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I had been attracted to Ruben since the first time I met him. Something about the way his smirk played on his full lips, I suppose. I don’t really bother taking the time to figure out what exactly attracts me to certain men. I just enjoy the new cock to tease. Except, I’m not really a cock tease. I’m a flirt. And a slut. Big difference.  I hadn’t really been able to do much flirting with him the night we met. My boyfriend was there (boy, he sure cramps my style) and I wasn’t sure of the relationship my friend had with him. As a matter of fact, it was some time later before I confessed my attraction to my friend. My friend knows me well. And apparently she knows him well too. She grinned wickedly and said she’d put us in touch. But not before she’d let both of us know what a surprisingly good match we were sexually. I learned that he liked to give it rough.

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   Really rough. What luck! I like to take it rough. Really rough.  We began to email back and forth and chatted a bit on the phone. We were getting to the stage where we might set up a meeting when my friend called me and told me I’d hit a brick wall with him. Ruben had been waiting to hear about a promotion. It was almost a sure thing and then one day he heard that it might fall through. He’d spent much of the day thinking dirty thoughts of the things we could do together. But when he heard that the promotion might fall through, he prayed. He promised God that if he just got this promotion, he wouldn’t even screw around with me. And guess what? He got it. If I were a man, I’d call that a cock block. Dammit. But I’m not one to push someone to do something they don’t want to do, so I let it go, leaving the offer on the table.  It was some months later when my friend brought him with her to a BBQ.

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   He’d brought her on his motorcycle and I was dying for a ride. So I got him to take me out for a spin. I enjoyed the feel of having my arms wrapped around him. There’s nothing like the sensation of having your body pressed closely to someone you’re attracted to, and we were pressed tight. As tightly as I could manage, actually. But I was good. He wasn’t making any flirtatious comments or movements of his own, and I wasn’t going to waste time flirting where I wasn’t wanted so I kept my hands to myself. The next day my friend told me that he’d half expected me to go for the ‘reach around’. I laughed. Expected… or hoped? Hmmmm.  Over the next few weeks I started flirting. Just a bit. I wasn’t getting a lot back from him, but my friend was able to tell me a few things that let me know it was worth my while. He was kinky. He was rough.

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   And he could be quite the asshole. God, it made me wet just to think of the things he could do to me. I decided it was worth my while to continue the seduction. I knew where the resistance was coming from and I knew what was behind it. Breaking through it would not only be fun and challenging, but extremely rewarding.  Time passed and I continued to make suggestive comments whenever the opportunity arose. Which was often enough, I suppose. I kept it light, though, not pushing. It’s just not my style. I had made him promise to take me for another ride on his bike and I knew that getting too pushy might keep that from happening. I had to keep it light so that I could get him alone again. Every so often, I reminded him that he’d said he’d take me out for a longer ride sometime and he generally sidestepped it somehow. A bit frustrating, but all part of the fun, I suppose! Finally, one day, I caught him in a good mood. It was sheer luck that we were both free of our kids and other commitments and it was a gorgeous day. Perhaps that’s why he was in a good mood.


   I think he was planning on going for a ride anyway so when I asked him yet again to take me along, he finally agreed. I was grinning like a kid when he picked me up. I love anything that goes fast and riding a motorcycle is so much fun that I was excited. I was also really looking forward to actually going for the ‘reach around’ this time. At this point, I figured he’d put a stop to it if he really didn’t want to go there. But I was pretty sure he did. And would.  As I climbed on, I situated my hands so that they were underneath his jacket but still right at the bottom. Really the easiest place to hang on since it was hard to get my arms around the bulky jacket anyway. And innocent enough- to start with at least. But it wasn’t long into the ride before I moved my hands up into his shirt and ran them lightly over his chest or firmly gripped him as we went around turns. He made no move to stop me so I continued. Eventually one of my hands went back down towards his crotch. Which was a little fuller than it was at the beginning of the ride. I grinned and casually ran my hand across it a few times.

