Rebecca & Beatrice - My Sex Slaves


So this is how it started.   Two of my friends recently got married they are both successful guys who worked with each other in the same company and the girls they both married are stunning girls; however neither of my friends are, the girls they married were simply settling for them because they had money.  Beatrice was a gorgeous blonde, a little ditzy but with a lovely set of tits.  She was a nice and curvy.  Rebecca was tall and slight brunette, but something in her made you think that she was a mean cock fiend if there ever was one.
Me, well I am just a humble camera man who works on his own projects and has to take on work for people here in London like weddings and stuff and that is when I thought of included my best friends' wives in my horny secret.   You see I liked to secretly film people in hotel rooms and when I found out that Beatrice and Rebecca were staying in the hotel were I liked to film secretly I couldn't pass up the opportunity.   Their husbands were nice guys but they were clueless they thought that those girls loved them but it was the £££ that they were in love with and those poor guys worked so hard to keep their expensive habits met.   Beatrice was always nice to me but it was Rebecca who always looked down her nose at me which bothered me (since I am not from the same social circles as them) but she was my sex slave for a two weeks and when I was done with her she wouldn't look me in the eye.
Both of them had ex-boyfriends who they saw on the side, I never said anything because I knew it would only hurt my friendship with their husbands.   I got wind from the registry clerk that they were checking in with four guys into this hotel so I found the room number and I set up the trap.
I completely forgot about the trap as I had just found out that I had got a job working on a big budget film as am assistant camera man, but then the registry clerk who was an ex-girlfriend of mine came round and gave me the tape (I had recorded us fucking over a year ago that is why she agreed to the whole set-up, because she knew I would post the video on the internet) so I put the tape in and as soon as they got into the room they started to tear each other's clothes off and they did EVERYTHING and when I mean EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING - blowjobs, gangbangs, DPs, girl-on-girl - it was like watching a porno (shame it was only one view though. . . ).   I jacked off watching it for a while and didn't think too much of it as I put it into my collection of voyeuristic material and left it there.

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One day we all went out to dinner and their husbands said that they were going away for 2 weeks because they needed to set up some new network out in Thailand for their company - that is when my dirty imagination kicked in - with their husbands away they would want to be fucking their boyfriends, so I hatched a plan.   When I went home I picked out the opening scenes of the video encoded it into . avi format and sent the link in an email to Beatrice, I got a call instantly which sent my heart racing I hadn't thought that would happen and I hadn't planned what I was going to do next.
"Where did you get the tape?" asked Beatrice
"Don't worry about that" I hesitantly replied.
"What do you want, money?" was her stupid response.   People with money always think that people who don't have money are like them that they are motivated by money.   I was greedy for something else.
"No.   I want to have some fun with"
"What do you mean fun?" she replied.   It was her turn to be hesitant.
"I want you to be my sex slave for the two weeks your husband is away do you understand?"
"Fuck you" was her reply and she slammed the phone down.   I was scared I thought she would tell her husband, and that he would tell the police and then my whole operation would be bungled.   Then I got the courage to go to their place, I was gonna apologise to her and wish him luck on his trip.   As I was heading to the train station I saw her coming out of the train, my heart was beating so fast I wanted to run but my legs didn't move.   She came over and started to talk to me.

