Part Three: Amy's Degradation


Amy heard Rob click the record button on the camera but this time he stayed with the camera to direct it, for close-ups, etc. John and Tom led the black Great Danes over to the carpet, in front of Amy and John said, "Amy, I want you to meet Wolf and Brutus. Say, 'hello', like a good girl. " "Hello, Wolf, hello, Brutus," Amy said quietly. Wolf and Brutus took this as an invitation to lick and sniff her face. Once they had stopped Amy pleaded with her captors, "Please, please don't make me do this! I beg you!" "Now Amy, Wolf and Brutus are going to fuck you as much as they want," Tom informed her with a wicked grin, "and you're going to suck their dicks and swallow all their cum too!" Amy gagged as her stomach heaved, finding the idea revolting and disturbing. "Now, now, it won't be as bad as all that, in fact, you're such a slutty cunt that we guarantee you'll cum everytime!" Amy shook her head in a vehement "NO!" but otherwise said nothing, refusing to beg when they had no mercy.
John walked behind Amy with Wolf and Tom sat on the couch, keeping Brutus with him. As soon as Wolf was between her legs he could smell the cum dripping from her ass and pussy and he rushed forward and shoved his nose between herass cheeks and began to lick her butthole until it was clean, causing Amy's anus to clench at this new sensation combined with her recent ass fucking. Her butthole now clean, as well as her ass crack, Wolf moved to her pussy and as his tongue lapped at her juicy cunt Amy let out a soft, yearning moan of pleasure and flooded with shame as she felt her own juices rush through her again. I'm being turned on by a fucking dog! How frigging sick am I?! But as Wolf continued to lap from her clit to her butthole she was unable to maintain her disgust and soon she was panting heavily like a bitch in heat and moaning loudly as she cummed continuously. As the orgasms racked her body she lowered her head and peered through her legs to look at Wolf and she cried out in fright at what she saw. Wolf's dick was fully emerged from it's sheath and was a whopping 10" long and 2" thick and near the top of it was a knot about half the size of a tennis ball.
Amy was still cumming, her traitorous body wasn't afraid of that monster cock and she pushed her pussy against Wolf's nose, urging him to lap it more. While Amy's body was still on fire her mind was starting to seriously worry. Will Wolf know to put it in my pussy and not my ass? And will John correct him? Amy didn't think so.

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   All of a sudden Wolf stopped licking her cunt and he leapt up and planted his paws on her back and, with John's guidance, drove his dick into her pussy up to the knot. "Ahhhhh!" Amy screamed in searing pain and Wolf immediately started to hump her frantically, the knot bumping against her pussy -- trying to gain entry. After a moment the initial pain, due mostly to the speedy entry, subsided and all Amy could think about was how good Wolf's intensely hard and frantic fucking felt. And to Amy's everlasting shame she moaned, "Ohhhhhh! Woooolf! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard!" Dimly, Amy heard Tom, John and Rob's mocking laughter but she'd exploded into orgasm as Wolf's humping became more frantic in his attempt to get his knot inside her. Amy was moaning in ecstasy when all of a sudden Wolf's huge knot finally pushed into her sopping pussy. Amy's moaning turned into a painful scream, "Ahhhhhhh! Ouuuuuuch! Owwwwww! Ohhhh God nooooo!" And Amy bucked and twisted, trying to dislodge Wolf's knot from her, as best she could but Wolf wasn't about to stop now that he'd achieved his goal and he continued his frantic humping as his red-hot cum shot deep into her cunt, filling and overflowing it. Oh God! I have dog cum in me! Amy thought in disgusted horror. Wolf's dick finished spurting cum and he tried to pull out of her pussy but he couldn't leave with his knot still in her. They were "tied" together. Amy didn't know this of course and thought frantically, Oh no! He's stuck in me! Then, after a minute of Wolf's tugging he finally popped out with a loud squelching noise.
John quickly brought Wolf around to her front and Tom led Brutus behind her. Brutus, smelling the combination of her captor's cum, her cum and Wolf's cum, immediately leapt forward and started to lap at her pussy and clit, his tongue going all the way to her anus. Amy moaned, her already ravaged clit and cunt being very sensitive now. Suddenly she realized John was speaking, "Clean him off, whore!"  "Oh, no! Please no!" It would be unbearable to have to suck a dog off! Amy thought, gagging. "Do it now or I'll let Brutus fuck your ass!" Amy bowed her head and looked under herself at Brutus wondering exactly how big he was and if she'd let John carry out his threat to avoid degrading herself further.

