As she was walking past her Daughter, Wendy’s bedroom Sandra heard a muffled noise and crept back to look in through the part open door. What she saw at first surprised her and then began to excite her. Wendy, who was fourteen, was laid on her back, with her wrists bound together and tied to the top of the bed. Hovering over her was Jason the fifteen-year-old boy from next door who now picked up a belt and tying it to her right ankle pulled it until her legs were spread and then fastened it off to the foot of the bed before repeating this with her left foot. Standing back Jason stood looking at Wendy, completely oblivious of the fact that his captives Mother was standing just outside the door. From where Sandra stood, she could see that Wendy was struggling in a halfhearted way that told her the Wendy was not being forced to do this. As she watched Sandra could see that the way Wendy’s legs were tied apart was causing her short white skirt to ride up exposing her flowered white panties. Above her waist was her bare, flat tummy and a large amount of naked skin which went on until you reached her crop top, which clung to her upper body allowing the outline of her tiny buds to be seen. Her mouth was open and she made little mewing noises as she struggled and whipped her short blond hair back and forth as she turned her head from side to side. Jason stood watching as if afraid that should he move it would break the spell but as Sandra looked at him she noticed that a bulge had formed in the front of his shorts. From where he stood at the foot of the bed he had an excellent view up her Daughter’s slim legs to her panties, where they moulded themselves around the puffy lips of her pussy. Finally after some minutes had passed Jason dropped his hand to Wendy’s ankle and moving to the side of the bed, walked up to her waist, his hand trailing up the inside of her leg until it reached her pussy. Letting his fingers trail over the outline of her pussy lips he watched as Wendy’s struggles grew but still neither of them said anything. Moving further up her body Jason’s fingers reached Wendy’s twin buds and circled them twice before climbing to the top and squeezing them gently between his finger and thumb as Wendy gasped at the feeling. Letting one hand move up to the teen girl’s mouth he pushed his finger into her mouth as his other hand continued to play with her hard little nipples. Wendy sucked on his finger, as he played with her bud, both of them unaware that they were being watched from just outside the door.

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   Sandra could feel the wetness flowing from between her legs as she took in the erotic scene before her. “I want to touch your pussy under your pants,” Jason told Wendy as he pulled his finger from her mouth. “No,” Wendy said. “We agreed that you could tie me up but that you could only feel me over my clothes. ”“But how are you going to stop me?” Jason asked, lust making his voice break as he stared at the helpless girl spread-eagled on the bed. “I’ll scream,” Wendy replied somewhat predictably. Jason’s hand spread across the young girls mouth stopping her from making any sound. “I don’t think that you will,” he laughed as his other hand slid down her body to cup and squeeze her pussy. Sandra’s hand moved to her own pussy as she watched her Daughter thrash about on the bed as she tried to stop Jason. Sandra knew that she should intervene but she was so turned on by the sight in front of her that she wanted to allow it to go further. After squeezing and feeling Wendy’s pussy for some moments, Jason’s hand went up to the waistband of her panties and slid down inside, cupping the naked flesh under it. “Your wet,” he exclaimed. “That means you are enjoying it you little cock tease,” he accused as he pulled her panties down to the top of her legs, exposing Wendy’s naked slit to her watching Mother as her face went bright red. Jason angrily pushed his finger roughly between the lips of Wendy’s little slit but screamed out in pain and jumped back holding his hand when Wendy bit him hard, drawing blood. “You bitch,” he cried smacking Wendy hard around the face and turning to run from the room.

