Oral rape.


I was 18 and I was at a ball game and for some reason got horny and felt like jackin off. I went down to the mens room and because the game was at an exciting stage there was nobody else there. I went into a cubicle locked the door and dropped my pants, sat on the toilet seat and began stroking my cock. God it felt wonderful my hard cock in the open air and me wanking on it.
I lay back and gently stroked myself for about 18 minutes before I felt the urge coming on and I knew I would be blowing cum everywhere in a minute or two. I slipped one leg out of my trousers and in about another minute I was spurting cum out of my cock and all over the floor, it felt wonderful, my cock climaxing and the cum spurting out and  the relief was fantastic. I played with my cock and milked the rest of my cum out and got dressed.
As I undid the lock on the door it flew back in my face and there was a guy forcing his way in. It took me completely by surprise and he had a knife in his hand. He said shut up or get cut. I was completely shocked and confused as he forced me back into the cubicle. He had the knife up near my throat and locked the door to the cubicle.
While he held the knife at my throat he undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He had no underpants and his cock was hard and long.
I just saw you jacking off so you know what I want he said. Look at the mess on the floor.

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   I should make you lick it up………. Sit - he said and I sat on the toilet. .
Suck it ………and don’t make a noise.
I had never sucked a guys cock before and I was not keen to suck his. But the knife at my throat seemd to tell me to do it.   As I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth he put the blade at the back of my neck so if I pulled back it would stab me in the neck.
I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck it and do what I had seen women do in porn movies.
Aaaahhhhhh he said I need that- and he sort of relaxed a bit as I continued to suck him and he began getting pleasure or relief from me doing it to him.
I was doing it for a few minutes and he said you are doing it well, but remember one false move and you are dead.
I continued to suck and stroke him as he told me to do and use my other hand to hold his balls and fondle them. He went for another couple of minutes then I could feel from the movement of his hips he was getting close to cumming and he was going to do it in my mouth.
I had never tasted cum before let alone have a guy cum in my mouth. I went to pull back and he said no way- you will take it all sonny and with that he started to cum and I could feel the warm semen in my mouth as it spurted from the end of his cock. I swallowed and got my first taste of cum.

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   He continued to fuck my mouth and I kept swallowing everything he ejaculated. Then he put his hand on his cock and milked the rest of the cum out of it and only then did he take it out of my mouth.
    I had this strange taste now of his cum in my mouth which was sort of salty or like vinegar.
    Then he said pull my pants up, and I did what he said and he put the knife away and did up his belt. I sat there terrified to move.
    Don’t move for 5 minutes he said or I will get you with the blade.
    I didn’t.
    He left me alone and I sat there shivering with fright and the taste of his cum in my mouth.
    After a few minutes I left the toilet and when I got outside there was not a sign of him. I thought I would stay in the open for a while but the game ended and there were people everywhere.
    I went home thinking I had been orally raped but there was nothing I could do really. I had sucked a man off and drank his cum – a complete stranger but I was alive to tell the tale or better still NOT tell the tale.
    I just hoped he was not HIV and I considered whether or not I should get tested. I thought no I would not put myself through that humiliation – it would be worse than sucking another guys cock. Girls did it hundreds of times a day, I did it once.

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       I am alive to tell the story and I said if I had to do it again I would – it wasn’t that bad really, and my second time would be better I am sure …………. . And it was……… and the many times afterwards. I became quite a competent cock sucker after that and had no problems finding willing partners who often returned the favour.