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   Amy gasped when she saw Brutus's dick and decided that sucking Wolf off was the better choice. Brutus's dick was 12" long and 2" thick and his knot was the size of a tennis ball if not a little bigger! Amy opened her mouth to receive Wolf's dick as John led him forward. When he was halfway into her mouth he stopped and she started to lick and suck him and he gave a little whimper and started to pant. Soon Amy was straining forward to take more of his dick into her mouth, which she did when John gave Wolf a little nudge forward and she started cumming as Brutus raped her cunt with his tongue. She came again before he stopped, mounting her swiftly and ramming his 12" dick into her in one plunge, needing no help, knot and all. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ouuuuuuuch! Nooooooooooooo! Pleeeeeeease nooooo!" Amy screamed and sobbed, twisting and bucking, in incredible pain. Amy received a bone jarring slap across the face, "keep sucking him, dog's bitch!" John said harshly, Amy having jerked her mouth from Wolf's dick to scream. As Amy took Wolf's 10" dick back into her mouth Brutus started humping her as fast as he could, ramming against her cervix painfully. Amy could feel Brutus's knot swelling even bigger ans she came in a burst of pain and pleasure evoked from his savage fucking. Amy was cumming again when Wolf shot his red-hot cum into her mouth and Amy struggled to swallow it all, knowing if she didn't she would be severely punished, in a way she hadn't been so far.
Wolf pulled his dick from her mouth and Brutus was still going at her hard and she came again, screaming, "I'm cuummming! Fuck me, Brutus! Harder you fucking animal!" Then, just as Amy reached another climax, Brutus erupted inside her, his burning hot cum filling her pussy. Finished, Brutus turn away so that he was facing away from her on all fours while their butts still touched, still "tied" together. It was a full 5 minutes before Brutus's knot shrunk enough to pull out of her pussy and Amy had really started to worry as it hadn't taken Wolf as long. When he was released his dick came out with a POP! "You're their bitch now, Amy, what do you think of that, huh?" Tom asked. "I think you're sick, fucking sons-of-bitches, that's what I think!" Amy yelled furiously, unable to stop herself and instantly regretting it.

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   "You're going to pay for that, dog cunt!" Tom snarled. "Just for that remark we're going to let them have you again, dog slut!" John said, "only this time you have to submit to it without your bonds or we'll cut your pretty throat, Amy. Will you do it?" "Yes," Amy whispered, totally scared and shamed now. Tom and John released her bonds but she stayed where she was, preferring humiliation and shame over death, despite the living nightmare her life had become.
John led Wolf behind Amy and Tom brought Brutus in front of her. Wolf started licking her pussy right away, causing her to shudder -- having just had multiple orgasms she was majorly sensitive still and was soon cumming continously again. Tom told her to suck Brutus's dick clean and she moved forward a bit, knowing Wolf would follow, and bent her head under Brutus's stomach and took his dick into her mouth and started sucking fast and hard. Suddenly Wolf stopped licking and mounted her, grabbing her hips with his forelegs and started poking around, looking for entry. Amy was so absorbed in sucking Brutus off that she didn't notice when Tom came over and spread her ass cheeks and John came over quickly and guided Wolf's dick to her butthole, covering it in lube as he did so. Wolf's dick was fully erect but hit knot was still very small yet so when he plunged into her ass he went all the way in, tiny knot and all. His knot swelled instantly, tying him to her as Amy screamed in utter pain. Amy crawled a few feet, trying to get away from Wolf, bucking and twisting and sobbing helplessly, dragging Wolf with her, but it just increased her pain and so she stilled and decided to just let him get it over with. As soon as she stilled he started humping her ass vigorously,  causing her to sob loudly in pain. Having abandoned her sucking at Brutus's dick Brutus had trotted behind her to lick her pussy and found Wolf humping her ass so he rolled onto his back under her belly, determined to get to her pussy, and began to lick her clit and pussy.
In a few minutes the pain of the ass fucking dimmed a little and she began to enjoy not only it but Brutus's ministrations as well.

