Raped and abused.


I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the last bus as I had been working late.
The next thing I knew was I was being grabbed from behind and dragged into a nearby lane way. Whoever it was had put a bag over my head and held his gloved hand to my mouth so I could not bite or scream. I was in an area where it is extremely remote anybody would be passing by at that hour of the night.
I could smell a mans after shave. He pushed and held me against a wall face first and before I realised he had tied something around the bag and was using the bag to gag me. He then pulled my hands behind me and wrapped a cable tie around like a handcuff. Then he turned me around and put a rope around my neck and tied me to something on the wall. So I was now tied to a wall standing up with my hands tied behind my back. This had all happened in a few seconds as the lane was almost next to the bus stop.
The he spoke and said if you struggle you will choke yourself. It was a foreign voice. Then he got my legs and tied them to something else on the wall. He had to spread my legs about a metre apart to do this. I could not move or scream.
Then he said you will like what I am going to do to you.

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   I tried to struggle but the rope or whatever hurt my throat and I nearly choked with the gag etc.
It was a reasonably warm night and I only had a dress on. My shoulder bag was still over my shoulder and held to me by my tied hands.
Then he must have cut my bag free as I felt the shoulder strap pulled off my shoulder, then I head the zip open and him rummaging through my bag. He must have found what he was looking for because there was a moment’s quietness and what I thought was a flash of light. Then he said hello Jan – I realised afterwards he must have found my purse and something with my name on it. You look like a pretty girl, it is a pity I wont see our face. It must have been my drivers licence to have a photo of me.
The next thing I knew he had his hand on my breasts and said ahhhh they feel nice. I tried desperately to move but everything was so tight it hurt. Then I felt him cutting my clothes from me down the front and the fresh cool air on my exposed body. First he took my dress off and said you have a nice figure lets se what else is nice and cut my bra and released my breasts. My nipples hardened at the exposure to the cool air.   Then he said –not only do the feel nice they look lovely and you must like what I am doing look at those beautiful nipples and then I felt his warm breath and his mouth covering my left nipple as he sucked it and ran his tongue over me. Then he went to the right breast and did he same thing.


   I would normally like my man to do that but he was violating me, and I had no idea who he was. He moved his lips from my breast down my body and licked around my navel. Then he slipped my pants down a little until the spread of my legs prevented them from going any further and then he cut them off me. I was now naked except for my shoes and the bag over my head.
He said you look absolutely beautiful, Jan my you have a beautiful vagina too, and look you even manicure your hair. I have removed most of my pubic hair and kept a strip of hair above my slit.
Then I felt his finger between the lips of my vagina and he rubbed it around a little and believe it or not I had a little moisture there. He said ahhhhh some nice juice for me and then slipped his finger into my vagina and began to masturbate me. He obviously knew what he was doing as his finger had found all the right places like my clit and G spot. I was in an absolute panic and tied hard against the wall unable to move. I could now feel the brick wall on the cheeks of my ass behind me as I tried to get his finger out of me.   He laughed and said there is no way out of this my dear Jan, you body is mine for the taking and take it I will. He then got down between my legs and proceeded to perform oral sex on me. I had never had oral sex before. I could not believe it as his mouth and tongue licked and prodded me and I could not help it and I was beginning to like the sensation and was making juice.

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   He kept his mouth on me for what must have been three or four minutes rubbing his tongue on my clit and every now and again slipping two fingers into my vagina s he licked my clitoris. He had said nothing as he continued to perform his pleasure on me and I could do nothing to prevent him abusing me like he was. After another couple of minutes his treatment of me I was beginning to do what he wanted. I was responding to his treatment of oral stimulation and had stopped trying to pull away from him and I was letting him have his way with me and had stopped resisting. I could not help myself and I could not stop the excitement he had generated in my vagina and I could sense an orgasm and as he continued to lick and suck me I released the inhibitions inside me and had  an orgasm. My first ever while having oral sex. I could not believe what I was doing, I was actually enjoying what he had done to me, even though it was in effect rape. I was being raped and having an orgasm. As many times as I had imagined what it would be like to be raped as I read accounts in the paper of other women being raped I never considered for a moment they or I would have an orgasm. I was raped having my first oral orgasm. As I hit the height of my orgasm I was forcing my pubic region into his face getting the maximum pleasure from it and not realising what I was doing. After he had finished sucking my juices from me as I had orgasmed he said there my darling Jam you enjoyed that didn’t you, I can tell wen a girl enjoys her orgasms. No doubt some other man has shown you that pleasure and you have then performed it for him. How wonderful it would be if you could experience what I have just done for you - on me. I cant afford to allow that at the moment but before we are finished you could be begging to have oral sex with me.

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   You are not compliant enough to allow me to release any of your bounds at the moment, we have other pleasures to share and then you may be willing. I shook as if to say release me but he laughed and said now the entrée has been enjoyed we will have the main course and I felt his hands around my shoulders and his body being pressed against me. It took me a moment to realise he too was naked as I could feel his naked flesh against me. I had no idea when he had undressed but he was certainly nude. He then felt and handled my breasts and nipples again and with one hand squeezed and pulled my left nipple as he sucked and licked the right one. His other hand was down between my legs masturbating me again. He continued with this for a few minutes then I felt him lean against me and put his hard penis between our bodies as he kissed my neck. He whispered in my ear after your first experience I am going to improve on that and then I felt him manoeuvring himself to have sex with me standing up. He had my legs pulled far enough apart for him to be able to easily position himself and then he spent the next few moments getting the two of us in a position to penetrate me with his cock. I couldn’t do much but he seemed to be positioning himself in such a way as he could enter me and hold me to him at the same time.
I am not a virgin and have had sex a few times and I then felt his penis against the lips of my vagina and his arms around me and then he pushed his cock hard and fast into me and in a moment he was deep inside me. I began to cry and he said don’t worry my little darling you will enjoy this as much as you did my tongue. He then began to have sex with me and he pushed and pulled his cock extremely efficiently and was performing his sexual ritual with me most efficiently. I had stopped doing anything to resist him or to encourage him, not that he needed to be encouraged. I just stood there, bound and tied and let him take his pleasure from me as he continued to rape me.

