Police Brutality


The man behind the steering did not move, the policeman beside him came over. ‘He is kind of cute,’ she thought. He asked her to come out of the car and take the breath-analyser test. She tried to act sexy and make a pout said, ’Officer! You know how it is! C’mon it is New Year!’ He clearly wasn’t impressed or sympathetic towards her. She had to take the analyser which of-course she failed. He called out to his partner and took her to his car and put her in the rear seat. She feigned ignorance (this wasn’t the first time she had been caught driving drunk) and asked, ‘what about my car? Are you arresting me?’ The policeman smiled and said, ’you will be with us till someone can drop you off at your place. I’ll be bringing your car. ’ It was as she had supposed. Anyway she could make some new boyfriends while she gave them company. She was driven to the police station. It took a longer than she had anticipated, but she hadn’t been really paying attention. She had been fingering herself through the panties knowing that the man in front might be watching her in the rear view mirror. No harm in having some fun she thought. She sat on the chair in the station and thought that the police station in this area was pretty small, more like a sheriff’s office. There was no other officer at that time.

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   ‘Must be due to the New Year,’ she thought. She tried to draw the officer’s attention. She liked him better than the other guy, this one was more rugged looking she thought and she loved the huge bulge that was showing in the front of his pants. She thought about how much she would love a cock inside her at this time and felt that her boyfriend had been foolish indeed to desert her at the party. She could have been the best fuck he had had in his whole life. She grimaced as she thought of him. After tonight’s treat she was sure he wouldn’t have clamoured for anal and oral sex. She hated the very idea of those things. Anyway now she would have to make up to him for not being with him in the party. She wished he would not ask for unnatural sex. He was the only person she knew in this city. She had run away from home at the age of 18 and had not kept any contact with her family. Recently she had moved into this city and Aland was the only guy she knew from her previous place of work. She hoped he would come around soon. The other policeman came in and walked over directly to the other man and began to speak something urgently and excitedly while looking at her.

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   A thin shiver ran through her spine without any reason in particular. They walked over to her and told her to follow them. She followed them quietly. They took her far inside the station into the prison cells. All of them were almost unoccupied. They walked over to a cell and held it open and looked at her expectantly. She walked into the cell without thinking. She was surprised. She was not supposed to be arrested and asked, “ I am not being arrested am I? “She was shocked at the answer she got. It was almost as if his every syllable were filled with hatred. “You bloody well are being arrested you drunken bitch. You cannot walk away after what you did to that poor old lady with your drunken driving,“ he answered. Randy couldn’t understand. She couldn’t have been hearing properly, she thought. She shouldn’t have drunk so much, she was getting slow.

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   “What do you mean?” she asked. “That you have killed a poor old lady with your driving you slut,” the rugged looking officer answered. He handed out some photos to her. She took them with shaking hands. The photos were of her car but with some think like a cloth bundled in front of it. The windshield was broken and there was a darkish liquid on the hood. The next photo made the bundle of clot clear and she almost retched as she looked at it. In front of the car was an old lady looking deathly pale. The photos dropped out of her hand. “What does this mean?” she asked. “It means 12 years minimum for you. It was a good thing we caught you when we did before you could getaway. And that is exactly what you were trying to do when we apprehended you. ”“No! I did not kill her!” she shouted. “You have framed me.

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   That fellow took out the car and he must have hit her. I am innocent. I want my lawyer. ”“Sure my dear; as soon as you have met our district attorney. He has been informed and will be here any minute now. Ah here he is!”Her heart sank at his sight. He looked like a mean and calculating man. Someone who wouldn’t be bothered about her innocence but would go along with what the police said if it suited him. “Is this the girl, the criminal?” he paused for effect. “I will make sure she gets the highest possible punishment for this,” he continued without waiting for an answer. “She must have also been high on those banned drugs. I will get her for this,” he added. “I am innocent, sir!” Randy tried to plead her innocence. “You shut up, you fucking bitch,” he turned around and faced her. “I don’t believe the criminals like you should be left to court.

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   We should do something about it ourselves. What do you think, Sam? What about you, Ryan?” “I would do anything you say. Please let me go,” said Randy. She was beginning to panic. She had no idea why she had been framed. “Anything, huh?” asked the attorney. “Would you suck my cock and swallow my cum?” he asked with a slight amused smile. Randy said yes without even thinking. The amused smile froze on his face. He walked into her cell and began to unzip his pants. “I have to see this,” he said. Randy was on her knees even before he was through. She took his cock into her mouth directly. He was about 18 inches long. She couldn’t even taste it, as her mouth had gone completely dry.

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   She tried hard to get some lubrication on his semi-erect cock as she moved her head as she had seen in the movies. It wasn’t as bad she thought. Suddenly he just took his cock out from her mouth and zipped up his pants. She was surprised. “Your first time?” he asked. She nodded in affirmation. “I’ll be better next time,” she mumbled weakly. “Boy, you must be really guilty to try out something like that. But I’ll tell you what; you can stay at our place, not here, for about a week, pander to our demands and then we will let you walk free. Case closed. What do you say? I’m sure Sam and Ryan wouldn’t mind that. ” She could only nod a weak yes. “Anybody waiting for you at your place or someone who will miss you if you are gone for a week? Your parents or your friends?” the attorney asked. “No, no one!” she answered softly. They took her to their police car.

