Raping Chantel/Chantel's Revenge


“Close the door behind you. What I want to show you will be ruined if there is too much sunlight,” he said standing beside me. Grasping the barn door, I pushed it closed. Turning back toward the wide expanse of the barn, I saw Bessie our milk cow standing in her stall slowly chewing her cud, her huge eyes surveying me. She lowered her head taking in more hay with her lips and tongue. “Follow me,” he said as he began to walk between bags of grain that were stacked three high in a row. As Gary walked ahead of me I followed staring at his back. His greasy crew cut glistened in the beams of light, which spilt the old logs of the barn. He was large for his age; then again all of the kids in high school were large to me. He stopped momentarily, reaching down with muscular arms and hands that resembled small hams. Grasping a bail of hay, which blocked the path, he threw it aside with ease. I continued to follow until he stopped when he reached an old box, which sat against the wall in front of us. I recognized the box, one side torn, another showing signs of water damage from the rain that had somehow managed to work its way between the wooden shingles on the roof. “What do you want to show me,” I asked. “It is there in the box,” He said I leaned over to look. All I saw in the box was hay that served as a bed for my cat.

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   I turned to tell him that there was nothing in the box. Looking up I noticed that he had moved and was standing in the middle of the row that we had just walked down. There was a look in his eyes that scared me. I was young but I knew that something didn’t feel right. As I looked around me, I began to feel claustrophobic. There were bags of grain propped up on either side of the row, and he stood blocking the path. Before I could say anything to him, I felt one of his meaty hands grab my throat. “Gary, what are you doing?” I managed to choke out. “Nothing,” he said as a strange smile played across his lips. “Gary, I’m scared, let me go. If you don’t let go I am going to tell my father on you. ”He removed his hand from my throat and placed both hands on my tiny shoulders. His hands squeezed hard as he began to push me down. “Get on your knees you little bitch,” he said with an angry tone in his voice. “NO! I’m telling my father on you.

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  ”One of his hands grabbed my entire right cheek, he twisted it and I fell to my knees. “Ouch, what are you doing?” I cried out as I looked up at him from my position on the floor. “Unbutton my pants,” he squeezed harder and my cheek felt as if it might be pulled off any second. “If you don’t do as I say, I will kill that fucking dog of yours that you love so much. ” Afraid, I tried to scream but the words were stuck beneath the lump in my throat. My parents were downtown shopping, and they had left this monster and in charge. “If you kill my dog I will tell,” I replied in anguish, through my tears. “How many dogs have been killed on that highway out front? It will be real easy to cover up another accident. It will be just your word against mine. ”Pinned to the floor, held down by his powerful arms, my cheeks burned. I envisioned them coming off in his hands. I would be disfigured for life and I would have no chance of becoming a famous ballet dancer. Grimlett’s little face appeared in my mind as well. I loved the way my little dog greeted me at the bus stop everyday with a smile. He would come running from across the field, bounding up to me, with his tongue hanging out.

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   I had taught him a few months earlier how to fetch a stick. Each day when I got off the bus, I would throw a stick for him to chase as we walked together towards our log cabin. He had been the runt of the litter and I loved my dog so much. If anything were to happen to him, I knew I would be sad forever. “Unbutton my pants and pull them down,” Gary said as he twisted the side of my face again and slapped the back of my blond head. Wanting to save my dog, I obeyed. With small fingers, I fumbled as I began to unbutton his dirty jeans. When I had finished with the last button, my hands dropped limply to my sides, I felt defeated. I could see through the opening in his pants the bulge of his penis. I suddenly felt nauseous and frightened at the same time. “That’s a good little girl,” he smiled. “Now pull them down. ”“Gary, I pleaded, please don’t make me do this. ”“Listen you little cunt, you will do as I tell you or I swear to God I will kill that little fucking mutt of yours. ”As I slid his pants to his knees, I was instantly assaulted with the sickly smell of sweat that emanated from the mound of red pubic hair matted in his crotch.

