Revenge Is Dirty


Tanya Adlemore was a backstabbing cunt. It was just the way she was born.

Like wine, the cuntiness only got worse with age.

Perhaps wine is a bad analogy. Milk would be better. The older she gets, the more she curdles and stinks.

You're probably wondering what she did that resulted in me too calling her this. Or maybe just how I know her in the first place.

Well, before I knew the cunt at all, she seemed nice enough. We spent a few vacations together and all seemed to go well. It was when I needed a place to stay while my house was being rebuilt thanks to extensive flooding that things turned bad and the cunt came into play.

We lived together for nine weeks. By the second I wished her eldest son, Vance, a slow and agonizingly painful death. Around the same time, I also began fantasizing about punching her daughter and youngest child, Rihannon, in the face each time she'd scream like an old style kettle because she didn't get her way.

Her husband, Ethan, would have been better off gone, but he wasn't any particular annoyance. Nor was her middle child, Oscar.

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   If I had to pick one to say I actually liked, it would be him.

Every moment of every day was spent plotting about how to punish the other three for the self righteous and bitchy ways they were toward me though.

When she kicked me out just a few days short of my house's completion, I was not only completely unsurprised. I was ready.

Ready to pay her back.

The few extra days were spent in a hotel close to home, where I acquired most of the tools I would need for my revenge in local specialist stores.

Once back in my house, I set to work sound proofing and dividing my third bedroom. First of all, I made sure you could hold a rock concert in there without the neighbors getting suspicious. The last thing I needed was the police knocking on my door when the Adlemore's started screaming in both pain and terror with what I had planned for them.

When I was able to stand directly outside the house and still not hear a chainsaw, jack hammer and full volume heavy metal sounding from the room, I deemed my soundproofing a success.

Next I began dividing the room in two. The middle wall was mostly made of soundproof glass with a metal frame and a door to access both sides. I'd put the others on one side while I took turns giving my payback to each of them.

Now, I was really ready.

Now, they'd know exactly who they thought they could treat like shit.

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With a supply of Chloroform and five lengths of rope, I headed to their house at around three a. m.

All were asleep just as I'd planned and, using the spare key from outside, I silently gained entry to the house.

One by one, I gassed them in their sleep and bound their arms and legs before either dragging or carrying them outside to my van.

Finally, I shoved Vance into the back and covered his head with a blanket like I had with the others then I got in the drivers seat and started for home.

The drive wasn't one of nervousness like I'd thought I would feel. I felt exhilarated and excited. These cunts were going to get their payback.

At my house, I unloaded each of them after a few more breaths from the Chloroform rag and left them tied up in my custom altered room to sleep off the anaesetic.

The next morning, one by one, they woke up on the floor of their soon to be torture chamber.

I crouched down over the cunt as she stirred and waited for her to open her eyes.

She peered up at me groggily, but with recognition nonetheless.

"Hello you dirty cunt," I said cheerily. "Sleep well?"

"Vic? What are you doing here?" she asked breathily, still a little under the influence of the gas.

"Get out of my house," she ordered.

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I laughed loudly and stood up. "Does this look like your house?" I asked.

She looked around the bare room then back to me. "Where am I?" she asked.

"A place where no one will hear you scream," I replied honestly.

She looked around slowly until her eyes settled on a lump a few feet behind me.

"Rihannon?" she guessed.

I turned around and knelt down beside the still out cold mini-cunt and brushed her dirty blonde hair back. She looked just like her cunt of a mother. Short, fat, pug-faced and wobbly.

"Let her sleep," I murmured softly. "She'll need it later when I'm fucking her cheap little pussy 'til it's bleeding. " I looked down to her panties as I spoke. Her nightie had edged up to her waist with all the moving around and I could now see a little of one pink lip from the side of the material.

"Don't touch her!" Tanya ordered with as much anger as she could express in her drugged state.

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I rolled Rihannon onto her side and scooped her up then turned back and returned to the cunts side. I knelt down and put mini cunts ass on the floor then pulled her panties to the side to show her mother the light pink baby hole I'd soon be abusing.

She snarled again for me not to touch her while her eyes rolled back into her head. I waited until they were focused again then spread the soft lips of her nine year old's peach and stroked the tiny opening with my middle finger.

"You're gonna get to see me fuck this in just a little while. " I promised in a whisper.

She struggled against the rope around her fat rolls of wrists to no avail. Grunting with frustration.

Yes, I've picked the perfect revenge. .