Rape of Jackie


Larry was her step dad and he was a hulking black man.   He was a monster compared to Jackie’s mom and had always creeped Jackie out.   Larry was just one of the reasons Jackie had always lived with her dad, not to mention her mom was a nut case.   Now she was living in his house for who knows how long till she was able to figure out what to do.   And to make it worse she had to sleep on the couch since there weren’t any extra beds in the house.   She had slept on the couch for two weeks and still there was no end in sight to where she was going to go and what she was going to do.   Living with her Mom, Larry, and step brother, David wasn’t too bad.   But Larry was still intimidating as hell and creepy.   She just figured it was her being paranoid and didn’t think about it really.   She thought more about how she was 25, had a mediocre job, and now had no where to live.
Jackie went to sleep tonight knowing she finally had a day off and everyone would be at work and school all day…so it came as a shock when something large and heavy fell across her stomach knocking the wind out of her and a large hand was clamped over her mouth.   All she could see was a bald black head next to her face as she heard Larry whisper in her ear “It’s just you and me Jackie, no one will be home for a long time. ”  It was only then that she could tell that Larry was naked sprawled across her holding her down.   She was helpless in his grip, unable to take a deep breath let alone let a scream out.    “It’s been a long 18 years watching you grow up.   And now that I have you we are going to enjoy ourselves.

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  ”  With that said he used his free hand to rip the tank top from her body revealing her exposed breasts.   He quickly gave a small twist to her nipple causing a squeak of pain to escape through the massive hand covering her mouth.   “You don’t like that?”  With a smirk Larry did the same to her other nipple eliciting the same reaction.   Looking up into his eyes Jackie saw pure lust.   She knew what was going to happen to her.   Looking down into eyes imploring him to stop and have mercy Larry tried to rip the pajama bottoms from his step daughter.   His first try only caused Jackie to jerk to the side violently.   On the third yank the bottoms ripped away leaving a black thong and some would be bruises from the violent tugging Jackie had endured as Larry stripped her.   Larry looked down at the milky whiteness of his stepdaughter’s body.   Her stomach was shaking from the fear and panic coursing through her body.   Larry reached down to her panties and started rubbing her pussy.   Jackie started to cry through gritted eyes and willed her body to get away.   She pushed and struggled against Larry and his weight to no avail.   He continued past her panties and invaded her womanhood.   He did this for an agonizing long time which was only a few minutes.

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    At this point Larry shifted his weight and Jackie could feel his dick against her thigh.   Larry held on more tightly as Jackie struggled once again under him.   He quickly made a very quick jab to her stomach causing her to release all the air in her lungs as he released her mouth and leaned into a quick slap to Jackie’s face.   “If you don’t scream I am going to hurt you. ”  Before she could react to this statement Larry hit her again.   “Just remember I’m not messing around. ”  With that Jackie lay under Larry and started bawling.   Larry reached between Jackie's legs and ripped the thong away completely exposing her pussy.   He pushed her legs apart and positioned his cock before her pussy.   “This is how I fuck you mom you little whore. ”  Larry violently plunged his dick into the fresh pussy below him and fucked away.   Jackie cried and closed her eyes turning her head until Larry grabbed her by the cheeks and forced her face forward.   “Open your eyes and look at me as I fuck you” After a sharp slap to both her cheeks she opened her eyes and gasped as she saw Larry writhing on top of her.   Breathing heavily into her face was making Jackie sick.   Having his dick sliding in and out of her was excruciatingly embarrassing and uncomfortable.

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    She couldn’t understand why Larry would do this to her.   He was raping her and she couldn’t stop him.   She cried even harder when she realized her body had naturally started fucking Larry back.   She was involuntarily responding and becoming aroused.   Her legs had opened wider and pulled up to her chest more to allow the body on top of her better access.   Larry pushed himself onto her more and quickened his pace as he pushed in and out of her throbbing pussy.   She couldn’t even cry anymore when Larry pumped into her for the last few times violently plunging into her one last time.   She felt his cum fill her deep inside as Larry said “Feels good to cum inside you”  Sliding in and out of her one last time Jackie thanked god he was done.   Only to have him pull out and position his dick over her lips.   As the head was pushed to her lips Jackie accepted the entire length into her mouth.   She kept her eyes open to make sure Larry wouldn’t hit her again.   She could taste cum and sweat and dirt on the dick in her mouth.   She did this for 5 minutes until she could feel the shaft start to harden again.   She cringed inside thinking she was going to have this dick inside her again.   Speeding up she licked his dick dickhead furiously and pumped her hand up the shaft hoping to make Larry come before he could fuck her again.

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    Before she could even begin Larry pulled away from her face and grabbed her by the arm and waist.   He flipped her onto her stomach forcing her onto her hands and knees.   Jackie felt even more helpless after being man handled this way.   She was completely in his control.   She felt his dick against her pussy lips only to feel a finger and spit fall onto her exposed asshole.   “Please no!  NO NO NO!”  “Shut up bitch” And a punch landed against the back of her head causing pain and a second of confusion.   “If you yell again I’ll rip you apart!”  This growl froze Jackie.   She looked straight ahead as more spit and a finger invaded her virgin asshole.   After 60 seconds of this she felt his dick at the opening.   Slowly her body opened little by little.   It was a race for her body to open and allow him to enter so he could eventually finish and get away from her battered body.   She willed her asshole to open and allow him entree.   He pressed his way in slowly and after a time was in his entire length.   Jackie felt stuffed and humiliated as Larry started to slowly fuck her ass.   He wasn’t gentle about it and she felt every time he moved inside of her.

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    He had his entire weight on her body as he fucked away.   When he came he pushed into her so hard she though he had split her asshole open.   Pulling out Larry pulled her back and watched his cum drip out of her gaping asshole.  
First time…. More to come?. . .