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   Grabbing me by the back of my head, he twisted my long blonde hair into a fist and pushed my face into the putrid smell. The underside of his hard cock rubbed my nose and I felt the burn of bile rise in my throat. “Open your pretty little lips for me,” he commanded. “No”, I cried, my plea stifled in his rotting crotch. “Suck it or I will kill your dog you little shit. ” For a split second, I thought about the pictures of women in my daddy’s girlie magazines. They all seemed to have an excited look in their eyes, as they took their lovers cock in their mouth. The look in the eyes of those women seemed to say, “I have control of this man, and I am no longer vulnerable. ” I remembered how every time I looked at those pictures I felt a strange sensation in my stomach and between my legs. It was a sensation that seemed to make me giddy. I remember one time after looking through my daddy’s magazines, I felt warm between my legs. I had pulled my panties down and noticed that my pussy was no longer bald. Two small hairs seemed to sprout as if overnight. I also felt myself and realized that my pussy was moist and warm. It was on this occasion that I masturbated for the first time and dreamed of the day when I could take a man’s cock in my mouth and make him feel special with the power my mouth possessed.

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   With another twist of my hair, I was brought back to reality. Pulling my head away from his crotch, he reached down and with his free hand wrapped it around his thick cock. As he began to rub it across my lips, something clear and sticky from the purple head smeared across my lips I opened my mouth to protest and he instantly plunged his cock into my mouth gagging me. His erection blocked the back of my throat and it was hard to breath. I remember how his thick cock filled my mouth as it slid in between my lips. For a split second I felt like biting down, hoping to maybe bite it off or wound him. As he continued to take my mouth, thrusting his hips, I tried to imagine that I was somewhere else. I envisioned that I was running through the fields with Grimlett, chasing butterflies and birds. Reality snapped me out of my vision, as he pulled his glistening cock from my mouth. My jaws felt sore and I was hoping that he was done satisfying his sick pleasure. Instead he reached down and placed both hands under my armpits lifting me off the floor. I kicked and thrashed my arms and legs around as he turned me around in his hands. He was now behind me. I couldn’t see his face nor tell what he was doing. He roughly wrapped one arm around my waist and placed a big meaty hand in the middle of my back, pushing me down so that I was bent over an open sack of grain.


   As my head hit the sack, a few pieces of grain spilled out upon the dusty floor. “Now I am going to allow you to feel the pleasure of a man making love to you,” he said with a chuckle. With a quick deft move, I kicked one foot back towards him but missed. “Fuck you,” I said. I was not quite sure what that word meant. I had heard it before and knew that when people got angry they often said it. Laughing he said. “I wouldn’t try to get away. That precious dog of yours sure won’t be much fun to play with if he is dead. ”As more tears began to fill my eyes and trickle down my cheeks, I felt scared and helpless. I felt his rough hands tug at my shorts as he slid them off my skinny hips and down to my knees. Through my tears, I could see the little flowers on my panties and knew that from this day forward, I would not longer be the innocent little girl that I was. “Please don’t do this to me,” I begged. “I do not want to lose my virginity this way. ” Laughing at me, a dark vacant look filled his eyes.

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   “Oh I wasn’t going to fuck your precious little pussy; I am going to fuck you in the ass. You see if I fucked your little pussy, you would probably bleed, and your mommy would find out. ”“You will be in trouble anyway,” I said defiantly. Gary just laughed as he pressed his groin against my small buttocks pinning me in place against a stack of grain. His organ felt hot like a branding iron against my cold skin. Mad as hell and feeling defeated, I tried to kick at him again but to no avail. As I continued to cry with my head buried in the sack of grain, I heard a noise, which sounded like someone rustling in a cupboard. I lifted my head to find the source. On the wall of the barn was a small cupboard where medicines for the animals were kept. I watched as his greasy fingers stopped upon a tin of balm. His fingers pried the square lid off the top of tin. As he dipped three fingers into the balm and withdrew them, the balm rose out in a thick gooey mess. With a fistful of my hair still wrapped in his hand, he shoved my face back into the sack of grain. My legs began to shake as I felt his fingers part my small bottom. As he roughly stabbed his fingers at my pussy lips and anus I began to sob.

