Pizza Delivery


Topic: Pizza Delivery David and Helena were married for 5 years. They had their problems over the years, but they always worked it out. He was a 27 year old average guy, slim, but not to muscular (sure he went to the gym, but only to feel good about himself), with black hair and brown eyes). Helena did no exercise, but she had a good body, one she had naturally: Very good legs, round and full ass and C breasts. She wasnt stunningly beautifull, but with her red, long hair and her manners, she was sensual.
One day, like any other day, they were living their normal lives: sitting in the couch, watching TV. They ordered piza, because Helena didnt feel like cooking. There was a knock on the door. David got up and went to the door. There stood a young boy, helding in his hands the piza they had asked for. David payed him, and close the door.
-         Honey the piza is here.
-         Good, I´m starving.
There was another knock on the door.
-         Argh, I hope its not because of the tip – said David, handing the piza to his wife and going again to the door.
As he was openning it, someone push it hard.

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   It hit him in the head and he fell to the ground.
-         Peter?! – he heard his wife saying?
-         Peter?! – again.
And then there was full darkness. He woke up, pain washing over him and he moaned. He tried to open his eyes and saw his wife naked on the bed of their bedroom. He didnt remember going there. The wine was strong, David thought. And then he remembered the door and realised he was siting in a chair with his hands tied behind him. He saw someone move from the corner of his eye. There were two huge men and one woman he didnt knew.
-         Look who is back from the dead. – Said the woman, in a low, sexy tone.
-         Peter! – Screamed his wife.
-         What is this? – Demanded David to the strangers.
-         You two are going to have the experience of your lives – Said the seductive woman.

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One of the men began to strip, revealing a muscular body. He moved towards Helena. She screamed and crawled to the back of the bed.
-         Dont you touch her! – Roared David, trying to get free.
-         I dont think so. . . – The woman was poiting a gun at him. All David´s nerve was gone and he stopped.
The naked man began to touch his wife, pulling her hair and fondling her breasts. Helena was crying and begging.
-         David! Please do something!
David looked to the woman, who had still the gun pointing at him. He felt powerless, he couldnt do anything to protect the woman he had swore to protect. The woman had black as night hair, full lips and provocative eyes. She walked to David and he realised she had a good body, not leaving much for imagination, wearing a black mini-skirt, black shirt that revealed lot of cleavage and black boots proper for a whore.

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-         Lets have some fun you and me. – She said, stradling him. He could feel her intoxicating perfume. His wife screamed one more time, breaking the spell. David saw that the naked man had his hand between her legs, forcing his fingers inside of her. The other one aproached.
-         Take my pants off! – He ordered.
-         Noo. . . – she whimped, receiving a slap on the face. That was enough and she begun to take his pants and underwear off. His hard cock sprang out of the confined place. It looked like 7 inches.
-         Take it slut.


With tears streaming down her face, she took his cock in her hand and began to stroke him, while the other had now his tongue eating her out, pulling her legs wide open with his hands.
-         Why are you doing this? – Asked David to the woman, desperate to do something, but enable do react. She leaned over and bit his ear.
-         Because its fun. . . – She whispered, sending shivers trough his body. She began to dry humping him with slow movements, and rubing herself all over him. He began to feel dizy and confused. He was scared and angry, but he was a man, and he had a gorgeous, sexy woman driving his instincts wild. He began to become hard and he was sure she was feeling it. Like she had read his thoughts, she smiled and put the gun away.
-         My, my. . .