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  Sandra just had time to get into the next room as Jason rushed out crying from the pain in his hand, ran down the stairs and out of the house. After following him Sandra locked the doors and went quietly back upstairs. Peering in the door she could see that Wendy had struggled to get free but had only succeeded in getting the pillow stuck over her head. Seizing the opportunity Sandra grabbed a duvet from the next bedroom and walked quietly into the room where her Daughter lay bound. Throwing the duvet over her Daughter’s head she made sure that she could not be seen before stopping to stare at her Daughters body, spread out in front of her. From the sounds that she could make out from under the pillow and the duvet it appeared that Wendy thought Jason had returned and was begging him to untie her. Sandra smiled as she allowed her hand to caress the inside of her Daughters leg and felt Wendy stiffen as she pulled the girl’s panties down her legs as far as the ropes would allow. Trailing her fingers up to Wendy’s little slit Sandra was surprised to find it wet and bending her head she allowed her tongue to dip in between the soft folds to taste the sweet juice of her little Daughter’s pussy. Wendy stiffened but held still as her Mother’s tongue dipped deeper into her tiny pussy as fingers pulling on either side of her slit opened her up. Sandra found her Daughters little clit and she felt the young child jump beneath her at the unexpected feeling as her Mother’s tongue flicked over it. Lapping up the sweet juices that flowed from inside her Daughter’s soft, warm pussy Sandra worked her tongue deeper as her fingers tickled the helpless girl’s clit until she felt the teen start to buck under her as Wendy had her first ever orgasm. Giving the bound girl no rest Sandra brought her to two more orgasms before stopping. As Wendy lay exhausted Sandra untied the rope that held her hands to the headboard and slipped from the room to watch from outside the door. For a long ten minutes there was no movement as Wendy recovered from her Mother’s attention but slowly she pushed the pillow and duvet off of her head and brought her bound hands to her mouth to untie them. Using her teeth, Wendy struggled to untie her hands and when they were free her Mother slipped back down the stairs to carry on as if nothing had happened.

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  It was over an hour later before a tired looking Wendy appeared downstairs for her tea and her Mother noted that she was very quiet before she returned to her room. Creeping up the stairs Sandra peered through the doorway of her Daughters bedroom to find Wendy lying on the bed with her knees bent, playing with her pussy. Sandra watched as her Daughter rubbed between her legs harder and harder looking for that wonderful feeling that she enjoyed earlier but it was clear that something was missing and she finally gave up in frustration. Later that night Sandra had her own orgasm as she remembered the way her Daughter had looked tied up and helpless as the young boy next door had played with her body. In her mind she imagined herself in Wendy’s place and the young boy had changed into a man as she lay helplessly under his strong hands. Waking in the morning Sandra woke Wendy with a cup of tea as she always did and prepared breakfast before they both left the house to take Wendy to school. At least Wendy’s Father had left them with some insurance money when he had been killed so Sandra didn’t have to work. Skipping along they had met up with Wendy’s best friend and her Mum and while the girls played ahead the Mum’s walked behind talking. Suddenly Wendy let out a scream and Sandra looked up to see that she had tripped over and scrapped her knees on the pavement. Sandra rushed over to where Wendy sat on the ground but it was clear that it was a fairly minor injury. As Wendy sat there hugging her knees Sandra noticed a man standing some way ahead of them staring down between Wendy’s legs and when she followed his gaze she realised that with her Daughter sat on the ground with her knees up the man was left with a clear view up her legs to her white school knickers. Seeing Sandra looking at the man her friend said, “That’s Pete the pervert. ”“Pete the pervert,” repeated Sandra. “Why is he called that?”“He is always looking at the little girls and there are rumours that he once assaulted a girl but that it got hushed up,” replied her friend. After helping Wendy back up and continuing on a little way Sandra asked her friend if she would see Wendy to the school and headed back the way they had come.

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   She had noticed Pete on a number of occasions and now realised that he was always there when the children went past. Stopping some distance away she saw Pete watch the last of the children pass by and then turn and walk into the woods behind where he had been standing. Following him into the woods, being careful not to be caught Sandra watched as he reached a small hut and went inside. Creeping up to a gap in the wall she peered in and saw Pete with his long cock in his hand, furiously wanking. Stepping back in amazement she realised that he was probably remembering the view of her Daughter’s white knickers and the thought made her own knickers wet as she rubbed between her legs. Peering into the hut again Sandra was just in time to see Pete come as his seed shot out and he grabbed a pair of schoolgirl’s knickers to wipe his long cock with. Sandra, who had continued to rub between her legs couldn’t stop herself as she too came at the thought of this beast imagining her Daughter as he wiped himself on a pair of white schoolgirl’s knickers. Quickly hiding away Sandra waited half an hour until Pete left the shed and after she felt confident that he wasn’t coming back, crept into the shed and had a look around. She found a tool box and opening it saw a number of Lolita bondage magazines with pictures of very young girls in various stages of undress, tightly tied and helpless. Sandra hadn’t realised that such magazines existed. Underneath she found some handcuffs, a black leather mask, some rope, a vibrator, some gaffer tape and a knife. This is a rape kit thought Sandra with excitement as she picked up the vibrator and turning it on brought it to her sopping wet panties. Sharon came a number of times as she looked through the magazines, imagining her Daughter in place of the helpless girls in the pictures before putting everything back and leaving the shed. Walking around outside she found a car park about 150 yards away and an idea began to grow in her mind as she quickly walked away. Spending the rest of the day trying to decide whether to go through with her idea Sandra still couldn’t believe that she was even considering such a perverted idea, after all Mothers didn’t do that kind of thing, did they?That night she watched again as Wendy fingered herself but again the fourteen-year-old wasn’t able to reach an orgasm.