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   “Does that feel good baby. Do you like the way I rub your pussy and finger your tight little ass?”“Gary, please don’t,” I said. “Please don’t do this to me. I will let you have sex with me when I am a little older. ” “You are old enough for me now, Chantel. I like the innocent look in your eyes and how vulnerable you are. It really turns me on. ” As he pressed the head of his hard cock against the pink opening of my anus, I felt faint. When he entered me, I felt as if my body was splitting in half. I remembered hearing someone scream but I wasn’t sure who it was. As Gary pulled out of me, I realized that I had been the one screaming and he had clamped his hand over my mouth in an effort to stifle the noise I was making. As if in a dream I remember Gary telling me to stand up from the stack of grain and get on my knees again. Grabbing hold of my hair again, he rubbed his balm and cum covered cock all over my face and through my hair. He let go of me when he was finished and as he stepped back, I fell to the floor. I remember my arms propping me up on all fours.


   I trembled and tried to wipe the balm, and cum as well as his sickening scent from my face and hair. Then I closed my eyes and puked on the dusty floor. Gary chuckled as he pulled up his pants and buttoned his fly. Before he left, he squatted before me and lifted my chin with three sticky fingers his eyes boring straight into me. “I am only going to tell you once Chantel. If you say one single word about this, I will kill your fucking dog. ” Dropping my chin, he stood and walked out of the barn. As a new round of sobs rocked my body, I lay in the dust until my body stopped shaking and my tears subsided. Chantel's Revenge Later that fall as I sat beside the mound of dirt crying I wasn’t sure who I was crying for. My daddy asked me what was wrong as he sat with me and held my hand. “Oh daddy, why did Grimlett have to chase that crow across the road? He knew better then to go out on the road. ” “I’m not sure pumpkin, he was a dog. He only did what comes naturally. ”I leaned against my father and sobbed as we sat in the grove looking at Grimlett’s grave. My heart hurt so badly because my Grimlett was gone.


   I was also filled with rage because of what Gary had done to me. I had let him stick himself into my bottom in order to save Grimlett. Now it seemed as if I had sacrificed my innocence in vain. Later that evening I sat on the bed in my room. I thought of that day in the barn. I thought of the pain that I had endured whenever I went to the bathroom. My mother had noticed that I was walking funny and had asked me what was wrong. I had lied to her and told her that I had fallen on top of a fence post when I was trying to get over it. She seemed satisfied by this explanation. After that day in the barn, I became more interested in sex. I almost felt like it was a weapon or a tool that I could use to control others. Beyond the usual curiosity that I had about my daddy’s girlie magazines, I also stole a few of his movies. He had to go out of town overnight one time. This gave me plenty of time to take the movies and watch them when my mother had fallen asleep. When I was finished watching them, I thought that I had grown wiser in the ways of sex.


   About two weeks after Gary had abused me, he was caught having sex with his sister. I found out through a conversation that my parents had one night at dinner that he was sent away to a special home where he could get help. That night after hearing this conversation between my parents, I lay awake in bed plotting. I knew I had two choices. I could tell on Gary and maybe he would get punished even more and never come back. My other choice was that I could use what I had learned by watching my daddy’s movies. As I fell asleep, I silently smiled to myself. I wasn’t sure when I would get an opportunity, but I knew I was going to use what I had learned from watching my daddy’s movies. However there was something I was going to add on my own. Something I had learned while growing up on a farm. My parents have always been kind people. As a family we attend church on a regular basis and my parents try to help as much as they can in the community. I was not surprised a year later when Gary was released from the special home and was returned to his family. My father being the forgiving man that he is and unaware of what Gary had done to me rehired him. I think that my father said that he believed in giving everyone a second chance.

