a huge erection. He slowly pulled her skirt up to reveal to the camera her panties the same colour of the dress. His fingers rubbed her clit slowly. He noticed Will was hard too. That pleased him. All was going according to his plan. Suddenly he ripped her panties off. Her pussy was left free for the camera’s eye.


   He pushed her panties into her mouth and couldn’t help but reach for his cock and jerk it a few times as he observed her shaven pussy. He wanted to fuck her more than anything but not yet. He took her dress and then her bra leaving her naked. He proceeded to tie her hands to each side of the bed using strong duct tape. Then he did the same with her feet.
Her legs were now wide open as were her arms. She laid there exposed to her brother, the camera and the man who would make the next hours a living hell for her.   
It was the most erotic thing Jimmy had ever seen. Her panties deep in her mouth and her whole body displayed like a piece of meat.
“Time to wake up. ”
He slapped her a few times. Then he left and returned with a glass of water, which he spilled, on her face. This did the trick. Suzie regained conscience and first with a surprised look and then fear saw where she was and in which situation.
“Welcome back bitch.

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She tried to scream but she couldn’t with her mouth filled with her panties. She then saw her own brother taping her. Tears started to come down her face. Jimmy just laughed.
“Sometimes people like me get their chance as you can see. ”
Suzie made all sorts of noises as she tried to free herself but it was useless.
“This is what you are. Meat. A toy for us to fuck. ”
He lowered his hand and started to pinch her clit. He was obviously hurting her with such violence. He slapped her pussy again and again.
“Fucking whore. ”
Will was now close to exploding in his pants. Suzie tried to move but she was nothing but a puppet for them.

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   Her crying was agonizing. Jimmy now had three fingers deep inside her pussy and he kept moving them around inside her exploring, rubbing. ravishing.
“Look how we she is Will. Your sister really is a whore. Focus her face while I finger her. ”
Will did as Jimmy ordered. She tried to move her head to the other side but Will held her with his free hand. Jimmy lowered his head and took her right nipple in his mouth. He bit it hard while still fingering her pussy as rough as he could. In the back of his mind he could hardly believe what was happening. He knew there might be consequences but at least he was going to enjoy himself to the fullest. He decided to leave her pussy for a while and concentrated on her breasts. He squeezed them in a way in which the nipples stood out for him to suck on at his will. He sucked them with all his dreams coming true.

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   Then he slapped her tits around stopping only when they were red raw with the marks of his fingers. He pushed them together again and shoved his cock between them. He used some spit to lubricate his organ and began to fuck her tits up and down.
“Oh yeah! Fucking whore! You like it don’t you. Yeah!!!”
He kept pushing her tits around his cock feeling a pleasure he had never experienced. The warm battered breasts formed a perfect shape for his cock to fuck. Suddenly without being able to stop he cumed right there spraying her breasts with hot steamy cum that seemed never to end. Suzie was crying so hard she could hardly breath. Jimmy stood up and looked at her chest filled with his semen.
“Focus that Will. What a great fuck doll we have here. ”
He cleaned his cock with her hair while laughing.
“If you think this is over you’re sadly mistaken. Your pain has just begun bitch. ”
After saying this to Suzie’s terror, Jimmy buried his head between her wide-open legs.

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   His tongue played with her clit first gently and slowly but soon he had his teeth deep into her flesh. He slid her pussy wide open to reveal the pink inside. His tongue then entered her as he licked and tasted her most intimate flavour.
    He licked one finger and inserted it in her ass making her scream of pain and humiliation. Then he pushed a second finger in. He sucked her clit over and over again exploring her ass with brutal power. Suddenly he grabbed his cock and with all his strength pushed himself into her. Suzie opened her eyes feeling her body explode. His whole cock was inside her. He wasn’t huge but still he had a big enough cock to ravage her and make her tremble in pain. He fucked her with no mercy. Suzie felt all the energy of her body concentrated on her pussy. The feeling of his cock going in and out with such brutality was all her brain processed. Her body was burning up. Her head went up and down with Jimmy’s rhythm.