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   Very quickly Amy began to cum and cum in waves and Wolf joined her by shooting his hot cum deep into her ass. They had to wait until Wolf's knot shrank completely this time, which took about 18 minutes, meanwhile Brutus was still licking her cunt and she had 4 more orgasms during those 18 minutes. When Wolf left her ass John brought him around for her to clean off, Amy gagged at the smell of cum and the currently clean but general ass smell but went at Wolf's dick seemingly enthusiatically in her desperation not to anger her captors further. Brutus brought her to orgasm once more with his tongue then got up and walked behind her and mounted her. Again, Amy didn't notice Tom spread her ass cheeks or John guide Brutus's now lubed up dick to her butthole. Brutus's dick was fully erect but his knot was only half it's normal size (tennis ball size) so when he drove in her anus he went in up to the knot and then had to give another good hard shove to get the knot in. "Arghhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooo! Ouuuuuch!" Amy screamed and sobbed in unimaginable agony, startling Brutus, who tried to jump off her but his knot had swollen to it's tennis ball size and he was irrevocably joined to her. Brutus's attempt to leave caused Amy to cry out again, tears rolling down her face, and she couldn't help an involuntary attempt to get away herself and Brutus grabbed a mouthful of hair and gave a yank, stopping her. Brutus knew no mercy and started to frantically fuck her fast and hard.
Wolf had left, having stopped sucking him when Brutus entered her, and went over to the door and pawed it. John let him out, Wolf was obviously finished. This did not please Amy as she now had nothing to focus on but the pain in her ass which had barely lessened. Amy looked up, still crying silently, and around but the guys were just standing off to the side, watching. Sensing she'd get no help from them Amy reached under herself and started to finger her clit, effectively distracting herself from some of the pain. A few minutes later Brutus came, his cum overflowing her ass, and when Amy felt his hot cum fill her she came too in a mostly-pain-but-some-pleasure orgasm.

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   Brutus turned around, all fours on the ground again, and, still tied to Amy, walked over to the door, dragging Amy behind. "Ow! Ow! Ouuuch!" Amy yelled as his huge knot pulled against her very sore anus, not about to come out anytime soon. Rob filmed the whole degrading scene and John brought a bucket of cold water and threw it over their joined bodies, causing Brutus's knot to shrink completely and his dick fell out of her ass.
Rob stopped filming at this point and Amy crawled very slowly and carefully back to the rug and laid on her back and wept bitterly as John let Brutus outside. Tom came over and helped Amy up but when she tried to walk she collapsed. Her whole body was aching and cramped and she'd been on her hands and knees for a good 4 hours (approx. 2 hours per video) and she needed to rest before she could move. Tom picked her up and laid her on the couch and he and John headed for the door leading upstairs. Rob, silent until now except for when he'd joined the other two in mocking laughter, came over and said, "Rest Amy and then take a shower and eat something then rest some more. There's still two videos to go yet. " Amy turned her head towards his voice but her eyes were glazed with shame, pain and exhaustion when she asked, "Please, what's in the next two?" "Ah, you wouldn't want me to spoil the surprise now, would you?" And with that he went upstairs as well, locking the door behind him.
To Be Continued. . .

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