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   For the first few weeks after Gary returned to work on our farm, I saw him only once. I did not purposely go out of my way to avoid him, but I didn’t want to get caught alone with him in the barn. I had a plan, and I wanted to exact my revenge at my own pace. My opportunity came at the end of summer. My father had to drive to Denver to take care of some business. This meant that he would be gone for the entire day and would probably not return until late that evening. My mother was busy in the kitchen canning strawberry jam. I helped her for a while and then asked her if I could go swimming in the river which ran down over the hill from our farm. She thanked me for my help and told me to have a good time. Upstairs in my bedroom I got undressed and looked at myself in the mirror. My pussy was now covered with a small blond bush and my boobies were almost big enough that I had to wear a bra. As I continued to admire myself in the mirror, I realized that I was becoming a woman, just like the women in daddy’s magazines. I put on my swimming suit, went to the hall closet and grabbed a towel. I also dug through a box that was on the floor of the closet and found what I needed to put my plan into action. I stopped once again in the kitchen and kissed my mother on the cheek.

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   She smiled and told me to have a good time and to be careful. I smiled and told her I planned to have a good time and thought to myself, but it won’t be swimming. Before my father had left, I overheard him talking to Gary giving him his tasks for the day.
    They had been standing in the woodshed and I was able to hide very easily without being seen. Walking outside, I knew exactly where Gary probably was. As a crept over to the barn, I kept looking back at the house to make sure that my mother was nowhere in sight. The barn door was open but I could not hear Gary inside. Looking through the window beside the door I did not see Gary anywhere. Knowing this was my chance, I snuck inside the barn and I found a pile of hay bales to hide behind. I sat for a few minutes behind the bales listening for any sound of Gary. The only sound in the barn was that of Bessie in her stall chewing her cud. After a few minutes I saw him walking toward my position from the other end of the barn. He was pushing a wheelbarrow filled with a couple sacks of grain. I felt my heart as it beat in my chest, trying its best to jump out. As I sat and watched Gary unload the grain, I began to doubt if my plan would work.

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       I told myself that I could run into the house and tell my mom everything and that would be the end of Gary. However, I knew that if I told on Gary it would not bring back Grimlett, nor would it take away my pain. What I wanted most was revenge. Gary finished unloading the sacks of grain and disappeared back down to the other end of the barn. I waited for his return to see how long it would take him. I did not have a watch on, but I figured that I had a few minutes to set up my plan. Walking over to the sacks of grain, I put my plan into motion. I could hear the squeak of the wheelbarrow, and the sound of Gary’s boots on the wooden floor as he approached me. If I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn that Gary had seen a ghost when he saw me. “Chantel, whhaaat what are you doing?” he stammered as he set the wheelbarrow down. “Hi Gary,” I said as my heart thumped hard in my chest. “Whhyyy are you naked?” “Do you remember how I told you I would do anything for you if you didn’t take my virginity last year in the barn?” “Yes. ” “Well Gary,” I lied, “I am not a virgin anymore and I am ready to give myself to you. ”While Gary was getting the last load of grain, I had removed my bathing suit. On top of a couple of sacks of grain I had laid out the towel that I was to use while swimming.

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       I wore nothing but my tennis shoes and had my back to the wall of the barn. I had pulled my feet up so that my legs were spread for him so he could see all of me. As I reached down between my legs I began to stroke my pussy. The look on his face was priceless. I thought at any second he may pass out. “Chantel please leave, I have work to do. ” “But Gary, I am ready to give myself to you. ” I said as I spread my small pussy lips for him. “See how wet you make me?”“Chantel I am better now. I got the help that I needed and I am really sorry for what I did to you. ” “Gary you didn’t hurt me that day in the barn. In fact after you left, I told myself that I enjoyed it. ” “But I remember you throwing up while I was leaving. ” “I was just hot,” I said with a smile. “Chantel I don’t want to get into trouble.