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   By this time, we had managed to make it high into the mountains along winding roads that were not often traveled. We’d even left the houses behind. I was enjoying the scenery and the tactile sensations when he abruptly pulled to the side of the road, stopped the bike, and slid off in one fluid motion. I sat there for a second and then he took his helmet off so I got off and followed suit. I have to admit I was a bit nervous. It seemed he had decided not to ignore my behavior anymore. I began to wonder if this had really been such a good idea. He wasn’t smiling.  As soon as I got my helmet off, he grabbed my arm and pulled me against him. He was an inch from my face as he looked directly at me and said in a low, forceful voice, “So you want me to fuck you, whore?” I managed to keep eye contact, but did not manage to form any words to reply. I broke out in a cold sweat that rushed over my body- everywhere but my pussy, which was on fire. He glared at me and tightened his grip on my arm, turning me around and forcing me to walk ahead of him, down towards a grove of trees further off the road. My heart was pounding and my eyes were a little wild.  When we got to the clearing in the trees, he shoved me forward so that I fell to my knees. I stayed there, head hanging down.

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   My body and mind were wrestling with desires. My mind was afraid. I wanted to run. Another part of it was pissed off. I wanted to turn around and kick him in the knees before I did. Another part of me was ashamed that I’d gotten myself into this situation to begin with. And then there was my body, which was alternating between hot and cold sweats, my pussy engorged and burning with desire. My nipples were puckered and hard. My clothes felt so restrictive.  I didn’t have long to think, though, before he appeared in front of me, kneeling down to grab my chin and bring it up so that I would meet his eyes again. His grip was tight and it hurt my jaw even though I didn’t fight against it. He considered me for a moment and then sneered as he let go of my jaw and brought his hand around to the back of my head where he grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my knees. With his free hand, he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, his hard cock springing out just centimeters from my face. He pulled my hair back so that I was looking up at him and growled, “Open your mouth. ” At this point I wasn’t about to try to resist so I did as I was told.

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    There was no foreplay. I wasn’t told to lick or suck or kiss it. He simply shoved his cock into my mouth and started to fuck it. After a few strokes, it was going further back, edging down my throat. I gagged. He didn’t stop. I gagged again, hard. He continued. After a minute or two I was starting to have trouble breathing and began fighting to pull back. He had my hair tightly in his grip, though, and I couldn’t pull my head back as he kept it pushed forward against his crotch. I began to wiggle and pull my body away from him as best I could, pushing against his legs with my hands and he finally pulled his dick out of my throat. I collapsed to my hands and knees and took big gulping gasps of air.  He reached down and grabbed my throat, pulling me up to my feet by it. I was limp and not willing to struggle and further restrict my airflow. He used his body to back me up against a tree.

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   “Had about all you could take of that, did you?” he snarled at me. Then he pressed himself tightly against me, pinning me to the tree and almost whispered in my ear, “So, my little slut, do you still want me to fuck you?”  I felt his rock hard dick pressing into my stomach. One of his legs was between mine and the pressure against my clit was making it throb. Almost involuntarily I began to push back against it, moving slightly. He kept his grip around my throat as he pulled back and met my eyes.  “I asked you a question. ”  I swallowed hard against his hand and dropped my gaze from his. The next thing I knew, his free hand had flown across my cheek, flipping my head to the side. He let go of my throat and I dropped to my knees. He was still right in front of me and his dick was still hard and inches from my face. I brought my hands rapidly to my cheek, where the pain had exploded and I could already feel it starting to swell. I’d never been hit like that before. I almost let out a sob but resolved to remain quiet. He got down on his knees and took my chin in his hand, forcing eye contact again.  “Well?” he asked.

