Raping My Mum


This is the story of when I raped my mum.

It all started when I walked in on my best mate cumming on my mums face. It dribbled down onto her tits. " Oh shit," she said. " You slut, I think you need to be taught a lesson" I shouted. I pulled out my cock and shoved it into her mouth. She tried to pull away but I held onto her head. I pushed her head onto my dick and she gagged on my cock. I started to fuck her face and she began to cry. " Yeah bitch, you deserve this" I said. I then thrusted and shoved her face down and forced my cock to the back of her throat.

I shot my hot load down her throat and made sure she swallowed. By this time my mate was hard again and I noticed my mums hairy pussy. I stuck two of my fingers into her pussy and began to finger her hard. "Here mate fuck her pussy" I laughed. He stuck his cock into my mums pussy and she let out a cry.

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   He started to fuck her hard and she couldn't contain her screams. I was hard again and I told my mate to get her to ride on top of him. As he was fuckin her I raised my dick to her ass.
    "No," She pleaded, "I've never had anal before. " "Shut up bitch" I shouted and forced my cock into her tight ass. She screamed as load as she possibly could and started to cry uncontrollably. My mate then came in my mums pussy and she moaned with displeasure. I then got her onto all fours and stuck my cock in her pussy. " No, no don't. " She cried. I shagged her harder and harder and thrusted faster and faster. Her tits were bouncing fast and hard and I shot my load down her pussy as she cried out again. I slapped her in the face and shouted "See ya bitch" as we walked off and left her crying on the floor. .