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      ” “Gary if I was going to tell on you don’t you think that I would have done so already? Grimlett got hit by a car, so I could have told my parents about what happened if I had wanted to. ” “Chantel,” his voice trailed off. “Gary, do you think my pussy is pretty,” I said as I took my index finger and rubbed it in between my small lips. “Yeesss,” he stammered. “Do you want to taste my pussy?” I said as I continued to play with myself. “Yeesss,” he said appearing a little more relaxed. “Come closer so you can see how much of a woman I have become,” I said in the huskiest voice I could muster. Gary walked toward me and stopped a few feet from me. I parted my pussy again and stuck my finger on my small clit. “Do you see this little bump Gary?”“Yes. ”“This is where a woman likes to be licked. Would you like to lick me Gary?” “Yes. ” “Can I do something for you first Gary?”“Um I guess. ” “Step a little closer to me Gary. ” Gary stepped a little closer until he was standing right before me.


       “Unbutton and pull down your pants for me Gary. Just like that day when I last sucked your cock. I loved the way that you tasted in my mouth. ” Gary unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his knees. Since the between them in the barn last year, he had managed to learn how to clean himself. I looked up into his eyes and smiled. “I love how hard you are for me Gary. ” I felt a pang of nausea creep up in my stomach but I knew that if I was to carry through with my plan I had to go all the way. I wrapped my hand around Gary’s swollen cock and looked into his eyes. “Does this feel good when I stroke your cock, Gary?” “Yes,” he moaned slightly. I placed the head of his cock in my mouth and flicked my tongue across it. Pulling back I said, “Does that feel good, Gary?” “Yes,” he moaned again. “Gary, I want you to close your eyes for me. ” “Why?” he asked with a confused look on his face. “Because I want you to enjoy how I am going to make you feel.

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       “Ok,” Gary said as he closed his eyes. Wrapping my hand around Gary’s cock, I stroked him a few times. “Do you like that Gary,” I said as I looked up at him, his eyes still closed. “How do you like this,” I said as I stroked his cock and took his balls in my mouth. “Oh God that feels good,” he breathed a little heavier. “Do you still have your eyes closed Gary?” “Yes,” he said as I looked up at him to make sure he wasn’t lying. “Keep them closed for me until I tell you to open them, ok?”“Yes, Chantel,” he moaned. I stroked his cock a few more times and looked at him ensuring that his eyes were closed. Taking Gary in my mouth I slide my lips up and down the shaft of his cock a few times. “Are your eyes still closed,” I asked as I took my mouth from his swollen organ. “Yes,” he breathed heavily. “Ok I want to make you cum,” keep your eyes closed for me. Kissing the head of Gary’s cock I slide it into my mouth about halfway while palming his swollen scrotum. I quietly reached under the blanket on which I was sitting. A bloodcurdling scream filled the silence in the barn as Gary grabbed his crotch, collapsing onto his knees.

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       I could see streams of blood as it oozed between Gary’s closed fingers. As Gary’s head hit the dusty floor I stood before him with his bloody balls in one hand and a blood smeared straight razor in the other. As Gary lay on the floor in front of me screaming and moaning, I bent down and looked straight into his bulging eyes. “Gary when I was a little bit younger, my daddy showed me how to castrate bulls. When I asked him why he castrated our bulls he told me that he did it to keep the herd in line. He said that if none of the bulls were castrated then the herd would become unstable and there would be chaos. Gary there is enough chaos in this world and you are one sick bull who needs to be kept in line. I guess you won’t need these,” I said as I laughed with a gleam in my eye as dropped them with a thud onto his chest. Dear Diary, I had fun today playing out in the yard with the other kids. We played volleyball and the staff threw a Bar-B-Q for us. My therapist says that I still have a long way to go before I am completely cured. I saw mom and dad today as well. They are looking older now and I feel bad because of all the stress I put them through. I am thankful that I will be able to go home in a few months. I do feel bad for Gary’s parents because he won’t be coming home anymore.


       I just hope that they won’t hate me every time they go to the cemetery to visit him. @Copyright 2003, Scorpiosting.



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