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   Her Mum made up her mind that she would go through with her plan, as she knew that being helpless would help the youngster achieve satisfaction so she set about getting everything ready. Waking up early the next morning she mixed a number of the pills that the doctor had given her after Wendy’s Dad had died, into her Daughter’s tea and watched as the young girl drank it down. Within minutes Wendy’s eyes were glazing over and after ten minutes she was asleep. Stripping the young girl off Sandra washed and dressed her in the school uniform that she had grown out of last year. Being summer that was a short blue and white check dress and being last years made it a very tight, very short dress. Underneath all that she had on was a pair of white school knickers that were too small and dug into her little pussy and the crack of her bum and a pair of short white ankle socks. Sandra put two pads on Wendy’s eyes and tied a blindfold tightly around her head before stuffing two pair of rolled up socks into her mouth and tying them in place with a belt. Turning her young Daughter over she tied Wendy’s hands, palm to palm behind her back and tied her ankles tightly together before bending her knees and hogtieing her ankles to her wrists. Leaving Wendy on her side Sandra went downstairs and had her breakfast, waiting until the time that she would normally leave before picking up her Daughter and putting her in the boot of the car. Driving to the car park she lifted Wendy out of the boot and carried her towards Pete’s hut before laying her on the ground. Wendy was beginning to struggle as she started to wake up but Sandra had no trouble releasing her feet and wrapping the rope around the teen’s waist after standing her against a tree. Tied tightly to the tree Wendy could do nothing to protect herself and her Mother checked her watch knowing that it was time to hide before Pete appeared. When she had checked out the surrounding area yesterday Sandra had found a spot below the roots of a fallen tree that gave her a good view of the area while hiding her from view and now she squeezed into her hiding place and got her digital camera out taking a few shots of her helpless Daughter before Pete arrived. Finally she heard someone walking towards her and saw Pete’s legs as he walked past her hiding place and on towards the helpless girl tied to the tree. Suddenly Pete caught site of Wendy tied helpless in front of him and stood looking in amazement.

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   Turning full circle his eyes searched the surrounding area suspecting a trap and he even walked around in a large circle expecting to find someone waiting to grab him. Returning to where Wendy was tied Pete stood looking at her as he licked his lips knowing that the smart thing to do was to run but knowing that he could no more ignore the helpless girl in front of him than he could stop breathing. Pete examined the young girl and saw that she had short blond hair beneath her blindfold and that the belt around her mouth dug in at the sides where it was pulled tight. As his eyes moved down he could see the small mounds of her budding breasts under the tight school dress and her flat stomach, pulled in tight by the rope around her waist. Letting his eyes drop down he could see that the skirt barely covered her knickers and left her slim legs bare until they reached her ankle socks. Pete’s first instinct was to tear the clothes off Wendy and fuck the living daylights out of her with his suddenly rampant cock but he hesitated as he thought of all the things that he wanted to do to her. Mostly though he wanted to see the fear in her eyes as he attacked her so he left the girl while he went into the hut to get his box. Pulling on the black leather mask made him look frightening but also hid his face and hair from the girl. Next he picked up the knife and tucked it into his belt before returning to where Wendy was tied and reaching around the frightened girl he removed her blindfold. Wendy blinked hard in the sudden light as she looked around her. Her eyes went wide and she started to shake her head and struggle as she saw the man in the frightening mask standing in front of her but there was nothing she could do except wait for him to move. Pete slowly pulled the knife out and held it up to the young girls face as she cowered from him, the point resting inches from her eye. “Do as I say and I won’t kill you,” he told the young girl. “But piss me off and I will carve you up so bad that your own Mother won’t recognise you. ”“I am going to take off your gag but you will not speak unless it is to answer a question, understand?” He asked.