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"Look, please don't tell Kevin about this please, I'll do anything" her eyes were pleading and I got my courage back.
"Anything?" she silently nodded, looking down.   So the first one was down with the plan.   Rebecca was going to be the big obstacle.   I told Beatrice that she had to get Rebecca to agree as well or there would be no deal.   She said she would try and I told her, don't try just make it happen otherwise Kevin and Tom would get the tape and everyone else we all mutually knew.   She got back on the train and I then went home.
Rebecca said she wouldn't agree to it, so I said to Beatrice that if she didn't agree but Beatrice did then I would edit Beatrice out and send Tom (Rebecca's husband) the tape.   Eventually Rebecca agreed but said that she couldn't come right away because her mother was ill (the bitch thought I would fuck her less, because of the time she would be there, how wrong she was because I would fuck her twice as much).  
So the big day came and I went round Beatrice's flat as soon as I was sure that Kevin was in the air (I phoned Kevin and Tom and they both said that they were on the plane and if I could check in on Rebecca and Beatrice from time to time, I said alright knowing fully I was fuck them until my dick was sore) I found her in the flat alone and I grabbed her straight away and started kissing her and groping her she was shocked and slapped me, I was angry I told her to get on her knees and suck my dick, she said she wouldn't so I left.   I got on the train and went home thinking fuck it, it was too much hassle with the whole blackmail thing, until I got home and realised there was some 37 missed calls on my mobile phone, I put my jacket down and as she phoned again.
"Deals off bitch, I am gonna ruin the both of you"
"Please don't do that, please I am begging you please" she pleaded
"Look I am giving you one chance, ok.   I want you to take your clothes off right now put a cushion on the floor and kneel down there and wait for me.   Whatever the fuck I tell you to do you will do ok?"
"ok" she was crying I could tell, but the blood was rushing to my dick as I was saying this.  
"One more thing keep the front door to the flat open so I can get in".

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I grabbed my Digital Camcorder, some pornos on DVD, my laptop and went to her flat all the while my dick was straining to get out of my pants.   As I got to the front door I decided if it was locked I was just gonna turn around and forget about the whole thing.   I turned the Camcorder on and went it.   The door was open.   The most beautiful sight in the whole world stood (well kneeled!) before me, Beatrice naked with her big tits and fine figure.   She asked why I was filming this, I told her it was none of her business, I told her to turn around and show me her ass.   I was gonna fuck that at some point I decided right now I wanted to get sucked off but the excitement of it all had made me kinda limp so I told her to open my flies and then turn around and rub her ass on my cock until I was hard.   She complied and within seconds of touching her soft ass I was hard as a rock, I roughly pushed her to the ground and then told her to suck my cock.   She held my cock and I told her to look up at the camera as she put it in her mouth.   The feeling was electric, she sucked for a couple of minutes and then I told her I was gonna cum she took my dick out of her mouth and started jerking it
"Oh Beatrice I wanna cum in you mouth.   I want you to swallow it"
"I don't like that" she said
"I've seen the vid bitch, there's not much you don't like now do as I say" I said to her.
She did as I said and I shot a huge load in her mouth and tears were running down her face;
"Open your mouth show me the cum, good girl now swallow it" which she did, partly choking on it as it went down.   I was so satiated by the humiliation of this bitch that I turned the camera off and she ran to the toilet.   I locked the front door, incase someone came in and then went to the toilet, she was retching in the sink.
"You swallowed your boyfriend's cum, what's wrong with mine?" she didn't say anything and so I started to rub my cockhead up and down her ass.

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    I grabbed her hips and started to hump it as she washed the cum off her chin.   I opened up the medicine cabinet and took out some birth control pills and some baby oil, I told her hurry up because I needed servicing again.   As I was leaving the toilet she closed the door and was about to lock it, I told her that she couldn't lock any of the doors anymore (except the front door) I didn't want her calling anyone just in case things got rough for her.  
I picked up my bag and went to the living room, I drew the curtains and took my clothes off.   She was taking her time in the toilet.
"Beatrice hurry the fuck up" she came to the living room.   I had already oiled my cock up and she looked away from me and my cock.
"Lie down on the couch and spread your legs"  I got on top of her and began to rub my cock at the entrance of her cunt, all the while looking at her tits, her hands were in the air as she didn't want to touch me.   I got in and slowly slid my cock inside her looking at her face as she closed her eyes and sighed slightly.   I began to fuck her slowly at first then as her juices began to lubricate my cock and I began to increase my speed suddenly I realised that the camera wasn't getting this so I got off her and set the camera up.   I had to set the tripod up to get a full picture of me fucking her and then I jumped back on her, this time getting inside without being gentle, she gasped involuntarily and I said "what's the matter you liking it bitch!" and then laughed at her.   A few moments later I started to increase my speed and she knew what was coming next (she thought I was going to make her swallow again) but I kept on pounding her until I came inside her.   I collapsed on her and she crawled out from underneath me and went in tears to the bath room.   I went to sleep for awhile, when I woke I realise where I was and thought maybe Beatrice had done a runner and so I called out to her.   She crept out of her the bedroom and opened the living room door, I was relieved and then asked her to take her clothes off again - which she did without arguing.

