Recession help me to fucka virgin-part1


I am a very regular reader of ISS. I taught I will share my true experience. I have a medium size, 45 people working web designing company in bangalore. I am 30 yr old, good looking and fun loving person. After i completed my engineering i initially joined a company , but later to do something different in life i started a web designing company 5 years back. I had good success and earned good money. Within 2 years i bought a 2BHK flat at good location.   I was doing very well. I was busy( I like to be busy) and earning well. I had all comfort in life. I never thought of getting married very soon and i always made time to fuck someone if i had an opportunity. I never flirted or fucked my female employees. since it was bad for my business. I kept all my bed partner outside my office. I was never serious in any of my affairs and i knew i have to marry girl selected by  my parents . weekend used to be great.

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   i used go out to pub , drink eat and dance in most weekends( If i had no other work). If i get an opportunity to get close to some other girls in pub and many time after buying drinks i used to get them home and fuck them. Never any call girls. This routine. i stay alone , my parents stay in davanagere place in karnataka. we are well off and there was no need to send any of earnings back home.


In 2009 as recession crept slowly i started have a pinch in my businesses. Slowly i started hard to get new order. I had to either layoff few employees or  cut the salary of the employees. My employees ready toke the cut and they aware of situation outside.   Anyway the exiting order was good enough to keep running the company. We stopped recruiting.


After long period i got a 25 lakh rupees big order i was very happy. After consulting my senior colleague we decided to recruit 5 more developer- 2 with3+ experience and 3 freshers. This was maximum we could afford.

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   we advertised in paper and to my surprise 120 candidates had applied for 5 opening. I understood the job market was very bad. People got terminated and no new jobs available for freshers. Anyway we shortlisted 25 candidates and called them for an interview. Later we selected 5 (2 seniors and 3 freshers) and i instructed my HR to negotiate salary and recruit them.  


After few day my office got a call from a girl , whose name was sanjana. she inquired about the selection. My receptionist told her if you have not received any call from us than probable some other person has been selected. Next day she came to the office and insisted to see me. Reluctantly i asked my receptionist to send her to my cabin. she came inside, I remembered her she had come to interview and i politely asked her to sit down and asked her can i help u. She told me she had attended the interview and she didn't get selected. I told her my requirement was very small. All the person who attended interview were good, but we have our selection and i am extremely sorry. i told her not to be disheartened she will get job somewhere and if i have any requirement i will let her know.

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   Since I was getting late for meeting i excused her and went for the meeting.


Saturday as usual went to pub, had some drinks but not lucky enough to get a girl for good fuck. I didn't bother came home and slept. Morning get up did some workout, had a bath and got my breakfast from hotel and was enjoying soft music in my bedroom. Around 10. 30 i heard a calling bell ring. I taught my friend have come and opened the door to my surprise i found sanjana standing there. i asked her to come in. I was bit nervous. i told her to sit down and asked her " How come u are here and how did u get my address". She avoided my question and she kept her head down.


I was becoming bit more nervous. Slowly she started taking. "Sir i need job desperately, I come from madya pradesh and my family is very poor. I have lot of hope on me.

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   i don't have money to survive. i have pay my P. G rent for 3 months. The P. G owner lady is threatening me to throw me out of the hostel if i don't pay. Please sir i need job". At a stretch she told me and i could see tears ready to drop from her eyes.


I didn't know what to do say to her. i started telling her about recession and how it has affected company badly. But she was in no mood to listen. To just get a break i told her " what do u like to have, coffee, tea or some cold drinks". She nodded No. But i want inside got 2 can of pepsi and gave her one.


Meanwhile i was thinking how to make her leave my place. I just told her i would try and get her a job through my friends who are in good position working in best software company.

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   She looked not convinced. So to avoid her i said, " look things are not that smooth. People except something in return( i was actually trying to say that you have to pay money to get job. I taught she would have on other option than leave my flat. ). She didn't know what to say and suddenly she said, " i am ready ". That Instant realized that she had taken my words other way. First time observed her carefully. She had fair skin, well-developed boobs; she was medium height, nice curve and good looking. Thinking about her made my cock erect. To confirm what she meant i just asked " u don't have any objection spend time with me and my friend who gets u job". She nodded yes keeping her head down. I was very excited, but i knew i can't take her in my company after fucking her and i was not sure how much my friends would help. But i didn't want to lose the chance. So i said " it will take 2 to 3 months to fix a job for you, i will try my level best to get you job as early as possible".

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    She looked at me and said i can't wait if i don't get job in a week i am in big problem.


I knew it’s not possible to get her job in a week.

So taught for sometime and said " don't worry i will help u financially. Once u get job u can return back money". Both knew that she had no other option.   Most time she was keeping her head down. I knew I had to think fast and seduce her. My cock was hard and strong and was ready. I got up and brought her some snacks. I asked to eat something and sat beside her . i engaged in some talks and i cracked some jokes to make her feel comfortable.


As she was eating snacks i just put my hand over her shoulder and said " don't worry i will look after u till i get u a job". I moved my hand over her hair. She was silent. She didn't resist.

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   i slowly pulled her face and kissed her on her lips. She was trying to move her face away, but i hold her face tightly and kissed her passionately. She started to get up, i pulled her back. She said " All this after i get job". I was in no mood to let her go. i decided i had to fuck her today. i said "oak , relax".   I got up went to my bedroom and got my purse and showing money said " i will pay u 5000 for ur expense, but later when ur going". She nodded.


