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"You sure this is legate and not a set up?"I'm sure bro; he wants her raped but good. He wants it to be rough, painful and something she will never forget. I don't know what the bitch did but it must have pissed him real good. He wants to make it so bad for her she might take off for a few months and go someplace else. ""COOL, but I bet she is some kind of dog?""No, bro, she actually looks damn hot. He showed me a picture of her today. "There was an awkward silence as I thought about. I was trying to judge if this was for real or a set up by a cop. "did you call the other guy and make sure he set this up?""Yes!"Again that silence as I thought how long it had been since I had raped anyone, at least 3 weeks. Sure it was three weeks the bitch at the connivance store was the last. That was a good memory but you need to act not just remember. "So you interested? He promises the alarm will be out and that you will have no worry with her reporting it. ""So what is he willing to pay?" After all money talks and lets see how loud he is saying fuck the bitch. "$10, 000 but she has to be bruised up but good. " That is pretty loud talk for sure. "He says she hasn't had many lovers so she should be tight especially for your fucking rod.

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   What you say?"Then it dawned on me this is my brother and I better check this out good. "Look brother, not that I don't trust you, but what you getting for setting it up?""Well, I am getting a commission but it isn't that much. " I could tell from the way he was telling this and how bad he wanted me to do the job, he was getting plenty. "How much you were getting Rulan? The truth bro cause you know I can tell when it ain't. " Which I can. "Well $8, 000. ""No you're not, you're getting $5, 000 and I'm getting $13, 000 got it?""Okay bro if that is what you want. "The deal was set up; the rich man brought blueprints to his house. He went threw how to get in where she slept and gave me a key to lock us in. It happened that his sister was going to be staying there for a long time and he wanted her out. It seems there had been a falling out between her and him. Try as I might to find out what the problem was he wasn't going to tell me. He wanted it done with in two days so as soon as she was heeled up she could be gone. He wanted it done hard and violent. She was in the east wing of the house her master suit had three rooms in addition to the bathroom on its main floor.

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   Plus it was a two level set up, main floor and an entertainment room under the master suit. It had a big whirlpool, a small indoor pool and a mini theatre in the entertainment section. The only access to the entertainment sections was the stairs from the bedroom of the master sweet. There were lots of rooms but these were the ones she had access to. These were specific things he wanted done to, one broken hand the left, her nose broken and at least one eye blackened her back screwed up with cuts and things. I could fuck her how I wanted make her suck or not he didn't care but cunt rape was a must and ass fucking was to. I was also told to tell her after I was done "someone thinks it best if you leave and don't come back for a year or so. If you don't, this will happen to you every day. "She had no keys to this section it was unlocked and she had access to it from the main part of the house. I had a key and let myself in to the house at 3:00 am in the morning. The house was big and no one was in the east wing of the mansion but her. She could scream and scream and no one would hear her. I wondered the first floor looking around and seeing the big dance room, or ballroom, or whatever they call it. I took my time and made absolute sure that no one was in that section I even went up stairs to the two floors above and sure enough empty. You could clearly see where the east wing ended it was newer than the other part.

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   I had check on the house before I came out not just looked over the blueprints but check on it. It was 50 years old and the new part was just completed. Now why the fuck this man needed a 70 or 80 room house was way beyond me. I found my way to where she was staying. I opened the door on her master suit and locked the door behind me. I then entered her bedroom. The room, as well as the whole house was elaborate, showing the arrogance of the owner and I'm sure this cunt was well. They were right she was pretty, way prettier than the picture had led me to believe. I looked over her sleeping body as I slowly slide the covers off of her. She was dressed in a long frilly gown; She had brown hair, a beautiful face and looked to be in her late 20's, which I found odd as her brother was about 45 or so. She had a fine body, I went and looked at her clothes and under clothes, bathing suites and lingerie and I was figure out she was about 34B 22 34. "NICE" I thought to myself. Rifling through her purse I found $3, 000 in cash which I put in my pocket and then I found her driver's license and she was 5' 4" tall and weighed 125#. It said her eyes were blue and she was 27 years of age. I then got out a pair of handcuffs and some duct tape.

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   I put the stocking over my face and got ready to go to work. I quickly rolled her over and cuffed her and then rolled her back and stuck the duct tape over her mouth. Her eyes flung open with fear in them. That was good a scared cunt was easier but a fight was more fun. She began to attempt to struggle, but she was no match for my size and strength. I tore her gown to shreds and ripped her little lace French cut panties off her and pulled my cock out. Her eyes got big at the sight of my ample cock. The corners of her eyes sort of strained and showed little crow's feet, it was fear in her face. Goddamn that is a turn on a scared cunt. She clamped her legs tight together, as if that would do her any good. I pulled lightly on her legs and she struggled to keep them tight. I then raised my hand over my head and closed it to a fist and then I plunged it hard to her pubic bone. The pain shot in to her eyes and she tried to scream out through the tape but no sound could be heard. I quickly undressed and got ready to get a good ride. She was squirming around and trying in vein to free her hands, the action made her breast bounce and nipples harden.

