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I am writing this story to exact even more revenge on a couple who were once our closest friends. It is my hope to embarrass and humiliate them even more by letting the whole world know what happened.
I'm happily married to a man named John. We are pretty much your typical middle class couple. Several years ago, our best friends at the time were Sharon and Joe. Joe seemed like a pretty cool guy but Sharon was one of those straight laced people. She had a very sheltered childhood and seemed to know nothing of the real world. Everyone always thought it was funny about how nieve she was. Still we got along fine.
The four of us did a lot of things together. We even vacationed together. The only thing was that we couldn't do anything on Sunday because Sharon spent all day at her church teaching Sunday school and attending services. It was the highlight of her week.
Sharon's husband Joe ran across this opportunity to purchase a business that seemed like a profitable venture. All he needed was $50,000 to do it. He spoke with my husband John about it and the two of them agreed to put up $30,000 each, $50,000 to purchase the company and $10,000 for operating expense.

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   John was very excited about it because it was something he always wanted to do and he would be working with his best friend.
The only problem we had was coming up with the money. We could do it but it would mean draining our savings and borrowing on our house. Still it seemed worth it so that was what we did.
The two men purchased the company and my husband John quickly found out what a fraud Joe was. Joe used our money to put down on the company and financed the business to cover the remainder. He never put a dime up himself. While we were struggling with a higher house payment and no savings, Joe was drawing a big salary from the company and writing himself bonus checks whenever he needed more money. Things went from bad to worse. Joe was not only bleeding their company, he also managed to force my husband completely out of it. The friendship was over and our money was gone. It took several years for us to dig out of that financial hole and we were bitter.
Even though I hated her husband for what had happened, I never held Sharon responsible and we still got along. Then one day she casually mentioned about how well the business was doing now that her husband was running it himself. I blew up.

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   We had been swindled and she seemed to be bragging about it. Our friendship ended there on a bitter note.
Several years went by with us never forgetting about how our "friends" had used us. Everytime John would have a few drinks, he would rant and rave about what had happened. It wasn't as much the money as it was the complete betrayal.
We still had a lot of mutual friends with Sharon and Joe. One of them. Gary, told us about a party Sharon and Joe were having and of course we weren't invited. On the day that party was supposed to happen, Jim started drinking in the afternoon. Then he started ranting about Joe enjoying our hard earned money. It upset me too.
By 9:00 that night, John was feeling no pain and decided he was going to crash Joe's party. I was so worked up that I decided that I wanted to go with him. I wanted to see the look on Sharon's face when we appeared at the door.
There were only a few people still there when we arrived.

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   To my surprise, Sharon was very polite and acted as if nothing was ever wrong. Joe was very nervous about John being there. John can get violent when he is extremely angry and Joe knew it. Joe was also afraid of John.  
To John's credit he remained calm but stared hole into Joe. Everyone there knew of the situation between the four of us and tension was in the air. The couples that were still there left quickly so as to not get involved. Within an hour there were only 5 guests still there. There was Gary who was talking with John, Jeff who was a 400 pond ball of fat passed out on the couch, and Bernie who was talking with Sharon and Joe. The three guys that were there were really better friends of ours then they were of Joe and Sharon.  
Then John walked over to Joe and I knew something was going to happen. John loudly announced "So when are you going to pay me the money you swindled me out of"? Joe started making all kinds of excuses. He was clearly terrified John was going to beat him up. Sharon was being typically Sharon saying "Now you boys settle down" like they were children.  
Joe and John argued a little and John was just getting more angry.