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  Wendy slowly nodded her head, fearful that the knife would cut her face if she moved too fast. “Good girl,” Pete said as he untied the belt and pulled the socks from her mouth. “Now remember no speaking unless I ask you to. ”Pete studied the pretty face now exposed to him and asked her name and age. “I’m Wendy and I’m fourteen,” she replied. “Please don’t hurt me. ”“If you speak again without permission Wendy, it will be the last thing that you do,” Pete replied letting the knife trail down to her throat before tucking it back into his belt. Sandra breathed a sigh of relief as Pete put the knife away. She had felt that he was using it to scare the little girl into obeying him but was concerned that he could have cut her by accident. Pete now untied the rope that held Wendy to the tree and held her by the arm as his eyes roamed over her perfect little body. “Stand still,” he told her as his hands reached out and he undid the top of the row of buttons that ran down the whole length of the front of her dress. One by one he undid the buttons slowly exposing more of her pale body as Wendy shivered in fear. Kneeling down in front of the girl he undid the buttons below her waist and exposed her white knickers, studying how they were pulled into the lips of her tiny pussy and finally with the last button he could see the tops of her legs.
    Pulling the dress open he stared wide-eyed at the puffy little buds that were all the breasts that the teen girl had. Both hands now reached out and covered the young girls breasts as Pete watched closely the conflicting emotions that travelled across Wendy’s face.

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      Pinching the breasts between his thumbs and fingers Pete rolled and squeezed them and was rewarded with a moan from Wendy’s throat, as her nipples grew hard beneath his touch. Smiling broadly he continued to gently work on her breasts until she was moaning and whimpering continually at his touch. As his hands worked on her tiny breasts Pete lowered his mouth to the lips of Wendy’s pussy, clearly outlined beneath her white knickers, and kissed the material covering her clit. Wendy shivered and pushed her lower body hard against Pete’s mouth as that wonderful feeling that she had felt when she was tied on the bed returned once more. As her orgasm hit her Wendy’s legs collapsed beneath her and she fell to the ground on her tiny bottom. Pete couldn’t help himself, he collapsed in laughter at the expressions on Wendy’s face. Lust, humiliation, frustration and pain all mixed together on the fourteen-year-olds face as she lay on her back in the dirt. Suddenly Pete stopped laughing as he looked at Wendy’s exposed body as she lay on her back with her dress wide open and her legs spread wide apart. He began to tear off his clothes until he finally stood naked with his large cock standing straight out in front of him as he advanced on the helpless girl. Wendy saw that the man’s mood had changed and cowered back away from him but Pete just grabbed her legs and pulled her back. Taking out the knife he pushed the edge of the blade under the side of her knickers and sliced them apart. After repeating this on the other side he pulled the material out and held it against her mouth. Pete brought the knife up to where Wendy could see it and afraid to do otherwise she opened her mouth to allow him to stuff her ruined knickers in. Pete couldn’t wait much longer but knew that if he tried to push his cock into her unprepared body he could do a lot of damage so pushing the young girl down he lay with his head between her legs and began to lick her little slit. Finding her clit he sucked the tiny bud between his lips and flicked it with his tongue.

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       Soon Wendy was writhing and bucking as she came again and Pete could feel the wetness of her soaked pussy as her juices leaked out. Pete could not wait any longer and scooted up her body until his large cock was against the entrance to her love channel. Pushing forward he felt his pre-cum adding to the wetness on her slit as he sought the entrance to her body. He pushed until he could feel his cock begin to stretch her tight virgin passage. As he felt Wendy tense up as if to try and stop him going further Pete pushed hard and his cock forced its way an inch inside her. Wendy screamed and wriggled around which only made Pete more excited as he pushed as hard as he could into the girl child. Pete’s cock forced its way through the young girls virginity and tore it apart as he forced more and more of his cock into the helpless girl pinned beneath him. It was painful for both of them as Pete’s cock was squeezed by the young girls tiny little love passage but Pete knew that once he had opened her up that would change. Pete’s cock was now halfway into her as he pulled back slightly and pushed forward hard again burying even more of himself into Wendy’s tiny hole as she screamed continually through the panties in her throat. Sandra, who had been watching until now with interest wanted to rush down and stop Pete from going further but the feelings inside her made her legs weak. She was so turned on by the erotic scene before her that the juices flowed from her cunny like a waterfall and her hand refused to stop it’s in out motion as she came again and again. Pete was getting impatient now and forced his hands under Wendy’s bum before using them to pull her towards him as he pushed down into her. Deeper and deeper he went until he felt his cock bottom out inside her tight channel. Now Pete rested, buried to the hilt inside the fourteen-year-olds tight little cunny giving her a chance to get used to his size. He couldn’t believe that she had been able to take all of his cock but from the sobs still coming from behind the cloth in her mouth he knew that it had not been easy for her.