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   She saw her car parked near one corner in the parking lot same as she had seen in the photos. She knew she had been framed, and maybe for this purpose only. She hadn’t thought about her predicament before this and it became clear that she would have to be their sex slave for a week and amazingly she was feeling a certain thrill. Maybe they would force her to do the dirty things that she had always was disgusted to think about, but being in their power completely was something she had never experienced. After about a mile of driving she was put in a black mask along with earplugs. She heard a garage opening after about a time that seemed like about 3 hours but the actual time was obviously less. She was made to get out of the car and taken through a few steps going up, a few turns and then she heard something like a trap door being opened. Then she was taken down the stairs for quite a distance till she began to shiver in the dampness around her and she could feel the colder air. Then they handcuffed her hands behind her. “Now it begins,” she thought. She felt strangely naked as the cold air enveloped her body. Her mask was taken off and she looked around the room trying to get accustomed to the flickering fire torches kept on the walls. First thing she noticed was a strange looking table in the centre of the room with shackles, cuffs and chains fitted on it. Then she became aware of a strange assortment of tools kept in the room. In a tray near her there were needles.

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   At another end there were chains hanging from the walls. Menacingly huge penis-shaped objects were kept near the tray. There was a bad stench in the room that she suddenly became aware of. There was also a huge cylinder kept on some supports. But the most prominent was a huge wheel on swivel supports whose height could be varied and could be rotated in any direction. She wanted to be sick. She was in a bondage dungeon and she was about to be tortured. She looked around as noted the expressions on each of her captors’ faces. They seemed to be hungry and mean with expectation. . The three men were laughing now. Sam said, ”That hag is a nice photogenic bitch. This is the second time she caught us a piece of flesh without coercing from our side. ” She had walked into their trapThey quickly tore her black sexy gown that she had been wearing. They pulled her bras till the stretched beyond their limits and the clips gave way and scratched her back.

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   They left her stockings on along with her stilettos and pulled down her panties. She was still in shock. They then began to tie her to a pole firmly fixed to the floor. They removed her handcuff and tied her hands up with palms facing each other. Then they tied up her elbows together from the other side of the poles such that her elbows held her to the pole. Then they brought a huge red ball gag with a penis attachment. This woke her out of her shock and she begged with them to leave her without the gag. “I will not scream for help,’ she promised. The three men only laughed wickedly. “Scream you will, but not for help. This room is so far down that no one can hear a murmur even if you shout your lungs out. We will take out the gag when we are ready,” said Ryan. The gag was fitted in place and they left her alone for a while. It was so big that she could not close her mouth to even half the extent. Her jaw had already begun to hurt from the undue pressure.

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   The penis attachment was made of soft absorbent material, which was soaking up much of the saliva being generated, but she could not stop the saliva from flowing out of the corner of her lips. This wet and dry combination was very irritating and much worse than a normal gag. The attachment was also very long and was causing her to gag. She could hardly move her tongue. She saw them come back. They were all wearing leather masks and leather thongs with boots. They wore nothing else. She could see their hard-on. “My God! They are huge. They will tear me apart. I have never had a cock that big,” she thought. They were carrying a wooden stump along with them or so she thought. They came and placed the stump between her legs. She saw what they had brought and tightly closed her legs. It was a wooden stump all right but on it there was a huge dildo carved out of the same wood along with a smaller one behind it which, she rightly guessed, was for the ass.


   “Now open your legs, be a good girl!” they commanded. She just shock her hear and kept her legs tightly closed. They said nothing but brought two clips and attached it to her tits. They looked like clothespins but were actually much tighter. There were also chains hanging from them to hang weights from. “Will you open your legs?” they asked. Randy refused knowing what was in store for her. “Ok, then here we go!” said Rick, the attorney. They attached a 2 kg weight and let it hang free. Randy’s body contorted as she tried to control the weight from ripping her left nipple from the breast even as she screamed into her gag. . “Will you open your legs?” they asked again after a few moments. Randy could do nothing else but nodded an affirmative. They cuffed her spread out legs to two pegs fitted on the floor on either side of the wooden block. Randy signalled desperately to them to remove the weight.

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   Ricky removed the 2 kg weight from her left tit but hung two 1 kg weights from either of her nipples. “You would have been better off opening your legs the first time,” said Ricky. Tears streamed down Randy’s face as she tried to control the pain. It was impossible. But the fact that now she was about to be impaled on a huge wooden cock and the fact that she was completely and wholly in their control was making her wet. She was ashamed and felt betrayed by her innermost desires. The tears were also a part of that feeling. After this they began to pull down her body towards the wooden cock. She resisted but her aching tits didn’t allow for a decent resistance. The unlubricated wooden piece would have torn her apart had she not been already wet. But her ass was still dry. Then she noticed they had already put a condom on the butt plug. They pulled her onto the dildo, but she was too tight. The cock was huge in dia. as well as length.