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   Then John said "if you are not going to give me my money, maybe I'll just start taking thing around here since I probably paid for them". In an attempt to passify John, Joe said "Take anything you want, you can have anything of mine". Joe just didn't want beat up. John went around literally trashing the room saying nothing there was worth anything. Normally I would have stopped John but in this situation, I agreed with what he was doing. They deserved it.  
Before I go on, I want to take a minute here to tell more about Sharon so you have the complete picture. Sharon never drank, smoked or said a swear word in her life. She always dressed like a grandmother wearing baggy clothes and dresses always below the knee. Even though she had large breasts she always kept them hidden with baggy tops and sweaters buttoned all of the way up to her neck. She worked as a librarian in the childrens section as I said taught Sunday school. She would politely walk away from any conversation involving sex. Even though she was very attractive, one would never think of her and sex in the same thought. She seemed to live in her own world and sex wasn't part of it.  
Now back to what was happening.

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Sharon walked over to John and said "Now John you arn't being nice". (Exact quote) John pulled her to him and said to Joe "Maybe I'll take a roll in the sack with your wife". Then he added "That ought to be worth something". Joe looked over at me and I said "Hey, you owe him and it's all right with me". Even though he was my husband, I wanted to see it just for the humiliation they would get out of it.  
Sharon seemed petrified. She just stood there speechless. Sharon started crying and tried walking away from John. John pulled her back to him and said to her "not so fast honey, we haven't even started yet". Joe pleaded with John to let her go. John said to him "I can beat the fuck out of you and then do what I want with her or you can just shut up and watch". Joe never moved. No one in the room was saying anything. I was sure that the three guys there all thought those two deserved it.  
John was holding Sharon from behind.

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    While facing Joe, he slid his hands up and started feeling Sharon's breasts. She didn't even try to stop him. John laughed and said to Joe "I always knew she had some tits but these babies are bigger and softer then I thought". Then John said to Sharon "You like have a real man's hands on your tits, don't you". Sharon remained silent. John said in a stern voice "Answer me". Sharon seemed to go into a completely submissive mode and said "Yes John". Then he put his finger under her chin and told her to give him a big kiss. She looked to her husband and he quietly said "There's nothing I can do". Then John pulled her face to his and they kissed. I wasn't watching them, I was watching Joe and his face was white with humiliation. I was loving it.  
My attention went back to John and Sharon when I heard John say "Feel how hard my cock is". Then he put Sharon's hand over his zipper. Then he said "You keep rubbing that thing babe, I've got other things to do".

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   He let go of her hand and she left it there. John again felt her breasts and then started unbuttoning her dress. Sharon cried more but didn't say or do anything to stop him. It was as if she had completely resigned herself to her fate. There was no sympathy from me.  
John unbuttoned her dress down to her waist and then pushed it off of her shoulders and down her arms until it hung down from the belt around her waist. John mentioned that he had never seen a bra before that had that many snaps. He opened them one at a time until the bra snapped loose. It too was pushed off of her shoulders and dropped to the floor between them. Our audience seemed to approve of seeing Sharon's rather large breasts. Everyone except Joe. John kissed and slobbered over her boobs while telling Joe how nice and soft they were.  
John's next move was to unbuckle her belt and push her dress over her hips. It fell in a pile around her feet. Sharon just stood there staring at a spot on the floor.

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   I couldn't believe it. She was wearing panty hose and granny panties under them. Then John said to her "Get those things off". Joe finally got some courage and said "Now this is going too far". John told him to shut up and started toward him. Sharon now spoke up and said "No! I'll do it just leave him alone". John stopped.
Sharon slowly pulled her pantyhose off. John immediately slipped his hand down the front of her panties and said to Joe "Look, I've got your wife's pussy in my hand and I think she likes it".  Joe said nothing. Then John pushed her panties down and took them off of her. Sharon certainly was in need of a good trim. She was pretty hairy. John threw Sharon's panties to Joe and ordered him to put them on. He told him that since he was the pussy of the house he should wear them.


