Peach & Bowser


Alright, so I am probably the only 23 year-old who finds video games awesome, and the girls hot, so here is a story about one of them.

One hot summer afternoon in her castle dotted in the center of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach took a delightful stroll to calm her nerves. As she walked, she thought of all the times of pleasure in her life, and longed for another, as there was no fun left in her. Just through that imagination, an arrow pierced through the air around her, and knocked off her crown. As she ducked for cover, she was knocked out, and would have no remembrance of what just happened.

That very same day, a weather change occured to Peach. She had no idea, and thought it was about to rain, as she thought she was in the Mushroom Kingdom, but what she didn't know was that Bowser had kidnapped her once again, and she was in his castle. A lone hammer-bro walked in to her room, and dragged her into a grand red hall. As she looked at the sides, she saw two small streams of lava, and at that moment she understood where she was. She felt her body, and realized she was in a green and orange thong bikini, with koopa patterns on it.

"Peach! Are you ready for the time of a lifetime? Take off that sexy bikini you've got there and we'll get started.

" roared a voice. It was Bowser, the evil King of the Koopas, and he was ready for one hardcore time with Peach. "Oh my dear Peach! Do you remember the times when we had sex last, eight times? Do you remember when you gave birth to those Koopas I call my children? Ahh, my dear Peach, those were but soft rapes, as now is going to be the real brutal sex! Get ready!"

"No Bowser! I do not wish to engage in a hardcore sexual activity with you, as that bulging monster you call a dick is about eighteen inches! Do not penetrate me!" shrieked Peach, as she was shocked with a jolt of horror.

"Well then. .

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  . " uttered Bowser as he shot two fireballs at her, both obliterating her bra and underwear, and making her moan sexually. "I will do this with FORCE! Hold on tightly Peach, and get ready for the most painful, but fun, time of your life. "

Bowser leaped on her, and stuffed his cock up her beautiful ass, and listened to her cries of mercy.
    As Bowser was penetrating, he heard her moan in a nice way, and she looked at him with a sexual look, begging for more. Bowser went harder, and cummed all in her ass. His cum was so hot, that even Bowser's dick burned hot. Peach cried for it this time, as his dick was too much.

    Peach got on her knees, and begged to give him a blowjob. As she was going at it, Bowser cummed again, only this time it was twice as hard. Peach's mouth burned as if there was no tomorrow, and she threw up all over the floor. Peach went at it again, only getting a harder load of cum, and throwing up more. She decided to call it quits on sucking, and went on to licking. She licked his cock all over, and made sure to bite his balls nice and hard. This made Bowser want more, and he pushed her over for a missionary position.

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    Bowser only had three orgasms as he heard a noise storm the door, it was Mario. At first, Mario had an angry look, a look ready to kill Bowser for raping Peach, but as he saw Peach's look for Bowser, he was stricken with horror. Mario had dreamt of screwing Peach's fine ass one day, as he never got it, and he had the best of fantasies longing for it, but after he just saw Bowser and Peach fucking, he laid on the floor crying.

    TBC (To be continued).