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   He continued for what seemed like hours but would have been about five minutes and then he said here is a little present for you my dear and he came inside me. I could feel his body jabbing me in short jabs unlike the thrusting he performed as he fucked me. I knew it was his cock ejaculating his semen into the warmth of my body, spurt by spurt. His breath was coming in short gasps and I could feel the increased heart beat as he pulled me hard against his body. There he said that was nice wasn’t it, you are a very nice fuck he said, I wish we could be better friends and do this more often. He had now slipped out of me and I could fel his semen begin to leak out of my vagina and run down my legs. It felt horrible, his warm semen and the cold air on my legs made it feel awful. I knew exactly what was happening from my previous lovers.
He was still there and I could not work out what he was doing but he said I will wipe you in a moment I am just cleaning my beautiful cock up as it is covered in the wonderful love nectar from your body and my warm special just for you baby juice. He said I hope you take precautions as I would not wish you to bear my bastard child. After this is over you can go and be treated in hospital like the others I have raped just like you. Yes you are not the first; in fact you are victim number six, from all over the world. You are my first American woman; my cock has tasted the pleasure of five other women from all different countries. My Asian affair ended far more satisfactorily as she did not resist, and I released her before I raped her and we spent two days in my hotel room making love constantly. It seems I had picked a girl who was a student who provided favours for some of her professors and she was more than happy for me to have sex with her in exchange for food and whisky and a lovely room and bed to make love in.

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    I even bought her nice clothes to thank her.
Somehow my darling I don’t think you will want to do what she did with me for two days and nights. She performed oral sex on me beautifully and we had sex in every imaginable position.
Now he said the niceties are over and I felt him releasing my legs but instead of letting me go he had another piece of rope and he tied my legs together. Then he released my hands and using the rope around my neck led me away hobbled from the wall. The next thing I knew I was bent forward and over a metal drum. I thought oh no not that, I imagined he was going to rape me anally. I was right, he tied me firmly to the drum and I believe he had already prepared the ropes because it didn’t take him long to get me into position. Then he applied lubricant to my ass hole and I tried desperately to get away or prevent him from buggering me. He was far too organised and strong for me and before I realised it he was positioned to enter me and then I felt he pain as he forced his penis into me anally. I had never had anal sex before and as he went into me I screamed in pain through the gag.  He said nothing and proceeded to have his pleasure while fucking my ass hole. He was taking ages and telling me how tight I was and how good it was and how much he was enjoying fucking my ass. As he got close he kept telling me how good it felt to have his cock up my ass and how wonderful I was and what a pretty ass I had and slapped my cheeks often as he thrust his cock into me. Then I felt him cumming.

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   He stopped and again with short spasms,  I could feel his warm semen pumping into my anus and it felt horrible.
He pulled his cock out, and my bum felt like it was on fire, it was burning and hurting all at the same time. I could not imagine any girl wanting to or enjoying that form of sex. Again he was quiet and I could tell he was cleaning himself up again. His cum was now leaking out of my cunt and my ass. I was still tied to the drum and I thought that was that he had done everything and he would release me. He cut me free from the drum but hobbled me again so I could not run. He tied my hands again after having tied them to the drum or whatever to anally rape me.
No - he wanted one more humiliating act for me to perform. He removed the gag and cut a hole in he bag and said if you scream I will kill you, killing does not bother me, I have killed before. Then he made me kneel and then I realised what he was going to do. I was going to have to perform oral sex on him. He pushed his cock through the hole and into my mouth. It was still sore from the gag but he grabbed my head and held it tight and began to force me to suck on his cock. By now I was completely humiliated and shocked and beginning to think he would kill me before he left.

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   I performed orally on him as I had also done that with other lovers and after what seemed like an hour I could tell he was about to cum and prepared myself as he came and filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed each spurt and when he finished cumming said clean it up and after I had sucked it clean, withdrew his cock.
He put the gag back before he stood back again. I couldn’t tell what he was doing but I had hoped it was getting dressed.
I was sill on my knees and I tried to stand me up but fell over. He came to me pulled me to my feet. He said thank you Jan you were a great fuck, and my first American woman, I don’t know if there will be more, that will depend on a few things. No doubt I will see all about this in he papers tomorrow. That was the last I saw or heard of him. I was naked, hobbled and gagged with a bag tied over my head. I began to cry and I stumbled around trying to find the drum to sit on. Eventually I did and I sat there cold and shivering shocked and humiliated. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. I sat there thinking what could I do, there were no cars or people about at this hour and if I could get out of wherever I was I would be naked and no doubt filthy with the evidence of my rape all over me.
About half an hour later I heard a siren and then voices and it was the police and shortly after that an ambulance.

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I was taken to the hospital and amongst everything else interrogated about this animal who had raped me. Fortunately they said the press had not heard about it as the call to the police had been about a girl who was drunk not raped. They said it was obvious he had called them and I should be thankful for that one small mercy.
He had violated every orifice in my body with his penis. I was going to take ages to recover from his and as they said he is obviously a word traveller and possibly a sea man and there may be no hope of catching him. The semen taken from me would be subjected to DNA and world police forces advised. One cop said if he is caught and what you say is true we may never get to charge him here – the overseas guys will have their first go at him and we will get him after everybody else if he lives long enough.
I thought well that may save me from having to face him and a court. I don’t know if I felt happy or not.