Raped at home


Raped at home.
You enter your darkened home, unaware that someone has gained entry before you. As you take off your coat you strangely begin to feel randy, but you can’t explain why. A sudden urge to go to your bedroom to fuck yourself with your favourite toy comes over you.
Once in the bedroom, you decide on a slow strip, teasing yourself as you go. You slip off your blouse, running your hands over your swelling breasts, your nipples harden without being directly touched. You reach behind you and unzip the skirt and watch it slide to the floor. Stepping out of it, you spot the dark stain in your lacey panties. You can’t remember being this turned on, ever.
With some haste your release your bra clasp and toss the bra towards the bed, when suddenly you are grabbed from behind. You are forced face down onto the bed. A gruff voice warns you that if you scream or shout you will be seriously harmed. Then one of your stockings is fastened as a blindfold across your eyes.
Suddenly you feel cold steel pressing into your flesh at the waist band of your panties, you feel the right side of your panties go loose, again you feel the cold steel as the left side of your panties is cut The same gruff voice orders you to open your mouth. In panic you instinctively react, your mouth is then stuffed full of what feels like a rag. As the flavour of the dampness evades your senses, you realize that it is your panties.

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Your nipples are now so hard they ache and it seems someone has turned on a tap inside your cunt, as your juices run down your leg.
Next powerful hands force your legs apart and rough fingers begin teasing your cunt Soon three fingers are buried in your soaking cunt. Just then a tongue traces small circles on your arse. Heading closer and closer towards your cunt. The fingers withdraw from your clutching pussy and the tongue begins flicking your clit. Soon you are moaning into the panties, Begging to be flicked.
The licking stops and you are turned over, a mouth begins sucking on your hard erect nipple. The mouth on your left nipple begins gently tugging on the hardened flesh. Suddenly the teeth sink sharply into your nipple as it is extended a good half inch from your body. Meanwhile the hand is back stroking your cunt, a hard finger traces a path from your clit to the edge of your anal ring. Once, twice, three times this is repeated, all the time bringing you unwillingly towards a hard climax.
On the four time, the finger flicks your clit, passes over the lips of your cunt Pausing before slipping deep inside your soaking cunt, it is quickly withdran and continues towards your anal ring. When it gets there, you expect like before for it to begin to return towards your clit, but this time it is roughly force passed the sphincter muscle and deep inside your arse. The sudden shock of your first anal penetration and the speed of it causes you to jerk backwards.
The finger slips out of your arse, the extended nipple pings away from the clenched teeth holding it.

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   For a split second the double pain of your arse being penetrated and the searing pain felt in your nipple does strange things to you. It is like a bitter/sweet pain, you feel hurt but excited to the edge of the endurance. Just as you come to terms with this, large rough hands grab your ankles, pull you towards the bottom of the bed before being gripped in one hand and held high.
Wondering what is going to happen next, you try to beg, but all that comes forth is a mumbled gibberish. You try to gather your thoughts, when suddenly the silence is broken by a large W H A C K and a sharp stinging sensation spreads from your arse. Whack, a second blow falls on your other cheek. The gruff voice laughs and says I’ll teach you, you bitch. When 1 am playing you will stay still or the worse for you.
Although you still can not see your intruder, you can feel your eyes watering, you have a quick decision to make. Fight and suffer or unwillingly go along with this man and how to survive. You mumble through your panties “do what you want with me but please don’t hurt me. ” The man realizes that you have made an effort and removes the panties from your mouth. You repeat yourself “please I’ll do whatever you want of me, but please don’t hurt me. ” Unseen by you the man smiles and says all right bitch, but any more resistance and I will really make you suffer.
He asks you where you keep your sex toys, you hesitate, he slaps your arse harder than before, Whack, the stinging spreads.

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   It seems that there is a direct link from your arse cheeks to your inner cunt walls, as your passion increases with each slap. You tell him that they are in the bedside cabinet. You blush when you suddenly remember that the butt plug your old flat mate left behind was in there.
He spins you round on the bed without releasing your ankles, and you here the cabinet door ping open. You hear rustling and can only imagine that he is inspecting all your sex toys.
The stocking is removed from your eyes and he points at the collection of gadgets beside you on the bed. Picking up a big black prick it is then forced into your mouth.
You are forced to suck it or choke, after what seems like an age, your jaw aches and the prick is slowly withdrawn, then your legs are pinned wide apart, as the prick enters your cunt. As you are strongly fucked, your tits are bouncing up and down. The voice orders you to suck your own nipple.
As he flicks you with the dildo, a finger is pressed against your anal ring, and slowly works its way inside your arse. The stranger laughs as you try to evade the anal entry.
You beg him not to do that, He laughs as he says what are you going to do to stop me. You reply I will do what ever you want me to but not anal pleassssse.
He says to you, well that’s rich for a bitch who uses a butt plug up there.

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   You begin to try to explain that the plug was not actually yours. He snaps shut up bitch. He then removes the dildo and picks up the butt plug. Without ceremony he plunges it up your cunt, you wince as the thick bulbous end slams in forcing its way past your cunt entrance. Soon your outer lips are pinned back by the large lip on the bottom of the butt plug.
No sooner had you started to get used to the size intrusion in your cunt then he yanks it out and slowly forces the head against your anal ring. He orders you to push down on it or he will spank you so hard that you will not sit for a month. You reluctantly begin to push down whilst trying to relax your sphincter muscle. You feel a sharp pain and then you hear a slight plop as the head pushes past your anal muscle. Your bowels feel full and distended, you have an overwhelming desire to go for a shit. The stranger before you laughs.
Just then you notice for the first time the man is stark bullock naked and his large prick is rigid and swaying in front of him. He notices what you are looking at, smiles and says “don’t worry bitch you will get this soon. ”
He forces your legs even wider apart, as he kneels between them. He then lowers his large heavy body weight on to you.

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   You feel his cock head nudge the entrance to your cunt and the he suddenly thrust forward in a sharp movement His cock spears your cunt and you feel the pubic hairs against your cunt lips. He slowly begins thrusting in and out, All the time smiling close to your face. As this is happening, his pace speeds up and you feel the tell tale signs of his impending climax. Just before he cums, your own violent orgasm rips through your body.
After he floods your cunt with spunk he orders you to lick his prick clean, and wants you to suck him off again. As the salty tasting penis enters your mouth you begin to gag. Then when he is good and hard again he makes you go on all fours as he flicks you doggie style. By the time he is ready to cum a second time you have had three orgasms already and are begging for him to fill you up.
At this point he withdraws his penis, and in one quick movement yanks out the butt plug before forcing his prick into your gaping anal cavity. For a further twenty minutes he mercilessly pounds his prick up your arse.
Just as he begins to cum he pulls out and shoots all over your arse cheeks. You collapse forward, faint and twenty minutes later you open your eyes to find you are alone. Was it a dream then you feel the cum stains on your arse cheeks and you realize it was fact



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