Open opportunity - My mistake.


I hear a noise. It is early afternoon. A young girl, about 16, is rifling through my bedroom drawers, the usual excuse, I suppose - looking for things to steal for some quick cash, the assumption that the house would be empty at this time of day. To her surprise, she is grabbed from behind, and though she struggles hard, I am too strong for her small frame.
Eventually she calms down, and I say into her ear, "That was a big mistake, trying to rob me when I am here. . . " I drag her across the room and throw her down on the bed, pinning her down with my body before she has the chance to try to escape. I say, "Well, well well. . . I think I'm going to have to call the police station. "She starts to beg me not to, saying the back door was open and anyway she has taken nothing. She says if a let her go she'll do anything I want. "Anything, hmm?" I look at her, and against my better judgement decide that the police will not need to be called. A little home justice is in order.

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   She is pretty, with short dark hair, a top which shows her flat stomach, and black jeans. She is frightened and looks vulnerable. I decide I might as well have some fun. I tie her hands behind her with an old T shirt I pull from the drawer she had opened; grab her hair, forcing her to kneel in front of me. Pulling at her thin top, it tears easily and she's not wearing anything underneath it. Her tits are small but I reach and a nipple and tweak it. I move her and I get my cock out and I tell her to open her mouth and suck and she reluctantly complies, fearing the results of not obeying.
Impatient with her clumsy sucking, I take hold of her head and force myself all the way into her throat. She makes pained whimpering noises as her face is pressed up against my stomach, and I tell her to get my cock good and wet because I want to fuck her arse.
While she licks me, I reach and get the massage oil from my bedside table. I pull out of her mouth. My cock is harder than I remember.
She starts to beg and plead for me not to fuck her. She whimpers that she has never had a man before, but I push her over roughly so she falls onto her shoulders and knees.
I ask how old she is.

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“Sixteen – sir” I notice the fear and respect in her voice.
“Sixteen and never been fucked?” I say. “Well it’s our lucky day!”
I impatiently pull her tight black jeans down her to her waist and pull her small blue panties to one side. Her smooth hairless cunt and red puckered arse face me, inviting my intrusion. I pour oil over my cock and her arse and line it at the small tight entrance, and grab her hair and starts pulling her back, making her impale herself on me.
The oil makes the penetration less painful for me, as she resists the intrusion, and I am at least two inches inside as she cries out in pain and pleads "No!" but this just makes me more determined that this little thief will know what happens when she tries to steal. I shove my cock the rest of the way into her, feeling the rippled inside of her bum. She screams and tries to wriggle away, but I hold tightly onto her hair and tied wrists, and waits for her to exhaust herself and submit to this fuck. Sobbing and panting quietly, she eventually stops trying to get away, and I begin fucking her arse. Thrusting slowly at first, I become faster until I’m nearly ready to cum. I pull out of the girl's arse and flip her over, pulling her legs open and cumming onto her small tits and over her hips.
She pleads with me to let her go, saying I’ve had his fun and she's learned her lesson, but I say I haven't had any fun with her pussy yet. She tries to break the ties and get up and run, but she falls back onto the bed. Taking more things like ties from drawers, I spread-eagled her to the bed with a couple of pillows under her arse, exposing her completely. I leave the room to get a drink, and even pour a vodka for her as maybe she’ll realise that when rape is inevitable, then relaxing may make it a lot better.

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   Meanwhile the girl struggles against her bonds and curses her predicament. When I return I use some scissors to cut her clothes completely off. I tell her to drink, and hold the glass at her mouth. She moans, but then drinks a large portion of the over strength spirit. Then I pull out a large vibrator I keep for my ladyfriend’s. I run it lightly over her skin, and she breathes sharply. Soon she feels it pressing into her cunt, but she can't twist away from it, and in it slides. I press into her slowly but firmly stopping only when it can't possibly go any further and the girl wails in pain. I pull it out quickly and just as fast shove it into her arsehole, causing another squeal from her. I straddle her torso and take one breast, squeezing the nipple and making it harden, and she strains against the material which ties her down, desperate to get away. Leaning down, I take her other breast and suck on the nipple gently, giving it almost the opposite treatment to the other. Surprise runs across the girl's face as the pleasure/pain in her nipples overwhelms her. My cock hard again now, I move down to kneel between her legs. Without ceremony I force myself into cunt, made tighter by the presence of the vibrator in her arse. As I thrust into her, I squeeze her breasts and nipples, sometimes scratches my fingers down her body, leaving slight red marks.

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   I move one hand to her cunt, finding her clit, and begin to rub and twist it. To her shame, the girl's body responds to the stimulation, and she begins to breathe deeply, her stuffed cunt getting wetter. Just as she is about to near orgasm, I reach up and grip her nipple, so that she is subjected to more intense amounts of both pain and pleasure. Her cunt clamped around my cock, I begin slamming into her, turned on by the look of exquisite agony on her face. I continue to fuck her, and she suddenly shakes violently, and screams "Oooh fucking brilliant. . Im cumming" Eventually I feel the build up in my balls, and push so that my cock and balls are pressed in and against her. My juices burst and fill the space. I collapse on top of her and she knows my cum is leaking from her cunt, along with her own juices. I pull out of her cunt and remove the vibrator from her arse, leaving her feeling rather empty, then again suck her engorged nipples. I untie her, hand her the drink, and warn her not to try breaking in again.
I tell her she is staying to makes amends for disturbing me.
She looks at my face, and at my cock, hard again, and says that I should try my illegal entry again, as she will be ready this time.
I gently slap her pussy, and she whimpers. However, she does not resist, too much as I get on the bed and slide forward, piercing her tight pussy again.

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This could be the start of a long rehabilitation process.