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       She had never felt such pain but also such pleasure. His dry cum was all over her tits and hair and her panties were making her gag.
    “Oh fuck I can’t take this. ”
    Her young pussy was so tight he could hardly contain his cum. He pushed himself a few more times. Her legs were in the perfect position. She had no choice but to be fucked as long as he wanted.
    “I hope you’re on the pill. ”
    He grabbed her head and looked straight into her eyes as another jet of cum exploded inside her. She could feel the warmth of his semen. Jimmy got up almost out of breath. Without a word Will gave him the cam. Jimmy saw he was naked already.
    “Guess your little brother wants some pussy too. ”
    Will shoved his cock inside her.

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       There was some cum dripping out of her as he started to fuck her as brutally as Jimmy had. This was too much for Suzie. Jimmy was now filming her own brother fucking her without any mercy. She was nothing but an instrument of their pleasure. She had no identity. She was not even human at that moment. She was close to loosing her conscience again. Her body was covered in sweat, bruised and being violated beyond limits. And more was to come.
    Will kept fucking her. He couldn’t hold himself any longer and another jet of cum filled her inside. Will held her tits as he moaned with pleasure.
    “Lets take a break Will. Leave her there. Don’t worry doll, we’ll be right back”.

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    And back they were in fifteen minutes. This time Jimmy brought some rope he got from the garage. He cut the duct tape on her feet and used the rope to tie them to the bed but this time next to her hands. She tried to fight it when she saw her legs free but both men held her as Jimmy fulfilled another of his fantasies. She now had her legs way up in the air wide open. Her waist was pulled up so her ass was completely exposed for the taking. She tried to scream but again her panties made her gag in despair. This position was extremely uncomfortable. Her back seemed close to breaking with such sacrifice.
    “That’s how you should always be. Ready to be fucked at any guy’s order. ”
    Will was now holding a bottle of whisky. Both of them drank from it until it was empty. Then they closed it. Jimmy laughed.

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    “Know that this might hurt a little. ”
    Still laughing he pushed the bottle into her pussy. Suzie couldn’t take the pain. He played with the bottle half way into her. He moved it around with horrible cruelty. The cold glass inside was something so excruciating she was again at the verge of loosing conscience.     
    “Your sister is a real whore Will. ”
    “She needs to get that pussy fucked again Jimmy. ”
    “Now listen whore. If you don’t do what we tell you we’ll make sure everyone you know gets this tape. We’ll put it on the internet. It will haunt you for the rest of your life. ”
    She knew she had no choice.
    “I want to fuck her Jimmy. ”
    “Go ahead.

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       Family love. Isn’t it beautiful. ”
    He took the bottle off but her ordeal was far from over. Will grabbed his cock and pushed himself into her ass.
    “You’re going to fuck her in the ass dry?”
    “Yeah. ”
    She now screamed as an animal. His cock ravaged her ass with no worries for her pain. She was bleeding.
    “I think she wants more. ”
    Jimmy started to finger her as she was being brutally fucked in the ass. She had three fingers inside her and a cock. Then they exchanged. Both of them fucked her in the ass for what seemed hours even if it was less than 30 minutes. It was getting late and they knew it. When they were satisfied they freed her.

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       Suzie couldn’t believe it was over. But no.    Jimmy taped her feet together and then her hands behind her back. They put her on the floor on her knees like a bitch. Will began fucking her from behind.
    “I’m going to fuck your mouth. If you suck me like a good girl I wont fuck your ass with that bottle. You hurt me… you die. ”
    By now she obeyed every order. Jimmy took the panties from her mouth and tied them around her neck. His cock was now deep into her throat. He was savaging her lips as Will fucked her ass and pussy alternately not being the least worried with the bit of excrement on his penis. Suzie gagged not being able to take that brutality in her mouth. Spit ran down her chin. Her nose was dripping.