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   I guess i´m not the only one liking this. – She slide off of him and began to take off his boxers. David´s cock was hardening, but not fully erect. She put her face to his cock, feeling his legs with her smooth hands. His breathing increased. One of her hand moved up to his balls and fondled him, while stroking him with the other.
-         Stop that! Please!
-         David! – Helena exclaimed with what she was seeing. Shame washed over him, but one of the men interrupted the moment by shoving his cock in her mouth.
-         Suck it good bitch, or i´ll cut you in pieces.
David felt revolted, but that damned mouth on his cock felt too good. He couldnt resist it and closed his eyes so not to see his wife being violated. He leaned back and got lost in the almost fordiden fealing. The stranger´s mouth and hands were driving him crazy. He didnt care about his wife, he just wanted to cum, he was reduced to a simple animal.
-         No! No! Please no!
David opened his eyes and saw one men positioning between his wife´s legs.

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   In his state of arousal, the only thing David thought was “fuck that bitch”.
-         No! That hurts! Stop please! – and the stranger penetrate her with one swift and rough lunge. Helena screamed, crying, begging, hitting hopelessly in the stranger´s arms, while the other one stood there watching. His view was blocked when the sensual woman stood up and stradled him again.
-         Do you like watching your wife get raped? – She whispered in his ear, letting him watch the stranger fuck Helena. – Is that why you are hard? Tell me. . . do youlike to watch it? – she asked sliding her hand down and stroking his cock.
-         Yes! – And as he said that, she put his cock at the entrance of her pussy and took all the 7 inches.
-         Ahh – David moaned in pleasure.
The woman started riding him slowly, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. He felt her kiss his neck. He wanted to grab her and fuck her hard, but she just kept moving up and down in slow motions. David could see what was happening in the bed.

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   One of the men was still fucking her hard.
    He could ear their bodies slaping. Suddendly, with all the screams and beggings, Helena let go a moan. The other men put his cock by her mouth and she oppened it without being asked.
    -         Did I hear a moan escaping you wife´s sucking lips? – asked the woman.
    Yes, David hadnt imagined it. Helena was enjoying the rape.
    -         She is a whore isnt she? – asked again the woman. – Yeah, she is a bitch. Tell me she is a whore. – She demanded and starting to ride him hard. No! His wife wasnt a whore! – Say it! – and then he heard Helena moaning again.
    -         Yes! She is a whore – he whispered.
    -         Louder.
    -         She is a fucking whore! – he said
    -         Tell them to fuck the whore!
    She was fucking him hard now, going all the way up and then coming down with all her force.

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       Her pussy was gipping his cock and if felt fucking good.
    -         Fuck her! Fucking that fucking whore!
    -         Good boy – said the woman. She took her breast out of the cleavage and didnt even need to say anything. David began to suck her nipples while she grabbed his hair. – Ah yeah. . . you have a nice cock. . .
    David heard one man talking to his wife
    -         You like this, dont you bitch?
    David Stopped sucking the woman´s breasts and looked. His wife was now jacking off one of the guys while sucking him and, with the other hand, was grabing the ass of her other rapist, pushing him deeper into her. Her pussy was receiving a merciless pounding.
    -         YES. .

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      . fuck me! Oh god, fuck me harder! Yes. . . yes. . . i´m gonna cum. . . ohh fuck!
    One of them cummed in that moment in her face and David could tell by the guy´s movement that the other one was coming in his wife´s pussy. The woman riding him didnt stop. She was moaning loud pulling at his hair.
    -         Do you like seeing your wife getting fucked?
    -         Yes!
    -         Cum in me baby! Cum with me!
    -         Oh yeah! – He finnaly got free of the ropes. He grabbed her hips with his hands and started to fuck her back.

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    -         Oh yeah baby! Thats it! Cum in me! Cum in me now! Say it!
    -         I´m gonna cum in your pussy!
    -         Say it to your wife.
    He looked to Helena and their eyes met. She was in all fours, getting fucked from behind, with her mouth oppen in a loudless scream of pleasure.
    -         I´m gonna cum in her! – He said to his wife. - I´m gonna fucking cum now, you bitch!
    -         Ah, yes! – He could feel the woman juices and her pussy contracting. She was having an orgasm with his cock inside of her. And that was it for him. He started coming in her, filling her pussy.