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   What a fucking turn on a beauty tied helpless and about to be given a fucking and fucking up. Again I tried to pull her legs apart, I didn't try hard it was just a test. She still resisted my effort that wouldn't do! I wanted no resistance at all so again I raised my right hand. I took my left and tore the tape off of her mouth and I struck her very hard in her stomach. She tried to scream again. This time it wasn't the tape that kept the sound from coming, but rather that she had no air in her lungs. She gasped for air and tried to yell and gasped again and then it started, the convulsion as her stomach forced its contents out. I moved back and watched as she heaved out something awful looking it spat up in the air and crashed down on her face, eyes, mouth and hair. There were three violent heaves that followed; each yielded a little less volume. "Please stop don't hurt me why are doing this?""No fucking questions bitch. " With that I struck her across the face with my open hand. Damn the puke stunk badly and I got it on my hand. Picking her up I carried her down the stairs to the whirlpool and threw her in face down. She bobbed up quickly and I forced her head back under the water. I repeated this action till the puke was washed off of her.

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  I pulled her out and slammed her to the floor on her back. She sprawled out there squirming around and trying to kick a little. I took my fist again and this time smacked her mouth nice and hard. "There you go bitch feel that? Now it is my fucking cocks turn to get in that mouth so you fucking open wide and don't make me knock them fucking teeth out bitch!"I took my now hard fat black cock and forced it in her small white mouth. She resisted at first but quickly gave up, not doubt thinking of me knocking her perfect teeth out of her perfect mouth and down her perfect throat. Her eyes grew bigger as I forced my cock down her throat holding her head and neck at an angel that I could get it way down. She gagged and gagged at first but once the massive cock was going down her throat she resigned herself to her fate. "Now cunt work that fucking tongue and do something with your goddamn throat. You fucking lazy cunt make me feel it. " I kept working it down her throat but slowly. I left it still for a good minute or two as she got use to breathing with a fat dong imbedded down her. I then started to slowly work it in and out bring it back up to the top of the throat only plunge it back down deep. Each time it came almost out of her throat she would make a gag sound and that worked as cue to cram it down her again. I did this slow skull fuck for another few minutes and then quickened the pace. I was holding her light small body just off the floor at this angel to make the skull fuck good for me as it could be.

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   The strain on her back had to be pretty great so that made it very uncomfortable for her. I held her this way as I again quickened the pace time after time till I was literally fucking her skull at a furious pace. "Work that fucking tongue and throat you fucking worthless whore. " She was actually getting good at it, which pleased me. I reached down and worked the flesh of her body hard. I squeezed tits, no really I wrung the like they were wet. I played with her cunt hard and I would squeeze her ass or belly as hard as I could. I face fucked her this way for another 18 minutes till I felt the good feeling of cum starting to build in my balls. I quickened the pace even more till I was ready to blow my first load. I then grabbed her around the middle of her body and picked her up, holding her upside down with her cunt just below my face and her face at my cock. I worked my cock out till it was only in her mouth and began to explode in her mouth. "You eat all that good cum up you fucking worthless loser rich bitch. Goddamn I like blow loads in you rich bitches. I like making you worthless rich snott nosed cunts do what I want. " It filled her mouth and some poured out and ran down my legs and some hit the floor.

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  Dropping her to the floor "Eat it up you fucking cunt. " She quickly eat the cum off the floor and then cleaned my legs and balls and cock with her mouth. I then put her waist on the edge of the whirlpool and spread her legs. I put my fat still very hard cock at her ass opening and began to force it"It wont fit it is to big!" She screamed it out as loud as she could. "I will make it fit whore don't worry it will tear you wide open you fucking shit but it will fit. " As I told her this I forced it in her hard and her yelling began. "Please stop this is hurting me so bad. " She screamed it out and cried as I just plowed away. "You dumb cunt haven't you figured out yet I want it to hurt you? You're a stupid fucking rich cunt. "As I ass fucked her I grabbed her short brown hair and would yank back as plunged in and press forward as I pulled it out. Each plunge went deeper into her virgin ass, the tearing rectal muscle felt good to my cock. Her screams made me feel better each one was a testimony to my controlling manhood. The louder she yelled the more turned on I got and the more turned on I was the more I wanted to hurt her as I fucked her. Then I started to use my belt on her back as I ass fucked her. Slapping it hard across her back with each thrust in and with each pull back. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   I would hit across one way and then the other direction; occasionally I would go up and down the spine with a hard hit of the belt. "Oh god it is hurting me so. " She cried out. "Good cunt I like your pain. " I slapped her harder with the belt. "Oh, god please stop your hurting me so. " But even in her pain I could feel a certain excitement, a sense of enjoyment. I reached down and felt her cunt it was so fucking wet.
    "You fucking cunt you're enjoying it you fucking worthless whore. "By the time I lost my second load her back was blistered red and raw with several cuts bleeding lightly. Fuck that was great the stuck up rich cunt was getting what she deserved. As I pulled out of her the blood semen and shit oozed out of her ass and trickled down her inner leg. I jumped into the pool now and washed her shit and blood off of me. I then stuck my cock back to her face so she cold suck me up hard again. She turned her head away from my cock it seemed to me she somehow believed she had some kind of choice.

