Ransoming a Fuck


Isabelle bit her lip as she drove with one hand and holding a set of directions with another.   She was unfamiliar with the neighborhood, not that it looked any different from the hundreds of suburban communities all around the area.   The sky was dimming and night wasn't too far away.
She did her best not to seem rushed.   Half a mile back, she almost got into an accident after failing to see a stop light.   Her eyes kept flitting over to the seat next to her, where a folded envelope sat.   It was the source of her apprehension.
A month had passed since that unimaginable evening at the gym.   Isa still had trouble believing that it actually happened.   To think that she actually cheated on her husband, and with several complete strangers, was something that she had difficulty coming to terms with.   What made it worse was the people she did it with.
As the days passed, she pushed the incident further back into her memory, as if sweeping it under the rug.   She still remembered occasionally, and when she did her body reacted.   At home she'd suddenly stop and shiver, her eyes closing until something woke her from her remembrance.   But she did move on.   It was better if she forgot about it completely, she thought.

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    She was, after all, still a married woman.
But last week the incident resurfaced vividly; her memories concretized by a set of mailed photographs which had her as the central figure in a series of indecent acts.   At the back of one was an address, a date, and a time.   Isa was too shocked to ask herself how the boys managed to get a hold of her name and address.   The thought of her husband coming home one day, opening the mail to find her image being fucked and desecrated in several different positions, horrified her.   After all these years, she had little reason to still love the man.   But the consequences would destroy the lifestyle she worked so hard to build.
And so it was that she found herself driving into an unfamiliar neighborhood, scanning mailboxes for the address that she was looking for.
Isa found the house soon enough.   It seemed typical of the suburban neighborhood, with nothing to distinguish it aside from a hanging flag and a basketball hoop in the driveway.   She parked out front and closed the car door behind her.   It was here that she hesitated.
What was she going to do?  Why did they want her here?  She had gone over all the possibilities long before she left, but the questions kept popping into her mind.   She was too afraid to seek out any help.   This was something she had to deal with herself.

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    When she summoned the will to knock on the door, it opened right away.
It was her alright.   Darren wasn't used to seeing her in a working outfit, but he remembered the face and he definately remembered the figure.   Her blouse didn't do a good job of concealing her cleavage, and the skirt definately hung into her hips.   He smirked, wondering if she was the type to vamp people to get ahead.   Either way, he thought, it definately won't work on him after that night. . .
"Took you long enough. "  He smirked.   The time she took from parking the car to getting to the door meant that she was worried.   And to Darren, that was a good thing.   She tried her best not to look it, though.   Her face was as business-like as her outfit, and her straight black hair was drawn back into a neat ponytail.   He never realized how fine her asian features were, and how well they matched her tan complexion.

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    She was still stammering out a response when he opened the door wide and said bluntly, "Come inside. "
Isa disliked the tone of his voice, but stepped inside.   She recognized the boy immediately.   It was the face that stepped out of the shadows that night, when her body betrayed her.   The blonde-haired jock that took advantage of her need, and enjoyed it thoroughly.   The living room was dark.
The parents weren't home, she thought.   There were no other cars out front, and no sign that the kid was worried.   She took a breath to compose herself, wondering how much he'd want.   Teenagers were cocky, but their scale of money was still childlike.   At least, that's what she hoped.   She turned to confront him and found herself facing another picture.
Isabelle was kneeling down before a muscular black boy, giving him a blowjob with a look that said that she enjoyed it.   Another kid was in the backround, apparently cheering her on.
"Like it?", Darren asked.

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    "That's my favorite.   You have a hubby, right?  You think he'd like it too?"  Isa refused to be flustered and pushed aside the photo with one finger.
"What do you want?"  She asked, trying not to sound confrontational.   The teen shrugged and took a step back.   "Just do what I tell you to do and he'll never find out. "
Isa bit her lip unconsciously.   He wanted more.   Sha had considered the possibility, but she hadn't decided on how to respond to it.   Part of her was hard-pressed to decide.   "Why would I agree to that?"  The teen took something out of his pocket and tossed it to her.   It was the organizer she thought she lost that night.
"Cuz I know where your hubby works and I've got the negatives to share?  C'mon, it's something you liked doing anyways. "  Isa  felt her cheeks flush and looked away.   With less hesitation than she thought she'd have, her hand moved up to the top of her blouse.
"Woah woah.

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    Hold on a moment.   I know how much you want it, but I've got another idea. "  The teen grinned.   Isa turned even redder.   He was looking down at her in all senses of the phrase.   "Just have a seat and don't move.   I'll be back. "
Darren stepped outside and closed the door behind him.   Not knowing what else to do, Isa sat down on the sofa and looked around.   She realized that the place was a mess.   Empty soda cans littered the table, messy piles of dvds were heaped atop the television set, and a video game console was tangled up on the floor.   It wasn't a family's living room.   Were these kids renting out a house?  She thought Darren was a highschooler, but he might have some friends in college.   She stood up, hesitating about whether she should just turn around and leave.
She was still standing when the door popped open.