I had to get her to my bedroom if at all i have to try my chance.   So i told her " there are some materials which u can't get in book store, you can take it and study. Come in i will give u ". Initially she was hesitant, but she followed me. I took her my bedroom and she was searching for some books or materials.   I just pulled her towards me and started kissing her.

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   She was trying to push me away, i hold her tightly and said, " Come on baby let me first feel u first". She said nooooo. With one hand i hold her tightly and with other hand i hold her head steady and kissed her lips. She started fighting hard she could not shout since i had locked her mouth with my mouth and started sucking her lips and tongue.   I pushed her on the bed, still sucking her lips. I rolled over bed with her. She had stopped fighting and slowly enjoying. I released her month and instantly she shouted, " stop it…. ". I released her and sat on the bed and said " No need to shout, u can walk away from here, but u will not get money or job. If u want money and job u have to let me enjoy. If not u can walk away now".


She cooled down; she realized she had no other option. She was lying on the bed. She didn't walk away.

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   i said " baby, don't worry, everything will be fine" saying i moved my hand on her breast. it was soft . i pressed it she moaned “uuuuu uuuuuoooooonnnn”. I slowly sucked her lips and my hand started exploring her body. I kissed her from top to bottom. I removed her dress one by one. She was in her bra and panty. i was mad seeing her beauty i removed my trousers, shirts and threw it on the floor. I started kissing and pressing her , the sounds in the room was filled with her sound “haye haye uuuui uuuuon”. She said “ no please leave me”. i was in no mood to leave her. I removed her bra & panty and threw it down. She was completely naked.


I sucked her boobs, put my hand between her legs. She was mourning  "haye haye uuuui uuuuon" i slowly moved my head between her legs, i saw nice hairy pussy, looked like unused one.

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   i asked her " First time". Shed nodded yes. I was trilled. My finger slips past her clit and slowly probes inside of her. She was mourning " no please. . . no please. . . ". She gasped and moaned again. I moved my tongue exploring her pussy, rubbing her clit, tasting her from within. Tasting herself made her wet. She was mourning loudly.


   I moved my knees at leg side and pulled her naked legs towards me i put her legs on my shoulders and tried to enter. She shouted " plsssssssssss noooooooo. . . . . ," her pussy was very tight. I pushed my dick 7 inch dick half way. . . she started crying. . . she said " noooooo, i don't want money…. i don't want job.

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  . plsss ssssssss leave me. . i want to go away. . . ". i was in no mood to let her go. . . with all my strength i gave a last push. . . she shouted mummy. .

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  . . . . . my dick was fully inside her. . . i closed her mouth with my mouth. . And started sucking her lips. . .


I slowly started moving my hips. .

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  . started stroking her. . . She whined and moaned and tried to move her hips onto my cock. I started stroking her hard. . . . . each thrust was bring loud voice from her mouth . . . . .

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   "haye haye uuuui uuuuon. . . . I was mad i increased my speed. . . Bed was shaking badly . . . She moaned louder and louder, no longer ashamed. . . . she was mad.

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  . . . . She lifted herself to match my stroke. . . . i sped my rhythm, as She reached her orgasm once, she moaned louder. . . I fucked her for 18 minute and spilled my cum in her. . . .

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   collapsed on her. . .


Slowly i moved away from her body. . . i tried to kiss her. . She moved her face away with tears in her eyes. . . . she was crying. . .

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After 20 minutes. . i toke her to bathroom . . . i could see blood strain on my dick. . . . i washed myself and washed her. . . . she was silent. She was standing there with closed eyes.

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  . . i opened the shower. . . water was flowing on her body. . But she was standing there. . . not moving a inch. . . i washed her with soap. .

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  . . and cleaned her. . . . i was feeling her body. . Touching her. . . and enjoying. . . my dick was once again erect.

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  . . . she didn't notice. . .


I stopped the shower. . .   she opened her eyes. . i took her in my arm and kissed her passionately. . . she started realizing that hot and hard substance was touching her below.


  . . . . i moved my hand all over body. . . i pressed her buttock and pressed it hard. . she moaned softly. . . . . i moved my lips and sucked her breast.

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  . . i pulled her down on her knee. . . i hold her head and tried to push dick in her mouth. . she resisted. . "Noooooo ". as she opened her mouth i inserted my dick. . . . .

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   She was fighting back. . i hold her head tight and started moving my dick in and out of her mouth. . . . i moved fast. . . . I moved my dick to & fro in her sweet mouth.   I moved my hips in motion with my dick. . . .

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  . I could hold no longer as she sucked me, her sweet lips rimming on my dick . . . I moaned “o aaaaawwwwjust " and ejaculated a load into her mouth.   I held her head and pushed my dick deep and ejaculated in her throat as she spurted.


I removed my dick. . i could see pain in her eyes. . . . i told her wash ur mouth and wear ur dress and come out. . .

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I order 2 lunch. . . she sat there with head down as we ate lunch. . .  


As she was getting ready to leave i gave her 5000 Rs and said. . . "I am there to look after u. . . don't worry. . .

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   if u have any financial requirement let me know. . . . . ". she took money. . . i pulled her towards me and kissed her. . she didn't resist. . . in her ears i said.

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  . . next Sunday wear saree and come. . . . she saw me and smiled back. . . she knew she had no other option. . . . .


I will tell in my next episode who Next week we had double gang bang….

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