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I got up and went to my bag and took out some DVDs, I looked for some good gangbang stuff and put in her DVD player.   I told her to sit on the couch as I found the scene of my favourite pornstar while I walked back to the couch I sat next to her and looked at her and all I said was "suck" which she now did obediently.   As she was sucking my cock I told her to lie flat so I could get a look at her ass while she sucked me off, the camera was running getting the sucking action and I then slapped her ass which made her suddenly stop sucking.
"What?" I said but she didn't reply and as I put my hand on her ass whilst she sucked me off.   Her phoned began to ring, which I picked up, it was Rebecca.   Beatrice still had my cock in her mouth looking at me about what she should do.  
"Answer the phone, tell her your sucking my dick and that after you swallow my cum you'll call her back"  she took the phone from my hand and I could hear what Rebecca was saying.
"Beatrice, is he there?"
"I am sucking his dick right now, I'll call you back after I swallow his cum" and she handed me the phone and went right back to sucking.   The women on the TV screen was being mercilessly ass fucked and I was about to shoot my load, so I told Beatrice, that I was gonna cum. She sucked me a little harder and I came in her mouth which she swallowed. She left the room and I turned the tv and the camera off, turned my laptop on and uploaded the camera clips onto the computer.
It was late now and she was already in bed, I was again feeling horny and went to the bedroom and crawled up beside her and started rubbing my cock on her ass, she didn't wake so I opened her nighty and spread her cheeks and began to push my hard cock into her asshole, that woke her up.
"What are doing she" she said
"I'm gonna fuck your ass now" I replied lustfully over her shoulder
"No, please" she protested "you haven't even used any lube, please I'm begging you it's going to hurt please"
"I don't care bitch, besides what am I supposed to do with my cock now huh?" she had been so silent through her ordeal I wanted to her something from her.
"I'll suck you off. .

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  . "I pushed harder ". . . PLEASE. . . OW"
"What's that you wanna suck me off and swallow my cum huh?"
"Yes, I wanna suck your dick and swallow your cum" she said almost convincingly.   It was close enough for me.   I got off her and told her to hurry up.   She quickly positioned herself and began to suck me hard.
"You saw that women in the porno today how she moaned and groaned, you gotta do the same" I ordered.   She began to moan and groan and she looked up to see if I was enjoying it, and she let the head of my cock pop a couple of times from her mouth and before I knew I blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed again this time adding;
"Mmmmm that was yummy daddy" I replied to her
"See all you gotta do is make me cum and I will leave you alone for a couple of hours" she turned around and went to bed without saying anything.   I didn't want to her to get the last word before she went to bed so I added "You saved your ass today, quite literally but tomorrow is a different day".   I think I felt her shiver.

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Beatrice had woken up and left the bedroom I was confident now that the bitch wouldn't tell anyone and so I got up and went looking for her.   She was in the kitchen having coffee and the look of fear came across her face when she saw my naked body, I yawned and poured myself some coffee and then looked her in the eyes.
"I wanna fuck your ass today, go and lube up your ass or whatever it is you need to do, because when I am hard later I am gonna fuck your ass whether you are ready or not" she put the coffee down and went to the bedroom.   She started to open her drawers looking for something to make the ordeal easier.   I smiled and buttered some toast and had a good hearty meal.   I went to take a piss in the toilet and she was there already taking a shit, she was scared, I bet she thought I was going to make her eat her shit or something - I'm a little perverted but even that is too perverted for me, so I pissed in the bath and poured water down the plughole and then closed the door.
I set up the camera again in the living room and waited for her.   I was just about to call her when she came into the room, my dick stood to attention looking at her naked form.   I wanted to prolong her agony so I asked her what she had done to prepare.
"I used some lube and a dildo"
"Ah. . . does Kevin get to fuck your ass often?"
"No. . .