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   The men were unmerciful. She groaned into her gag. “Why are you pretending to resist; you cum drinking bitch?” asked Ryan. “You are already wetting yourself in anticipation. You know you will love this. In fact the tip of the wooden cock was already glistening with your pre cum. ”She knew that she was wet. She could feel the wetness fall from her vagina. As soon as they forced her vagina onto the tip of the cock she was suddenly scared. The wood was rough and even her wet cunt could not prevent the wood from tearing her apart. They forced her on. As she began to experience he full girth of the wood, she resisted harder. Her pain in the tits was forgotten for the moment. The wood scraped into her soft inner even as its girth increased to the maximum she had ever experienced. She was feeling a pain she had never imagined possible.

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   She was screaming into her gag but only snorts made it to the outside. The men were professionals. They were unrelenting but slow enough to prevent major injury to her clit and vagina. Then came the butt-plug. She had forgotten all about it. Her anus was not properly aligned to receive the plug. Sam pulled and rotated her butt about the dildo to bring her ass into position to receive the hole. Then the plug and the dildo both pressed into her and tore into her. Both were equally painful for her. At last she felt she could not take those probes any further into herself. Even as they pulled down and pushed her down, she could not take it any more. She couldn’t seem to make room for either of the probes because of their width. She was still about an inch from the bottom of the dildos. “Don’t worry my dear! We have got just the thing to make you go down on the rest of the shaft all by your-self,” said Ricky. “You may take as much time as you need.

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  ”He then put a clip on her clit, similar to the ones on her tits, but smaller. He carefully pulled her clit and attached the clip such that all the pressure is taken only by the clit. He then attached a small spring to the clip and attached the other end to a small hook already attached on the base of the block. The tension on the spring pulled at the clit downwards besides pressing it. In fact the spring held the clit more firmly in the jaws of the clip. This also effectively prevented her from getting up from the block. Randy was now screaming continuously in pain. The clit, tit, ass and pussy were being unrelentingly tortured. She could not put full weight on to the block as it would not only impale her but might also hurt her beyond comprehension. Her thighs were aching already with her own weight and she felt she was slowly being pulled down onto the shaft by her own weight. They removed her gag. Her saliva had dribbled down to her breasts. She closed her aching jaw and moaned from the continuous pain. Ricky came in front. She saw she was almost level with Ricky’s erect cock and knew what to expect next.

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  “Suck my cock,” he ordered. She didn’t have any fight left in her. She gave up and took his cock into her mouth. Now that she knew what she was doing she was disgusted with the very idea, but she had no choice. She started to move her head to and fro over the cock as she had seen in the movies. “That is not how I want you to do it,” Ricky thundered. “You have to remember from now on every hole and crevice in your body is a cunt and every inch of my 18 inch cock must go in. Deep- throat me!” He held her head and dragged her mouth onto his cock. She gagged as the sudden thrust of his cock hit the back of her throat. He did this violently a few more times. Then he held his cock in the back of her throat. He applied continuous pressure and Randy could feel the cock slipping into her throat. She could hardly breathe. He entered fully into her throat till his cocks hit her widely parted lips. She couldn’t even breathe properly through her nose.

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   He slowly took out his cock till the beginning of her throat and Randy took in as much air as she could through her nose. Then he slowly pushed it back again deep inside her throat. She could feel the shaft rising inside her with a sharp increase in pain. Ricky continued to fuck her mouth with ever-increasing speed, making it harder for her to breathe. He also began to come out of her throat as his speed increased and hitting the back of her throat every time he thrust inside her throat. This made her continuously wide open mouth and her throat ache. At last she began to feel him reaching climax. She could smell his pungent semen even before it came out. With a sudden spasm he squirted copious amounts of his fluid into the back of her mouth. “Drink it all!” Ricky ordered. She tried to drink but she chocked on his pungent cum and a large amount of cum dribbled out from the corner of her mouth. She swallowed quite a bit of his cum. Ricky salvaged quite an amount and made her swallow it. He seemed angry. “You bitch you wasted my precious cum.

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   Now you will pay. ”She looked up and saw him holding a horsewhip. Sam was holding a needle and Ryan was holding a red-hot branding iron. You are going to get 18 new piercing during your stay here. Hope you like them! I will start now with your clit,” said Sam. “You would also get branded as a slut now while I whip your tits,” said Ricky. She felt her thighs give way in fear and she was still half an inch way from the base of the wooden dildo. ----****************************----This story is my 2nd one. I would like to invite your comments about it. This story was essentially for building the charcters. The next part, which I hope to post in a day or two, will be the actual sexual part of the story. What else would you like Randy to undergo?Kindly give some suggextions for the same. .



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