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    I stared back at him, not wanting to break eye contact and have him hit me again. It seemed like forever that we were locked in that gaze before I finally nodded slightly, giving in to the desperate ache in my groin.  “I want to hear you say it,” he said.  I swallowed hard, not even sure if I would be able to croak out the words. I dropped my eyes again and whispered, “Yes… I… please I… want you to fuck me. ” He pulled me up by my arm this time, and a bit more gently, then pressed me back against the tree and kissed me. Not softly, but forcefully and passionately. My knees nearly buckled again. Keeping me pinned to the tree with one arm and his body, he reached between us and unbuttoned my pants, pulling them and my panties down past my hips. I could feel the rough tree bark against my ass as he pressed me into the position he wanted. Then he put his arms around me and grabbed the tree and plunged into me all at once. My pussy was so overflowing with juices that there was no resistance and he slid deep inside me on his first stroke. I let out a long, low moan as my body accepted him.  He pumped in and out of me at a moderate pace, bringing each stroke back to the tip and then plunging deep inside again. With each thrust I gasped as I could feel the head of his hard dick hit my cervix.

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   He hoisted me up against the tree and I wrapped my legs around his back, allowing him even deeper access. My clit now rubbed against his belly as we moved together and I felt an orgasm building inside me. It wasn’t long before I could feel my vaginal walls start to quiver around his cock as he slid in and out and my orgasm erupted and rushed through my body, making me go rigid against him.  He grinned savagely and set me back on the ground, sliding out of me. My tired legs gave out and I landed on my knees in front of his cock again. Except this time it was covered in my juices. I looked up at him and opened my mouth without being prompted. He smiled smugly and once again thrust his cock down my throat. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I leaned back and gasped for air. This time he let me. He even reached down and stroked my hair as I caught my breath.  Then I felt him grab the back and pull me up to my feet again. I was tired but came up willingly. He surveyed me for a moment before pulling my shirt off over my head and removing my bra. He smiled as he tweaked my nipples, then grabbed my arm and spun me around, pressing my bare breasts against the scratchy tree.


   I could feel the tender skin turning red and marked, especially when he pushed my top down, forcing my face against the tree as well, and my ass to stick up further for him. He slipped his cock inside my pussy for a stroke or two and then pulled out again and I felt it pressing against my asshole. Knowing what was coming, I did everything I could to relax my body and prepare for his entry, praying that it wouldn’t be as rough as the entry into my pussy had been.  My prayers must have helped because he did slide in more slowly this time, groaning as the tight muscle contracted and loosened in quivering waves around his shaft. It may have been slow, but it was smooth and continuous and it wasn’t long before he was buried all the way into my ass. I could feel his balls brushing against my swollen pussy lips. He began to move in and out slowly at first, eliciting moans of pleasure from me. But he soon began to pick up speed, rocking his hips against me faster and faster, pounding harder and deeper with each thrust. My eyes began to water as the sensations overwhelmed me. My face and breasts were being rammed against the tree over and over and I could feel new scratches forming with each thrust. The pain from that mixed with the unbelievable pleasure that was churning deep inside my bowels and sent me over the edge as I orgasmed again, sending those rippling contractions around his cock. I felt it get harder and he suddenly thrust it so deep inside of me that it stung and I could feel warm rushes of his cum pouring into me. His moan became a growl as he finished. He didn’t pull out right away, though, but stayed pressed tightly against me. My legs were giving out and I desperately wanted to get my scratched skin away from the rough tree bark.

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   Finally, he backed off slowly and I felt his cock slide out of my ass, leaving just a little trail of fluid behind.  I used my hands to push my body away from the tree before straitening up. I stood on wobbly legs for a minute before turning around to face him. When I did, I found him watching me. We simply stared at each other for a minute, expressionless, not sure what to expect. Finally, he broke our gaze and stepped forward, gently taking me in his arms and kissing me. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was enough. I knew it was over, for now, at least. He had pulled up his pants already so he helped me locate my clothes, which had been tossed carelessly all over the clearing and I dressed slowly. I leaned back against the tree and smoked a cigarette, both of us still surveying each other but silent. When I finished, he motioned for us to head back to his bike and we got on and took off toward home. When he dropped me off, he kissed me and then pulled me close by the back of my neck and growled into my ear, in the same low tone I’d first heard him use when we stopped at the clearing, “I’ll see you again soon. ” Then turned and rode off. My stomach tensed and did a small flip and my mouth went dry. .

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