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    Darren was there, along with another teen.   The second one was even taller than the blonde jock, but had a somewhat scrawnier build and a scraggly look.   He was snarfing down a hot dog, and was gobbling down the last bites and looking at her as if she was the next snack.
"Meet Jake. "  Isa tried to smile.   Jake stepped around her and stared blatantly at her body.   He was a caucasian kid with a shaved head, a leather jacket, and jeans that definately needed sewing.    He also bore a ripped shirt with a white fist logo on it.   He nodded in approval.   "Tight ass!"
"Yeah.   Told you so.   You two have fun.   If she acts up, let me know and I'll call her hubby to pick her up. "  Isa spun her head to see Darren turning and walking up the stairs.

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  . wait!"  She couldn't believe it.   He was just passing her on to another kid, like a plaything!  Before she could follow Darren up the stairs, she felt a sharp yank on her hair and stumbled down onto her knees.
"Hey.   You heard the man.   You do what I tell you, got it bitch?"  Isa had her head yanked back and was looking up at Jake bending his head over her from behind.   "I'm not going to say it again. "  Isa breathed raggedly and nodded, as far as she could.   Jake wasn't a typical teen.   He didn't seem to look at her as an older woman at all.   His eyes were excited, alright, but he looked at her as if he was staring down at a stray animal.   Isa shivered.
"Good bitch. "  Jake let go and Isa's head came up again.   She felt her neck and winced.

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    Jake sat down on the sofa and spread his legs.   "Get over here. "
Still rubbing her neck, Isa stood up.   "Hold it!"  Jake growled.   "Who said you could stand.    Kneel down and CRAWL here, you fuckin' slut. "  Isa's face turned red. She looked down and slowly got back onto her knees.   Something in the back of her head screamed at her for letting this happen, urging her to jump right up and walk out the door.   Instead, she gulped and started padding over to Jake on all fours.   Her butt was raised up into the air and it wagged as she came up to his feet.   He patted her head and grinned.   "That's it.   Kneel at my feet, chink chink. "
As soon as Isa knelt up, Jake grabbed a hold of her ponytail and yanked her up a bit farther.

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    Isa grimaced as his hand went to her blouse and thrust inside the buttons, popping them open.   His hand was caught up underneath her bra and he was handling her breasts roughly.   Isa's eyes closed.   She was already getting wet.
A couple rough yanks and the blouse was open, hanging on her shoulders.   The bra had a front snap and Jake undid it easily.   Her lucious brown breasts hung down bare before the teenager and he started fondling them one handed, still holding her hair up like a leash.   Isa opened her eyes as she heard his pants getting unzipped.   His veiny cock was already throbbing, and a bit of precum marked the top.   Jake was leering, watching her reaction carefully, "Ever had one that big, chinagirl?"
"I'm not Chine. . . "  Isa was interrupted by a sharp tug on her ponytail. While she winced, Jake said nonchalantly, "Shut the fuck up, gook. "  He let go of her hair and grabbed her head in both hands.

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    He pulled her towards his crotch and rubbed her face all over his groin.
"Mmmpppth"  Isa's nostrils flared with the scent of the teen's manhood.   The cock was hard and virile, and it was difficult for her to mask her excitement.
"Suck on it. "
Isa's lips barely parted before the boy pulled her mouth down over his erection.   As soon as her lips tightened and her tongue started lapping on the cock, he began pumping up and down.   Isa tried desperately not to gag as her mouth was getting used as a fucktoy.   But as he kept thrusting deeper down into her throat, started to choke and sputter when he pulled out.   Her eyes went up and she saw Jake's face.   He was enjoying watching her choke on his dick!  Suddenly, he pulled her head hard atop his raging cock and refused to let go.   Isa squirmed and struggled, gagging on the long shaft suddenly thrust down her throat.   "Fuckin' take it!"  After a good ten seconds, Jake let go.   Isa hacked and sputtered.   His now-slick cock stood up in front of her face, even longer and harder than before.
Her eyes opened wide when Jake got another grip on her ponytail and pulled her up harshly.


    She kneeled up taller, trying to keep him from yanking the hair off her head.   His hard white cock was now rubbing over her smooth, tan tits.   He took her breasts rubbed them all over his cock.   As he grew tired of fondling again, Jake slipped his cock into the cleavage.
"Pump it.
    Isa obliged, holding her own breasts in place as she slid up and down Jake's pole.   He leaned back, arms crossed behind his head, clearly enjoying the tit-fucking.   Isa moved with energy that she didn't know she had.   She was milking his cock for all it's worth, lapping at it with her mouth as it poked out from in between her generous breasts.  
    Jake grunted and looked down at her with half-lidded eyes, as if confirming what he already knew.   "You love this shit, don't you bitch?  You a fuckin' asian slut. "  Isa responded by breast-rubbing his dick with gusto, occasionally suckling it into her mouth like a lollipop.
    "Fuck this shit. "
    Jake shoves her off and she stumbles back onto her butt.   Isa rubs the back of her head.