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  he doesn't do that kind of stuff. "
"So who taught you about anal preparation and stuff"
"Daniel and Peter"
"The guys you fuck on the side huh?"
"Yes" she replied.   "Ok call up Rebecca tell her to get here today or I will begin to edit the video for her husband".   She picked her phone up from the table and called Rebecca.   I went to fiddle the camera for a bit, and she came into the room and said that Rebecca was going to come today.   I said good and then pushed her over the couch end getting her ass up in the air.   She had prepared her ass well, as I could put two fingers in her ass without a problem.   I picked up the lube bottle and poured some on my cock and some in her ass crack and massaged my cock and her asshole with alternate hands.  
"Hold your cheeks apart" I said as I positioned my cockhead against her asshole, I slowly began to push and it started to go in.   It felt heavenly, I took it out and began to push a little more on my fifth attempt I got all inside and she let out a whimper.
"It's ok baby," I said in a mocking fashion "you've done this before, daddy is gonna cum in your ass then leave you alone".   I began to thrust more and more to see if I could get my whole cock in her ass and I was surprised (well not as much as she was!) when it all fit.   As I was fucking her I grabbed her tits with my oily hands, they were cold and I massaged them as I fucked her ass.
"Baby look at me while I fuck your ass?" she looked over her shoulder and every thrust made her wince with pain it was too much for me and I cummed for what seemed like an eternity coupled with animal like screams of "oh yeah, oh yeah I'm coming in your ass Beatrice".   I took my dick out and she waited for me, she thought I would make her suck it for a bit but I told her she could go.

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After lunch, I told her to phone Rebecca again and she did, Rebecca said she would be there in the evening.   Too bad for Beatrice as I was going to fuck her ass again.
"Come here Beatrice get on the couch doggystyle I am gonna fuck your ass again"  she asked was I going to turn the camera on I said "Fuck it I just wanna cum in your ass again".   We lubed up and since her ass was a little loose from the earlier assfucking I shoved my cock in without much problem (She yelped and said to do it slowly) I was pumping her when the phone went off and she picked it up saying it was Rebecca, I was still pumping her and told her to say I was fucking her ass and when I cummed in her ass she would open the front door, for now she would have to wait.
"Rebecca. . . ah. . . eh. . . he is fucking my ass right now. .

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  . ow. . . ah. . . when he cums inside me, I'll let you in" I started pumping harder and harder hearing her speak to the other cock whore outside the front door.   I grabbed her ass I pushed one last time until I thought I would disappear inside her ass as I shot a ball draining amount of cum inside her ass.  
I grabbed a wet wipe and as she went to answer the door I said to her "grab a cushion put in on the floor, and tell her to take her clothes off, I'm gonna do the same to her as I did to you ok?" Beatrice got off the couch with my cum dripping out of her ass and down her leg to answer the door.   I kept the living room door closed and cleaned up my cock.   I heard the crying and then Rebecca's clothes falling to the floor, I knew this bitch was going to be harder to break but I hadn't come this far to fall at the last hurdle, besides I had more then a week to fuck these bitches.   I picked up the camera and opened the door, Rebecca looked at me from the floor with a defiant look, I thought to myself this one needs an ass fucking tonight to break her.   I called Beatrice and told her how to operate the camera, she was going to watch as her friend sucked my dick and swallowed my cum.  
"Beatrice keep my cock and her face in shot all the time ok?" Beatrice nodded.


   "Rebecca open your mouth" she shivered and opened her mouth as I put my semi-erect penis in her mouth.   Rebecca used her tongue more then Beatrice did who used her lips to keep me going, as I was getting lost in the whole episode I remembered that this bitch hated me so I grabbed a bunch of her hair and began to pound her throat.
"Ahghghh. . . I'm choking, please I can’t take anymore"
"Take it bitch," I grunted and kept going.   My balls started to tighten and she knew I was gonna cum.   I had seen Rebecca in the film and she didn't swallow her boyfriends cum, and she thought she wouldn't swallow mine because she pulled away, I slapped her face with my cock which made her open her mouth again and then I grabbed the back of her head as I started cumming down her throat.
"Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Fuck yeah, Rebecca you whore swallow my cum, swallow it you fucking bitch," and she choked down my cum with venom in her eyes and a look of shame and disgust.   It felt like there was still some cum in my cock so after she swallowed I told her to keep sucking until all my cum comes out.
"Harder suck it harder you bitch, when I am done with you you'll be begging for my cum".   Finally I was satisfied and I pulled my cock out her mouth and ordered her to say thank you to humiliate her further which she did, I took the camera off of Beatrice and Rebecca got up and ran to the bathroom crying and sobbing.   I uploading my latest victim on the laptop and went to the bathroom.
"Rebecca just so you know the rules, don't lock any doors and do whatever the fuck I tell whenever the fuck I tell you and the next couple of days will fly by" she wasn't listening to me as she was retching and washing her face.   I told Beatrice to go and set up the camera again and as she slid past us I grabbed Rebecca's hips and told her to grind her ass on my cock as I fondled her pussy and tits.