   We all watched while Joe dropped his pants and underwear and put Sharon's panties on. I loved it.
John turned his attention back to Sharon who was now completely naked.  Even I was impressed with her figure. Her boobs sagged but there wasn't an ounce of fat on her anywhere else. John shoved his hand between her legs an announced to everyone "The little sluts wet", "I think she wants fucked". John looked to me and asked "Do you mind if I fuck this little slut honey"? I answered "I'm looking forward to it" Sharon glared at me and said "How could you"? Then she said to John "Please I've never had anyone but my husband". John answered "That's about to change".  
John said that someone needed to lick her pussy to get it ready. (apparently she wasn't as wet as he had said) He looked at Joe but Bernie spoke up and said he would do it because he loved eating pussy. John told him to go for it. Bernie pulled her over to the couch and stuck his head between her legs. John made sure to point out to Joe that another man was enjoying his wife's pussy. We all (except Joe) cheered Bernie on. Sharon just laid there on her back with her hands covering her face.

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After several minutes John said that was enough and told Sharon to come over to him. She seemed happy to get away from Bernie. I looked over to Joe and said "If you have a camera, get it". Joe didn't move until John yelled "Do what the lady says" and he scurried out of the room. He returned with an expensive digital camera. The fitst picture I took was of Joe in Sharon's panties. Then I took a few of Sharon nude. I made her stand naked by each guy in the room and took her picture. The look in her eyes of pure hatred was precious.
John ordered Sharon to get on her knees. She did and John stood in front of her. He first told her to rub his cock. Again she did as she was told. John made sure to tell Joe that her hands felt good on his cock and then said "I think her mouth will feel even better". Sharon spoke saying "Please John, I don't do that", "I've never done that", "I can't do that".


   John told her to shut up and open his pants. She undid his belt and button then what I thought was a nice touch, he had her pull his zipper down with her teeth. Then he had her pull his pants and underwear down to his knees.  
My husbands cock was only an inch from her nose. Then he slapped her across the face with it several times before ordering her to kiss it. Sharon reluctantly leaned forward and kissed it lightly then pulled back and said "I can't do that". John grabbed a handful of hair and said "you will do what I say" and ordered her to kiss it again. Sharon leaned forward and started kissing it. Then he told her to lick his balls. She did. Then he told her to open up and and he slipped his cock past her lips. He made sure to tell Joe that his wife was a great "cocksucker". He told Joe that he would cum in her mouth but he wanted to "fuck" her first.  
With that, he pulled out of her mouth. He told her to get on her hands and knees.

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   Then he moved behind her and rammed his cock into her to the hilt. He pulled her long hair until her head was up. He said he wanted her looking at her pathetic husband while another man fucked her. I got some good pictures of that. Then I saw something that I didn't like at all. Sharon seemed to be enjoying having John pound her from behind. Sharon asked John not to cum in her and that was the last thing he did before pulling out. Then John walked around so he was in front of her and told her to lick his slimy half hard cock clean. To my surprise she did it without protest.  
Then John looked at the guys still there watching and asked "Anyone else want a turn with her"? Bernie quickly jumped up and said "I do". John told him to take her to the bedroom. Bernie pulled Sharon behind him and left the room. The rest of us stayed. John tortured Joe by telling him that Sharon seemed to love having his cock in her and saying what a good fuck she was. I snuck out with the camera to get a picture of Bernie fucking Sharon.

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Ten minutes later, Bernie came back and Gary left. When Gary returned, Jeff went to her. John was sure to mention that Joe's "whore" wife was taking on all comers. Jeff returned with a big smile on his face and said "Wow, that bitch can fuck". John went and returned with Sharon in hand. She seemed a bit wobbly on her feet after taking four hard cocks.
John announced that her pussy was too sloppy to fuck again and ordered Sharon back to her knees. We watched while she gave him a blow job. John came in her mouth and ordered to swallow every drop. She made faces and gagged but did it. Then we all sat around enjoying a few drinks while the other three guys took turns using her mouth. Jeff came all over her face and that made a good picture.  
Gary said that he wanted to fuck her one more time. He was mounting her as John and I left.  
For the first time in years, I felt like we had gotten our money's worth.

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