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       having nearly landed on the table behind her.   As she looks up, Jake takes a hold of her hair and begins walking off to the side, dragging her, stumbling and crawling, after him.   By the time they reach the edge of the room, her ponytail is undone and her hair is down over her shoulders and face.   Jake grabs a handful anyway and pulls her up standing.
    "Oww. . . please, it hurts. . . "  Isa cries out sharply as Jake slams her back against the wall.   She shakes off her blurry eyes to see Jake's chest.   His hands are on her knees, prying them apart.   One of them pulls up her skirt, hiking it up above her hips.   Jake's eyes open wide and he hoots as he sees what's underneath.

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    "Bitch!  No panties?  You fucking slut!"  His hand grabs a hold of Isa's chin and he leans close to her face, with a look that mixed triumph and insult.   "You wanted it the whole time, didn't you?  You're asking for it!"  Isa's mouth worked but instead of coming up with a reply, it let out a moan.   Jake's other hand found her mound and was roughly fingering her pussy.
    His knobby white fingers were already thrusting in and out of her sopping-wet cunt.   Isa shifted uneasily, her arms slowly rising above her head in surrender, scratching at the wallpaper behind her.   The twenty-nine-year-old woman had her back against the wall, squirming and moaning in response to the rough groping of the teenage boy that stood in front of her.   Her legs spread wider as Jake squeezed and rolled her tits around.
    Jake put his hand back on her pussy and started fingering it with a whole new tempo.   Isa whimpered and bit her lip trying not to wail.   Jake didn't seem to care whether or not he was hurting her, and his hand was a blur as he finger-fucked her obviously horny snatch.
    "Fuckin' whore.   You're a fucking noisy whore!"
    His fingers kept ramming up her slit and Isa cringed in response.
    "You want it, don't you?  Tell me!"
    Breathing raggedly, her chest heaving, Isa managed to blurt out, "Y. . yes.

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      . yes!"
    "What?  What did you want, slut?"
    "I want it!  F. . fuck me!  Please fuck me!"
    Jake's hand left her pussy.   He reached around and got a good grip of her ripe ass and lifted her up bodily.   Isa looked down, watching the throbbing white cock rubbing against her slit.   Without ceremony or warning, he bucked up into her.   The cock split Isa's pussy lips and dove right into her wet folds. She screamed.
    "OH YES! YES!"
    Jake grunted in pleasure.   "Fuckin' whore.   Take it!"  His hard cock throbbed inside her and he was brutally humping her into the wall.    Isa's eyes rolled back as he banged her up mercilessly.   Her breasts were wobbling up and down even as Jake's thrusts squished them against his chest.   She knew that she was getting fucked by a boy ten years her junior.

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        She knew that she was getting abused by a white teen that looked at her as a piece of meat.   Isa wailed loudly with pleasure.
    Jake's hands were all over her, the force of his thrusts keeping her pinned up against the wall.   Every violent hump jolted her entire body, making slopping wet noises as his cock impaled her dripping cunt over and over again.   She held him tightly as she went over the edge, cumming spectacularly onto his thrusting dick.   Jake continued fucking her.
    "What are you?"
    Isa grimaced as Jake's next thrust dug deep into her and stayed there for several seconds.
    "What the fuck are you?"
    "I'm. . . I'm a slut. . . "
    Isa cried out as Jake mauled her breasts, pulling them down as he humped upwards.
    "I'm a bitch!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!"
    Isa suddenly sagged down against the wall as Jake pulled out of her.

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        She panted for breath, only to get pulled forward.   Jake twisted her arm around behind her back and pushed her down against the living room table, scattering empty soda bottles and beer cans.   The smell of dried alcohol filled her nostrils as he held her head down onto the table.   Isa parted her legs and lifted up her butt eagerly.   A sharp stab of pain causes her to cry out as Jake's glistening cock begins forcing it's way up her anus.
    Isa manages to look over her shoulder and watch it push deep inside her round, brown butt.   She whimpers loudly as Jake grabs hold of her hips and starts pounding.   Every thrust elicits a grimace from the bent-over oriental woman while Jake grunts and groans with satisfaction.   "Hell yeah!  Take it all, bitch!"
    Jake takes Isa's long, beautiful black hair in hand and pulls it like a rein, riding her ass.   He grunts louder and louder, revelling in the slapping noises his waist makes against the tanned ass in front of him.   It isn't very long before the teenager thrusts in deep, one final time, and begins spewing hot jizz out deep into Isa's ass.   She remains on the table as he gets up, the white cum dribbling down her rear.
    Isa clutched her ruined blouse around her as she took a peak outside.   Darren and Jake had been outside on the back lawn talking for the past ten minutes.   She catches a glimpse of them just in time to see Jake counting out some bills and handing them to Darren.

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    Darren wasn't just after kicks.   He was pimping her off to his friends!  Isa stepped back and sat back down in shock.   She had a lot to think about.
    (To be continued?)



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