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    I kissed her neck and as I started to get hard I dragged her out of the bathroom and on to the living room couch and threw her there I passed her the bottle of baby oil and said "Lube up.   Beatrice Camera's rolling?"
"Ok what you gotta do is get her face and my dick going in and out of her ok. . . important shots are when I first get into her and when I cum inside her alright"  Rebecca didn't say anything as she was fingering her cunt with lube.   She positioned her self and I stuck my cock into her roughly. Beatrice was hovering every so often videoing her face then her pussy and as I told Rebecca to look into the camera I saw that she was hating Beatrice for it which gave me a bit of thrill.
"Uhgh, ugh bitch you want me cum in you?" I said between thrusts
"Yes daddy. . . ah ah ah. . . cum inside me daddy" Daddy? Beatrice must have taught her that as it reminded me of the porno we watched and she knew that it would make me cum quickly, and it sure did.   I exploded inside of her and jiggled around for awhile until I was sure I had deposited all my load in her.

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    Beatrice stopped filming and I slapped her naked ass as I said thank you to her and took the camera off of her then they both disappeared into the bathroom.   I uploaded the film again onto the laptop and then thought about what I was gonna do next to her.   I was a little tired from fucking Beatrice's ass then fucking Rebecca's mouth/throat and then her cunt so I decided that I was gonna fuck her ass tonight and I wouldn't do anything to either of them until then, to store up energy and cum.   I put the TV on and watched some football as the two of them came into the living room and I offhandedly said to them, "I'm gonna fuck Rebecca's ass tonight so prepare yourself for that and Beatrice you are gonna record that on the camcorder ok?"
"Ok" Beatrice replied, Rebecca didn't say anything as I got back to the football.
When it was time to fuck her I thought to humiliate them even further I was gonna rig my laptop to Beatrice's bedroom TV so they would have to watch themselves being fucked by me whilst I was fucking Rebecca's ass.   I put the camera on and their nervous naked forms entered into the bedroom Beatrice pulled the dildo out of Rebecca's ass and then came round to my side of the bed I grabbed the remote and the TV blinked on with Beatrice sucking my cock, Rebecca smiled slightly as she watched her friend being humiliated by me.   Rebecca got on the bed on all fours and waited for me to order her.  
"Spread those cheeks for me baby,  Beatrice lube up my cock" I didn't want to be gentle with her so after Beatrice got boths hands on the camera I pushed slowly and surely until I had entered her.
"Ahhh, please don’t do it so hard it hurts" then she started crying.   I began fucking her ass in earnest and half way through I got tired and lay down on top of her, she couldn't take my weight and of course collapsed on the bed.   As I was about to get up and pick her up I glanced towards the TV and saw my cock throat-fucking Rebecca which made me instantly rejuvenated and I began to fuck her ass by pounding and pounding her while she looked back with tears in her eyes and pleading whimpers lying flat on the bed.
"No mercy for you today, I am gonna enjoy every part of your body" after a few moments I started to move faster and faster as on the TV screen I was doing the same thing to her throat and then I started to thrust into her harder and harder and then when I cummed in her throat on the TV screen the look of disgust and humiliation was all I needed to see for me to cum in her ass too.
After they cleaned up I slept with the both of them in the bed and went from one and the other just kissing them and biting them until I fell asleep.   When I awoke, they were both next to me asleep so I woke them and pointed at my hard cock, Beatrice had escaped for awhile from my cock but I looked at Rebecca and said to Beatrice "You go and make breakfast for us" and looking at Rebecca "You got some cum-swallowing to do"  as Beatrice escaped I told Rebecca to position herself so I got a good view of her ass, she started sucking me reluctantly and so to encourage her I stuck my finger in her ass which made her yelp. "Has your ass recovered yet?"
"No it still hurts" she said between her words and my cock filling her mouth.