       Then the boys traded places. She had to suck her brother as Jimmy fucked her ass once more. Her hole was wide open now. Blood was falling down her legs. Will buried her face in his crotch rubbing his balls and cock all over her. Jimmy then made her lick his ass. He rubbed her face on it like if she was just a piece of toilet paper.
    “Now it’s time for the grand finale. ”
    Jimmy grabbed her by the hair. Will was lying on the bed. Jimmy made her sat on his cock. Suzie moaned with pain. She didn’t have the strength to scream. Will grabbed her ass and started to fuck her pussy. Jimmy held the camera and without warning penetrated her ass which Will was opening for him.

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       She had both men inside her now. They were all screaming. What they were feeling was too strong. Both cocks continuously penetrated her without letting go once. Suzie felt sick. Those cocks were devastating her body. The thought that some permanent damage could be made frightened her. What if she lost the ability to be a mother? What if they ripped her apart? Then Jimmy made her turn around. Will pushed his cock in her ass and Jimmy in her pussy this time. She was sitting on Will with her legs around Jimmy’s waist as both of them fucked her with all their hate and lust. Jimmy spat right into her mouth. She swallowed his saliva. Suzie was almost out by now.
    “I can’t take it Jimmy. ”
    “Ok Will lets cum on this bitch.

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    They pushed her to the floor and both of them cumed all over her face. Her lips, eyes, hair and even ears were now dripping with cum. She lay there almost unconscious. Her body was a mess. Bruised, sweaty. She was almost unrecognisable with all that sperm on her face. Jimmy focused her face on the cam and both guys laughed.
    “Come on. To the bathroom. You don’t want to go home to your daddy like this. ”
    She crawled with both of them kicking her forward, degrading her even more. Jimmy pushed his foot deep into her mouth. They pushed her into the shower and watched as she tried to wash the sin committed against her.
    They returned home after three hours of hell. Suzie knew she could never say anything about what had happened.

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       If that tape was ever seen by anyone her life would be over. Besides the shame… it was too much for her to take. She let time heal her wounds. The physical at least because she would never recover from such an attack.   
    Jimmy fucked her a few more times after that. She was his slave now. As long as he had the tape she would have to serve him. Still he grew tired of her quick. He now had a new objective in his mind.
    Her mom.


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    Overall, escorts in Singapore may provide anything from light conversation to passionate meetings. Having an escort accompany you around Singapore is a great way to get a personalized tour of the city, whether you're there for business or for pleasure. Find an escort who understands your needs and can put you at ease by taking your time and selecting a reliable agency or individual escort.Professional and trustworthy escort services can also be found in Singapore. The escorts never arrive late and never leave early. In addition, they put in an effort to look good and dress formally. You may rest easy knowing that your escort will be the talk of any party or business meeting you may be attending.

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    What you're hoping to get out of your escapade is another crucial factor to think about. In Singapore, you may find any number of escort services, from those featuring famous models and actresses to those featuring cheaper companions who focus on giving a more personal and low-key encounter. When hiring an escort, think about your desired experience and how much money you have.You can choose from a vast variety of escort services in Singapore. You may easily discover a partner for a night on the town, a travel buddy, or a masseuse to give you a sensual massage. Singapore's escorts are well educated, refined ladies who know how to make their clients' nights memorable.
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    You may choose an escort female that meets your specific requirements from among the many available. Women of various ages and stages of life, from young and vibrant to wise and experienced, may be found in Singapore. These ladies are stunning to look at, and their brains and books make them great party companions.Hiring an escort is, of course, a very individual choice; you shouldn't do it unless it feels right. If you're thinking about hiring an escort in Singapore, it's important that you take the time to learn about your options and pick an escort with whom you feel safe and who can fulfill your needs.

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    Hiring a local Singaporean escort lady has several advantages, one of which is its proximity to the client. You don't have to go far to locate a good escort, since the city is home to a number of respectable agencies and independent escorts. It's simple to find escort females online and hire their services with just a few clicks.When looking for an escort in Singapore, there are a few things to bear in mind. Selecting an escort service with a solid reputation for excellence is the first step. Two, make sure you and your escort have a good understanding of each other's wants and goals for the evening. Finally, remember that your escort is a professional and should be treated with the same respect and courtesy you'd show any other service provider.