Relaxing night


I'm tired. I need to rest and be comforted by the warmth of my bed without the craziness of my life to keep my mind a float. There is no way I'm going to just drift happily into the world of sleep without something to help force me there. Tonight is a good night for a long hot bath. I enter my bathroom, pull open my shower curtain, whisper a little "thank you" to myself for my tub not being filthy, so not in the mood to clean it right now. I just want to relax. I shut the plug and start the water. It's hot, I like it that way. I go to the cabinet and take out a pill bottle. I read "Take 1/2 to 2 for help with insomnia" I think three will do me just fine after the day I've had. I drink them down with water straight from the tap. I shut my eyes as I swallow thinking how my life has ultimately turned to shit. I walk back to the tub and see the water level is almost full. I can feel the steam coming off the water, it feels very muggy. I pick up my bath pillow and inflate it so its ready for use. A latex pillow for the bath, one of my prized possessions.

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   I toss it into the water. I take off my clothing and toss them carelessly into a pile on the floor. I take a deep breath and let it slowly out as I step over the side of the tub. The water makes my olive skin turn instantly pink. I like the burning sensation. The tub is full, I shut off the faucet. I take my time bringing the other leg in and I slowly sit in the burning water enjoying every sensation. I place the pillow to were my head will be and slowly ease myself back onto it, sinking myself into the water. I am comfortable. My eyes are shut. My world is happy. I feel the weight on my shoulders slowly drifting away. The sleep pills are working. I lie there concentrating on the sounds of the light drip of the faucet, and of my cats paws light tapping on the kitchen tile. I hear a sound I cannot identify.

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   It almost sounds like a door slowly creaking open. I realize my eyes are open, my heart is pounding. I convince myself it is just that damn cat getting into something. I shut my eyes, lower myself deeper into the water so my ears are submerged, and try to breath deeply again. I feel what could be foot steps and suddenly have the feeling of being watched. I open my eyes slowly at first, I know how my imagination works. I see a man, only for a second, he is wearing a black hood standing over me. I try to scream but his hands are already on my shoulders pressing me deeper into the hot water. I get a mouth full of it, I taste in it the lotion I was wearing earlier in the day. I flail my arms around trying to get at least one breath, He finally lets me up. I scream and hear his laughter. We both know there is no one around to hear me. All I can see is the blackness in his eyes, and the evil in his smile. The hood hides the rest of his features. He now has my bath pillow gripped with both hands over my mouth and nose.

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   I cannot breath, I cannot move. The world slowly gets fuzzy, he stops. He grabs a fist full of my wet hair and tries to force me out of the tub. My body is wet, so is the floor, In an instant I have slipped, just enough for my nose to hit the side of the tub. In an instant the blood is pouring out of me. I try not to scream, I know that's what he likes. I look into his eyes, I think he loves me. Blood on the floor, blood on my body and an aching in my nose I can barely feel with the moment that is consuming me. He drags me to my almost empty closet. He shoves me in, I've been threw a lot in my life and already know I'm not going to like this. He rips down a wire clothes hanger and quickly unwraps it and rewraps it around my wrists. I think he's done this before. In no time at all I am attached to the closet poll. I'm so sleepy, would he get pissed if I drifted off while he continues to do as he wishes? Maybe, but I do know I don't want to die today. I struggle to keep awake, How could so much blood leave threw my nose? I think it may be slowing, but that doesn't stop my breast from already being covered.

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   He takes my left nipple into his mouth, He shuts his eyes, I know he likes my taste. He flicks my nipple with his tongue so gently, is it wrong to enjoy it? I don't want him to know. He takes his belt off and wraps it around my neck. As he tightens the belt I feel my pulse weaken along with my knees. I think I'm going to cum. He loosens it at just the right time, I want to beg him for more. He takes the belt from around my neck and forces me to turn so my backside is facing him. He whips my back, gently at first, and slowly increases to all his might. The stinging pain is all I feel. Once he's had his fun doing that, he takes the belt and rams it in between my thighs. He grips it one hand in front of me, one from behind and rubs it hard against my pussy and my ass. I feel the rubbing of leather against my clit, I can't help but moan. He rubs harder and faster, everything disappears, my eyes are shut and I cum in ecstasy. He knows now how much I like it. He twists me back around and begins cleaning the blood off the left nipple with his tongue.

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   The sight of his tongue turns me on. He slowly licks his way down to my already throbbing clit. I'm so sleepy, I want my bed, will this ever end? He stand up and his pants fall down. He lifts both legs around him, I have no control with anything. His cock enters my body fast and hard, he wastes no time. He fucks me hard and licks my face, I try to turn away, but have very little energy or strength. He forces his tongue into my mouth much like his dick into my pussy. I try to scream and squerm. I feel his juices shoot into me. He lets out a sigh of relief. I shut my eyes. I awake in my bed, I must have fallen asleep in the closet. I don't remember him carrying me here. I see the black hood on the floor, along with a towel he must have cleaned me with. I turn around to see him lying by my side.

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   He is looking at me. I love this man. He leans forward and kisses my cheek, says "Good Morning baby". I know I married the right man for me.