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       I took her face in my hand and let my fist land on her right eye very hard. I felt the bone above the eye crack when I hit her. I pulled my fist back and saw it was already a pretty bad looking shiner. "Please, please I beg of you for goodness sake stop. ""Maybe you missed this bitch but I'm not good, I'm bad and your fucking just a cum catcher for me. " I hit her eye again hard again. She had a cut above her eyebrow with just a little trickle of blood from it. She then eagerly took my cock and got it hard again. I fucked her face this time just in her mouth. I grabbed the hair and watched as I pressed the big head in to the back of the throat and then yanked it almost out. When I got it good and hard I got out of the tub and went back up the stairs and retrieved the key to the cuffs. I removed the cuffs and forced her down on all fours in front of the coffee table that was next to the couch in the small theatre. Her ass still had the cum and blood coming out of it thick and rich white and red. I then began to cram my hard cock in her cunt hard ramming in deeper with each thrust my hips and upper legs were working hard to maintain the force. Thrusting in deeper and deeper her screams became louder and louder.


       The muscle of the cunt tore a little it felt so fucking good. She screamed out loud but I could feel a hit of a tremble in her cunt. Yes she was in the beginning of an orgasm. I fucked her hard and fast but didn't put my cock in very deep her muscles began to contract and her hips began to meet my thrust with eager anticipation. The screams changed from screams of pain to moans of joy as she climaxed first once then a gain and again. This went out for a good 18 minutes her body was in the hard throws of an orgasm when I took her hair in my hand. I banged her harder and harder now and began to force it deeper and deep with each thrust. Then taking her by the shoulders with one hand and by the hair of the head with the other I banged her face into the coffee table with each thrust. Her nose hit the edge of the table hard and square. The result was the broken nose he required and this happened long before I was ready to shoot my load. My big cock tore up her cunt and began to bang on the cervix hitting it hard and harder and harder it opened a little but I'm not noted for being patient and I just banged it through. She screamed this time in pain again I went deep in her womb. I fucked her harder and harder using her body for my pleasure her pain for my joy. She was crying uncontrollably. She was begging me to stop, which only made me fuck her harder.

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       I felt like I was in total control of her. The knowledge that if I wanted to I could kill her was a sort of way of driving the sex. I had to control that though, as I wasn't being paid to kill her. It took me the better part of an hour before I blew my last load. Each thrust I did something to her twisted her tits, slapped her head. I slapped her ass several times and beat around on her already banged up back. When at last I shot my load I picked her up and threw her across the room. There she sat up and the cum was dripping out her wet snatch, some blood from her ass and from her cunt the cum from her cunt and from the ass she was cum fuck queen now. There she sat in the cum dripping what she had been catching. "Someone thinks it best if you get the fuck out of town and don't come back for a year or so. If you don't this will happen to you every fucking day. "She looked shocked "By brother wants me to leave?""I didn't say that cunt I don't know who wants you to leave I just know they want your sorry white ass out of this goddamn town or your going end up with a cunt tore out of your sorry stuck up body do you understand me bitch. ""I don't understand why my brother wants me to leave. "I walked over and grabbed her by hair yanking her off the ground "Did I say it was your brother?" I threw her down again with force. "NO I didn't if you think it is him keep it to yourself you fucking dumb ass whore.

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       You're starting to piss me off. " With that I closed up a fist and struck her tit about 4 times. The sack felt good to me when I hit it gave and squished so nice. I picked her up again and again I threw her across the room she struck the wall and fell in a heap. "Your pissing me off cunt don't piss me off or this session is far from over. ""I'm sorry. I didn't mean to question you. Please don't hurt me anymore. I just don't understand why he doesn't love me anymore. Why we don't make love any more. It is confusing to me. ""Damn it bitch I told you not to talk to me about your goddamn brother so shut the fuck up now. "The anger was all I needed I was hard again so one more time I ass fucked the dumb cunt. This time I really let lose on her, harder than before and deeper with her screams as loud as before. I again whaled on her body hard as I tore in to her.

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       When I came at last and withdrew from her ass she crawled over to a corner and lay in heap crying and whimpering. I washed my self clean in the hot tub and I then gathered up my clothes and left her they're crying. Well I started to leave but I remembered he wanted the left hand broken. I went back and she was on her hands and knees crying and saying how she didn't understand why he didn't love her anymore. Her left hand was supporting her I took my booted foot and crashed down on it. The scream was louder than any before and the bones in the hand made a loud cracking noise as they broke. I left feeling like I had done a good job for the money. .