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    I wanted to taunt her.
"Stop sucking my dick - you're no good at it, I'm gonna fuck your ass again"
"Wait, please" she said as my cock plopped out of her mouth "I will suck you good please don't fuck my ass today" and she went back to sucking and moaning.
"Ok, I'll fuck Beatrice's ass today, but you have to swallow my cum.   Ah. . . when I cum call out to Beatrice to record it ok?"
"Mmmm. Mmmm" was all the bitch said.   I didn't have to say anything because as she was massaging my balls she must've felt them churning she took my cock out of her mouth and called out "Beatrice hurry up he's cumming!"  as she was working my cock and Beatrice's was getting the camera ready I told Rebecca to work the camera, because I was gonna use the flicks for my own personal use.
"Ready" said Beatrice.
"Mmmmm [pop] daddy please cum in my mouth. Mmmmm MMMmm.   [slurp] [slurp]. Mmmmm.   Fill my mouth with your cum Daddy I wanna swallow it all" that was all I needed to hear.

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"Ahhhhh you fucking bitch I'm cumming, I'm cumming" I chimed in and I heard her swallowing my cum and then heard her say "that was yummy daddy" just like Beatrice did yesterday and then she continued to suck for a few minutes getting it clean.
After breakfast I told Beatrice that Rebecca was going to record me fucking her up the ass she cried and then said "ok".   I slept until about 4pm as I was shattered and my balls needed to recover from splattering the insides of these whores.   I walked into the living room and found them watching TV.
"You guys ready?" I asked with my semi-erect dick waving in the air.   Beatrice looked and said to me
"Please be gentle with me" and then sobbed somewhat.   If I had a heart it would have broken then, but all the blood was in my cock and I wanted her ass to fuck and so as Rebecca began to record as I pushed Beatrice over the couch and pushed my lubed cock in her ass and began to grunt and swear at her as I got inside her.
"Take it you fucking whore" I grabbed her hair and pulled it towards me "Look at me while I am fucking your ass you hear"
"Oow. . . Mhh. . . Yes. .

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  . Daddy" she managed to say as I was getting into a steady rhythm of pumping her ass.
"Rebecca, get down then and look at my cock raping her ass" I ordered, the naked bitch got on to her knees and pointed the camera at my dick going into her friend's ass, and with each grunt that made Beatrice yelp I saw the smile on Rebecca's face growing wider.   Rebecca must have blamed Beatrice for this and vice versa so they liked watching each being ravaged by me - which was all the better for me!
"Yeah, Beatrice I am cumming inside your ass. . . mmmm yeah, do you want me to come in your ass?"
"Yeah daddy, cum inside my ass. . . yeah. . . . . ugh.

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  . . ugh. . . ugh" I exploded inside her and the cum spilt out and fell on Rebecca's leg, she wiped her hand on it and then saw me looking at her and she licked her hand clean of it rather then wiping it somewhere.   Beatrice was crying because I had hurt her so much and then she went into the bathroom to shit out my cum no doubt.   I wiped myself and said to them that I would order some pizza for them so they could recover.
After pizza, Beatrice said she wanted a bath and I let her have a bath whilst Rebecca was left alone with me.   Before going in the bath Beatrice got on her knees and put my dick in her mouth and sucked it for a few moments really hard and said to me "fuck Rebecca in the ass again" and I smiled at her.   Rebecca was naked on the couch wondered what I was going to do to her next, I put in a porno into the DVD player and sat back looking at her "Do I have to tell you what to do?" I asked.   She opened her mouth and shoved my erect cock in her mouth and hungrily began sucking on it.   Between sucks she asked "is this a gangbang film?"
"Yes but don't worry you're not it" I quipped as I pushed her head back down on my cock.
Over the next week I made them compete with each other promising that I would give the tape to the one who made me cum the most.   I never did, I still got it and all the other flicks I made.

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    I still fuck them from time to time, and their husbands are still clueless.
The End.



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