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      Slowly he withdrew out of her until just the head of his cock remained buried. Looking down he could see the blood from her virginity coating his cock and began to feel that he was not going to be able to hold himself back for much longer so pushed in again until he once again bottomed out. Again and again he fucked into the pretty little teen each time feeling the walls of her love channel give a little more until he felt his balls tighten and his cock spasm as he filled her young pussy with his sperm. Pete lay there for some time with his cock buried inside Wendy until it shrank and finally slipped out from inside her. Rolling over he collapsed beside her and lay exhausted for some time. Sandra had also collapsed from exhaustion after her multiple orgasms and just lay in her hiding place waiting for Pete to recover. Finally Pete recovered and stood up pulling the little girl to her feet before him. Turning her around Pete untied her hands, letting her dress fall off and drop to the ground. He then retied her with her hands still behind her back but with each wrist tied to the opposite elbow. Sandra realised that Wendy’s ordeal was not yet over and picked up the camera and began to take more pictures as her cunny tingled again in anticipation. Pete pulled the young child over to a fallen log and sat down pulling Wendy across his lap and positioning her with her bottom high in the air ready to be spanked. As Pete brought his hand down hard on the defenceless child’s bum Sandra could hear that he was not holding back as the smack reverberated across the space between them. Wendy’s muffled scream was not as loud as the next forceful smack and as Pete delivered the next twenty hits she was reduced to a sobbing that was continuous. Pete stopped and looked down at the bright red bottom in front of him. He could clearly see his handprints outlined in the red of her skin and felt his cock beginning to stir with desire again.


      Pulling the girl to her feet Pete pushed her down to her knees in front of him. “I’m going to give you a choice,” he told her. “You can either suck my cock or I will give you another hundred smacks. ”Wendy looked puzzled and he realised that she was innocent enough that she didn’t know what he meant when he said that she could suck his cock. Pulling what was left of her knickers from the young child’s mouth Pete explained that she had to take his cock into her mouth and suck and lick it until he allowed her to stop. Wendy knew how much her bottom hurt and realised that another hundred smacks was more than she could take so agreed to the alternative but as Pete brought his now fully erect cock up to her lips she had to force herself to open them and allow his cock soaked with a mixture of her blood, her pussy juices and Pete’s semen, entry to her warm mouth. Pete instructed her to lick and suck his cock and revelled in the wonderful moist feeling of her warm mouth as he just stood and let her get on with it. After a few minutes he began to move his hips and his cock began to gently fuck into her mouth as it had her pussy earlier and he began to feel his balls tightening. He hadn’t told her what to expect as the end result of sucking his cock and now his excitement grew as he got nearer to the inevitable. Putting his hands on the back of Wendy’s head Pete held her tightly so that she wouldn’t be able to escape what he had planned. Now Pete began to lengthen his strokes and felt the little girl choke as his cock hit the back of her throat again and again. Building up his speed he forced his large cock down Wendy’s tight throat as he held her tightly and as he came he forced her head tightly up against his crotch and held it there as he felt spurt after spurt of his cum flow into her. Pulling out slightly he continued to cum in her mouth and warned her to swallow every drop or he would thrash her bum. Wendy continued to suck and lick until Pete pulled his shrinking cock from her mouth and allowed her to recover. As Sandra watched Pete took Wendy back to the tree where he bound her back in place before replacing the blindfold and gag on his young victim.

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       Going into the shed he then went back to Wendy and did something that her Mother couldn’t make out before dressing himself and clearing up the area where he had raped the pre-teen girl. Walking away from the hut he passed where Sandra was hidden and as he walked past he said. “Maybe next time I could come to your house and rape her. I think that it would be more comfortable for both of us. Give me a call sometime,” before walking off. Sandra lay there in shock for some time before climbing out and going down to where Wendy stood exhausted in her bondage. Looking at her Daughter she smiled as she saw that Pete had written his phone number across Wendy’s chest so that they could all do this again sometime. .



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